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Becoming an Epic Being

Author: Sukun Chopra

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We’ve all grown up with ideas and beliefs that become our model for living life. What if these beliefs weren’t serving our best interests and were holding us back from living an empowered, authentic and connected life?

Our mission is to arouse your curiosity, encourage you to question conventional ideas and give you tools to navigate through stuff we all struggle with.
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Human connection is imperative for thriving both personally and professionally. Our modern lifestyles and the world of social media have grossly jeopardized that. Dr. Carole Robin brings us back to the basics. She talks about the essence of interpersonal dynamics and how to understand people better. In this conversation, you'll learn about: -The 6 characteristics of exceptional relationships -What it takes to increase your personal impact -How to get through difficult people -How to become better at articulating feelings and more! Dr Robin is a former Stanford Business School prof and co-founder of Leaders in Tech. Learn more about her work at
Relationships are complex. Coz it takes two complex beings to form one. Men and women have their respective ways. Figuring out these ways and understanding each other better has been the greatest mysteries of all time. That's where Alison Armstrong comes in. She's a master at navigating differences between the two genders and making shifts from constant conflict to deeper connection. In this episode, she talks about: -The core needs of men -The biggest mistakes women make -The dynamics of modern dating -How to bridge the gaps that play out in relationships Alison is a sought-after speaker and thought leader in the relationship space and offers practical partnership-based alternatives. Learn more about Alison's work here:
Energy rules our lives. Yet we fail to leverage it, leading to unhealthy patterns that compromise our sanity and well-being. Lee Holden offers powerful teachings on using Qi Gong for better health, peace of mind, and longevity. You'll learn about: -The biggest culprits of stress -How Qi gong helps ease the mind and release stagnant emotions -Creating the right kind of energy to lead your best life Lee is a Qi Gong Master, an author and a TV personality. Dive into his world here:
Manifesting is a misunderstood art. If chasing after big goals and achieving lofty desires would guarantee happiness, we'd all be in La La land but that's far from reality. Dr James Doty is here to debunk some of our biggest misconceptions around manifestation having experienced it all in his own life. In this conversation you'll hear him share: -What we get wrong about manifestation -The problem with self-interested desires -The secret to true happiness and fulfillment Dr James Doty is an Stanford neurosurgeon, neuroscientist, compassion researcher, inventor, entrepreneur, NY Times bestselling author and philanthropist. Learn more about this work here:
The Ego in its darkest form is the cause of all pain and suffering in this world, both at an individual and collective level. In this episode, we explore the purpose and role of the ego, how it can act as a destructive force and what it takes to tame and transcend it. Christian is an award winning author, Tedx speaker and personal transformation coach. Learn more about his program at:
This episode is for the explorers and the seekers, for the ones who are brave enough to feel challenged and embrace new ideas. My guest Kapil Gupta in his very unorthodox style shares his ideas on the essence of truth, the problem with humanity, the nuances of prescriptions, and more. Kapil is a personal advisor to performance athletes, CEOs and celebrities. Learn more about his work here:
Every human is presented with two choices. To get trapped by life's hardships while blaming circumstances and everyone around. Or taking adversity as an opportunity to grow and make a meaningful mark. This conversation explores the latter. Dr Sara Kubrik and I dive into existentialism, happiness, and what it takes to be a conscious architect of your life. We also talk about free will and dealing with attachment issues in relationships. Sara is an existential psychotherapist, a content creator and the author of 'Its On Me'. Explore Sara's work here: IG: @millenial.therapist Website:
The power of peer groups is underrated. My Guest, Lexy Franklin speaks to this. From having worked at Meta and start ups, he shares his experience of how the right support systems and mentorship have sped his career trajectory. You'll hear about: -The power of support groups -How to build accountability -What makes communities tick -The learning scope in corporate vs entrepreneurship Lexy is the founder and CEO of Sidebar. Find out more@
As I hit 100 episodes, here's sharing some history of how it all started, what's kept me going and answering some of my most commonly asked questions. Here are my recommended episodes depending on the space you're keen on: Relationships: Keeping it real in dating and relationships with Neeta Bhushan The work behind lasting love with Case Kenny Building habits and systems: Mastering discipline to beat your vices with Pete Taylor Growing grit through purposeful adversity with Brand Ritter Training your mind for resilience with Leah Chowdhury the secret to effortless flow with Simon Beating instant gratification with me Dealing with adversity: Leveraging your heart's wisdom to solve your biggest problems with Kevin Crenshaw Defying the Impossible with Jeff Griffin The missing ingredient to personal transformation with Nilesh Satguru From brain injury to breakthroughs with Danielle Mathews Confidence and Communication How to tame your fears and own your voice with Robert David Mastering confident communication with Brenden Kumaraswamy Nailing confidence and difficult conversations with Amira Mansour If you have any questions, reach out to me on: IG: sukunc X: sukunchopra Email:
