DiscoverThe How To Podcast Series - Revolving Podcast Co-Hosts, Podcast Tips and Community for Podcasters
The How To Podcast Series - Revolving Podcast Co-Hosts, Podcast Tips and Community for Podcasters

The How To Podcast Series - Revolving Podcast Co-Hosts, Podcast Tips and Community for Podcasters

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Welcome to the "How To Podcast Series" Here we share great short podcast episodes designed as bite-sized, easily consumable tips, updates, and suggestions to help you on your podcast journey.
Whether you're looking to grow your podcast community, start a new show, or improve your existing one, this series is your go-to resource. Tune in for expert advice on podcast gear, platforms, social media strategies, guesting opportunities, hosting techniques, and so much more. Our mission is to provide you with actionable, easy-to-implement insights that will take your podcasting efforts to new heights
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E97 - CO-HOST - Dr. Lj Johnson - Balancing Life and Podcasting, Growing Your Audience, Being Authentic Dr. Lj Johnson is the host of The Wholistic Endo Expert, hosted by Dr. Lj Johnson, is the ultimate combination of all things endometriosis and women's health. After waiting 16 years for a diagnosis she knows firsthand how frustrating it can be to deal with all the misinformation online and the medical gaslighting which plagues our endo community. This podcast will help take the weight off your shoulders by providing you with practical holistic options so that you can get back in the driver's seat of your health! The Wholistic Endo Expert, hosted by Dr. Lj Johnson, IHP. AFDNP. IIN, CHEK is the ultimate combination of all things endometriosis and women's health. After waiting 16 years for a diagnosis she knows firsthand how frustrating it can be to deal with all the misinformation online and the medical gaslighting which plagues our endo community. This podcast will help take the weight off your shoulders by providing you with practical holistic options so that you can get back in the driver's seat of your health! Support this podcast:
E84 - Creating a Great Recording Space For Your Podcast - The Podcast Owner's Manual Mini Series Spend time at the beginning of your recordings to set yourself up for success. If you have someone editing your audio for you, you can make things easier for your editor by recording in a quiet space, free of distractions (pets, loud noises, your phone notifications for example). This episode has some practical recording tips for you as you record your show! If you need help editing your show, please reach out today! I can do this for you, let's have a conversation and see how I can support you and your podcast!
E63 - Audio vs Video Podcasting - The Podcast Owner's Manual Mini Series Audio vs Video Podcasting - or both? There are a few key differences between audio and video podcasts: Production time: Video podcasts typically take longer to produce than audio podcasts because they involve creating and editing video content in addition to the audio. Equipment: Audio podcasts generally require less equipment than video podcasts. Audio podcasts can often be recorded using just a microphone and a computer, while video podcasts typically require a camera and lighting equipment in addition to audio recording equipment. Distribution: Audio podcasts are typically distributed through podcast directories like Apple Podcasts or Spotify, while video podcasts may also be distributed through platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. Engagement: Some people find it easier to engage with audio podcasts while doing other activities, such as driving or exercising, while video podcasts may require more attention and may be more suitable for watching at home or on a device with a larger screen. Monetization: There are many different ways to monetize podcasts, but video podcasts may have more opportunities for revenue through ads or sponsorships. Overall, the decision to produce an audio or video podcast will depend on your goals and resources. Both types of podcasts have their own unique benefits and can be effective ways to reach an audience. ___ ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ Podcasting Tips, How To Podcast, Start A Podcast, School, Podcast, Podcaster, Podcast Review
Shout Out Your Listener, They Just Might Respond - Daily Dave Briefing - Podcast Tips So, I host a podcast called The Podcast Editing and Support Show - this is my newest podcast where I help podcasters find a podcast editor and help podcast editors take their skills and turn it into a viable side hustle/career. When looking at my stats recently I noticed that there was a particular listener in a German city that was listening to every episode so I did what I hae encouraged you to do in the past here on the podcast - to call them out, thank them for listening and invite them to reach out to my show via my Speak Pipe link - and you can probably figure out what happened... My challenge for you on your next episode is to do the very same thing - identify a listener in a Country, State, Province and City - look for a pattern of listenership and mention them on your next episode. Let me know what happens (again) via my Speak Pipe link on my website! Excited to see this work for you and your show! Talk soon! Dave ___
