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Today, we're shining a spotlight on Carpentry Australia’s Helping Hand Day. This isn't just an event; it's a testament to the spirit of community and the craftsmanship that lies at the heart of everything that Carpentry Australia do.During Helping Hand Day, carpenters from all walks of life join forces to lend their expertise and support to various community projects. It’s a day when chippies roll up their sleeves, pick up their tools, and make a real tangible difference in our communities. Whether it's fixing a home, building structures, or giving a space a refreshing makeover, these talented chippies use their skills to provide a much-needed helping hand to those who require it the most.To explain more about the celebration of community and craftsmanship during Helping Hand Day, we are joined by Nathan Quinn of Carpentry Australia. For more information on Carpentry Australia please check out their socials @carpentryaustralia on Insta and FB or email 
The Paris Olympics in 2024 are aiming to be the most sustainable games in Olympic Games history. One way they are achieving their sustainability goals, which align with the Paris Agreement, is using timber in construction.To ensure the Brisbane Olympic Games achieve similar environmental milestones to Paris, several strategies must be implemented. We need to prioritise the use of timber in our construction projects. This involves not only the games' facilities but also surrounding infrastructure such as transport systems and accommodation facilities. By opting to use timber, we can ensure that the games serve as a symbol of Australia’s commitment to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world.Timber Queensland is leading the fight for a greener games by actively raising awareness about the benefits of timber use in the Brisbane Olympic Games through targeted campaign. They are pioneering public discussions, launching educational initiatives, and fostering strategic partnerships to drive their message home. On the 22nd of August, Timber Queensland hosted a Timber 2032 Forum, where they engaged with key stakeholders in the construction industry, architects, parliamentarians, and government bodies, to highlight the environmental advantages of timber over traditional construction materials.For this episode, we are joined by Clarissa Brandt, the Strategic Relations & Communications Manager of Timber Queensland to discuss further.If you have any questions for Clarissa, please contact Timber Queensland by emailing
In the lead up to R U OK? Day, I have invited Jordan Schmidt of Modern Mentality to talk to us about his challenges and provide tips on how to address mental health from a young man’s perspective.Jordan is like a nephew to me as I have known him most of his life and have witnessed firsthand the many life changing moments he has had to endure, and yet through each obstacle, I’ve witnessed Jordan pick himself up, and grow stronger.In this episode, Jordan will share his story and discuss the new journey he is taking, which is not only inspirational but exactly what society needs. If you are interested in taking part in Jordan's Modern Mentality workshops, please visit Jordan’s first workshop starts on Wednesday 30 August.R U OK? Day is on Thursday 14 September this year. For further information on R U OK? and free resources, please visit If you or anyone you know needs help:Lifeline on 13 11 14 Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467Headspace on 1800 650 890ReachOut at au.reachout.comMensLine Australia on 1300 789 978Head to Health at
This episode focuses on two passionate timber engineers and educators, Jon Shanks, and Lisa Ottenhaus. If you’ve ever met Jon or Lisa, you would know that they’re passionate about mountain biking, trail running, and really all things outdoors.What you probably didn’t know is that Lisa has been living with Multiple Sclerosis for over 13 years. Lisa doesn’t tend to make a big deal of it, because generally, things were ‘fine’... until they weren’t.In early 2022, Jon got a phone got call from Lisa explaining that the wheelchair clock is ticking and that she better make use of those legs while she can.And that’s when Jon came up with the idea to run the Cape 2 Cape great walk in WA, 123 km this coming September, and raise funds for MS research. Listen to the episode, as Lisa explains how there’s no better way to ‘stick it to MS’, than to go for a really long run together with a friend and raise money to research better treatments (or even a prevention/cure).To donate or simply know more about Jon & Lisa’s run please visit: Do It For MS - We are running Cape 2 Cape!If you would like to join Jon & Lisa for a period during their Cape 2 Cape run, please email Jon at
There are many stories of our ANZAC’s which demonstrates their character, determination and the toughness of our diggers.One of the fiercest fights was in Papua New Guinea on the infamous Kokoda Trail.Nowadays, the Kokoda Track is visited by many Australians to not only honour the brave soldiers who fought, and sadly died on the track, to thank them for their sacrifices which ensured Australia’s freedom. It has also become a trek that helps build future leaders, teaching them resilience, loyalty, courage, endurance and sacrifice.People say you can’t explain what it’s like to trek Kokoda, and pictures just won’t do it justice, but today we are joined by Genevieve Ryan from AKD who not only recently completed the track but is also involved in organising the AKD program which sees local students join teachers and AKD employees to trek the 96 kilometres through the Kokoda Track in PNG.
