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Just as a ferry transports you to another place in 10 minutes., the 10 minute story inspired in each Ferry Tale(s) episode will transport you to another level of sensibilities, and awareness.
10 Episodes
Sujay runs into Rita after twelve years while riding on a ferry boat. And he discovers a shared secret between them.
Viraj is caught between love and his responsibilities. He's attempting to connect the two shores of the Mandovi River. Will he be successful in his massive undertaking?
The Niyati of the past is not the same as the Niyati of today. Which one is better? The best approach to check it out is to do a comparison. Niyati makes a comparison between two lives.
Childless Vijaya's life has been miserable and pointless. She goes in search of help for herself and instead finds the purpose of her life.
Rajesh eats to live, whereas Kavita lives to eat. They are totally opposite and they are married. The question now is how long their marriage will last.
Viju and Soham live in two different worlds, one real and the other in illusion. However, the border between the two is getting increasingly blurred.
Basappa, a non Goan, is overly protective of his kid Amu. For Amu, it's like to being jailed. Will Amu come to understand his father's true intentions as time passes?
Perfectionist, egoistic Sada Master is a musical genius In the village. However, he abruptly stops singing. Will we ever be able to figure out what is the reason?
Pako, a poor chana vendor, discovers someone's phone. For online classes, his son has been requesting a smartphone. Is he lucky enough to use it?
Varsha is about to leave her parents' home for Raghav, her true love. Is Raghav, on the other hand, working on a different plan?