Episode 263 - CO-HOST - Richard Wilmore - Make Your Day Richer by Podcasting Thrive In The SpotlightWelcome to the ultimate destination for creating top-tier podcasts and shows. With my extensive experience in producing,  curating guest appearances, video editing, and marketing, I can help you stand out in the crowded  landscape.  Personalized coaching for hosts and guests is also available, ensuring every episode or interview shines.  Let's amplify your voice and captivate your audience together! I was always a creative kid. I lived most of my childhood in an imaginary world where I played the adult role. I would spend hours by myself creating a curriculum for a classroom I made up in my head and had regular hours I kept as the grocery store owner in the abandoned building behind our house. For far too long I used my bed as a news desk and was a 13-year-old news reporter, solo anchoring the 10 pm news. I’ve always been in awe of creative people. Of people with “talent” because I never thought I had any. I was kicked out of band class in 4th grade and that’s when I stopped trying. It wasn’t until the Summer of 1997 that I realized what my superpower was. That summer changed my life. I was between 7th and 8th grade and it was when I figured out what I would do with the rest of my life. I saw a rerun of The Rosie O’Donnell Show and I could feel the energy through the tv screen. I wanted to do that. I needed to do that. That is what I must do with my life. Provide an entertaining, fun, judgment-free zone where creative people are celebrated. I wanted to make the world feel how Rosie made me and millions of others feel every day: seen, heard, and loved. I created a talk show set in my bedroom and got to work. Every day I hung a sign I made on printer paper that read “ON AIR” and for 60 minutes I pretended to talk to the biggest stars in the world. I’ve been hosting that show in one version or another (guess who had a show on TV from 2016-2022) but it wasn’t until I started working for the arts-in-health nonprofit, Hearts Need Art, that I realized my ability to connect with strangers and comfort even the most nervous person is an art form. I always say most of my paintings are hung on the inside of a garbage can and that is fine by me. I love the process of pushing shiny paint around a canvas. I love how smoothly it glides, the way the light hits it and it glistens. I love the way I don’t know anything about combining colors so there’s always a surprise at some point. What I’ve learned so far: art, in any form, isn’t about the outcome. It’s about the process. It’s about the distraction and the way it calms your mind. It’s about expression and vision and uncertainty and hope and faith and fear and grief and everything in between. Art can be loud and it can be silent. Take a breath and just be still. Be silent or let all the thoughts and feelings fly through your head and then use anything from pencils to pianos to release it. ___
New Podcast From A How To Podcast Listener - Monica Dominic - Host of the Podcast - Ferocious Ambition, Chronicles of Success, Passion, & Fun Monica has started a new podcast and I wanted to share it with you! I love when a listener takes action and starts a show - to the How To Podcast Family, please go and support this new podcast with a listen, a rating, a review - whatever you can do! New podcasters are hungry for interaction - you know how it feels! Let's support a new podcaster! Let's support Monica! About Welcome to "Ferocious Ambition: Chronicles of Success, Passion, & Fun," a captivating podcast that delves deep into the journeys of individuals who have carved their path to success. In this engaging podcast, we explore the intertwined realms of personal and professional triumphs, showcasing what drives individuals to achieve greatness and let their light shine. Hosted by a blend of interviews and solo reflections, "Ferocious Ambition" uncovers the stories behind successful individuals. Through candid conversations, we unravel the secrets behind how they turned their passions into reality ___
Question of the Month - June 2024 - How Many Podcast Episodes Do You Consume Per Week Quick mid-month reminder - submit your answer to the question of the month and be sure to include your Name, Your Podcast Name and Your Answer to the Question of the month just like Jason, co-host of the I Shower After Work Podcast Answers need to be in via SpeakPipe to me by Friday June 28th to be included in an episode of all the great responses from other podcasters JUST LIKE YOU! Have your Say @ How many podcast episodes do you listen to and consume per week? Looking forward to hearing your voice and your answer! Don't miss your opportunity to promote your show to our community and gain new listeners by simply answering the question of the month! Cheers! Dave
