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Facts Not Feelings with Brooke C. Furniss

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Every week, BZ Consultants Group's Founder/President, Brooke C. Furniss, differentiates facts from feelings. As it is imperative to surround oneself with people smarter than yourself, experts from their respective fields will be stopping by so we can learn, grow, and move this auto industry forward. Sit back, grab your beverage of choice, and let's continue to set the precedence of facts not feelings! Connect with me at

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In this thought-provoking episode of 'Facts Not Feelings', join your host, Brooke C Furniss, as we delve into how perception shapes our reality. Subscribe now and never miss an episode! Journey with Brooke from a small town to Hiroshima, uncovering the power of perceptions and the richness of individual realities. This episode challenges your understanding, promotes facts over feelings, and encourages understanding before passing judgment. Tune in and let's explore the unseen layers of reality together.Stay tuned for exciting announcements about the future of 'Facts, Not Feelings' and let's continue this journey of understanding together.🔗 Stay In TouchFollow Fact Not Feelings: Apple🎙️ 🎧 ▶️ Consultants Group:   Chapters0:00 Introduction2:15 Unraveling My Story: From a Black-and-White World to a Rainbow of Perspectives5:44 Beyond Surface Level: Unraveling the Facts Behind Failing Car Sales9:44 Big Announcements: Taking the Show on the Road and Changes to Come13:27 Perception and Reality: Exploring How We Interpret the World20:36  Perception, Reality, and Breaking Judgments: Embracing Understanding24:43 Embracing Understanding: Perception, Reality, and Shifting Mindsets in the Automotive Industry#FactsNotFeelings #MovingAutomotiveForward  #PerceptionVsReality #UnderstandingOverJudging #UnveilingTruth #PowerOfPerception  #IndividualRealities #RealityCheck #BrookeFurniss #Podcast #Perspectives #Understanding  #Reality #InsightfulDiscussions #PerceptionIsReality #automotive
In this episode of the 'Facts Not Feelings' podcast, host Brooke Furniss and special guest Micah Birkholz, Director of Sales at VistaDash, discuss the major takeaways from the Digital Marketing Strategies Conference (DMSC) and Dealer Knows Summer Camp. Discover the lessons learned and how they can be applied to current marketing strategies, from the power of play and resilience to the future of AI in customer journeys. This episode is a must for anyone interested in digital marketing strategies, automotive industry insights, and professional development. Chapters: 2:15 - DMSC Recap 4:45 - Dealer Knows Summer Camp 10:49 - Power of Play and Resilience 16:18 - Crafting Compelling Narratives 18:45 - AI in Customer Journey 21:35 - Vendor Tug of War 26:13 - The Ripple Effect of Help and Education 28:15 - DMSC 2023 Highlights 31:08 - The Power of Questions 36:54 - Continuous Learning 39:29 - Connect with Micah Birkholz Secure Your Vistdash Summit Ticket: ⁠⁠ Connect with Micah Birkholz: ⁠⁠ BZ Consultants: ⁠⁠Subscribe, rate, and never miss a Facts Not Feelings Episode!Apple🎙️ 🎧 ▶️ #DMSC #DealerKnows #AutomotiveIndustry #ProfessionalDevelopment #VistaDash #FactsNotFeelings #MovingAutomotiveForward #Podcast #SEO #AI #CustomerJourney #Education
Welcome to another educational episode of "Facts Not Feelings". In this week's episode, "Driving Success: Alan Krutsch Decodes the Power of a Brand Promise", we're venturing into the intriguing world of business branding. Our esteemed guest, Alan Krutsch, Director of Marketing & Industry Relations at FUSE Autotech, generously shares his insight into the profound impact of a brand promise on an organization's trajectory.During our discussion, Alan breaks down the strategies utilized at FUSE Autotech to establish a potent brand, making this episode a true masterclass in brand promise. As we explore this crucial concept, we'll also delve into the future of branding in the auto industry.To further enhance your experience, you can connect directly with Alan Krutsch ⁠here⁠: ⁠⁠. Let BZ Consultants guide you on the journey to achieve what should be expected ⁠here⁠: ⁠⁠.So, tune in, subscribe, rate, and make sure you never miss an episode of "Facts Not Feelings". Start your journey towards a robust brand promise with Alan Krutsch and us, today!Available now on ⁠Apple⁠, ⁠Spotify⁠, and ⁠YouTube⁠.Apple🎙️ 🎧 Start3:14 Everyone's Guide to Achieving Success: Unpacking Brand Promise5:02 Branding Secrets Revealed: How to Create a Powerful Brand Promise7:08 Building a Culture of Promise: The Influence of Brand on Organizations22:53 Unlock the Secrets to Sustained Profitable Growth in Your Business.29:22 Revolutionize Your Brand Promise: Proven Strategies for Large Organizations34:42 Unlocking Brand Recovery Secrets: How to Rebuild Trust Fast41:02 Authenticity and Transparency in Online Marketing: Unveiling the Truth45:25 Insights on Business and Transparency: Bring the Lightning Round On with Alan Krutsch#BrandPromise #AlanKrutsch #DrivingSuccess #FUSEAutotech #BusinessBranding #BrandStrategy #MarketingInsights #BrandPower #BrandAuthority #MarketingMasterclass #FactsNotFeelings #MovingAutomotiveForward #Podcast 
In this thought-provoking episode of Facts Not Feelings, we're joined by Dave Foy, a visionary in Fixed Ops Leadership and the founder of Fixed Ops Mastermind. We delve deep into the established norms of Fixed Ops leadership and management and how they can be challenged. We explore Dave's revolutionary approaches, discussing the transformative power of leadership, its impacts on team dynamics, inclusivity, and the overall future of Fixed Ops.We'll navigate through the landscapes of emerging technologies, understand the critical role mental health plays in this industry, and shed light on the significance of maintaining a diverse work environment. This discussion will provide valuable insights for any leaders looking to challenge the status quo and make a lasting impact in their fields.Join us for this insightful conversation and be ready to challenge your own leadership strategies.Connect with Dave Foy: ⁠ ⁠Let BZ Consultants Inspect What Should Be Expected🕵️ ⁠  ⁠ Apple🎙️⁠⁠Spotify 🎧 ⁠ ⁠Youtube ▶️ subscribe, rate, and never miss a Facts Not Feelings episode!Chapters0:00 Start5:04 Fixing Leadership in Fixed-Ops: An Explosive Conversation with Dave Foy7:19 Breaking Through Common Challenges in Fixed Ops Leadership: Overcoming Linear Thinking9:38 Transforming Fixed Ops Leadership: Challenging Traditional Strategies and Igniting Inner Fire11:52 Empowering Leadership: Unleash Team Potential in Fixed Ops for Transformative Success18:20 Revolutionize Leadership: Boosting Skills Development in Fixed Ops21:01 Mastering Leadership: Overcoming Common Management Mistakes & Empowering Teams 24:11 Unlocking Team Potential: Empowerment and Motivation Strategies for the Fixed Ops and Auto Industry25:57 Building a Culture of Accountability & Performance in Fixed Ops: Your Ultimate Leadership Guide33:30 Unleash the Power of Diversity: Create a Thriving & Inclusive Work Environment! 