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Bernie Gracieuse and Yasmine Isaya are two young women who are slowly, but surely dipping their toes in the fashion industry. As they are navigating this industry, they are committing, oh so, many Faux Pas' - hence the name. This podcast is meant to have real and honest conversations about the industry with people who are on their way to making their dreams come true. Come along with us as we navigate this crazy industry.
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Welcome back ! This is officially our last episode of the season and we're closing season two with a very special guest that we thoroughly enjoyed chatting with, Naomi Parris. Naomi Parris is a fashion writer based in New York City. With over six years of experience in fashion, beauty, social media, and content creation, Naomi has bylines in POPSUGAR and Bustle, specializing in Fashion Week coverage, celebrity street style, exclusive designer interviews, and shopping guides. She also has her own blog, Eli-Nay, where she inspires readers through style guides, cultural pieces, and creates unique content on her Instagram in collaboration with brands including Mejuri, Kipling, and MTV. Through her career, Naomi endeavours to create thought-provoking stories that'll evoke change in the fashion industry and world at large. Be sure to follow Naomi on her Instagram and subscribe to her blog to follow along on her exciting journey.  Tune in to hear her dive in on her road to her fashion career, the world of writing and blogging in fashion the various intersections that pour into the fashion industry. Catch the podcast online: Instagram - YouTube - TikTok - Catch Naomi Instagram - POPSUGAR - Catch Bernie  Instagram - TikTok - Website - Catch Yasmine Instagram - TikTok - With love always and always love.
Let's talk manifestation. Whether you believe in it or not, we all attract the things we want for ourselves in this life. Could be in the form or prayer, affirmations, journaling, vision boards, anything really. Bottom line we all do it and your hosts are gonna talk about it.  Bernie and Yasmine kick off this episode by unpacking what manifestation is and the science behind it. They then move on to talking about how they individually manifest and what they are manifesting for themselves and the podcast in the near future.  What are some things that you are manifesting for yourself this year ? Catch the podcast online: Instagram - YouTube - TikTok - Catch Bernie  Instagram - TikTok - Website - Catch Yasmine Instagram - TikTok - With love always and always love.
We are so excited to have had the pleasure of talking to Ben and Teo from No Diploma. Founded in 2018, No Diploma is a Montreal clothing brand and movement grown into a community of like minded individuals who prioritize mental health, self worth, alignment and self development. Listen to our guests tell us all about the importance of branding, creating community and their journey thus far No Diploma  Instagram - YouTube - Website - TikTok - The podcast - Bernie  Instagram - TikTok - Website - Yasmine  Instagram - Tiktok -  With love always and always love
We're back babyyy! Season two of the Fashion Faux Pas Podcast has returned and yes, we're bringing you video content in this season.  In this short but sweet episode , Yasmine and Bernie recap the last few months with a life update on what they've been up too since the end of season 1 and a much needed break. They update on career, personal milestones and a hint of what listeners can expect for season 2.  We are so happy to be back and we're looking forward to sharing this second season with you all.   Catch the podcast online: Instagram - YouTube - TikTok - Catch Bernie Instagram - TikTok - Website - Catch Yasmine Instagram - TikTok - With love always and always love.
We are finally back for a second season of The Fashion Faux Pas Podcast! Yes - this is (still) the podcast where we have candid conversation about the fashion industry with industry professionals. This season we are expanding with video episodes along with taking over outside of Canada! Catch the podcast online: Instagram - YouTube - TikTok - Catch Bernie Instagram - TikTok - Website - Catch Yasmine Instagram - TikTok - With love always and always love.