Episode 262 - How to Build Lasting Brand Equity with Your Podcast How to Build Lasting Brand Equity with Your Podcast Introduction Explain what brand equity is and why it matters for podcasters Highlight how podcasts can be powerful brand-building tools over time Quick Wins for Building Initial Brand Equity Consistent, high-quality content and production values Engaging personality and unique voice/perspective Strategic cross-promotion on other platforms Guest appearances to reach new audiences Optimizing show notes/descriptions for discoverability Long-Term Goals for Compounding Brand Equity Developing a loyal, invested listener base Becoming an authority/thought leader in your niche Expanding into complementary content (videos, newsletters, events) Monetization through sponsorships, affiliates, products/services Potential to launch new podcast verticals under your brand The Power of Audience Engagement Facilitating an active online community Soliciting listener feedback and involvement Offering exclusive bonus content for supporters Creating opportunities for direct fan interactions Leveraging listener data and analytics Call to Action Encourage listeners to subscribe, follow, and engage Highlight benefits of joining your community Promote any current offerings, sponsors, or incentives Tease what's coming up next on the podcast Summary Brand equity compounds over years of consistent podcasting excellence. By delivering value, building connections, and fostering community engagement, your podcast can become a powerful long-term asset for your personal or business brand. ___
Episode 260 - CO-HOST - Christine Blosdale - Out of the Box Podcastonomics To Make Your Podcast Better Meet Christine Blosdale Capitalizing off her innate ability to know how to motivate and inspire others, Christine Blosdale has a proven 25+ year track record as an expert in her field who has helped over 500 business owners, coaches, authors and non profits get their message out to the world. An award-winning media personality who has recently been recognized as an "Icon of Influence" and dubbed "The 20 Million Dollar Woman," Christine is a prominent figure in the media industry. She’s been a featured contributor on media outlets such as America Online, The Microsoft Network, Woman’s Day Magazine, Ticker News, Pacifica Radio, Take 5, and Christine also has two successful podcasts: "The 5 Minute Micro Podcast on Podcasting,” and "Out of The Box With Christine," catering to conscious entrepreneurs. As a three-time #1 Amazon bestselling author, Christine has penned notable books including "Podcast Pro," "Podcastonomics," and "Your Amazing Itty Bitty Podcast Book." Christine has produced The Roseanne Barr Radio Show, and has interviewed such notables as Drew Barrymore, Angelina Jolie, Marianne Williamson, Ralph Nader, Mariel Hemingway, Ed Asner, Dr. Judith Orloff and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Wangari Maathai.REMEMBER, IF YOU’RE NOT SEEN AND HEARD, YOU’RE NOT HIRED! ⁠⁠ __ ⁠
Episode 259 - Merch Your Podcast - Unlocking Brand Visibility and Revenue Streams Selling merchandise can significantly help build your podcast brand and promote your show in several ways: Brand Awareness and Visibility: Podcast merch like t-shirts, hats, mugs, and stickers act as walking advertisements for your brand. When listeners wear or use these items, they essentially become brand ambassadors, increasing visibility and attracting potential new listeners. Listener Engagement and Loyalty: Offering merch allows your dedicated listeners to show their support and connect with your brand on a deeper level. It fosters a sense of community and loyalty, encouraging listeners to continue engaging with your content. Additional Revenue Stream: Merchandising provides an additional revenue stream for podcasters, helping to monetize their content and offset production costs. This can be especially valuable for independent podcasters or those just starting out. Printify: Printify is a popular print-on-demand service that offers a wide range of products, including t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and more. They have a global network of print providers, ensuring fast and reliable shipping worldwide. Printify is known for its user-friendly interface, competitive pricing, and excellent customer support. Printful: Printful is another well-established print-on-demand service that caters to a global audience. They offer a vast selection of products, including apparel, accessories, and home decor items. Printful is praised for its high-quality printing, seamless integration with popular e-commerce platforms, and efficient fulfillment process. Teespring: Teespring is a print-on-demand platform specifically designed for creators and influencers. It offers a wide range of customizable products, including t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, and more. Teespring is known for its user-friendly design tools, robust marketing features, and excellent customer support. Spreadshirt: Spreadshirt is a well-established print-on-demand service that offers a vast selection of products, including apparel, accessories, and home decor items. They have a global network of print providers and are known for their high-quality printing, fast turnaround times, and excellent customer service. Branding and Visibility: Merch helps establish and reinforce your podcast's brand identity, increasing visibility and attracting new listeners. Listener Engagement: Offering merch allows listeners to show their support