34:54 Transforming Workplace Culture: Alleviating Stress & Burnout among Team Members37:58 Unveiling the Hidden Link: Mental Health's Role in the Fix Up Energy Industry40:42 Strengthening Vendor Relationships: A Guide for Leaders in the Fast-Changing Business World45:10 Balancing Efficiency and Quality: The Ultimate Guide for Leaders | Productivity Vs Customer Service47:25 Exclusive Insights: An Intimate Lightning Round Q&A with Dave Foy, Mastermind Behind Fixed Ops#FactsNotFeelings #MovingAutomotiveForward #Podcast #Leadership #FixedOpsLeadership #BreakingTheMold #DaveFoy #LeadershipRevolution #MentalHealthAwareness #WorkplaceDiversity #LeadershipStrategies #Automotive #BZConsultants #Bro
In this episode of the Facts Not Feelings Podcast, we take a deep dive into the Digital Dealer Tampa 2023 conference, an event that brought together professionals from all backgrounds in the automotive industry. We discuss the power of unity and collaboration in driving success and innovation, and share inspiring stories from the conference that highlight the incredible potential of the industry when individuals put their egos aside for the greater good.Join us as we explore the highlights of Digital Dealer Tampa 2023, including networking opportunities that fostered new connections and collaborations, cutting-edge technologies and innovations that are shaping the future of the automotive world, and engaging workshops and presentations led by industry experts. Don't miss this episode, as we reflect on the lasting impact of Digital Dealer Tampa 2023 and how the insights and connections made during the event will continue to shape the future of the automotive industry. Tune in to learn, be inspired, and join the conversation on unity and collaboration in the automotive world. 📌 Podcast Content:0:00 - Start3:33 - Unleashing the Power of Unity: Key Takeaways from Digital Dealer Tampa 20236:12 - Industry Conferences and Networking: How People Make it Awesome14:30 - Digital Dealer Tampa 2023: A New Twist on the Expo Experience - Reverse Expo and Dealer Feedback17:31 - The Truth About AI, CDPs, and GA4: Why Working Backwards is the Key to Moving Forward21:51 - How to Actually Use Your Conference Notes: Tips for Organizing and Achieving Your Goals23:16 - How to Make Lasting Connections in Conferences: The Power of Relationships and Friendships27:14 - Connect Through Open-Mindedness: Learning to Listen and Lean on Each Other🔗 Let BZ Consultants Inspect What Should Be Expected:🎙️ 🎧 Youtube ▶️ #MovingAutomotiveForward #DigitalDealerTampa2023 #DDTampa2023 #AutomotiveIndustry #Networking #Conference #Unity #AutoProfessionals #AutomotiveConference #AutomotiveNetworking #Podcast #BZConsultantsGroup #BZConsultants #BrookeFurniss💬 Remember to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE to stay up to date with the latest insights and stories from the automotive industry! 💬
Welcome to another episode of Facts Not Feelings. Join us as we sit down with Brian Davis, the Vice President of Sales and Solutions at Orbee, who has extensive experience in helping automotive companies leverage their data for business success.In this episode, we explore the challenges faced by marketers in activating a data lake, the importance of vendor collaboration, and the potential risks associated with data activation. We also discuss the role of AI and machine learning in this field, as well as the evolution of first-party data usage and the ethical and transparent use of data.As the automotive industry continues to evolve and become increasingly data-driven, the insights and best practices shared by Brian will be invaluable to anyone looking to succeed in this space. So don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from a true expert in the field - tune in to this episode of Facts Not Feelings now!Connect with Brian Davis: BZ Consultants Inspect What Should Be Expected🕵️   Apple🎙️ 🎧 Youtube ▶️, subscribe, rate, and never miss a Facts Not Feelings Episode! Chapters0:00 Start2:15 Exploring the Challenges of Data Activation in the Automotive Industry with VP of Sales and Solutions, Brian Davis4:30 From Selling Cars to Data Activation: The Career Journey of VP Brian Davis in the Automotive Industry6:05 Demystifying Data Lakes: Understanding the Basics and Common Misconceptions9:14 Overcoming Challenges of Activating a Data Lake for Marketers13:46 Why Successful Vendor Collaboration is Imperative for Data Activation - Best Practices for Marketers17:37 Unlock the Power of Your Data: Essential Questions to Ask Vendors for Optimal Results22:50 Common Misconceptions About Data Activation and Why Short-Term Solutions Won't Work: Insights from Industry Experts25:23 Mitigating Risks of Data Activation: How to Improve Customer Experience and Protect Your Brand30:27 Measuring the ROI of Data Activation: Going Beyond Clicks and Google Analytics33:07 AI and Machine Learning in the Automotive Industry: Understanding its Role in Data Activation38:23 Why First Party Data is Key for the Automotive Industry | Expert Insights45:53 How to Ensure Ethical and Transparent Use of Data: Common Pitfalls to Avoid47:28 Revolutionizing Automotive Marketing: How CDPs and Competitor Collaboration are Driving Success52:44 The End of Third-Party Cookies: What Alternatives Exist for Tracking User Behavior?56:40 Beyond Business: Discover Brian Davis's Favorite Ways to Unwind#FactsNotFeelings #MovingAutomotiveForward #dataactivation #automotiveindustry #datalake #vendorcollaboration #AI #machinelearning #firstpartydata #ethicaldatause #transparentdatause #bestpractices #Podcast #Automotive