The quality of your life is directly proportionate to the kind of choices you make. While every journey comes with its share of hardship, its how you handle it that makes all the difference. Ankur Warikoo is a living embodiment of the saying 'when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade'. From having experienced the hardest times in life, Ankur's resilience and optimism has got him to a position where he now inspires millions of people. In this episode, he shares key life lessons like: -How he’s developed his appetite for risk -How he’s dealt with uncertainty and failure -What it takes to create your best relationships -Why focusing on goals isnt helpful -How to organise your time and your life and so much more! … Ankur is one of India's top content creators, a best-selling author, and an angel investor in over 30 companies. His social media following across all platforms is over 10 million. Learn more about him at X: @warikoo
Being in the right space of mind is everything. But we all are guilty of doing stuff that unconsciously drains us without even realizing it. In this episode, I talk through 5 of those things, so you can become more aware and start to function differently by making better and more conscious choices. If you want to die deeper with any of this, reach out to me at: IG @sukun Email: start@theepicbeings To raise your EQ and energy game check out
In a rapidly changing world, the future belongs to those who have open minds, multidisciplinary interests, and the skills to pursue their passions. This conversation will give you a better understanding of polymaths, multipotentialites and expert generalists. You will also learn about how to learn and accumulate knowledge while managing your time to juggle between your passions.
Suicide remains one of the most complex and misunderstood phenomena. If we really understood suicide in its entirety, there would be far less stigma and far more support. In this incredibly insightful conversation, Jenny Thrasher shares her expertise on the subject in a way that you probably have never heard before. You will learn about: -The signs and effects of a dysregulated nervous system -The correlation between brain development and anxiety -What makes us at risk for suicide -The 3 factors that contribute to suicide -The 3 factors that prevent it. -How to help a loved one going through a difficult time and so much more. Jenny is an author, speaker, coach and the founder of All That We Are. Her education and life experiences have proven to her that it isn’t enough to simply save a life, we have to learn how to live a life we love, thats exactly what you'll hear in this episode.
Most of us spend a lifetime trying to make money without understanding how it works. Ken Honda deconstructs money from a spiritual angle and helps us understand how its an energy game. You'll hear about: -The relationship between emotions and creating wealth -How to create an abundant mindset regardless of your circumstances -Inviting happy money to you. Ken Honda, also known as the zen millionaire is a Japanese best-selling self-development author with Happy Money as his best seller. Learn more about Ken at
When confronted with pain or discomfort we usually go into flight mode, but what if our brains were more capable of handling more than we give it credit for? In this conversation, Terry Tucker shares what it takes to make the mind work in your favor, how to reframe experiences in life and learn resilience when circumstances call for it. Terry is a cancer survivor, the founder of Motivational Check LLC and the author of Sustainable Excellence- Ten Principles to Leading your Uncommon and Extraordinary Life.
Creating wealth comes from the right mindset and there are a ton of unconscious limiting beliefs that drive us which end up creating more of a distance with the prospects of money. Understanding thoughts and emotions around money can be a game changer. So I share three mindset shifts around the riches to boost your own wealth quotient. If you like what you hear, rate the show please and feel free to send to someone else who might need this.
Life would be meaningless without communication and yet it remains an untaught art. The result is relationship conflict, being a people-pleaser or an obnoxious demander and avoiding necessary yet difficult conversations. Amira Mansour is here to change that. Also known as The communication expert, Amira helps people build their communication toolbox while learning how to set healthy boundaries, feel heard, and have happier, healthier relationships personally and professionally. In this episode, you will learn how to: Express your needs without offending others Create the right boundaries Build confidence communication Practice difficult conversations and more! Learn more about Amira @ Podcast: Open up with Amira Instagram: the_communicationexpert
People pleasing is not fun. It's taxing and can take a toll on mental sanity. Most people don't even know they have this tendency, so I share some common signs of people pleasers, and the four-step process to navigate out of it and earn your freedom; so you can live the life you owe yourself. Share with someone who might need this. If you have any questions around this or want to learn how to be more assertive, reach out to me at or send me a DM on Instagram @sukunc.
Sex is great but not when you're addicted to it. The amount of damage it causes to relationships and mental health is concerning, which is why this subject is being addressed by Patrick Eilers who is a professional counselor specialising in the area of sexual addiction. In this coversation we cover: -How to identify signs of addiction -How addictive behaviour and hook up culture sabotage the very intimacy that people seek -Preventive steps to overcome addiction. If you need support in this area, check out:/ Or reach out to Patrick at
All of us are actors with our respective roles in the playground of life. Best are the actors who believe in themselves, own their voice and use life's adversities as opportunities for growth. This is exactly what my guest Vidushi Mehra talks about in this episode, using her experiences as an actor and sharing learned wisdom that transformed her life, so you can too. Vidushi is an actor who has featured in films like Aisha, No One Killed Jessica, Fugly, Doobar and more. She now coaches other aspiring actors to improve their game using powerful tools. Learn more about Vidushi at Instagram: vidusshimehra