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A podcast about all things City of Welland: but more than that, it's about the community and the people who make it a premier place to live, work, play, and invest. Join us on What's Up, Welland? to learn more about what's happening in the City of Welland but also about municipal operations that affect everyone. Now in its second season!
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A place for a picnic. A site for a stroll. An area for adventure.Parks serve many purposes, and that’s why you love them. So do we. And because you love, and we love, we are excited to kick off a new program this month called Love My Park.This engaging and interactive initiative connects City staff with residents in chosen parks for 2023, brainstorming how to bring some pep to the parks that could use extra care and attention.Rob Axiak and Dave Steven from the City’s Community Services department are bringing the word on Welland’s new Love My Park – Neighbourhood Improvement Campaign, and we can’t wait to kick this program off.You can catch all past episodes and leave us comments at
They may have a new name. They may have developed an expansive new story and mission to guide their future. But their capacity to care is unwavering and their programs and services remain the same. In fact, like their namesake trees, they’re growing and flexibly adapting to support the needs of our community. Formerly Women’s Place of South Niagara, Birchway Niagara is still an ever-present, easily accessible organization in Welland, with a satellite office at The Hope Centre. Change doesn’t come easy, and risks are often involved – evidenced by Birchway's ambitious and timely overhaul of its brand (which is a compelling story in itself at Join guests Amanda Braet and Jennifer McQuestion as they share their undeniable passion and pride for what Birchway Niagara does today and its possibilities for the future.With the Book Riot, their biggest, longest-running (44 page-turning years and counting) fundraising event of the year right around the corner, there's no better time than now to get reacquainted with our friends at Birchway Niagara. You can catch all past episodes and leave us comments at
Feel that grr in your belly? Maybe it’s a little rumble, or perhaps it’s a thunderous roar. For many, when we feel it, we conveniently grab a snack and go, quieting the boil to a soft simmer. We may not even consider how easy it is to satisfy that need. But, for the growing number of people who face food insecurity challenges, calming those hunger pangs is a different story entirely. In Welland, we’re fortunate to have Holy Trinity Anglican Church offering a buffet of programs and services that support those in need in the spirit of friendship. Father Tom Vaughan is here to share stories about this community church and the committed crew of volunteers who exemplify the generosity of the city’s residents. You can catch all past episodes and leave us comments at
The sun is shining, warmer weather is finally here, and the winter doldrums are lifting.  But what if they're not? What if there's a deeper reason those heavier thoughts have yet to rise with the spring sun? What if something else transpires when our kids don't feel like themselves?  For parents, guardians, and caregivers unsure where to go or who to turn to for support with children's mental health issues, Pathstone Mental Health is ready to lend a kind ear, share services, and help out.  When a returning guest and friend of What’s Up, Welland? extends an invitation for a tour and firsthand experience, you get in the car and go. Today, Kim Rossi, director of fundraising and communications for Pathstone, is back on the show to talk about the upcoming opening of River House in Welland. This expansion will soon bring Pathstone's many programs, services, and mental health resources closer to home for our community's children, youth, and families throughout south Niagara.You can catch all past episodes and leave us comments at
After 60 years (and counting), the Niagara Children’s Centre knows a thing or two, or three, or, well, many about helping children and youth be their best.Through its core services of speech and language, physical, and occupational therapy, the Centre is a beacon of hope and support for families and caregivers throughout Niagara and right here in Welland.Indeed, Niagara Children’s Centre’s reputation as a happy place – somewhere staffed by caring and committed professionals – could speak for itself. But we have the distinct privilege of hearing from CEO Oksana Fisher about innovative programs, the Help Kids Shine campaign, and more.Join us as we learn about the myriad ways the Centre supports the children and families in our communities. You can catch all past episodes and leave us comments at
Ward 1 Councillor Adam Moote accepted the call out from a constituent to join us for a casual conversation. Discussing his ideas for supporting a growing and diversifying Welland, Councillor Moote shares insight into decision-making that’s about the net benefit of the entire community, and not just his ward.  Join us as we learn about Councillor Moote’s committee involvement and why he ran for a second term. Hint, he’s got some unfinished business for improving the city. You can catch all past episodes and leave us comments at
Earth Week is the ideal time to sort through the specifics of how waste and recyclable items collected at the curb are handled.Sherri Tait, manager of policy and planning for Niagara Region waste management services, is here to tell us more about this important service, how it will change throughout 2023 and beyond, and where your waste item questions can be answered. Hint, it’s right here: Disposal of Items - Niagara Region, OntarioOh, and she’s got some terrific tips on practicing those three R’s and using our green bins even more.You can catch all past episodes and leave us comments at
The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and yes, the grass is growing. But as those tiny green blades quickly grow this spring, our team in the Bylaw department wanted to remind our residents what they need to be mindful of when it comes to home maintenance. Ali Khan and James Cronshaw are back with us in this episode to chat about tall grass, bylaws, and how we can keep our city beautiful. You can catch all past episodes and leave us comments at
Guest-less for the first time in a while, Marc and Paul look ahead at what's coming down the pipeline regarding guests and what's been happening in the City lately. Spoiler alert: there's a lot of awesome.You can catch all past episodes and leave us comments at
