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Hello, Erlang! - is a show focused on the Erlang programming community. We discuss topics related to the BEAM and the Erlang Ecosystem with exceptional engineers that will share their knowledge and experience with you.
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Zotonic with Marc Worrell

Zotonic with Marc Worrell


Marc Worrell  is the CTO of Learning Stone and also the CTO of Maximonster Interactive Things.  He created Zotonic CMS, perhaps the only CMS in the world  which is based on Erlang/OTP; Links: Zotonic “Zotonic: The Movie” Zotonic, the Erlang Web Framework Go to our site to learn more about our podcast
Did you hear about the Wargaming company? This company is the supplier and developer who provides online Games like World Of Tanks, World of Warships, Master of Orion and many other online games. But what about Erlang? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to ask our guest about. Yuri Zhloba is a Technical Software Lead at Wargaming and he also has an impressively deep experience in Erlang and provides probably the only Erlang/OTP courses in Russian in the world. Yuri’s accounts:   Twitter: GitHub: LinkedIn: Our site:
In the first episode of the "Hello, Erlang!" podcast you will meet the hosts and learn a little more about them!
Hello, Erlang!

Hello, Erlang!


In the future we will have here a podcast about Erlang.
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