Welcome to this week's episode of Facts Not Feelings! As automotive marketers, we all face a variety of challenges when it comes to driving sales and connecting with customers. In this episode, we'll dive into some key questions that will help you optimize your marketing strategies.Our guest, Kevin Frye, is one of the top 5 influencers changing the auto industry today, according to Automotive News. With his extensive experience in auto subscription, Google Analytics, and digital retailing – including buying 100% online – Kevin will share his insights on how to prioritize your strategies for maximum impact.We'll start by exploring the pros and cons of branding vs. SEO, providing tips on finding the right balance to drive traffic, leads, and sales. We'll then dive into the world of SEM vs. leveraging third-party data, discussing the benefits and limitations of each approach and providing tips on how to get the most out of your marketing budget.Finally, we'll discuss the topic of forms vs. chat and provide tips on how to choose the right option for your business. Did you know that replacing forms with chat on your website can lead to a 59% increase in appointment set rates? We'll also share some surprising data from recent research that may challenge some industry norms.By the end of this episode, you'll have a better understanding of how to prioritize your marketing strategies and create meaningful connections with your audience. Don't miss this chance to learn from one of the industry's top influencers!Connect with Kevin Frye: BZ Consultants Inspect What Should Be Expected🕵️   Apple🎙️ 🎧 Youtube ▶️, subscribe, rate, and never miss a Facts Not Feelings Show! Chapters0:00 Start1:46 Revolutionizing Automotive Marketing with Controversial Strategies ft. Kevin Frye | SEO & SEM Challenges Discussed3:24 Revolutionizing Automotive Sales: From eBay Pioneers to Industry Innovators - A Chat with Kevin Frye5:45 Brand vs. SEO: Which is Better for Your Dealership? - A Data-Driven Approach16:06 Finding the Right Balance Between Brand Recognition and SEO: A Guide for Social Marketers18:02 Mistakes Marketers Make in SEM: Leveraging Third-Party Data for Better Results - Learn how to avoid common mistakes in SEM and leverage third-party data to get better results for your marketing campaigns26:09 Why Forms Are Killing Your Website Conversions (And What To Do Instead)35:33 How to Enhance the Automotive Customer Experience with AI-Powered Chatbots37:28 How the Pandemic Accelerated Digital Retailing and the Drive for Efficiency in Automotive Marketing39:06 The Future of Auto Marketing: Leveraging AI and CDPs for Better Consumer Experience46:55 How Kroger Uses Personalization to Improve Marketing Efficiency: A CDP Success Story49:19 How Automotive Brands Can Boost SEO and Sales by Leveraging Social Media - Tips from an Industry Expert51:01 Kevin Fry: Facts Not Feelings Lightning Round Q&A on Running, Golf, Martinis, and Automotive Industry | Digital Dealer Conference Tampa 2023 #FactsNotFeelings #MovingAutomotiveForward #KevinFrye #JeffWyler #TheWylerWay #SEO #SearchEngineOptimization #GoogleSearch #VideoMarketing #YouTubeMarketing #Podcasting #PodcastSEO #PodcastMarketing #PodcastTips #PodcastLearning #Podcast #ContentMarketing #DigitalMarketing #OnlineMarketing #MarketingTips #MarketingStrategy #PodcastTips #PodcastLearning #Podcast #Automotive #CarConsultant
Looking to optimize your vendor relationships and ensure long-term success? Tune in to this week's episode of Fact Not Feelings, where we're joined by Micah Birkholz, director of sales for VistaDash and a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in building strong partnerships that benefit both parties.In this episode, we'll be discussing the evolving landscape of vendor accountability and optimization for automotive dealers. You'll learn what questions to ask your vendors/partners to ensure success, how to measure the success of your vendor relationships, and how to avoid common pitfalls when trying to optimize those relationships.Join us for an engaging and informative discussion on why vendor accountability and optimization are more important than ever in building sustainable business relationships in the automotive industry. We'll also delve into the impact of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and automation and the strategies that dealerships should adopt to stay ahead of the curve.Don't miss out on this valuable conversation with Micah Birkholz and the Fact Not Feelings team. Tune in now to gain insights and practical tips for optimizing your vendor relationships and driving long-term success for your dealership.Connect with Micah Birkholz: BZ Consultants Inspect What Should Be Expected🕵️   Apple🎙️ 🎧 Youtube ▶️, subscribe, rate, and never miss a Facts Not Feelings Show! Chapters0:00 Start3:21 From Spartan Races to Vendor Accountability: Lessons Learned from Running 3 Races in One Weekend9:48 Maximizing Your SEM Campaigns: Navigating the Consumer Journey and Optimizing for Better Results13:02 Vendor Accountability vs. Vendor Optimization: Understanding the Key Differences for Your Business25:34 How to Choose the Right Automotive Marketing Partner: Expert Advice for Dealers Who Have Been Burned Before29:54 Top Pitfalls Companies Face When Optimizing Vendor Relationships & How to Avoid Them | Expert Insights41:11 Unlocking the Secret to Selling More Cars: The Truth About Auto Trader and Cost Per Lead45:58 Optimizing Your Auto Trader SEM Strategy: Stop Wasting Money on Paid Search and Boost Your Organic Traffic48:41 How to Avoid Losing Leads from Third-Party Providers: Tips for Auditing Your CRM and GTM Containers52:11 Key Metrics for Measuring Success in Vendor Relationships | Tips for Tracking KPIs and Budget Spends | SEO Marketer Insights57:30 Stoic Wisdom & Hard Work: Micah Shares His Career Journey and Life Philosophy in Lightning Round | Interview#FactsNotFeelings #MovingAutomotiveForward #VendorAccountability #VendorOptimization #VistaDash #MicahBirkholz #AutomotiveIndustry #BusinessPartnerships #SustainableRelationships #TrustInBusiness #EmergingTechnologies #DataDrivenDecisions #VendorManagement #PartnershipSuccess #VendorVsPartner #ProductAgnostic #PodcastTips #PodcastLearning #Podcast #Automotive #CarConsultant #AutomotiveConsultant #CarTalk #CarDealership #WomenInAutomotive #WomenInBusiness #AutomotiveMarketing #BZConsultants #BrookeFurniss
