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The Hairy Bikers - Agony Uncles

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The Hairy Bikers - Agony Uncles -

Si & Dave have lived their lives to the full. They’ve been around the world 4 times. They have experience. Anything you can think of, they’ve either seen it, or done it, or more likely they’ve seen it THEN done it, just to see what ‘it’ was like.

If anyone has answers to life’s problems, it’s the Hairy Bikers.

So share, because they care. Send your problems - culinary, relationship or otherwise to

New episodes every Friday.

79 Episodes
You think you know someone, and then they surprise you. In this week's Agony Uncles, Uncle Dave reveals a celebrity from the past who used to rely on his hair dying skills........handy as he and Uncle Si need to solve a Hair Dye Dilemma! Alongside that, aided as usual by Posh Tash and The Thin White Duke, the boys fix foodie issues like Dimples In Your Shortbread......and even Ponder Potatoes ! Add in a Lamentable Lunch and you have an action packed episode. There's always room for more though, so send in your trouble to Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Well they're back. After taking time to go filming for the new telly series, (whatever the papers might have said....!) The Hairy Bikers are back solving your troubles. Dressed in their full Agony Uncles super-suits and aided by Posh Tash and The Thin White Duke, Uncle Si & Uncle Dave take time to fix these fails.... There's the Portion Problem big do you want it? Or how about the Teenager in Tenerife changing his life for a holiday romance? Ahhh, young love.......or then there's the Secret Hotels will they explain them?? As always, your problems are waiting to be solved. Just e-mail them to Agony Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Here we go with part 2 of the Agony Uncles Best Of Confidential Corner! Hear Uncle Si, Uncle Dave and Posh Tash tackle those troubles that make you wince, laugh or just groan! Things like The Sex Trout Face Fail or the terrifying (for men anyway) Fizzing Willy Episode! Then there's the Drunken Texting Saga! never a good thing to do and finally, The Remote Control Neighbour......! Normal service resumes next week with a brand new episode of The Agony Uncles but till then, enjoy these tasty morsels of trauma! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Those hardworking Agony Uncles are taking a well earned break which gives us the chance to look back on a busy year of problem solving. In this Best Of Confidential Corner, Uncle Si, Uncle Dave & Posh Tash tackle troubles including The Recipe Of Love, Swinging Mum & Dad, a case of the Pinot Piles and the toe-curler that is Caught In The Act. The team return soon so keep your problems coming to Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
As the song goes, 'Don't Worry 'Bout A Thing...cos Every Little Thing's Gonna Be Alright' whether Bob Marley was thinking about The Agony Uncles when he wrote that is disputed. By everyone. However, the fact remains that Uncle Si & Uncle Dave will help make everything alright! This episode, they talk Onions and how they make one sob when cutting them, then there's Fatherhood and how not to fail at it. Add in a touch of Supermarket Bad Behaviour and the troubling issue surrounding Falling Asleep During Seduction and you get a packed podcast! Contact the team, Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Ever been in a sticky situation? Well Uncle Si & Uncle Dave certainly have been and that's why they're uniquely able to help you un-stick yours. Well, that is unless it's a Sticky Pan which has been rather cheekily used for a purpose other than it's intended one. Or perhaps the Sticky Sheets, I mean how often do you change yours? Then there's a Bit Of Bike Bother to sort out and how about the Edible there's a recipe!! Email your bothers to Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Another week, another exciting challenge for The Hairy Bikers aka The Agony Uncles. Along with Posh Tash and The Thin White Duke, the boys tackle those Pizza Problems as well as a more exciting way to make bread with Kneading Passion. Then there's the Chopping Board Challenge and finally, how long is required before the Sex Snooze? Email the lovely lads.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Back in the saddle, well the couch more like as The Hairy Bikers take on more of your problems and worries, ably assisted by Posh Tash & The Thin White Duke. In this episode they investigate the problems that come when the Flame Of Passion Dies Out....not to be confused with the Flaming Beef....that could get messy!. Then there's the problem with Fake Accents and finally, WASH YOUR HANDS!......yes, it's another mixed bag of bother. Contact the lovely boys.....the email is Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Imagine what a turbulent world it would be without The Agony Uncles... if they didn't don their solving-trousers every week and help us with our issues, we'd barely sleep! This episode, we find them Giving Gravy Advice, it's not all about the granules you know....then there's the issue of Soft Beds.....shudder....or how about Posh People and their mad behaviour. Plus we must spare a thought for the new partner who found his other half's Shag Map....a bit of a shock to say the least...... Be part of the show. Send in your worries and questions to And breathe....... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