In a male dominated industry, it’s critical to talk about the issues impacting so many men and look at what can be done to improve their mental health and wellbeing. Too many times, men shy away from conversations about their mental, physical and social health but it’s time we put a stop to it. Next week from 12 – 18 June, it’s Men’s Health Week. This event is celebrated every year around the world, and in Australia it is organised by the Centre for Male Health at Western Sydney University, a partner of the Australian Men's Health Forum. In honour of Men’s Health Week, we are joined by Jeff Gibson of Hyne Timber who recently has gone through quite a journey with his own health. We will discuss his experience and the importance of simply talking about it.
This episode focuses on the importance of choosing fit-for-purpose timbers when manufacturing our quality offsite engineered products.Whilst we are focusing on frame & truss manufacturers, it is important to remember that everyone along the supply chain plays a critical role in ensuring that products or services are delivered to customers in a safe, ethical, and sustainable manner. Each person or organisation involved in the supply chain can impact the quality, safety, and environmental impact of the final product. Therefore, it is important for everyone to take responsibility for their actions and work together to achieve common goals.Unfortunately, there are often too many breaks in the supply chain, which can result in an entire industry being impacted. One fall – affects us all and for this reason, we must ensure everyone within our supply chain is taking the necessary steps to guarantee we are only using fit for purpose timber.Today, we are joined by three engineers from the nailplate companies to discuss further:Tim Rossiter - MiTek, David Zhang – MultinailNick Cui - Pryda 
With the increase in the number of builders collapsing, such as Porter Davis, and the real possibility that frames and trusses, could potentially be uncovered and left in the weather for months, we thought it was a good time to talk about Best Practices for Caring for Your Timber Products.Today we are joined by three nail plate engineers to discuss what can frame and truss manufacturers, builders and homeowners do to care for their quality timber products. Episode guests:Tim Rossiter - MiTek, David Zhang - Multinail Nick Cui - PrydaFTMA's Best Practice – Caring for Your Timber Products flyer available at FTMA News or email
With the 13th largest builder in Australia going bust, leaving 1700 homes unfinished, and a trail of creditors, we thought it would be a good reminder to go over what the collapse means, how it impacts fabricators and talk about how you can avoid being caught by the collapse of more builders in the future.Today, we are joined by Jaqi Rennie, Managing Director of Austbrokers Trade Credit to explain further. Jaqi experience spans three decades with a background in finance and law. Jaqi’s comments are based on Jaqi’s analysis and that of Austbrokers Trade Credit, and does not constitute legal or professional advice, and listeners should always take their own advice that takes in to account their own circumstances. As mentioned in the episode, if you are interested in trade credit, you can contact Jaqi Rennie, Managing Director of Austbrokers Trade Credit, on 0423 683 230 or 
Welcome back for season two of F&T Time! To kick off this season of F&T Time, we are joined once again by Tim Woods of IndustryEdge to talk about what we expect to see with timber supply and the housing markets for 2023.It seems everyone has a viewpoint on where the market is headed, but not all are on the same page. Some say the boom will continue, as we welcome an expected 200,000 migrants who will need to be housed, whilst others say, the housing market is headed for a bust.Tim has provided regular housing and timber updates for the sector since May 2020, ensuring frame and truss manufacturers and suppliers to our industry are up to date with the latest information, and I have to admit, he has been pretty spot on with his predictions.So, are we headed for a continued boom, or a housing bust in 2023.It is important to note that Tim’s analysis and that of IndustryEdge does not constitute financial advice, and listeners should always take their own advice that takes into account their own circumstances.
We are joined by FTMA's outgoing chair, Jamie Dahlsen, and newly elected chair, Aaron Hillman, for the last episode of this wild year!We recap our first ever season of F&T Time and discuss the exciting things that lie ahead for not only Season 2 of F&T Time, but FTMA and the wider industry.Thanks for listening to our first ever podcast series, see you next year for season two!
Stress is a natural part of being human, short term, it gives you energy and promotes action. Unfortunately, being too stress for too long kills motivation, ruins focus and decreases performance. What if we could harness the awesome power of stress and get rid of the bad stuff.Well that's what today's guest, Luke Mathers, is going to talk about - becoming Stress Teflon.FTMA Members may recognise the name, as Luke was our Keynote Speaker earlier this year at the FTMA National Conference and is also the author of this year's book that was sent out to FTMA members, Stress Teflon.
