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Tween Talk for Latter-day Saints

Tween Talk for Latter-day Saints

Author: Tiffany Thomas

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A podcast made for tweens and teens who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Your questions, clear answers by going into the doctrine and principles of the gospel. Helping Mormon tweens learn the WHY and WHAT of the gospel so they can learn to apply the HOW in a way that works for them.
18 Episodes
Have you ever wondered how to judge between right and wrong without judging other people?  How can you find good friends without feeling like your being judgmental of the choices other people make?  How can you stand for your values when others think you're judging them?
Have you ever wondered what makes a patriarchal blessing different than a father’s blessing?  Or whether or not you can read someone else’s?
Why does the Church make a big deal about homosexuality and gender identity?  Aren't we supposed to love everyone and be true to ourselves?  Can you be LGBTQ+ and still be a good member of the Church?
Have you ever wondered why some people say you should only wear shorts to your knees?  And why others say that it's immodest for girls to show their shoulders when boys can and it's still modest for them?
Have you ever wondered why people make such a big deal about pornography?  And what exactly is pornography, anyway?
Have you ever wondered how much kissing is TOO much?  And why do I have to wait until I’m 16 to date?  What exactly IS the Law of Chastity, anyway?
Have you ever wondered exactly how to repent?  Or what happens if you don’t?
Have you ever wondered if a certain activity is appropriate to do on Sunday?  What can or can't you do without breaking the Sabbath?
Tween Talk #10: Prayer

Tween Talk #10: Prayer


Why does it feel like there’s no answer when I pray?  Am I doing it wrong?
How do people receive revelation?  What does the Holy Ghost sound like?  How can I tell if a thought is from the Holy Ghost, or just my own mind?
Tween Talk #8: Tithing

Tween Talk #8: Tithing


Have you ever wondered how much tithing you need to pay? Or whether you should pay tithing when Grandma gives you $20 for your birthday?
What is the priesthood?  What is the difference between priesthood power and priesthood authority?  What exactly are priesthood keys?  Why don't women have the priesthood?
What do you do when the prophet says something the rest of the world doesn't agree with?  What if YOU don't agree with it?  How do we know if the prophet is giving us a commandment or his own opinion?
Have you ever wondered if caffeine is against the Word of Wisdom?  Why do some people follow certain diets, but others don't?  What does the prophet have to say about vaping?
Have you ever wondered what the purpose of life is?  What exactly do we need to do to get to the Celestial Kingdom?  Why do so many people say so many different things about the commandments?
Have you ever wondered what exactly happens to us after we die?  Learn all about life after death, the Spirit World, and Judgment Day on episode 3 of Tween Talk for Latter-day Saints.
Have you ever wondered what exactly the Atonement of Jesus Christ is or how it works?  What does it mean when people say to rely on the Atonement during difficult times?
Have you ever wondered what life was like before we were born? Learn more about the pre-earth life and the first part of the Plan of Salvation.