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Author: Manuel Salmann & Jae Staten

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If you’re looking to move to Berlin (or just moved here), then this podcast is for you. We're here to provide personal insight on everything you need to know in order to move to Germany's pulsating capital. Through each episode, we tackle topics that will help you make your journey to Berlin easy and enjoyable. Already living in Berlin? Then you might appreciate hearing the tips, advice and personal stories of others who've decided to call Berlin their new home. Find out more here:
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There are almost 200 museums in Berlin — and Stephanie Pearson has seen many of them. A dedicated museum enthusiast, she has offered guided museum guides, currently works for a museum, and co-founded, a "Museum Lover's Guide". She shares with us her must see (and hidden gem) museum recommendations and offer tips for navigating Berlin's museums — even if you're not normally "a museum person". Show Notes — The Museum Lover's Guide Pergamon Museum Liebermann Villa Brücke-Museum PalaisPopulaire Museum Island Berlin Humboldt Forum Jewish Museum Berlin Museum Sunday Samurai Museum Berlin Ramones Museum Berlin Dark Matter Berlin Urban Nation Museum Long Night of Museums Futurium Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt Contribute: Discord:  
Diana Goldberg moved from Munich to Berlin and ditched her health sciences studies to pursue a career in music. In this episode, she tells us what it's like trying to make it as a singer/songwriter, from the challenges of the music industry to the thrill of performing live in Berlin. Diana shares her journey of recording her first song in a home studio, the importance of networking, and how Berlin's vibrant music scene has influenced her work. Diana Goldberg Website Spotify Instagram Show Notes Pirate Studios Super Sessions Join our team: Contribute: Discord:  
Jack is back on the show and helps us characterize Berlin's neighborhoods — from multicultural Neukölln, trendy Kreuzberg, gentrified Prenzlauer Berg to … Lichtenberg? Contribute: Discord:  
Daniel Hahnemann, co-founder and CEO of Wundertax, talks us through the why and how of tax filing in Germany. We talk about when you can expect a refund, outline deductions for students and employees, and explain tax obligations for freelancers and businesses. If you study or work in Germany and haven't filed your taxes this year, this episode is for you. Show Notes Try Wundertax for free and receive 5 € off when you file your German taxes through (Werbung) Tax Tips from Wundertax Contribute: Discord:  
Alice is a French expat. In our conversation, she explains her decision to ditch Paris for Berlin, details how she managed to find an apartment, shares tips on how to find work as a coder in Berlin, and provides insights into the secret society of French people in Berlin. Show Notes Immobilienscout24 WG Gesucht Unicorns in Tech Berlin Population 2024 European elections: How to vote in Germany Contribute: Discord:
Jae has had some challenges with flatmates* and landlords*. So we dedicate an entire episode to tenant associations, deposits and everything you need to know before the rental dispute hits you. (*All names have been changed.) Show Notes Berliner Mieterverein Mieterschutzbund Conny Mieterengel What is a Mietkautionskonto? (All About Berlin) Contribute: Discord:  
In our first episode in 2024, we reflect on the growth of our podcast and the decision to release episodes on our own timeline. We express gratitude to our supporters and invite suggestions for topics and guests and talk about our personal goals for this year. For our main topic, we discuss the recent demonstrations against racism and the far-right AfD party in Germany. Show Notes Jim Carrey's Wild New Year's Eve Celebration (YouTube) Buy us a coffee to support the show TED: The art of asking | Amanda Palmer Jae's Website Check Mag (No. 16 features Jae's art on the cover)  In the End, It Was All About Love (Goodreads) AfD (Wikipedia) Secret plan against Germany (Correctiv) Germans Push Back as Far Right’s Influence Grows (New York Times) Contribute: Discord:  
