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Fall in love with the journey of becoming the greatest version of yourself with Conscious Performance Coach, consultant, speaker and Mind Body Instructor, Chris Plourde!chrisplourde.com the show
Connecting with Empowerment Coach & Intuitive Advisor, Host of the Top-Rated Podcast Empowered Within and Celebrity Trainer Jennifer Pilates! the show
Discover how to make the most of the time you have with your beloved animal and what to do when it's time to say farewell.  Sarah beautifully articulates what she went through on her own journey and provides wonderful guidance for all who will eventually be in the same the show
Practicing radical self-awareness to reconnect with who you are... It's amazing - and something we each should endeavor to experience.  Join us as Megan discusses how she came to not only know her true self, but to begin living from that space every day!www.chasingspirituality.com the show
Claircognizant psychic and intuitive blogger Stopher Cavins keeps it real as we discuss coming out - in more ways than one - and working as a Medium.https://www.stophercavins.comInstagram: @psychicstopher the show
With more than 20 years in integrative medicine, Dr. Grace brings it all to the table with food as medicine, and also the latest in cold lasers, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, stem cell patches and the like. resources to be added later... the show
Professional organizer and productivity specialist, Lindsey Hardegree, gets to the heart of the matter regarding the clutter we accumulate around us.  Her motto: Define Your Vision. Declutter. Thrive.www.getorganizedyall.com the show
Jason Zuk is both an attorney AND a psychic medium!  He is host of The Social Psychic Radio Show, as well as co-host of Psychic Visions with his best friend Megan Kane, which is signed with ElectraCast Media and debuts this summer.  Listen in to hear how Jason predicted cancer in his own body! website: the show
As an Intuitive Life & Relationship Catalyst, Andrea is helping multi-passionate women visionaries, change agents, anchor their vision and live it in their life and relationships. She loves working with individuals who are ready, committed and wanting to always be centered - despite the inner and outer chaos. the "7 Keys to Clarity," a quick 9-page guide to move you forward to the aligned love and relationships you envision and:- build the rock-solid foundation you need for aligned relationships guided by divine love;- move towards what you want to be, have, and live from now on;- start connecting with sources to support you and drive synchronicities and empowering events to fulfill your vision.Support the show
Consciousness Doula and multi-award-winning author of the best-selling visionary novel, Trusting the Currents, Lynnda Pollio discusses elevating human consciousness. This life purpose has guided her as an accomplished New York advertising executive, as a thought leader in conscious business and communications practices, and as the world’s first Chief Consciousness Officer at a global futurist marketing consultancy. Lynnda is experienced in various spiritual disciplines, energetic practices and healing modalities. As a Consciousness Doula she helps people understand and connect to energetic frequencies that expand self-awareness for personal and global transformation. She believes we are all in the process of becoming something unexpected, and that the answers lie in the heart. - Lynnda Pollio the show
Love & Cosmic Coach Ronnie Ann Ryan has helped 1,000s of women find love.  She is the author of six books, and a seeker of everyday magic.  She’s a mystic who is grounded with a sense of humor, an Akashic Records reader, channel, and psychic, public speaker and workshop leader. Appearing in international media, Ronnie’s been featured by ABC, NBC, Fox News, BBC, NPR,, Huffington Post, and! amongst others. 7pastlives.com the show
We touch on some of the societal similarities between the USA & France regarding factory farming and discuss the benefits of adopting a vegan diet.Cetvies campaigns and writes on human trafficking, amongst other topics.  She has a strong interest in human rights, environmental rights, animal rights, veganism, justice, LGBT, politics, the news, IR, current affairs, society, philosophy, well-being and spirituality in general.She is also the author of Nix, Freya and Durga deserts, all available on the following website:www.inthenameofhumanrights.com the show
Struggling with PTSD and extreme anxiety in the two years following the death of his son, Justin embarked on a path that would lead him to become one of Europe’s leading minds in resilience, leadership, psychological safety and neuroscience. His work on the nervous system and the neuroscience of stress and performance has been watched over 600,000 times on YouTube, with 20,000 + subscribers.www.JustinCaffrey.comwww.YourBottomLine.com @Justin_Caffrey the show
Talking about what it takes to make genuine, lasting connections with Lee Hopkins.  This is a do-not-miss episode! the show
Impact strategist, spiritual business mentor and founder of Connect One Marketing, Timi Orosz talks strategic business strategies for purpose-driven souls. the show
JodieLynn Craven, creator of Abundance Consciousness and The Fluid Money BluePrint, joins me today.Go to: to receive a free resource on How to Consistently Attract Money to Do the Things You Truly Want To.By the end of this training, you will: ✓Understand how to identify and shift negative beliefs blocking you from attracting money✓Learn the step-by-step formula for doing less and attracting more✓Master the keys to being an entrepreneur who consistently attracts more money using the Fluid Money Blueprint the show
Corbie Mitleid has been reading tarot since 1973.  She is certified as both a Tarot Master and Professional Tarot Reader; is a member of the American Tarot Association and The Tarot Guild; as well as an ordained minister of the Sanctuary of the Beloved (Order of Melchizedek).  She has traveled coast to coast and into Canada as a full-time intuitive counselor and is an inspirational speaker and facilitator.   A trained medium and past life specialist, Corbie is a featured channel in Robert Schwartz’s breakthrough series, Your Soul's Plan, Your Soul's Gift and Your Soul's Love, and is herself the author of Clean Out Your LifeCloset, The Psychic Yellow Brick Road and You've Got the Magic, Who Needs a Genie? https://corbiemitleid.com the show
Meditation & spiritual transformation coach, host of The Meditation Conversation podcast, energy healer and beekeeper Kara Goodwin joins me today!   She has some amazing stories you will not want to miss!Podcast - Kara Goodwinwww.karagoodwin.com the show
On today's episode I'm speaking with Marie about the upcoming NatureSoul Retreat Center! the show
This week we change it up a bit & put ME in the hot seat! the show
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