It's a known thing that sharing your troubles makes them less of a thing. It's certainly known to Uncle Si & Uncle Dave The Agony Uncles as they take off their Hairy Biker helmets and help with your hassles, ably assisted by Posh Tash & The Thin White Duke. This episode, marvel as they deal with Sticky Splodge Dough and Disappearing Friends. Then there's the lady Addicted to Dating as well as a rather unpleasant issue with The Kama Sutra, which can present challenges to the slightly older person. All in all, they help rather than hinder so join in. Email It's satisfaction guaranteed. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Fresh from riding the roads of bonnie Scotland filming the new TV show, The Hairy Bikers are back, in their guise of The Agony Uncles. Marvel as they solve issues with bread in Soya Sorrow as well as Work Stress, something none of us enjoy! Then there's the Old Flame burning in the back of someone's mind and finally the man who would like to be more in touch with his Feminine Side. There's no doubting their abilities to help, so join in, with an e-mail to Tasty! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Problems are like a box of never know which one you're going to get. Sounds like a famous film quote to me but it's TRUE! when it comes to the Agony Uncles. Take this episode. A Pie Problem then turns into some Rude Man Advice.....then there's a spot of financial worry in Wedding Bills and finally a confidential corner issue relating to Positional Problems. Luckily, Uncle Si & Uncle Dave the Hairy Bikers are more than a match, especially when aided by Posh Tash and The Thin White Duke. So, if they can solve these, they can solve yours. Let them know by emailing Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
There's never a dull week when you're an Agony Uncle! Take this episode of the Hairy Bikers podcast for example. There's Revolting Pies to deal with, clearly not one of their recipes! Then there's the Sexist Old Men who need dealing with, not to mention The Fussy Food Fiddler. And then there's the matter of love, or at least the Age Gap that is acceptable....... Luckily, together with Posh Tash and The Thin White Duke, there's always advice at hand. Send in your predicament, Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
There's no such thing as an average week when you're an Agony Uncle, oh no, it's a constant dish of dilemma's. Luckily Uncle Si, Uncle Dave & Posh Tash, assisted by The Thin White Duke are more than a match for misery. This week, expect a One Eyed Pokey Prodder, a Curry Worry and a Tall / Short problem. Add into that someone who Can't Be Bothered To Dump Him and you have a busy podcast from the Hairy Bikers. E-mail them, They'd love to hear from you. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Is there no end to The Hairy Bikers talents? Well, yes, there probably is but we haven't found the end of it yet as they continue to solve the nations troubles. Like the trouble with Oranges!, tricky little fellows!! Or the bother Naming Dogs can bring........or those Messy Partners you're always tidying up after! Then, when there's Martini Sex involved, well.....things might get steamy. Send in your worries and woes to and let them help you too. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
There's no peace for the wicked....not that The Hairy Bikers are wicked. They're loveliness itself and in their alter-egos of The Agony Uncles, together with Posh Tash and The Thin White Duke, they're here to solve tricky traumas, things like Bother with Bubbly Batter and Dating well as the Man With His Hand In His Pants!! Crikey!! Send in your troubles, no matter what they may be to And keep your hands to yourself!! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
A problem shared is a problem aired.....unless it's a problem sent to The Agony Uncles in which case it's a problem SOLVED! Yes, Uncle Si & Uncle Dave, together with Posh Tash.....or should that be Queen Tash and the Thin White Duke are here to save the day, especially when that day involves Noisy Neighbours and the innovative ways to shut them up. Then there's the Tiny Kitchen....where will all the stuff go?? Add to that a Friend Fail on a city break and the Boyfriend Or Not Boyfriend jitters and we have a fully rounded podcast of problems! Join in, send your stuff to and we'll do the rest. Sorted! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Well, here they are again, happy as can be....Uncle Si & Uncle Dave, The Hairy Bikers in their caring, sharing guise of The Agony Uncles. And when they have problems to solve like The Facetime Sex Fail complete with uninvited guest...their Mum! you know it's going to be a busy one. Then there's the Staying In/Going Out dilemma, or the Teenage Tantrum over the internet, or lack of it..... There's always food for Bread Bother....I mean, they are the experts. Oh and don't forget the new book is out TODAY. Details on Lovely!! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In their line of work, Uncle Si & Uncle Dave have seen it all. If you watch them on TV you've probably seen all of them too!! In the Agony Uncles podcast however, it's all about YOU and together with Posh Tash and The Thin White Duke, they're here to solve those problems using their years of experience! Things like The Paranoid Hubby, tricked by his wife into being VERY attentive, or the Problem with Pricks.....Of course there's always a Fridge Psycho to put you on edge too and then there's the partner who just wants to Roll Over & Sleep after a bit of how's-your-father, but it's not what you think! Write in with your worries, confidentiality is assured, just email Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Whatever that means. I find lemons quite firm......hmmm....... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What a dynamic duo....The Hairy Bikers jump into the telephone box and emerge as The Agony Uncles, a problem-busting pair of hairies who, together with their trusty friends Posh Tash and The Thin White Duke tackle your troubles, be they in the kitchen with Herb Help or in the kitchen with Randy Housemates who are doing more than the dishes!! Then they help with Calories and finally a problem of length that means their Beef Empanadas may need to be bigger! Join the club and send your troubles to It's a problem shared! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Comments (3)

Fiona Bell

Dear Sirs and Ma,am. just thankyou for cheering me up . I have just found your podcast and have been chuckling all afternoon. But please, I am a lady of a certain age and you need be aware of a certain leakage problem when making us laugh.

Aug 2nd

Sarah Callaghan

Just found this cast, and oh my god, I giggled! Keep up the good work, Uncles!!!

Mar 7th


OMG, you two are absolutely brilliant, this podcast is so funny, I’m loving listening to this!

Mar 7th
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