Kevin Alterfritz, historian and Potsdam aficionado, takes us beyond Berlin’s shadow to reveal why many believe Potsdam is the real highlight. We explore the city's hidden gems, from the Dutch Quarter to the Russian Colony and the palatial parks that outshine even Sanssouci. Kevin shares his personal journey with Potsdam, tips for experiencing its compact beauty, and why it's known as Germany's Beverly Hills. Berlin Welcome Package Ideas: 1 Year Free Membership for Therapy Set of Rose-Tinted Glasses Light Therapy Lamp Keychain Multitool Potsdam You can contact Kevin at He also gives private tours of Berlin and Potsdam but be aware that he is often booked-up months in advance. A great way to get to know Potsdam is with the walking tours offered by the city tourism office, Potsdamer Service & Marketing GmbH. Kevin's inside tips for the summer: Pfingstberg Belvedere Meierei brewery and beer garden (The brewery pub is open year-round) Marble Palace (This palace is open year-round on weekends) Swimming area at the Heiliger See Culture Area Schiffbauergasse Villa Colony Babelsberg (The city tourism office tours given here are only in German!) At this time of year (November and December), Potsdam offers several Christmas Markets. Contribute: Discord:
Lony and Sean fell in love with Berlin on a summer tour and spontaneously decided to swap their life in North Carolina for a fresh start in Berlin. The couple not only navigated the maze of immigration laws and managed to secure a skilled worker's visa for Sean, who's a barber by trade, but also quickly scored work contracts and an apartment. In this episode, they reveal the steps that led to their seamless transition. Show Notes Lony's Mindmap Make it in Germany Expats in Wonderland Rowdy Barber International Women in Berlin (Facebook) Contribute: Discord:  
Geoff and Alex — better known as "Americans in Germany Drinking Whiskey" — join us to discuss their decade-long experience of living in Berlin. We talk about quirky German traditions, what it's like when everyone switches to English for your benefit and the pros and cons of the German supermarket-experience. They also have quite a few tips for Berlin newcomers. Show Notes Americans in Germany Drinking Whiskey (Website & Podcast) AGDW - An Expat Channel (YouTube) Contribute: Discord:  
Back from our summer break, Manuel speaks with Olivia, Rae, and Laura who all chose a plant-based lifestyle. We talk about Berlin's reputation as a vegan haven, animal rights activism in Berlin and how to survive as a vegan when traveling to smaller towns in Germany. And: So many restaurant recommendations (all linked below). Show Notes olivethevegan_ (Instagram) Dominion (YouTube) Peter Singer: Animal Liberation (Goodreads) Ed Winters: This Vegan Propaganda (Goodreads) Animal Rights Square HappyCow Veganz Garden Gourmet Veggie Lovers Pizza Vegan Community Berlin (WhatsApp Group Invite) Mentioned Cafés & Restaurants (Google Maps) Plant Base Kiez Falafel Tak Tak Nam Y La Stela Nera Milano Vice Försters Vaust Feel Seoul Good Vöner : serious||thai||vegan Swing Kitchen Vincent Vegan Vedang Veg'd Die Vetzgerei KIM999 Emira Vegan Sushi Restaurant Secret Garden Cookies Cream Kopps Lucky Leek FREA Contribute: Discord:  
We're about to take a summer break — but first, a glimpse into Jae's "toxic relationship" with Berlin: He's getting evicted, received an unexpected 1,900 euros hospital bill and has a knack for receiving all kinds of fines and fees. Despite all that, he's staying resolute and optimistic. Show Notes Deutschlandticket vs. VBB-Umweltticket der BVG 9-Euro-Fonds Contribute: Discord:  
Is there too much (or too little) stuff in your life? In this mini-episode, Manuel explains how to buy and sell used things in Berlin. Besides (not-eBay) Kleinanzeigen and Vinted, two popular online platforms, there's the hugely popular Mauerpark Flohmarkt, various other fleamarkets and the Berliner Fahrradmarkt. (And: Scammers!) Show Notes George Carlin: Stuff (YouTube) Kleinanzeigen Best of Kleinanzeigen (Instagram) Vinted Flohmarkt im Mauerpark Flohmärkte in Berlin ( Berliner Fahrradmarkt Contribute: Discord:  
Berlin is amazing in the summer! In this episode, Jae details his trip to a local nudist beach, and Manuel describes his experience at a Kings of Leon open-air show. We also recommend visiting Berlin's open-air swimming pools, and Jae shares his experience hosting a party at Tempelhofer Feld. Show Notes Teufelssee ( Outdoor swimming pools (Visit Berlin) Parkbühne Wuhlheide Waldbühne Berlin Fusion Festival Hurricane Festival Rock am Ring Festival Whole Festival Songkick App Bandsintown App Contribute: Discord:  
