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Rachel Stern from The Local joins us to talk about having kids and raising a family in Berlin, Germany's working culture, life as a journalist, cash vs. cards, learning German, and the best and worst aspects of being an expat. Show Notes The Local - Germany's News in English International Families Berlin (Facebook Group) SuperMamas Berlin Iranians and Israelis find an unlikely musical detente in Germany Explained: How Germany plans to make immigration easier for skilled workers Contribute:
In this short solo episode, Manuel shares how to avoid getting scammed when looking for an apartment in Berlin, and explains how teaching English can be a way to legally stay and work in the city. Show Notes Hunderte Betroffene klagen über Abzocke auf Wohnungsplattform (rbb24) What is a Mietkautionskonto? (All About Berlin) How to move to Germany and become a freelancer (All About Berlin) How to find an English-speaking job in Berlin (All About Berlin) Contribute:
Jae talks about his first trips in Germany outside of Berlin (they didn't go as smoothly as planned). We then methodically go through some of the other major cities and "Bundesländer" (federal states) and compare them to Berlin — while Jae can't help but draw comparisons to certain US states and cities. Show Notes Klaas bringt DICH in den exklusivsten Club der Welt (Late Night Berlin) Map of all German States (Wikimedia Commons) German federalism: How does it work? (DW) Easy German Podcast episodes about all German states: 85: Die deutschen Bundesländer (Teil 1) - Schaffe schaffe, Häusle baue 86: Die deutschen Bundesländer (Teil 2) - Lokalrivalitäten 87: Die deutschen Bundesländer (Teil 3) - Der "Meck-Pomm" Pommesburger Contribute:
Berlin is a special place, especially for artists. In this episode, Jae explains how Berlin's art scene was a big inspiration for him to come here and how the art scene might compare to some other cities he's previously lived in. He provides personal insight and recommendations for the different types of art one can engage with in Berlin. In addition, he discusses Berlin's famous street art scene and a few of his favourite graffiti artists. Show Notes Berlin Music Video Awards Night Art Club For writers, poets, rappers, comedians, and more. Night Art Club meets every Monday at Frankfurter Allee 91. Check out the Instagram for the weekly schedule. 1UP Urban Nation Museum Kodak Ektar H35 Half Format Film Camera Contribute:
Berlin Changes You

Berlin Changes You


How does Berlin change you? We touch upon intercultural competence, Berlin's roughness, privilige, party life, safe spaces and boundaries while tackling this question. Show Notes Scissor Sisters - Let's Have A Kiki (YouTube) Contribute:
In this solo-episode, Manuel explains how to register after you move into an apartment in Berlin and how to sign up for electricity, gas and internet contracts. Also: Reflections on the first 8 months of this show and some fun listener emails. Show Notes Urban Sports Club How to move into an apartment in Germany (All About Berlin) How do electric bills work in Germany? (All About Berlin) Verivox Check24 Fiber internet via PYUR Contribute:
Winter Is Coming

Winter Is Coming


Sunlamps, thick clothes & hot water bags: How we prepare for the infamous Berlin winter — and how the general energy in the city changes during the dark months. Also: Our stances on Christmas and gifts. Show Notes How to pay (or avoid paying) a BVG fine (All About Berlin) 29-Euro-Abo-Aktion (BVG) 9-Euro-Fonds Manuels Sunlamp (Tageslichtlampe) (Amazon) Wärmflasche (Wikipedia) Wichteln (Wikipedia) Contribute:
Mental Health Update

Mental Health Update


In this solo episode, Jae provides an update on his mental health and how he has been managing since he’s been living here. He discusses the effects of burnout and a few strategies on how to compassionately encourage yourself as you go through some of your challenges. Show Notes Previously on this podcast: Mental Health (Episode 9) Contribute:
How to Marry a German

How to Marry a German


Manuel is joined by Chris and Stephanie, both from the United States, each married to a German spouse. They share how easy/difficult it was for them to get their Aufenthaltsgenehmigung in Germany and how the visa application process compares to getting a Greecard in the U.S. We also discuss Berlin Fashion, rules at social gatherings, verbal formality and the words "expat" and "immigrant". Show Notes Du vs. Sie - How to address someone in German (Easy German 382) Du oder Sie? (Easy German Podcast 24) Exberliner - Berlin in English since 2002 90 Day Fiancé (Wikipedia) Contribute:
Why grocery shopping in Germany is "like the Hunger Games" (Jae), which supermarkets you should know about, how much groceries will cost you each month, and how to order them online. Show Notes Jae Creates A Vice Radio (Spotify) Lail Arad - Everyone is Moving to Berlin (YouTube) "fortnightly" ( Stiftung Warentest POV: du gehst bei Dm einkaufen (Karim Jamal auf YouTube) Restaurant Pass (Sodexo) Ticket Restaurant (Edenred) You Need A Budget* Berliner Tafel e.V. Contribute:
Astha moved to Berlin from India without ever having visited the city. After a few exciting first weeks, she was struck by migratory grief. In this episode, we talk with her about how to deal with loneliness and how to find friends in a new place. Show Notes Words And Not Much Esle (Astha's Podcast on Spotify) @asthaprakash (Astha on Instagram) Girls Gone International 10 Types of Odd Friendships You’re Probably Part Of (Wait But Why) Bumble BFF Contribute:
Being Gay in Berlin