Are you tired of waiting on hold for ages when scheduling a service appointment with a dealership? Did you know that 17% of customers hung up in 2020 due to long wait times? In this episode, we talk to Ben Okuka, Head of Product at Stella Automotive AI, about how their company is using conversational AI to transform the way dealerships interact with customers. We'll discuss the pros and cons of having a Digital Voice Assistant (DVA) versus an Interactive Voice Response (IVR), the most frequently asked question by Stella's clients, and much more. Tune in to learn how conversational AI can revolutionize your dealership's customer service.Connect with Ben Okuka: BZ Consultants Inspect What Should Be Expected🕵️   Apple🎙️ 🎧 Youtube ▶️, subscribe, rate, and never miss a Facts Not Feelings Show! Chapters0:00 Start1:05 How Conversational AI is Revolutionizing Automotive Customer Service: Say Goodbye to Long Hold Times!3:25  From Assembling Headlights to Head of Product: A Decade-Long Journey in the Automotive Industry with Ben Okuka at Stella Automotive8:27 The Surprising Impact of Long Hold Times on Customer Satisfaction: Exploring the Stats and Benefits of Conversational AI for the Automotive Industry9:21 The Difference Between IVR and DVA: Understanding Legacy Technology vs. Fully Sophisticated AI12:40 Revolutionizing Customer Experience: How Conversational AI is Helping Dealerships Book Appointments in Just 2 Minutes16:24 Revamp Your Dealership's Data Management and Monetization Strategy with Stella, the 24/7 Digital Voice Assistant - Boost Revenue and Efficiency Today!19:59 Optimizing Customer Lifetime Value in Auto Retail: Key Insights and Strategies from Industry Experts24:06 Unlocking the Power of DVA: Handling Complex Inquiries in the Automotive Industry with Stella28:26 Streamline Your Dealership Operations with Stella: Customizable and Straightforward Onboarding Process30:12 Optimizing Your Service Department Schedule: How Stella Ensures Efficient and Accurate Bookings34:03  Taking the burden off your BDC: How Stella can help with routine tasks36:01  Key Questions to Ask for a Successful Dealership Partnership with Stella - Tips from Industry Experts39:56 Get to Know Ben: Fun-Filled Questions and Favorite Hobbies#FactsNotFeelings #MovingAutomotiveForward #ConversationalAI #AutomotiveIndustry #CustomerService #conversationalAI #automotiveindustry #customerservice #IVR #StellaAutomotiveAI #StellaAutomotive #BenOkuka #DigitalVoiceAssistant #Chatbots #VoiceAssistants #ArtificialIntelligence #DealerExperience #LeadGeneration #CustomerExperience #ServiceAppointments #InboundCalls #TechnologyInnovation #PodcastTips #PodcastLearning #Podcast #Automotive #CarConsultant #AutomotiveConsultant #CarTalk #CarDealership #WomenInAutomotive #WomenInBusiness #AutomotiveMarketing #BZConsultants #BrookeFurniss 
Are you ready to take your leadership skills to the next level and attract top talent to your organization? Then this episode is for you! Join us as we sit down with Fleming Ford, co-founder of Culture Ignited and expert in people strategy, to discuss her practical guide to effective leadership. From building high-performing teams to maximizing business outcomes through diversity and inclusivity, Fleming shares her insights on how to lead with purpose and create a culture of success. And don't miss the lightning round, where Fleming shares her life-changing lessons in transactional analysis. Tune in now to ignite your leadership skills!Connect with Fleming Ford: BZ Consultants Inspect What Should Be Expected🕵️🎙️ 🎧 ▶️, subscribe, rate, and never miss a Facts Not Feelings Episode!Chapters0:00 Start0:27 Stop Managing, Start Leading: Ignite Your Leadership Skills and Attract Top Talent with Fleming Ford1:50 Spreading the Message of Effective Leadership: Join the Conversation with Fleming Ford | Tag and Share for a Chance to Win Facts Not Feelings Swag2:24 How to Attract and Retain Top Talent in Today's Automotive Market - The Role of Leadership in the Process6:56  Overcoming Common Challenges in Building High-Performing Teams: A Leadership Mindset Shift for the Modern Workforce12:24 Maximizing Business Outcomes Through Diversity and Inclusivity: The Power of Embracing Differences17:33 Effective Strategies for Employee Training and Development in Automotive Industry - How to Measure their Impact and Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in Dealerships28:58 Exit Interviews: Why You Need Them & How to Act on Them as a Leader35:39 Leadership and Training: Nurturing Valuable Skill Sets in Underperforming Employees40:52 Effective Hiring Processes: The Key to Building a Successful Team | Expert Insights and Best Practices45:32 Key Takeaways for Effective Leadership: Why It's a Skill, Not a Natural Talent47:43 Lightning Round with Fleming Ford: Life-Changing Lessons in Transactional Analysis#FactsNotFeelings #MovingAutomotiveForward #FlemingFord #CultureIgnited #leadership #teamdevelopment #talentmanagement #diversity #diversityandinclusion #careerdevelopment #employeeengagement #culturebydesign #employeetraining #management #professionaldevelopment #workforce #training #hiringprocess #exitinterviews #transactionalanalysis #success #PodcastTips #PodcastLearning #Podcast #Automotive #automotiveindustry #CarConsultant #AutomotiveConsultant #CarTalk #CarDealership #WomenInAutomotive #WomenInBusiness #AutomotiveMarketing #BZConsultants #BrookeFurniss 
Are you ready to rev up your leadership skills? Join us on the Facts Not Feelings podcast as we explore the automotive industry with our special guest, Darryl Terrell, Service and Parts Director for Matt Bower Chevy Metairie. In this episode, we'll dive deep into the qualities that make a successful leader in this dynamic industry and learn from Darryl's unique perspective on approaching leadership in the automotive sector.From leading teams to operational excellence while fostering innovation, to balancing stability with progress, we'll cover it all. Discover Darryl's own leadership journey, including his mentorship experiences and strategies for encouraging continuous learning and development in his team.Whether you're a seasoned leader or just starting out, you won't want to miss this insightful conversation as we explore the challenges and opportunities of leadership in the automotive industry. Buckle up, and let's get started!Connect with Darryl Terrell: BZ Consultants Inspect What Should Be Expected🕵️🎙️ 🎧 ▶️, subscribe, rate, and never miss a Facts Not Feelings Show!Chapters0:00 Start0:45 Exploring Operational Leadership: Traits and Success Strategies with Darrell Terrell and Matt Bauer Chevy2:28 Don't Miss Out: Share and Tag Your Friends for a Chance to Win! - Insights on Operational Leadership with Expert Guest3:28 The Power of Integrity in Building Winning Cultures: Insights on Leadership with Darryl Terrell5:05 Extreme Leadership: Eating Dog Food to