Welcome to our first video episode of the season. This week in this bonus episode Yasmine and Bernie are unpacking the pressure of social media, navigating our mental health through uncertain times, manifesting our dream life and settings intentions in our respective journey's. A candid conversation that we hope you enjoy. ----------------------------------------------------------- Intro - 00:00We styled each other - 01:47 The pressure of social media - 04:34 Comparaison is the thief of joy - 14:47 The myth of the struggling artist - 21:49 Asking questions about manifestation - 30:20 Settings intentions - 36:58 What we do to maintain our mental health - 42:24 Can we really have it all - 45:46 Our biggest fears regarding our career - 53:45 The ups and down of the panini on our mental health - 1:04:21 Outro - 1:24:53 ----------------------------------------------------------- As mentioned in this episode Lenz Studio: Rinude: Frequency Vibrational chart: ----------------------------------------------------------- The podcast is also available on these following platforms: Apple Podcast: Spotify: Google Podcast: ----------------------------------------------------------- Follow us: The Pod: Bernie: Yasmine:
Welcome back to a new episode!  This week Yasmine and Bernie are unpacking your 20's and if they actually are your prime years. The girls collectively agree in discussion that in 30's might be the new 20's when it comes to "prime".  In this episode we touch on future goals and aspirations in all aspects of life, mental health, the pandemics effect on stripping away some of our formative years and so much more. Tune in to what might be one if this seasons most candid conversations between our hosts and engage with us in the comments and socials if you agree or want to chime in on debunking this "prime years" theory. Links mentioned: Podcast IG @thefashionfauxpaspodcast Yasmine IG @yasisaya Bernie IG @kingberniee Bernie's Website
Welcome back listeners! On today's episode Yasmine is joined by a special guest, business owner and content creator as well as her dear friend and fellow fashion school graduate, Christina Markessinis. This week the girls recap on their fashion school experience, the good, the bad and the expensive of it all. They discuss their takeaways from their college career and how it brought them to where they are in their professional life today. Christina also shares with Yasmine how the idea came about to become a business owner in apparel. She touches on what it’s really like to have your own brand and shuts down glamourized misconceptions about being your own boss. We also of course get to hear about how SohoNude was born and what we can expect to see in the near future. We also get a look into her other employment venture which is content creation and account manager at a Social Media agency called SweetnrAgency. If you enjoyed this episode make sure to give us a cute little rating down below ;) Links mentioned: Podcast Insta Christina SohoNude Sweetnr Yasmine Bernie
Welcome back listeners! On today's solo episode Bernie is interviewing our lovely guest Debbie Poh. Debbie is a Vancouver-based conscious fashion content creator and writer striving for a more sustainable and intentional lifestyle. She recently quit her corporate finance job in order to pursue a creative career— with the happy side effect of now having more time to spend on self-care, her dog, hiking, and writing. In this episode Debbie opens up to Bernie about important values that she lost while working corporate, which she then regained after becoming self employed. She also touched on the importance of knowing your values in your work and charging brands accordingly, which honestly at the beginning is a STRUGGLE.   As you are all already familiar, Bernie and Debbie are in the same/similar line of work, so naturally many other important topics where discussed. The girls dove right in with the importance of sharing vs gatekeeping in the social media space, having multiple streams of income, the stigma around content creation (influencers), and the reality of false influencing (yes it's a thing). They also talked about incorporating your personal passions in your work and how that can be beneficial to your content and brand image as a whole. Bernie also took the opportunity to pick Debbie's brain about topics such as;  being a visible minority in this field of work and tokenism which as we know there is A LOT to unpack there.   Finally,  this episode ended with an optimistic tone as the girls reflected on the positive changes that are taking place in the social media industry. We hope you enjoyed this episode as much as all the others, this far. If you liked what you heard and like what you've been hearing, leave Bernie and Yasmine a cute little rating below. Also, let them know what your favorite part of this episode was in the comments as well as who you would like the girls to interview next ;)  Get to know us more: Podcast Instagram:  Bernie's Instagram:  Yasmine's Instagram:  Find Debbie online: Instagram:  As mentioned on the episode Maya Spoken:  Surviving Sofia scandal  Fyre Festival
6 | Dating as a Creative

6 | Dating as a Creative


Welcome back! On todays episode our hostesses with the mostesses unpack everything there is to say about the dating world as young adults, and how they have navigated it as creatives. The girls share their platonic love story on how they met/connected all leading up to how Fashion Faux pas was born :)  They also of course, discuss their own personal dating experiences, what they've learned and taken away from them, as well as talk about their opposite views on relationships, attachment styles and commitment as a whole.  To top it all off the episode ends with a reflection on how the girls feel that their views on relationships have influenced their craft. Let us know what you think and give us a cute review!