How does a municipality poised for unprecedented growth and change step confidently toward its promising future? Well, getting strategic about identifying priorities and determining the plan is exactly what Welland City Council is doing. One of the hands guiding this process is today's guest Rob Axiak, director of community services. With plans unfolding, opportunities for community education and diverse insights being gathered from all sectors across the city, this process will surely be well-informed. You can catch all past episodes and leave us comments at
When it comes to life safety, simple messages save lives.When it comes to messages that stick, clever creativity cuts through the white noise and catches people’s attention.Someone who knows how to take straightforward information and share it in a memorable way is Michael Atkins, fire prevention officer with Welland Fire and Emergency Services.Having fun with fire safety messages doesn’t diminish their impact or importance. Just rewatch Fire Safety Dance Video - YouTube and tell us you weren’t inspired to check the date on your smoke alarms, replace any that were as old as Michael’s playlist, and dance like no one was watching.With a well-deserved reputation for being fire safety rock stars, you can count on more creative ways our fire department will communicate to keep our community safe. You can catch all past episodes and leave us comments at
Food insecurity, access to affordable housing, not having enough to meet your basic needs. What do individuals and families do when faced with these challenges?If you live in #WellandON, you don’t lose hope because The Hope Centre is ready to meet your needs with compassion.Serving the Welland community for more than 50 years, Hope Centre staff and volunteers support, empower, and advocate for the most vulnerable members of our community. Here to tell us more is Jon Braithwaite, CEO, and Jennifer Sinclair, community engagement coordinator.With community on our mind and hope in our hearts, let’s find out more about The Hope Centre’s programs and services.You can catch all past episodes and leave us comments at
There's a lot of buzz regarding Welland's proposed brand coming to Council for approval on March 21. And who better to walk us through the process than a few of the very talented and thoughtful team members from Cinnamon Toast New Media Inc. (aka masters of place branding). On today's episode, Bronwyn Mondoux and Bev Hyatt share their thoughts, insights, and excitement about the work we've been doing over the last year to prepare this brand proposal for Council. Join us and learn more about how a brand is put together and what type of work goes into it.You can catch all past episodes and leave us comments at
To say this is an appreciation podcast would be disingenuine because  it's so much more than that. Simply put, appreciation just isn't a big enough word.Here at the City of #WellandON, we have bottomless talent, unlimited creativity, infinite determination, and unending skill. To celebrate that today, International Women's Day, is an honour. This year's #IWD2023 theme is #EmbraceEquity.You can catch all past episodes and leave us comments at
Ward 2 Councillor David McLeod joins us today to talk all things Ward 2 and the city overall. As one of two ward councillors, but a city councillor overall, Councillor McLeod shares how he balances his approach and presents options and opportunities that benefit the community as whole.Join us as Councillor McLeod takes us through life as a councillor and whether or not he views himself as a typical politician.You can catch all past episodes and leave us comments at
When a building suffers a structural failure, speculation about why it happens ramps up. We've seen this happen recently in Welland, and there are many questions floating around the community and online. And though we cannot answer them yet - the Ministry of Labour is conducting an investigation to determine the cause - we can discuss the City's role in the building and inspection process. Spoiler alert: it's very prescriptive.Our guest today is the City of Welland's Chief Building Official, Jack Tosta. Jack shares with us the roles and responsibilities of his team when it comes to all things building and inspecting. You can catch all past episodes and leave us comments at
Communities face hardships. They can come in many forms. Thankfully, in Welland, we have an organization like Open Arms Mission, a volunteer-driven organization meeting the needs of our community. What started as a small food bank in the late 1980s has become so much more. Let's embrace this episode with open arms and jump into learning more about OAM's services and involvement in the Coldest Night of the Year walk.You can catch all past episodes and leave us comments at
When a community faces a crisis or disaster, who’re you gonna call? If you’re living in any of Niagara’s municipalities, you can count on the Region’s Community Emergency Response Team to show up ready to support. This group of swift-acting, certified staff and volunteers is affectionately known as CERT.Emergency supplies need distributing – they’re on it.Sharing relief efforts post-disaster – they’ve got you covered.Grant Durfey and John Hoadley join the #WhatsUpWelland conversation to highlight this one-of-a-kind team and share stories about the emergency response experience.Oh, and this team is growing. So if CERT volunteering piques your interest, be sure to act on that curiosity and check out for more info.You can catch all past episodes and leave us comments at
When we need something in our personal lives, we go out and buy it. Maybe we buy the cheapest option, perhaps the most expensive; it's up to us. For a municipality, purchasing doesn't quite work that way; there's a process. Join us as we chat with Adam Beres, manager of fleet, purchasing, and equipment to learn how tax dollars are spent on projects and what the RFP process is all about.You can catch all past episodes and leave us comments at
The City of Welland is launching a pilot emergency homeless shelter operated on the City’s behalf by the Hope Centre at the Welland Tennis Club during February and March. Needless to say, this has brought about many questions. Here to answer them is Councillor Bonnie Fokkens, one of two Councillors who brought forward a notice of motion to get the pilot project underway.You can catch all past episodes and leave us comments at
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