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Wow it sure has been a plague, huh everybody? Gwyn and Avery return for a bonus episode, and bring along their friend Delilah (Deedee) to talk about the Newfoundland golf scene, left-handed golf, and Links LS 1997. RANKING: Double Bogey Show Notes: Terrifying golf creature on Brookside's fairway Delilah's rendition of the golf monster Video footage of Phil Mickelson's fantastic shot Our Hosts: Gwyn: Mastodon | Twitter | Homepage Avery: Mastodon | Twitter | Homepage Delilah: Mastodon | Twitter Special thanks to Fox for helping with editing this time! References: Ian Cruickshank, "Golf a piece of the Rock: Newfoundland has it all", Toronto Star, Aug. 22, 2009. Brookside Golf Website [], Dec. 18, 2021 "Left Handed Golf Tips: The Blessing and Curse of Lefty Golf", The Left Rough Papadatou-Pastou, Marietta, et al. “Human Handedness: A Meta-analysis”, PsyArXiv, Apr. 23, 2019 The New York Times, "It's not political, but more Canadians are lefties", CBC Sports, Feb. 15, 2010 West Valentine, "Playing Golf Left-Handed: From the Other Side of the Tee", ProGolfNow, Jan. 7, 2019 "Phil Mickelson", PGA TOUR "Right vs. Left Handed Golf", CaddyTrek, Feb. 12, 2019 "Sir Bob Charles", World Golf Hall of Fame Jeff Sengstack, "Links LS Review", Gamespot, May 1, 2000
After an unintentional hiatus, Avery and Gwyn return to journeying through the history of the Links series of games. Today's major digression is a rabbit-hole dive into software piracy in the early 90s and poor academic rigour. We discuss Links 386 and Microsoft Golf 2.0, before finally sitting down and playing Microsoft Golf 3.0! Ranking: Birdie! References Insider Interview: Bruce Carver, Access Software, Electronic Entertainment, July 1994, pg. 80-81 Martin, M., UKIE: Games piracy "4:1 against legitimate sales",, Jan 25th 2011, Goldman, N. D., Software Theft: A $4.5 Billion Headache, Business Forum, Spring 1992, pg. 10-12 O'Connor, R. J., Software Industry Gets Tough on Pirates, The Washington Post, Oct 28th 1991, Marshall, P. G., Can the government help stop the drain on profits?, CQ Researcher, May 21st 1993, Vol 3, Issue 19 Givon, M., Mahajan, V., Muller, E., Software Piracy: Estimation of Lost Sales and the Impact on Software Diffusion, Journal of Marketing, Jan 1995, Vol. 59, pg. 29-37 Foster, H., Microsoft Golf Review, Gamespot, May 1st 1996, Additional Links Parsec - Screen sharing app: winevdm - Running 16-bit applications on 64-bit Windows: You can find Gwyn and Avery on Twitter @hellgnoll and @rezzish, and Mastodon and
Gwyn and Avery sit down to discuss what they're doing here, why, and what exactly counts as a "Golf Game". Then they tee off the series with the PC DOS classic Links... by playing Microsoft Golf on Windows 3.1. Topics: How do we each feel about golf? Personal history with golf What exactly is a golf game? How the tier list works The start of the Links series Microsoft Golf: Multimedia Edition (1993) Windows 3.1 - Rank: PAR The tier list? Here. You can find Avery and Gwyn in a bunch of places. Show theme How To A Perfect Swing by Ms. Crimes. References: Etymology of "links" Origin of golf terms: Links Wikipedia PC Joker, March 1993, pg. 81
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