Today, we are joined by Jo Mason, Co-Founder and CEO of WorkHaven. WorkHaven is committed to developing a culture of zero tolerance towards domestic and family violence where each member of the community protects and empowers victims of DFV.With the upcoming changes, now is the right time to consider your businesses' approach to Domestic and Family Violence. FTMA has engaged Jo at WorkHaven to develop a DFV Policy for FTMA members as DFV is complex and sensitive and, forming a relevant, meaningful and effective response takes expertise and insight. The workplace can provide crucial support for a person who is impacted by Domestic and Family Violence. An employer who takes a committed approach to walk with employees during this stressful and difficult time can make an enormous difference to the outcomes for the person and for their organisation.FTMA Members please keep an eye on your inbox as we will be sending out the updated DFV Policy and other resources.
October is National Safe Work Month—a time to commit to building a safe and healthy workplace.As FTMA honours National Safe Work Month, we are joined by AKD’s National Health & Safety Manager, Toni Kirkup, who’s passion for safety saw her receive the 2021 National Forests industries Innovation Health and Safety Award. Toni explains how safety doesn’t just start or finish at the gate and, how we all have a collective and individual responsibility to create a safe work environment, so we can all leave after each shift. Inspired by Toni Kirkup’s safety initiative, we are encouraging FTMA Members to make safety personal and hold a SafeTea this month to start the discussion about the importance of safety. Keep an eye out in your inbox for resources to help with this.It's time to make safety personal.
Today is R U OK? Day, a national day of action when we remind Australians that every day is the day to ask, ‘are you OK?’ and start a meaningful conversation whenever they spot the signs that someone they care about might be struggling with life.For this special day, we are joined by Dean & Tammy Kidd, who sadly lost their son, Jackson, to mental health issues this year. They explain the importance of looking out for each other and how a conversation could change a life. For further information on R U OK? and free resources, please visit If you or anyone you know needs help:Lifeline on 13 11 14 Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467Headspace on 1800 650 890ReachOut at au.reachout.comMensLine Australia on 1300 789 978Head to Health at
In this episode, we are joined by FTMA’s Marketing Coordinator, Nikita Gentle, who explains that we all have a role to play in the fight against climate change and why we created our environmental arm, Carbon Warrior.We discuss how timber is being recognised around the world, for its ability to fight climate change and how Australia can take inspiration from these countries leading the way in climate action and introduce real and practical policies like the Carbon Warrior policy, 4 Steps Towards a Greener Future.FTMA also wants those in the industry to recognise the role they play in addressing climate change, simply by locking up carbon in the timber frames and trusses they manufacture.So, be a proud Carbon Warrior and let’s create a greener future for all.For more information on Carbon Warrior, including the Carbon Warrior policy, please visit 
The Australian plantation estate hasn’t grown for over a decade due to poor Government policies, which effectively were blockers to plantation investment. Today, Timber Queensland CEO, Mick Stephens explains the important promises made by both major parties in the lead up to this Federal Election, to remove the all important ‘water rule’ under the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) given its impact on stifling new plantation investment and denying access to carbon markets.Mick explains that given the critical importance of removing the water rule as a perverse barrier to plantation investment, the industry must hold the next Australian Government to account on implementation soon after the election.
Clive Martella, FTMA Board Member and Director of MB Prefab Framing in Geelong was down to earth, funny, straight up, hardworking and such an honest person.Clive was an essential person within the FTMA Board.  Not only was he one of the people who worked hard to get the National Association going but he remained a Director throughout his time on the board.To continue his legacy, FTMA Australia created the Clive Martella Service to Industry Award.Today as we open the nominations for the 2022 Award, we are joined by a true pioneer in roof truss manufacturing, the 2019 Clive Martella Service to Industry recipient, Jim Cheney, and his granddaughter and FTMA Board member, Nikita Bourke.
Our guest for the second episode of 'F&T Time with Kersten Gentle' is Ross Hampton, CEO of AFPA (Australian Forest Products Association). With the upcoming federal election and a couple of crucial state elections this year, we thought it was valuable for Ross to come along and talk about the all-important policies for our industry and outline how everyone within the industry can have a voice in the lead up to these elections.
The first episode of the new FTMA News podcast series, 'F&T Time with Kersten Gentle' features Tim Woods of IndustryEdge as the journey of the timber and housing markets throughout the pandemic is discussed.Tim explains the importance of a healthy supply chain and talks about ways builders and fabricators can ride the wave and survive.So put your kettles on! It is time for some F&T (Frame & Truss Talk)!
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