and connect with your brand, fostering a sense of community and loyalty. Additional Revenue Stream: Merchandising provides an additional revenue stream, helping to monetize your content and offset production costs. Marketing and Promotion: Merch can be used as a promotional tool, given away as prizes or incentives, or sold at live events or conventions. When it comes to online print-on-demand services that can serve a global audience and have excellent reviews, here are some of the best options for podcasters:Every podcaster should have a merchandise plan to promote their show for several reasons:By partnering with reputable print-on-demand services and developing a well-planned merchandise strategy, podcasters can effectively build their brand, engage their audience, and generate additional revenue streams. I use TeePublic for my podcast merch ___
Episode 258 - Shawn Rivers - Growth By Shawn Podcast - Great Podcast Questions That You Can Apply to Your Show Welcome to the, Growth by Shawn podcast. I am your host, Shawn Rivers. I initially created this platform with the intention of helping people through the lenses of others perspectives: sharing their growth and other passions. I touch on everything from physical health and fitness to personal development, mindset and anything in between. I am a nutrition and wellness coach that brings my own philosophies to training, dieting, diet culture and recovery as well.  Listen to Shawn's Podcast here: ___
Episode 257 - CO-HOST - Emily Aborn - How She Built Her Podcast Content with Character THE CONTENT WITH CHARACTER PODCAST If you’re ready to take action, think outside the box, and experiment with some unconventional approaches to content creation and visibility, this podcast is for you! Content Copywriter, yours truly (Emily Aborn), will be by your side every step of the way and keep you laughing and learning as you create content with more inspiration and ease!  I believe in your big ideas and will help you share them with the world by standing out in a way that’s distinctly YOU. New Content with Character episodes drop weekly on Tuesdays. The catalyst for your marketing! Not your average hustle, grind, “shoulds” and NOW podcast. We take a unique approach to entrepreneurship and believe it can be easy, fulfilling, and enjoyable. Join us for lots of laughs and learning with Content Copywriter Writer and She Built This Leader/Founder, Emily Aborn, as she interviews successful women entrepreneurs, professionals, and those who support them who are changing the world by following their passions! One of the best podcasts for female entrepreneurs, this show lifts up other women as it offers inspiration, practical tips and tangibles, thought-provoking conversations, and lots of FUN! The She Built This podcast is not taking guest pitches right now. Please check back as we update this information regularly.  All pitches must be submitted using our form. Direct emails will not be considered. Please do not send your pitch via email, Facebook Messenger, text, Voxer, LinkedIn, smoke signal or messenger pigeon. You can find the She Built This podcast on your favorite podcast app. We’re on all the major players including Amazon Music, Stitcher, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Podbean, Podchaser, iHeart Radio, and More! Don’t forget to write a review and share what you loved! ___
Question of the Month - May 2024 - Do You Read the Episode Show Notes When Listening To A Podcast - Your Responses David Beckmeyer - Outrage Overload Scarlett Classic - Classic Advice Podcast Gary Boutin ___
Episode 256 - The Truth About Video Podcasts on YouTube, Overwhelming Expectations, Blogging and all the extras The Truth About ‘Video Podcasts’ on YouTube All the hype around video has created a situation where podcasters feel we have to do video or we’ll fall behind. That creating video is an absolute requirement for growing a podcast. All the hype around video has created a situation where podcasters feel we have to do video or we’ll fall behind. That creating video is an absolute requirement for growing a podcast. We know video is a topic that tends to divide the podcasting community – which makes it even more important that we keep talking about it. With this in mind, we surveyed podcasters to learn more about how they’re using YouTube (if at all) in their podcast strategy. Our survey sample included readers of the site and newsletter subscribers, who are largely independent podcasters, with a mixture of aspiring, early-stage, and established creators. The results were pretty interesting, to say the least. Here’s what the survey told us, what the results mean, and why you absolutely shouldn’t cave to the video pressure if it’s not something you actually want to do with your show. Video is a topic that tends to divide the podcasting community – which makes it even more important that we keep talking about it. With this in mind, we surveyed podcasters to learn more about how they’re using YouTube (if at all) in their podcast strategy. Our survey sample included readers of the site and newsletter subscribers, who are largely independent podcasters, with a mixture of aspiring, early-stage, and established creators. The results were pretty interesting, to say the least. Here’s what the survey told us, what the results mean, and why you absolutely shouldn’t cave to the video pressure if it’s not something you actually want to do with your show. I heard a great clip on the Buzzcast Podcast from the great team at Buzzsprout. When I heard them discussing the article below, I thought of you! Video is not MANDITORY to be a podcaster! Blogging is not MANDITORY to be a podcaster! Social Media is not MANDITORY to be a podcaster! The Buzzcast Podcast Episode featured ___