Motivate a Team in the Automotive Industry7:44 How to Incorporate Mentoring into Leadership: A Guide to Transparency, Constructive Criticism, and Personal Growth14:07 How to Lead for Operational Success while Fostering Creativity in a Rapidly Changing World: Lessons from an Industry Leader15:14 Engaging with Comments: Listener Wisdom and Community Shoutouts17:09 Challenges of Cross-Functional Team Leadership in the Automotive Industry: Bridging Fixed Ops and Sales for Customer Retention19:43 How to Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Automotive Industry Trends and Technologies: Tips from Industry Experts22:05 Strategies for Managing Uncertainty and Motivating Your Team in Times of Change24:45 Managing Virtual Teams: Insights and Strategies from a Service Industry Leader26:25 Advice for Managers: Finding a Mentor to Help You Succeed30:40 Importance of Having a Mentor and Finding Your Tribe for Personal Growth33:22 Leadership Takeaways: How to Build a Winning Team Through Listening and Relatability36:41 Lightning Round Q&A with Daryl: His Hobbies, Emotionally Intelligent Advice, and the Story of the Second Place Trophy#FactsNotFeelings #MovingAutomotiveForward #automotiveindustry #leadership #DarrylTerrell #MattBowerChevyMetairie #emotionalintelligence #podcastinterview #leadershipinsights #thoughtleadership #podcastrecommendation
Do you know who controls the digital tools that almost every website publisher uses to sell ads on their sites? It's Google. Recently, Google is in hot water as the Justice Department and eight state Attorneys General filed a civil antitrust suit against the tech giant. The suit alleges that Google has violated Sections 1 and 2 of the Sherman Act by monopolizing multiple digital advertising technology products, which is harmful to publishers and advertisers. The Justice Department and state Attorneys General are seeking to restore competition in the market and obtain equitable and monetary relief on behalf of the American public. In this episode, we'll dive into the details of the suit, the impact on digital advertising, and the potential outcomes for Google.Let BZ Consultants Inspect What Should Be Expected🕵️🎙️ 🎧 ▶️, subscribe, rate, and never miss a Facts Not Feelings Show!Chapters0:00 Start1:13 Who Controls the Digital Tools of Website Publishers? Google's Monopolistic Practices Exposed in Antitrust Suit4:10 Join the Conversation and Win Free 'Facts Not Feelings' Swag!5:05 Understanding the Impact of Google: From Coffeyville to Speed Tests9:16 Understanding the Sherman Act: Prohibiting Monopolies and Anti-competitive Practices9:45 Top 15 Takeaways from the Google Lawsuit: Your Must-Know Insights23:13 Chat GPT vs Google's BARD: The Battle of AI-Powered Search Engines29:38 Amazon Advertising vs. Google: The Battle of Two Giants#FactsNotFeelings #MovingAutomotiveForward #Google #BreakUpBigTech #FairAdvertising #CompetitionMatters #RestoreFairness #OnlinePublishers #AdTechStack #DigitalAdvertising #MonopoliesMustEnd #AntitrustAction #EconomicOpportunity #PodcastTips #PodcastLearning #Podcast #Automotive #CarConsultant #AutomotiveConsultant #CarTalk #CarDealership
Are you ready to revolutionize your brand strategy and captivate the world's most influential consumer? Look no further than CustomHer Experience by Katie Mares. In this groundbreaking book, Katie explores the impact of tailoring your brand experience to the female consumer, connecting and building rapport, and provides a powerful message to businesses and marketers. Through her insightful writing, she highlights the importance of considering the female consumer experience and provides a wealth of practical tips to help you transform your brand and win in today's competitive marketplace. So, join us as we dive into the pages of CustomHer Experience and discover how to put the female customer at the forefront of your brand strategy and achieve tremendous success. This is a journey you don't want to miss!Connect with Katie Mares: Katie's Book: BZ Consultants Inspect What Should Be Expected🕵️🎙️ 🎧 ▶️, subscribe, rate, and never miss a Facts Not Feelings Show!Chapters0:00 Start1:00 Meet Katie Mares: An Expert in Revolutionizing Customer Experience and Best-Selling Author | Fact Not Feelings Introduction3:20 Driving Change in the Auto Industry: Katie Mares on Improving the Female Perspective | The Story Behind CustomHer Experience5:32 Unleashing the Power of the Female Consumer: Why Ignoring Her is Costing You Trillions15:30 30% More Time: Why Women Dominate Social Media and How You Can Tap into It18:10 The Cost of Breaking Trust: How Failing to Deliver on Promises Abuses the Customer21:20 Building Customer Trust: The Importance of Positive Deposits and Avoiding Overdrafts - A Discussion on Winning Over Female Consumers with Good Experiences28:59 Designing a Customer Journey Map: The Key to Winning Over Female Consumers34:12 Building Lasting Connections: How Community Building and Customer Experience Can Transform Your Business from Transactional to Interactive38:41 Customer Experience Evolution: From One Touchpoint to Continuous Improvement41:52 Rising Above Divisiveness: Supporting Each Other to Succeed in Business and in Life55:02 Get to Know Katie Mares: Facts Not Feelings Lightning Round#FactsNotFeelings #MovingAutomotiveForward #BrandExperience #KatieMares #CustomerExperience #FemaleCustomerFirst #FemaleConsumerExperience  #CustomHerExperience #RevolutionizeYourBrand #CaptivateInfluentialConsumers #TailorBrandExperience #ConnectAndBuildRapport #TransformYourBrand #businessdevelopment #leadership #genderequality #femaleleadership #marketingstrategy #strategicplanning #branding #PodcastTips #PodcastLearning #Podcast #Automotive #CarConsultant #AutomotiveConsultant #CarTalk #CarDealership #WomenInAutomotive #WomenInBusiness #AutomotiveMarketing #BZConsultants #BrookeFurniss
