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On this weeks episode Pastor Randy, Anne Hahne,  and Jack Klugh discuss relationships within Harvest Valley.  We hit on communication, trust, honesty, and what it takes to keep our church moving in a healthy direction.  Enjoy!
In this weeks episode we talk with Anne Hahne!  Anne is a mom to 4 children, she works as a nurse, she is hilarious, and is also the wife of Pastor Randy Hahne.  We get into where her and her husband came from, what got them started on their church plant journey, and where they see Harvest Valley going.  
Counseled - #5

Counseled - #5


This week we talk with Kyle Schmidt!  Kyle is a counselor at Valley Christian Counseling in Fargo.  He and his wife Janna are members of Harvest Valley Church and have been an integral part of our church's young life.In the first 15 minutes you'll learn about how Kyle came to be a counselor in Fargo.  Then,  we have the honor of picking Kyle's brain about common struggles people are dealing with and how to identify and overcome them.
Just let me drown - #4

Just let me drown - #4


In this episode Jack & Pastor Randy talk sin.  What is it?  Does Jesus really think that all sins are created equal?  And finally, is there any hope?
Jack Klugh and Pastor Randy discuss prayer.  What is it?  Does it work?  Is there a right way to do it?  
God Will Hunting - #2

God Will Hunting - #2


Jack Klugh and Pastor Randy talk God's will.  Is it even possible to know it?!  If so, how do we recognize it?  
Let's begin - #1

Let's begin - #1


Jack Klugh and Pastor Randy introduce Harvest Valley Life!
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