Episode 255 - CO-HOSTS - Jason and John from the I Shower After Work Podcast - Podcasting As a Tool of the Trade Welcome to the I Shower After Work Podcast. Jason and John are happy you decided to join them for this wild ride! They have a deep respect for all the trades and for all of the men and women that are in this with them. The ISAW Podcast dives into every trade in the construction area. This isn’t for the office workers but for everyone in the field busting their asses, backs, and brains on the job. So come and have a laugh along the way. Hello all, I’m Jason (AKA “Canada”). I've been an electrician since 2009 and have been working in the field and in service ever since. I have been lucky enough to have seen the full scope from residential to commercial to industrial during my career with Local 292 in Minnesota and around the midwest. This has given me a broad insight of what can be seen and expected in the trades day to day. I was transferred around as an apprentice getting experience with a number of different shops and have been with my current employer since I became a Journeyman. This is a second career for me coming from the financial industry in my home country of Canada, hence the nickname, and couldn't be happier with the opportunities the trade has provided me. Not to mention the opportunities I have had since immigrating to the United States in 2006. John and I hope to bring you some insight and experience from all our years in the field and mostly a few laughs, but hope to be able to share your stories and experience as well. Tune in, shout out and let's talk about this wild career choice we all second guess on a weekly basis. Hey everyone, I’m John. I have been an Electrician for the majority of my adult life. 2023 has given me 20 years of experience in the trades. I’ve worked in a lot of the industries involved in the electrical sector. As an apprentice I spent my time doing service, light commercial, and residential wiring in the non-union area of South Dakota. As a Journeyman, I was fortunate to spend a very short time in the oil field area of North Dakota. I then spent several years as a Service Tech in South Dakota. The experience gained from being a Service tech has been unmatched by anything else I’ve done. I moved from South Dakota to Minnesota in 2013 and joined the IBEW 292 union. I have had the ability to see and do things that I would have never done in South Dakota just based on the scale of buildings. Fast forward to now and Jason and I have decided to pool our 30+ of experience to bring you an honest view of the Trades that maybe you don’t know or just bring you a laugh on one of those garbage days you’re having. Thanks again for joining us!! Slainte!! Follow ISAW Podcast on Facebook and Instagram, then send a DM to let Jason and John know what’s going on in your field, on your site, or give them some heat for being Sparkies. ___
Episode 254 - Why Podcasters Quit Podcasting - Why You Might be Close to Giving Up Why Podcasters Quit PodcastingHere is an expanded outline for a podcast episode on why podcasters quit podcasting Lack of Audience Engagement Podcasters become discouraged when they don't see meaningful engagement from their audience (e.g. comments, shares, reviews) Lack of listener feedback and interaction can make podcasters feel like they're talking into the void Without that sense of connection with their audience, the motivation to keep producing new episodes wanes Lack of Meaningful Audience Growth Many podcasters start out with high hopes of rapidly growing a large, loyal audience When audience growth stagnates or is slower than expected, podcasters can become disillusioned The constant struggle to attract new listeners and grow the show's reach takes a toll over time Struggle with Accountability Podcasting requires self-discipline to consistently produce new content on a schedule Without external accountability, some podcasters struggle to hold themselves responsible to their show The lack of structure and deadlines that come with a solo creative project like a podcast can lead to procrastination and burnout Overwhelming Time Commitment Podcasting takes a significant time investment - from planning, to recording, to editing, to promotion For some podcasters, the amount of work required becomes too much to manage alongside other commitments Feeling overwhelmed and unable to keep up with the demands of the show causes them to quit Lack of Organization Disorganized podcasters can quickly become bogged down in the logistical details of running a show Poor planning, inefficient workflows, and a general lack of structure lead to frustration and burnout Without systems and processes in place, the workload of podcasting becomes unsustainable By addressing these common pain points, podcasters can better prepare themselves for the challenges of long-term podcasting and increase their chances of sticking with it. ____