Are you eager to ignite growth in your fixed operations department this year? Then join me on a journey to uncover the secrets of Online Service Marketing.I'm excited to welcome Owen Moon, CEO of FIXED OPS DIGITAL, as my special guest. Together, we'll explore the strategies for helping your service customers find the information they need on your dealership's website and take action. With Owen's expertise and real-world examples, you'll leave this episode with actionable insights and tips to transform your fixed operations and drive customer satisfaction to new heights. So, don't miss this exciting opportunity to get ahead of the competition by putting a Spark in your fixed operations to drive success in 2023 with the power of Online Service Marketing.Connect with Owen Moon: BZ Consultants Inspect What Should Be Expected🕵️🎙️ 🎧 ▶️, subscribe, rate, and never miss a Facts Not Feelings Show!Chapters0:00 Start1:24 Meet Owen Moon: The Franchise Marketing Expert With Over 20 Years of Experience8:36 Unleash the Power of Knowledge with Free Facts Not Feelings Swag - Show Your Support!10:16 Revolutionizing Online Service Marketing: A Guide to Modern Strategies14:49 The Benefits of Early Introduction of Repair Financing18:18 Maximizing Customer Engagement: The Power of Providing Information Up Front21:44 The Future of Dealership Reporting: ASC Certified and GA4-Powered25:58 The Power of Spark: Revolutionizing Service Customer Engagement37:03 Owen's Takeaways for Effective Online Service Marketing in the Auto Industry46:20 Get to Know Owen Moon Better in Our Lightning Round Interview#FactsNotFeelings #MovingAutomotiveForward #FixedOps #FixedOpsDigital #OwenMoon #OnlineServiceMarketing #DealershipSuccess #CustomerExperience #DataDrivenMarketing #PersonalizedMarketing #MarketingMeasurement #AWAwinner #PodcastTips #PodcastLearning #Podcast #Automotive #CarConsultant #AutomotiveConsultant #CarTalk #CarDealership #WomenInAutomotive #WomenInBusiness #AutomotiveMarketing #BZConsultants #BrookeFurniss
**You May Want to Watch on YouTube**Are you tired of spending hours creating content for your business only to see little return on investment? Look no further than ChatGPT, the revolutionary language model developed by OpenAI. With ChatGPT, you can generate high-quality, unique, and engaging content such as blog posts, social media posts, product descriptions, and more. Not only that, but ChatGPT can also be used for chatbot development, email marketing, ad copy, SEO, market research, and so much more. Say goodbye to tedious content creation and hello to increased efficiency and ROI with ChatGPT. Discover the endless possibilities of ChatGPT and start creating personalized and engaging content today.In order to know where we are going, we need to know where we have been. ChatGPT is a variant of the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) language model developed by OpenAI. The original GPT model was trained on a dataset of over 40GB of text data and was released in 2018. Since then, several versions of GPT have been released, including GPT-2 and GPT-3, which have been trained on even larger datasets and have achieved state-of-the-art performance in a variety of language tasks. ChatGPT is a variation of GPT-3, which is fine-tuned for conversational language tasks. It was released in 2020. Simply put, it’s a computer program that can understand and respond to human language, like in a conversation. It's like a robot that can talk to you and understand what you're saying.We're going to dive into the power of ChatGPT. With ChatGPT, we have the ability to generate high-quality, unique and engaging content that can help us drive results for our business. From chatbot development to email marketing, ad copy, SEO and market research, ChatGPT has a wide range of capabilities that can help us improve our content marketing efforts. In this episode, we're going to explore how ChatGPT can be used in these areas, and more, and provide real-life examples of how businesses have seen success by implementing ChatGPT in their content marketing strategy. So, whether you're a marketer, a business owner, or anyone else looking to improve your content marketing efforts, this episode is for you.Let BZ Consultants Inspect What Should Be Expected🕵️🎙️ 🎧 ▶️, subscribe, rate, and never miss a Facts Not Feelings Show!Chapters0:00 Start1:32 Before jumping into this ultimate guide to using ChatGPT for marketing and content creation, I want to quickly address the lack of social presence lately.2:26 ChatGPT is a hot topic in the tech world, with many people sharing their thoughts and experiences with the language model. We'll explore capabilities and limitations and how ChatGPT is being used to streamline operations in various industries5:50 What is Chat GPT and why should you care? To understand that, let's first discuss its history and background.9:15 First thing’s first, how do I find Chat GPT? Here is the link ChatGPT Homepage: 30 Tips and Tricks for Marketers and Content Creators on Using ChatGPT33:09 Real time content summarization using ChatGPT with GLBA Article34:12 How to use ChatGPT-3 to make Youtube videos *Disclaimer: CapCut can be edited online unlike what is said*37:29 Keep asking more questions38:21 Bonus Tip #1: Writing Copyright for website41:00 Bonus Tip #2: Creating HTTP with ChatGPT API#FactsNotFeelings #MovingAutomotiveForward #ChatGPT #ContentMarketing #ContentCreation #AI #ChatbotDevelopment
No one has ever done that. It would take a miracle. There is a one in a million chance. How often do we hear this, yet these against all odds events happen? You all know I am a sports nut, and as I look at the landscape recently, we have had numerous “there is no way” this can happen…happen!The Buffalo Bills returned the Opening Kickoff off for a touchdown on the first play since Damar Hamlin’s injury. When was the last time the Bills had a kickoff returned? 3 years and 3 months ago. Then in the 3rd quarter while trailing by 3, they have another kickoff return? Come on!The Detroit Lions played on pure heart last night when beating the Green Bay Packers and knocking them out of the Playoffs. The Texans Houston literally gave up the #1 Draft pick by converting a 4th and 20 and by going for 2 vs kicking the extra point!The TCU Horned Frogs have beaten every odd out there to be in the National Championship Game. Prior to their game with Michigan, TCU’s National Championship odds were listed at +1600 to win the title!  They were unranked in their first three games after going 3-0. With a win tonight, Georgia will also beat the odds, as no team has defended its title and won back-to-back championships.Are you giving everything when the odds are stacked against you? Are you one who rallies around your team and believes in them when others don't? Will you still give 100% when there are no trophies to win and only self-respect and pride are left? Is your team inspired to achieve greatness by you as a leader?Let BZ Consultants Inspect What Should Be Expected🕵️🎙️ 🎧, subscribe, rate, and never miss a Facts Not Feelings Show!Chapters0:00 Start1:56 Need your feedback. Should I keep the Monday Episodes going? Should we scrap them and solely focus on the Friday episodes?2:26 This weekend was filled with “that did not just happen,” and “it would take a miracle” moments! Are we beating the odds? Are we inspiring greatness? What are you going to do when the deck is stacked against you, and the only people who truly believe in you are those standing next to you? Are you willing to leave it all out on the field even if there is no parade or trophy awaiting you? Does our leadership inspire our others?#FactsNotFeelings #MovingAutomotiveForward #AreYouBeatingAllTheOdds #ItWouldTakeAMiracle #AreYouBeatingTheOdds #TryingToBeatTheOdds #AgainstAllOdds #BeatTheOdds #OddsStackedAgainstYou #RiseToTheOccasion #OneInAMillionChance #Believe #Podcast #Automotive #CarConsultant #AutomotiveConsultant #CarTalk #CarDealership #WomenInAutomotive #WomenInBusiness #AutomotiveMarketing #BZConsultants #BrookeFurniss