Welcome back Listeners! On todays episode Yasmine is accompanied by none other than the Fatima Thioye, she is a model, MBA Candidate and a diversity and inclusion advocate. Fatima can be seen in many international and national campaigns along with multiple music videos.  Socials mentioned
Welcome Back Listeners! On today’s episode Bernie and Yasmine Touch base in convo with Jessica Firestsone, owner of an up and coming made to measure slow fashion brand that specializes in custom sized garments made for your perfect fit with quality textiles.  The girls and Jessica discuss various topics such as, the importance of sustainability in fashion, Fast Fashion VS Slow fashion and what that means. They also touch on their individual experiences with fashion school as well as the journey to finding your voice in the fashion industry and creating your own space. Obviously since this episode's guest is a small business owner it's only right for our hosts to talk about the importance of supporting small fashion businesses and what we as creators and consumers can do to contribute.  If you enjoyed this episode and want Bernie and Yasmine to continue bringing on guests like Jessica or any others you have in mind please feel free to leave a comment and let them know who you want to be interviewed next. Be sure to like this episode if your ears are enjoying this podcast so far and give the girls a cute rating while you're at it ;)  Find Proof Canada by Jessica Firestone below:  Instagram -  Website -  Find the podcast below: Instagram -  Connect with the hosts: Yasmine -  Bernie -
Imposter Syndrome... its a drag but we're human, we all go through it.  In this first episode, the girls share the definition of imposter syndrome and share their own experiences as creatives and as individuals. The talk about the most significant moments of imposter syndrome they've each faced and how it affected them. Yasmine and Bernie also take a moment to acknowledge their growth over the years, what they’ve learned and how to combat imposter syndrome in the near future. They also talk about the importance of surrounding yourself with a good circle of people to help combat imposter syndrome, cause lets be real, its much easier to tackle as a team. Additionally in this episode our hosts do not shy away from giving their two sense and advice they'd like to pass on to the listeners. Such as; having a Kanye like mentality when it comes to your craft, shifting your mindset to believing you are the person you want to become, and lastly touching on the power of manifestation and law of attraction with their own experiences.  We hope you all enjoyed this episode! Share your thoughts in the comments and let us know how you deal with/have dealt with imposter syndrome.   Things mentioned in episode  Book: Atomic Habits by James Clear   Ryan (videographer) - Francois (Photographer) - Ife (Stylist + Creative Director) - Stephanie (MUA) - Zeegy (model) - Links to all socials:  The podcast -  Yasmine -  Bernie -
Bernie Gracieuse and Yasmine Isaya are two young women who are slowly, but surely dipping their toes in the fashion industry. As they are navigating this industry, they are committing, oh so, many Fashion Faux Pas - hence the name. This podcast is meant to have real and honest conversation about the industry with people who are on their way to make their dreams possible.  Follow the podcast on Instagram: Follow Bernie on Instagram: Follow Yasmine on Instagram:
Welcome back! This weeks episode is full of laughs and unseriousness. But despite that we did manage to hold ourselves together to chat with our very entertaining guest. Parris is the creative director/co-founder of CEASETOEXIST. CEASETOEXIIST is an new to come Montreal based ready to wear unisex clothing brand, that pemiered their first ever show February 18th 2022 at the Montreal Biodome. Today we had the absolute pleasure to dive deep with Parris on how the brand came to be, preparations for the fashion show, his fashion love story and upbringing in design as well as a bit of a tease in whats to come for CEASETOEXIST. Let us know what you thought about this episode in the show notes below and if you want to watch all teh chaos of this conversation be sure to tune in on YouTube. Catch the podcast online: Instagram - YouTube - TikTok - Catch Bernie Instagram - TikTok - Website - Catch Yasmine Instagram - TikTok - With Love always&Always love Yasmine&Bernie.
Welcome back listeners! Today is a very special episode... We are welcoming Veronique Beaupre, she is an accomplished Montreal based hairstylist and owner of Local B salon. While chatting with Vero we had the pleasure to hear about her career journey, her experience working at New York Fashion Week as well as the road to owning her own salon and becoming a mentor. We also had a very open conversation about non black or POC hairstylists working on Black/POC hair textures and the importance of wanting to learn to accommodate to all hair textures when working in this industry. Catch the podcast online: Instagram - YouTube - TikTok - Catch Veronique Instagram- - Catch Bernie Instagram - TikTok - Website - Catch YasmineInstagram - TikTok - With love always and always love.
Welcome back! On todays episode we have a very special guest Morgan Mckensey aka The Atlanta IT Girl. She is an Atlanta Georgia based wardrobe stylist, content creator and creative director. We had the pleasure of being her first podcast ever and loved every moment of this conversation as we resonated with so much of her experiences. If you want to hear all about Morgan's story, her faux pas' and her career milestones tune into the entire episode. Catch the podcast online: Instagram - YouTube - TikTok - Catch Morgan Instagram - - Website - Youtube- Catch Bernie  Instagram - TikTok - Website - Catch Yasmine Instagram - TikTok - With love always and always love.