Being Gay in Berlin


Jack and Jae discuss what it's like being gay in Berlin. Topics include Berlin's party scene and sex culture, finding a gay doctor, dating, queer events and activities, and how to find other gay friends. Do you know about an apartment or room in Berlin? If so, please let Jae know at Show Notes Siegessäule - Queer Berlin Mann-O-Meter e.V. - Berlins schwuler Checkpoint Doctor Goldstein man*Check Berlin Praxis Kulturbrauerei Contribute:
Jae finally got his working visa — and work is what this episode is about. Whether you'll be working in the "gig economy", as a freelancer, or as a regular employee, here are some ways you could try to make money in Berlin. Show Notes Business Immigration Service (BIS) ( The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph (Goodreads) GoinGlobal WoLoHo Newsletter LinkedIn Contribute:
Cari from Easy German joins us to describe the infamous Berlin mentality and ponder why Berliners often come across as cold or rude. We then try to establish the best method for learning German and share our favorite language learning tricks and resources. Show Notes Easy German Deliberate Spanish Seedlang Duolingo Tandem GLS Campus Berlin: German Courses for Adults Berliner Volkshochschulen: Learning German Contribute:
Mental Health

Mental Health


We're back after a short hiatus to talk about one of the reasons we took a break: Mental health. Jae talks about a mental breakdown he experienced recently and we both share mental health resources available in Berlin and Germany. Show Notes Psychosoziale Nothilfenummern in Berlin Berliner Krisendienst Psych-Info — die Therapeutensuchmaschine Contribute:
Berlin is not as cheap as it used to be — but it's still one of the more affordable capital cities in Europe. In this episode, we go through all of the monthly expenses you should budget for if you plan to live in Berlin. Show Notes Cost of living in Berlin, and Germany (All About Berlin) Cost of Living in Berlin (Numbeo) Leipzig (Wikipedia) Compare gas, electricity and internet plans Verivox Check24 Find out how much money gets deducted from your paycheck Church tax in Germany (Wikipedia) Transportation BVG monthly ticket Bolt (referral link) WeShare (referral link) Bahn Flixtrain Vinted App You Need A Budget Contribute:
Most people's first contact with Berlin is through travel. In this episode we discuss how to experience the city like a local. We also share Couchsurfing stories, explain how to spot a tourist and encourage you to go out and meet strangers. Show Notes Jae Creates a Vibe Radio (Soundcloud) GLS Bank Couchsurfing Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel (Goodreads) Contribute:
Jack is back on the show and joins us for lively (!) discussion on the best German bank account, which phone plan to choose and how to pick a "Fitnessstudio" (gym) in Berlin. We also cover the infamous Schufa, cheap meals in Berlin, burger places, milkshakes, bubble tea, prices for alcoholic drinks, seasonal depression and Jack's nails. Show Notes Bank accounts N26 DKB * Girocard (Wikipedia) Wise * Schufa (Wikipedia) SCHUFA-BonitätsAuskunft for 29,95 € SCHUFA-"Datenkopie" for free Phone plans congstar * ALDI Talk Gyms John Reed Superfit McFit FIT X Holmes Place Urban Sports Cheap meals Libanon Falafel (Google Maps) Döner Kebab (Wikipedia) Burgers Tommi's Burger Joint Burgermeister Smokey Greens Vincent Vegan Drinks Admiralsbrücke (Google Maps) * Referral link Contribute:
Culture Shock

Culture Shock


Jae has arrived in Berlin! While his trip couldn't have gone any smoother, his first week in the city was quite a roller coaster ride: He found his apartment on day one, marvelled at German doors and the local recycling system, discovered Apfelschorle (and the price of tap water), bought a bike, crashed said bike, and experienced some serious culture shock. Show Notes How to sort your trash and recycle in Germany (All About Berlin) Contribute:
Manuel's friend Jack has been cycling around Berlin every day since 2012 and joins us to explain everything you need to know about the topic: Why Berlin is best discovered by bike, how to buy a bike in the first place, which type of bicycle to get and why electric bikes are a little bit like horses. Show Notes Jack's Instagram Fahrräder auf eBay Kleinanzeigen Komoot App Apps to rent bikes in Berlin Lime Donkey Republic nextbike Call a Bike Tier Jelbi Apps to rent electric scooters emmy - Referral code: WckD4aBP felyx - Referral code: VGA6Gzpp Contribute:
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