Happy New Year, everyone! As we embark on a new year, instead of dwelling on the challenges and setbacks of the past year, let's focus on what we can do to take care of ourselves and others in the present and set ourselves up for success in the future.After the recent scare involving Buffalo Bill's Safety, Damar Hamlin, it is important to enjoy every moment and make the most of all the opportunities that come your way.Damar Hamlin The Chasing M's Foundation Community Toy Drive: do you live each day to its fullest?One thing that many people don't realize about appreciating the little things is that it can have a significant impact on your overall well-being and happiness. Research has shown that people who focus on the positive aspects of their life and take time to appreciate the small pleasures are generally happier and more satisfied with their lives. Appreciating the little things can also help to shift your focus away from negative thoughts and stress. When you take the time to notice and appreciate the small, positive moments in life, it can help to put things into perspective and remind you that there is good in the world.Finally, practicing gratitude can also help to strengthen your relationships. When you show appreciation for the things that others do for you, it can help to build trust and deepen your connections with others.In short, taking the time to appreciate the little things can have a big impact on your overall happiness and well-being.Did you know living in gratitude makes you better at work? There is evidence to suggest that practicing gratitude and serving others can lead to a better quality of life. How do you show gratitude at work and continue to live in gratitude everyday?Overall, living with appreciation and serving others can lead to a better quality of life through increased happiness, improved physical and mental health, and a greater sense of purpose and meaning. Remember, life is short and it's important to make the most of every day. Let's make this new year about taking care of ourselves and each other. Here's to a healthy and happy year ahead!Let BZ Consultants Inspect What Should Be Expected🕵️🎙️ 🎧 ▶️, subscribe, rate, and never miss a Facts Not Feelings Show!Chapters0:00 Start1:03 In light of Monday Night Football with Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals and Damar Hamilin's life-threatening injury, we're calling an audible.4:42 Are we living life to its fullest? Do we know that at any moment life could be taken from us? Are we living with an attitude of gratitude? Do we appreciate the little things? How often do we show gratitude to our colleagues and at work?6:15 How do you live each day to its fullest? Have you tried a gratitude journal?7:01 Research has shown that gratitude and appreciation makes you a better person, healthier, and actually a better colleague! Here are a few examples of how to live a life of gratitude and appreciation.12:43 Are we showing appreciation at work and to our coworkers? Why is this so important? Do you know all the benefits that come with practicing gratitude at work? What are your ways of demonstrating gratitude at work and living in gratitude every day?18:08 Want a better life? Serve others and practice gratitude!#FactsNotFeelings #MovingAutomotiveForward #DamarHamilin #BuffaloBills  #HowToLiveLifeToItsFullest #AmILivingLifeToTheFullest #BenefitsOfLivingLifeToTheFullest #Podcast
In this episode of Facts Not Feelings, we delve into the power of collaboration between paid search, BDC, and social teams, and how this collaboration can optimize your dealership's marketing efforts. Our guests, industry experts Colby Joyner, Dave Lemmon, Lisa Gener, and Wendy Reeves, discuss the challenges and benefits of working across these teams, and provide actionable insights for improving collaboration.We're also excited to announce our upcoming roundtable workshop at Digital Dealer in Tampa, where attendees can learn and discuss the most pressing pain points across the dealership. Our interactive workshop will provide an opportunity to collaborate with other industry professionals and share best practices for optimizing your dealership's marketing efforts.Whether you're a dealer or marketer, this episode is packed with valuable insights and actionable takeaways. Don't miss out on this informative and engaging discussion!Connect with our guests: Colby Joyner: Dave Lemmon: Lisa Gener: Wendy Reeves: for Digital Dealer: BZ Consultants Inspect What Should Be Expected🕵️  Subscribe to Facts Not Feelings on Apple Podcasts🎙️ ( Spotify 🎧 (, and YouTube  ▶️ ( to never miss an episode!Chapters:0:00 - Introduction0:39 - Breaking down dealership silos: collaborating for efficiency and optimization with Dealer OMG, Dealer Alchemist, BDC Angels, and Cavender Group - Digital Dealer Speaker Spotlight4:24 - Encouraging collaboration among dealership teams14:25 - Maximizing ROI and conversion: top tips for successful marketing campaigns with relevant lead generation23:19 - Measuring success in marketing collaboration efforts34:50 - Balancing collaboration and specialization: managing teams effectively43:12 - Staying up-to-date on technology trends in paid search, BDC, and social marketing51:03 - Revolutionary Digital Dealer Think Tank: expert insights on automotive industry pain points59:43 - Lightning round Q&A: distinguishing facts from feelings in business and personal life#FactsNotFeelings #MovingAutomotiveForward #DigitalDealer #DigitalDealerTampa2023 #DDTampa2023 #automotivemarketing #dealershipmarketing #paidsearch #BDC #socialmarketing #collaboration #marketingefficiency #marketingoptimization #industryexperts #workshop #bestpractices #actionableinsights #podcast #PodcastLearning
