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Author: Ryan Alexander & Jordan Rothacker

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VOLLMANNIA is a show about the books of William Tanner Vollmann, with hosts Ryan Alexander & Jordan Rothacker. Episodes feature substantive conversations with guests about each work in Vollmann's bibliography.

6 Episodes
William T. Vollmann has partnered with us to sell 10 prints of his painting "Dolores as a Golden Monkey"! Each print will cost $2,500. Bill has provided a full description below. Order yours today (!“Dolores as a Golden Monkey” is one of my transgender self-portraits. The old-timey lumber shop some two blocks from my studio made me ten 16 x 20” cherrywood panels, with frames to fit, each frame consisting of two L-shaped pieces which I could engrave and pai...
In Part I of this special episode, we’re joined by William T. Vollmann to discuss SHADOWS OF LOVE, SHADOWS OF LONELINESS, a two-volume retrospective covering his forty years of photography, painting, illustration, and literary enterprise across the globe. These beautiful editions are available 10/24/23 from Unnamed Press and Rare Bird. Order your set today!William T. Vollmann is the author of ten novels, including Whores for Gloria, The Royal Family, and Europe Central, which won the National...
First Dream: The Ice-Shirt

First Dream: The Ice-Shirt


In this episode, we’re joined by Sean Spillane to discuss THE ICE-SHIRT, the first entry in Vollmann’s ongoing cycle, Seven Dreams: A Book of North American Landscapes.Sean is a PhD candidate in English in New York City. He specializes in Old Norse literature, and he is currently writing a dissertation that examines various translations from Old French and Latin into Old Norse during the Middle Ages. Sean also runs a YouTube channel called "Travel Through Stories," where he reviews a variety ...
The Rainbow Stories

The Rainbow Stories


In this episode, we're joined by Daniel Lukes to discuss the 1989 collection THE RAINBOW STORIES.Daniel Lukes has a PhD in comparative literature from New York University. He co-edited William T. Vollmann: A Critical Companion (2014) and edited Conversations with William T. Vollmann (2020). His most recent book is Black Metal Rainbows (2023), and he can be found on Twitter at @danielukes.Show Notes:Daniel Lukes and Christopher K. Coffman (eds.), William T. Vollmann: A Critical Companion ...
In this episode, we're joined by Keri Miki-Lani Schroeder and Miles Liebtag to discuss the 1987 debut novel YOU BRIGHT AND RISEN ANGELS: A CARTOON.Keri Miki-Lani Schroeder produces limited-edition artist’s books under the imprint of Coyote Bones Press and teaches at various institutions. Her research-based book works incorporate sculptural book structures and found objects, combining traditional and contemporary bookbinding and printing techniques. Her books are held in prominent collections ...
In this inaugural episode, hosts Ryan Alexander & Jordan Rothacker discuss the 1992 memoir An Afghanistan Picture Show; Or, How I Saved the World. Specific topics include how the book can be categorized in terms of genre and style, the bipartite identities of The Young Man & William T. Vollmann, the failure of the individual to affect systemic change, and how “the Other” is depicted. They also discuss their backgrounds as Vollmann readers, their favorite Vollmann book(s), and their go...