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Author: Carlee Tate-Williams

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The Second Wife Life Podcast hosted by Carlee Tate-Williams encourages an open dialogue about the struggles, challenges, and life changing moments that are brought on by step-motherhood and being a second wife. Carlee brings humor to the hard topics while providing honest, refreshing, and some not-so-talked-about conversations that will leave you feeling connected and inspired.
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After a longer-than-intended break I am back! Along with a life update, I discuss finances and why it is important to never compare your life with what you see on social media. After many heated discussions the last few months I also realized how important it is to pause (and pray) BEFORE entering/responding to a conversation.
The Easy Target

The Easy Target


Stepparents are many times...the easy target to blame when a situation does not go as planned, or if a problem arises with the kids. Especially if there are any feelings of jealousy, hostility, or just a general dislike from a coparent. Carlee highlights knowing your audience, setting boundaries, and touches on dealing with a HC coparent.
Being Overwhelmed

Being Overwhelmed


As a now mother of 4…the feeling of being overwhelmed has become a part of my daily life. Between trying to juggle it all, maintain a social life, keep our house in order, and still coparent mental health is not at peak performance. Join me as I discuss how to navigate through these feelings and what has been working for me.
One of the hardest days in blended family life in our transition days. Adjusting to our house rules and expectations is tough for everyone-parents included! Carlee discusses what reminders help alleviate the stress of transition days, and as always...we have to focus on the positive. Acceptance also plays a huge role in blended families, and the harmony (or chaos) it can bring to the extended family dynamic.
Jealousy is a feeling that comes as no surprise when you hear of bio mom and bonus mom dynamics. But what can we do to change that? Join Carlee as she discusses strategies to deal with navigating a jealous bio mom, age difference between co-parents, and how to combat the negative impact it can have on your family. Carlee also touches on a huge family win this week. Holidays in a blended family are just plain tough- FOMO is r...
Discovering Boundaries

Discovering Boundaries


Do you struggle with knowing your place in your 'second family'? If so, tune in to hear Carlee discuss her own families dynamic as she deals with respecting boundaries and not wanting to step on anyone's toes. In this episode Carlee talks about boundaries with disciplining the kids, how involved is TOO involved with school, and also extra-curricular activities. Dealing with other bonus spouses can also bring a different challenge into your life, but there is always hope. Carlee brings you tip...
In this episode, Carlee discusses the original expectations when becoming a second wife and stepmom. Expectation 1- I was no new person to bio mom. She knew who I was and my family. This would work to my advantage and hopefully help me be accepted in my new role. Expectation 2- My husband and his ex have a virtually drama-free relationship. THANK GOODNESS!Navigating through co-parenting relationships can be tough, and for us...we have it o...
Picture your life. How you expect your family dynamic to function, and the vibe of your home. Now imagine becoming a stepmom, and THOSE expectations of how your new family life will look. Expectation 1- I am already a different can being a stepmom actually be? Expectation 2- My son will be thrilled to have a sibling!Join us as we dive in and discuss my pre-conceived thoughts on stepmom life, and how the realities of these t...