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Why do battery packs catch fire? How do you design a battery pack to minimize incidents? We catch up with Shreyas Seethapathy, who leads the powertrain team at Ather, to understand how battery packs work, and what Ather Energy does to ensure safe and reliable battery packs.Show notes:In this Episode:Shreyas Seethapathy: Team Lead, Battery and PowertrainAbhishek Balaji: Community Manager
Why is Ather so bullish on building connected scooters? Why do I have to pay for connected services? Why can’t I just use my phone? If you’ve ever wondered why Ather doesnt make a dumb scooter, tune into find out the journey in building connected tech, and why the future is connected tech.In this Episode:Sripriya GN: Head of Products - SoftwareAbhishek Balaji: Community Manager
Wondering why it's taking you so long to get your hands on an Ather these days? You’re not alone. Swapnil Jain and Aravind Prasad demystify the semiconductor and supply shortages, and answer the big question - When will deliveries happen in full swing?Tune in to find out how Ather tackled supply shortages and whether Swapnil slept on the factory floor to keep production going.In this Episode:Swapnil Jain: CTO and Co-FounderAravind Prasad: Head of ProgramAbhishek Balaji: Community ManagerThe entire contents and design of this Podcast, are the property of Ather Energy Private Limited (“Ather”) and shall not be used, including, without limitation, reproduction, re-transmission or editing, without the prior written permission of Ather.By accessing this Podcast, I acknowledge that Ather makes no warranty, guarantee, or representation as to the sufficiency of the information featured in this Podcast. All rights reserved. Copyright @ Ather Energy Private Limited. 2022.
Ather Energy CEO Tarun Mehta finally gets around to doing his annual performance review. And this time, he’s ready to share it with the rest of the world. We find out the true cost of building the Ather 450 (hint: it cost more than just money) as well as some of Tarun’s twitter triumphs over the last year.In this Episode:Tarun Mehta: CEO and Co-FounderAbhishek Balaji: Community ManagerRohit Hariharan: University Relations and Employer BrandingHow 2020 was for AtherCrossing the $100M annual run-ratePositive gross margins
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