Berlin, a city known for its urban "roughness," surprises visitors with its captivating parks. These green havens offer a respite from the hustle and bustle, inviting moments of escape, peace, and unity. In this episode, Jae shares his personal connection to some of Berlin's favorite parks and the significance they hold for him. While not an exhaustive list, this episode serves as an inspiring starting point for those eager to explore the vast greenery and discover the hidden treasures within Berlin's parklands. Show Notes Parks & Gardens in Berlin ( Contribute: Discord:  
In this episode, we share our personal experiences with therapy, offer guidance on recognizing when you might need therapy, and explain how to find an English-speaking therapist in Berlin. We also explain if and when therapy is covered by insurance in Germany, describe what a first consultation looks like, and provide tips for finding a permanent therapist. Please note: This episode discusses mental health, but it's not a substitute for professional advice. If you're in crisis, reach out to a healthcare provider immediately or contact a crisis hotline in your country. Show Notes Maybe You Should Talk to Someone (Goodreads) List of English-speaking psychotherapists in Berlin (All About Berlin) 116117 — Der Patientenservice PsychInfo: Psychotherapeuten-Suchdienst Berliner Krisendienst Contribute: Discord:
Berliners love their lakes — especially in the summer. In this episode, Manuel recommends 7 lakes to check out when you're new to the city, explains what a "Strandbad" is, urges you to avoid the crowds and gives a primer nudist culture (FKK) in Germany. Show Notes Naked Berlin sunbather chases wild boar after it steals his laptop (I Am Expat) Berliner Seen ( 11 schöne Seen in und um Berlin (Mit Vergnügen) Contribute: Discord:
It's been a year, and Jae is still looking for a permanent place to live. This episode is all about what he's learned in the process. Everyone who got an amazing place at a good price "just got lucky" — but you won't get lucky without being fast and prepared. We explore how to navigate ImmoScout, the popular housing platform, break down what you need to include in your housing application to stand out and remind you of the importance of personal connections. Stay hopeful! PS: Manuel here. I said "tenant" when I meant "landlord" like 50 times in this episode. Hope that's not too confusing. Sorry about that! Show Notes ImmoScout24 WG-Gesucht And here's a quick template for your housing application message in German (only if you are indeed employed and don't have any pets — translate this before sending it!): Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, mein Name ist [your name]. Ich bin [your age, just digits] Jahre alt und habe eine Festanstellung als [your job title] bei [company name]. Ich habe keine Haustiere, bin ordentlich und zuverlässig und suche eine Wohnung auf Dauer in Berlin. Über die Möglichkeit einer Besichtigung würde ich mich sehr freuen. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, [Your full name]   Contribute: Discord:
Survival mode can be a necessary response when moving to a new city, but when does it become time to transition to thriving mode? In this episode, Jae reflects on his experiences of living in Berlin for over a year and the moment when he realized he had been in survival mode for too long. He shares the impact this had on his mental health and the strategies he has been using to transition to thriving, such as finding community and prioritizing self-care. Show Notes Jae’s Website: Contribute: Discord:
In this episode, 19-year-old Olivia shares what it's like being an au pair in Berlin. She explains how to find an au pair family, shares what her working hours and pay look like, and provides "top tips to make an au pair stay great". We also dive into cultural differences between Germany and the UK. Show Notes Olivia's YouTube channel Olivia on Instagram AuPairWorld Animal Rights Squares Berlin (Facebook) Kiez Falafel near Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz (Google Maps) Brammibal’s Donuts Contribute: Discord:  
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