As we wrap up another year and look towards 2023, it provides us an opportunity to start thinking about our resolutions. What do we want to start doing? What do we want to start doing better? What habits do we want to cease? When it comes to automotive, what tops your resolution list? What should be at the top of your New Year Resolutions List for 2023?Dusty Sutherland, Client Success Manager for, Bill Schomburg, Advisor, and Nathanael Greklek, Chief Digital Branding Leader at Mohawk Auto Group join me today as we break down our New Year Resolutions and what automotive dealers and leaders should be resolving to do in 2023. What are your development goals for next year? What do you consider are the best New Year Goals for 2023? How are you seeking to serve your community? What did we miss? What are your New Year's goals for work and what is your dealership focusing on in 2023?Connect with Dusty Sutherland: with Bill Schomburg: with Nathanael Greklek: BZ Consultants Inspect What Should Be Expected🕵️🎙️ 🎧 ▶️, subscribe, rate, and never miss a Facts Not Feelings Show!Chapters0:00 Start1:48 Let’s talk about Nathanael’s attire and his madd Taco Cat Shirt Game! We all came to play in today’s episode about creating goals for the new year.4:58 Before jumping into our guide to New Year's resolutions, who else in the Navy can relate to Dusty’s coffee cup?7:37 What should dealers be focusing their efforts on as we approach the end of 2022 and the start of 2023? What are some of the top business New Year's resolutions for 2023?8:27 With Dusty’s Naval background, he brings a wise perspective to leadership and how important it is to follow actionable intel. What does Dusty’s see as his top New Year's resolutions for our automotive industry? Do you currently have these in place in your dealership?18:33 Nathanael's social media experience and enthusiastic outlook on life make him the go to choice when speaking on latest trends. What does he see as the biggest opportunity in 2023 for dealers?26:28 “Seek to serve your community first, and it will serve you.” -Damian Boudreaux How are you making a connection with your community? How are you making their job easier?27:29 Think no one is going to watch your hour long YouTube Video? Joe Rogan has now entered the chat. Short Form Content vs Long Form Content…Dusty and Nathanael break this down like a boss! Does your customer feel understood?34:58 Everything he knows about people he learned from a horse. It has been said by everyone that has met and knows Bill, “you need a Bill in your life!” Instead of waiting for a brand new year to commence, Bill is more of the type to correct a behavior immediately vs letting it fester and grow into a massive problem. Considering the importance of basics, why would anyone ever stray from them? Are you honing your craft?46:05 Final thoughts from the panel: Always be asking why, work backwards to work forward, the Ben Franklin Close, importance of launch calls and what true success looks like for each party.56:28 Lightning Round#FactsNotFeelings #MovingAutomotiveForward
Am I Taken For Granted

Am I Taken For Granted


This past weekend Chris and I snuck away and had little staycation. No computers. No work. Just us, our beloved city of Chicago, and of course the frigid Chiberia temperatures. Our focus is often swept up in the rat race and we ignore what is truly important. Sometimes we take for granted the people who are always there for us without even realizing it. Are you doing this at work? Are you doing this with your employees and clients? Let’s examine this a couple of different ways.Do you consider your employees disposable and merely numbers? Are you truly interested in their well being? Do you ensure they have a balanced work/life balance? How do your actions show this? In the words of Gary Vaynerchuk: “Too many managers think that people are working for them; they don’t realize that they should be working for their employees. I always approach my management style from the perspective that I am working for my employees. They’re the boss of me. As a manager, your first job is to practice humility before anything else. Work for the people on your team. Once you make that mental shift, it’s fascinating how many things just flow from there.”What about you clients and your customers? Do you see them merely as dollar signs? Are they only a paycheck or something more to you? This mindset comes across in your body language and all your communications with them, regardless of how you try to hide it. Is a client better off when they leave your office, end a meeting with you, or move on from your service? Does your best interest lie with them? Can they trust you? Would you truly recommend yourself to others?The world opens up a lot more to us when we value ourselves, our employees, our team, our clients, and our loved ones. Like Gary Vee says “Once you make that mental shift, it’s fascinating how many things just flow from there.” Take time for yourself to recharge and focus on what matters most. If you are an owner, make this a priority in your business operations for all team members.  Happy Employees = Happy Business!Let BZ Consultants Inspect What Should Be Expected🕵️🎙️ 🎧 ▶️, subscribe, rate, and never miss a Facts Not Feelings Show!Chapters0:00 Start1:17 Do you truly unplug from the world? Are you remembering to take time for yourself?2:59 Are we taking our employees and clients for granted? Are they disposable to us? How do we see them? Do we know what motivates them? As an owner, do you have the mindset that you work for your employees?5:59 Do you see your clients and customers as merely a paycheck and a number? Do we have their best interests in mind?#FactsNotFeelings #MovingAutomotiveForward #ALittleRR #WorkLifeBalance #WorkLifeBalanceTipsForEmployers #Staycation  #DoITakeMyEmployeesForGranted #HappyEmployeesAreProductiveEmployees #GaryVaynerchuk #GaryVee #AreYourEmployeesDisposable #AmITakenForGranted #IWorkForMyEmployees #DoYouWorkForYourEmployees #YouWorkForYourEmployees #DoYouSeeYourCustomersADollarSigns #AreYourClientsOnlyAPaycheck #WouldYouRecommendYourself #FactsNotFeelingsFriday #ConnectedRetail #CustomerExperience #CustomerExperience #Consultant #Podcast #Automotive #CarConsultant #AutomotiveConsultant #CartTalk #CarDealership #WomenInAutomotive #WomenInBusiness #BrookeFurniss #BZConsultants #BZConsultantsGroup
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