Welcome back!! This weeks episode is with our guest Leban Osmani, stylist extraordinaire. He is a Toronto native of Somalian descent who recently made the move to Montreal after signing with an agency to do styling full time.  In this episode we have conversations about Leban's fashion love story, his background working in health care mid pandemic, unpacking his experiences in this industry and so much more.  Tune into to watch or listen to this episode to hear all about how he maintains his creativity while working for corporate clients, his biggest accomplishments so far and of course his styling faux pas'. Catch Leban online  Instagram-  Catch the podcast online: Instagram -  YouTube -  TikTok -  Catch Bernie Instagram -  TikTok -  Website - Catch Yasmine Instagram -  TikTok -  With love always and always love.
Welcome Back!  For today's episode we have a treat for you all. We had the pleasure of chatting with none other than Luxi Mathi, co-founder of Canada Fashion Network. This candid conversation focused on all things Canadian Fashion Industry, where it is, what is neglected and where we want it to go. We of course also got to talking about her background and what led her to start this organization with her partner and co-founder Lidia Tesfamicael. This episode was very important to us and we encourage you all to keep the conversation going.  Canada Fashion Network was born to combine efforts to better and further the fashion industry . It is a nonprofit organization aimed to elevate fashion in Canada, protecting, educating and guiding fashion enthusiasts to pursue their dreams in fashion.  The Co-Founders, Lidia and Luxi, are the leading female forces behind the vision, as they have a vast set of experiences in the fashion industry.Lidia Tesfamicael is a Canadian Designer with her private label, Lidia Daniel, and has a background in marketing. “As a black woman, I wanted to create a platform to change the stigma around Canadian fashion and put my efforts to create equal opportunity for a better future in the industry.” — Lidia Tesfamicael. Luxi Mathi is a Canadian Makeup Artist, Founder of Luxi Management, a marketing firm that has provided help to over a hundred local Canadian businesses since 2016. The pair strongly believe in the future of Canadian fashion and advocating for its advancement, and have been planning to commence this movement since 2018.  “Fashion is a form of art, and as Canadians, we have the fundamental right to exercise our freedom of expression through the clothing we wear, create, design, sell and/or purchase. To successfully achieve this, we have to create an environment that allows these individuals to succeed.” — Luxi Mathi  Let us know your thoughts on this episode and leave us a cute little review ;) As mentioned in the episode: - Jessica Firestone on her Slow Fashion Designer Faux Pas Spotify - ⁠⁠⁠⁠ Apple- ⁠⁠⁠ - I want to be world book series: Timestamps: Intro- 00:00 Guest intro and a trip down memory lane - 0:40 What is CFN , origin story - 1:50 Story times of the founders - 5:44 Issues people encounter in the fashion industry - 8:47 Why did CFN start and what were/are the main goals - 17:38 Ageism, Infantilization and lack of representation in the Fashion industry - 24:00 "I want to be world " Book series- 38:32 Deconstructing the narrative and Normalising our careers - 43:10 The pandemic's affect on the fashion industry - 58:03 Fashions impact in Social and Political movements - 1:06:40 The lack of Global representation of the Canadian Fashion Industry - 1:09:47 Ways to support the fashion industry as a non member - 1:22:26 What can we expect from CFN - 1:39:22 Outro- 1:42:09 Socials  CFN's Instagram - ⁠⁠ Canadian Fashion Network Website - ⁠⁠ Luxi's Instagram: ⁠⁠ Lidia's Instagram: ⁠⁠ The Podcast - Bernie  Instagram - ⁠⁠⁠⁠ TikTok - ⁠⁠⁠⁠ Website - ⁠⁠⁠⁠ Yasmine  Instagram - ⁠⁠⁠⁠ Tiktok - ⁠⁠ Love Always & Always love, Yasmine & Bernie.
10 | Our Final Episode!

10 | Our Final Episode!


Welcome back Listeners!  This week is bittersweet because it is our last episode of season 1!!! We are so grateful for each and every one of you who have been tuning in from the beginning and we hope you stick around for more exciting things to come from us at FFP and Faux Pas as a brand. On today's episode your hosts recap the season by reflecting on some of this seasons most popular episodes.  - Dating as Creative - Imposter Syndrome - 20's are they really your Prime? Additionally, the girls touch on what they have learned throughout this journey as individuals and together, as well as how they can both improve as hosts.  This episode closes off with a life update from your hosts and some exciting news and announcements... listen to find out and follow our socials, obviously. We thank you again here at Faux Pas for being on this crazy ride with us and with that said... See you in Season 2 Babyyy! Socials @thefashionfauxpaspodcast @kingberniee @yasisaya
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