The Daily Dave - Podcasting Tips - 3 Reasons Dave Joined PodMatch So, I am trying out PodMatch - there is 3 reasons why I am giving this a solid try. Reason #1 - No Shows - I interview 20 to 30 people a week for my combined 8 podcasts. A very small percentage of these potential guests never show up for our pre-interview chat. As a full-time night shift worker, I create time in my calendar when I should be sleeping, so even if just a few people skip out on their appointments in my calendar - I am out a few hours a week, it is inconvient to my planning and a waste of time. Reason #2 - Guests can rate and review my show, but I can't do the same for my guests - I want the world to know about the amazing guests on my show - by giving out positive reviews for my guests it helps them get onto more podcasts Reason #3 - I am already considering spending some money on advertising - so instead of giving money to services that "might" gain me new listeners, I can practically guarantee that a guest will be a listener of my show - truly a guest isn't just a guest - they are a new listener - so investing in a platform like PodMatch gets me new listeners! That is a smart spend! If you want to check out PodMatch (and) you want to help support this podcast - please feel free to use the following link which may result in a small thank you payment from PodMatch to come back to this show! ___
Episode 253 - CO-HOST - Deepak Saini - Exceptional Conversations with Exceptional People Deepak Saini is an Anti-Aging and Longevity Coach. Having spent many stressed years in the corporate world and overcoming an autoimmune condition, back injury and lifelong battle with obesity, Deepak brings a unique perspective to working with his clients. When not spending time with his family, Deepak is researching and staying at the forefront of emerging and cutting-edge health research. Deepak is a speaker, course instructor, writer and actively working on becoming a Centenarian. Change to rewind your Biological Clock! 7 Secrets To Healthy Aging Habits in Minutes A Day ____
Episode 252 - CO-HOST - Ashley Smith from Social Jargn talks birthdays, social media and email marketing Using the knowledge of the most popular social media platforms to help solopreneurs and small business owners cut out the industry jargon and easily communicate what they do best to the general public.Social Jargn specializes in the ever-changing world of social media. Through the use of trending (and traditional) marketing principles, methods, and strategies, Social Jargn helps time-crunched, action-taking entrepreneurs and business owners increase lead generation and sales revenue by removing the tech intimidation and overwhelm the wild wild web often brings.It’s one thing to post on social media and have a sales funnel built; it’s a completely different customer experience when everything in your digital presence is aligned with synergy, which helps build your business to the next level. Social media marketing is an essential part of today’s world and an imperative survival tool for your overall business – it doesn’t matter if you run a small, family-owned store in Small Town USA or oversee an international company. You. Need. A. Social. Media. Presence.Industry authority, credibility, customer loyalty, new patients, continued growth, improved customer experiences, more accurate customer insight, better search engine rankings… and a lot of other “techy” and marketing components like brand recognition, website traffic, door swings, peer-to-peer reviews, etc. all translates into dollars and cents. ____
Episode 251 - Writing For Your Podcast - Blogs, Show Notes, Episode Titles, Articles - Can I Just Podcast, Do I Have To Write While maintaining a blog can be beneficial for SEO and written content, it is not mandatory to have a blog post for every podcast episode release. The focus should be on creating high-quality, engaging podcast content that resonates with your target audience. By embracing podcasting, you can tap into a growing medium with less competition and a potentially more valuable audience. However, it's important to approach podcasting with a strategic mindset, investing in quality equipment, developing a consistent content schedule, and promoting your podcast effectively across various platforms. Remember, the key to success in any content creation endeavor is providing value to your audience and building a loyal following. Whether through a podcast, a blog, or a combination of both, the goal should be to create compelling content that resonates with your target audience and helps you achieve your desired outcomes. Total podcasts in the index ... 4,158,777 Shows published in the last ... 3 DAYS - 118,190 10 DAYS - 249,735 30 DAYS - 355,971 60 DAYS - 424,775 90 DAYS - 469,551 ** source: According to the latest statistics, there are over 600 million blogs in the world. That's nearly a third of all 1.9 billion websites on the internet. These blogs generate a whopping 7.5 million blog posts per day—that's over 2.7 billion pieces of content per year. ___