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Author: Steve Westgarth

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The Engineering Leader is an unscripted exploration of how to build great software Engineering Teams and drive effective Digital Transformation. Hosted by Steve Westgarth; a passionate global engineering leader with an ambition to transform consumer healthcare on a multinational scale.

Each week Steve speaks with people working at the top of their game within the software engineering community. This includes Engineers, Engineering Managers, SDETS, Product Owners, Engineering Directors and people working within other roles who are passionate about building great software and driving effective digital transformation.

This is a podcast with a difference because because it contains insights from people working in some of the worlds most ambitious companies - people who understand how to develop software at scale and recognise that as a community we can be more successful if we learn from each other in order to drive our own success.

34 Episodes
In this episode I'm joined by Jen Walton, a Senior Product Manager currently working at Haleon having previously worked in product focussed roles at both Boots and Microlise.We chat about the difference between project and product and the role that product management plays in driving forward digital transformation.
In this episode I am joined by Pat Kua an experienced technical leader who chats to me about developing a great engineering culture. We talk about roles within the team and the importance of providing the team with strong architectural foundations using concepts such as Domain Driven Design.Pat is the creator of the levelup newletter, is ex CTO at N26 and a thought works alumnus. Pat is a published author and can regularly be found speaking at conferences or talking with technical leads.
Salaries of engineers are growing exponentially, it is therefore critical for organisations to ensure that the engineers working with us have the skills that we really need. In this episode I explore my top 5 tips for how you can drive engineers skills within your organisation:Number 1: Create a Skills MatrixNumber 2: Limit the number of programming languages that the organisation makes use of.Number 3: Define clear patterns principles principles and standards that form building blocks which can be re-used within multiple applications.Number 4: Think Enterprise Wide and don’t focus on individual silos.Number 5: Make sure your engineers have the right technical leadership who can show engineers what good looks like.
Today on the Engineering Leader I’m joined by Usman Hamid – Vice President of Enterprise Architecture and Engineering at GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare – my own company which is due to become separate and become a standalone Consumer Healthcare company called Haleon later this month.In this episode we chat about the role of Enterprise Architecture in driving organisational capability and explore enterprise IT from a senior leadership perspective including the importance of the team and the art of leading through others.
Marcos Placona is Director of Developer Relations at Sourcegraph and in this episode will chat about the importance of developer relations within modern software houses. We also explore how to build great teams and the importance of valuing engineers as skilled professionals who have the power to unlock superpowers for your organisation.
In this episode we explore leadership through the lens of Neuroscience and Ayurveda. Reena Dayal is an executive Mentor, Team Coach and Leadership Accelerator with the Collaborators UK where she focusses on helping leaders to unleash their superpowers in order to make a real difference while refining their leadership legacy.If you've feel the need to unlock your leadership potential and accelerate your own journey towards self actualisation this episode is not to be missed!
Today on the Engineering Leader I’m joined by Mo Shalchi, a director of Engineering at GSK where he works as part of my team focussed on building core platform capabilities and web propositions predominantly within the MERN tech stack. In this episode we talk about all things Javascript and why it it our language of choice within our Engineering teams. We also explore some of the challenges enterprises have developing applications at scale and some of the ways we can mitigate enterprise risk through effective engineering management principles.
Today on the Engineering Leader I’m joined by Chris Hay, a distinguished Engineer at IBM IX where he focusses on exploring technology trends so that he can effectively guide teams and customers on their digital transformation journey.Chris is a futurist and spends a lot of time thinking about and evangelising about what is next for technology. In this episode we explore Web 3.0 and where the Metaverse might take us.
In this moment Chris Hay from IBM IX evangelises about how he believes we will engage with the metaverse within the next 5-10 years.
Rob is an iOS engineer working at Curva, previously having worked at Capital One. He specialises in mobile accessibility and is the author of the book Developing Inclusive Mobile Apps.In this episode we talk about all things to do with mobile accessibility. We explore tools and libraries that engineers can use to build accessible apps and chat about the reasons why organisations should care that their technology is inclusive.
Amar is Lead Technologist at Boots where is focusses on leading solution architecture, tech design and governance for business solutions being developed across customer platforms including and the Boots Mobile App.In this episode we discuss the role of a Solution Architect and how individuals working in this capacity can help organisations to unlock agility. We discuss frameworks such as C4Model and explore how Boots have leveraged this to align stakeholder groups and ensure that the right level of detail is presented at the right time.Amar goes on to share some of the challenges experienced working within a legacy tech stack and outlines some of the strategies employed at Boots that have enabled the organisation to embrace modern cloud native technologies to develop performant applications at scale.
In this moment Amar Mehan, Lead Technologist at Boots describes how the C4 Model revolutionised the Boots approach to Architectural Design.For more information about C4 check out
In this Episode Steve shares his thoughts on 7 Things Every Engineering Leader Must Do to Build an Effective Engineering Organisation.1. How can we align patterns, principles and standards across teams to improve maintainability and minimize disruption when individuals leave teams?2. How can we minimize team silos and develop a cross functional collaborative working relationship between disciplines?3. How can we create a culture of continuous learning?4. Right now what does our business value most? Speed? Or Quality?5. How can we recruit the very best Engineers to work within our teams?6. What technologies do we want to use within our teams and how much autonomy is each team able to have in technology selection?7. How can we create phycological safety within our teams and encourage a culture of fast failure?
In this Episode I chat to Chris Roberts, CEO at Nimble Approach. Chris is passionate about Agile ways of working and is a strong proponent of building cross functional teams. Chris has worked as Agile Delivery Lead at Team level, as an Agile Coach leading transformations and set up an Agile Development Hub for the Home Office. He now through his own consultancy Nimble approach helps organisations with digital transformation, embracing agility and delivery value to customers.During our conversation we explore agile ways of working, the benefits and limitations of adopting an agile framework as well as the concept of design thinking to drive effective project delivery.
This week I'm joined by Chris Barker a principal software engineer working at Jagular Landrover. Chris is also a published author having released books focussed on iOS with Swift and Swift UI.In this episode we chat about the state of mobile engineering, pros and cons of cross platform development and explore how to structure engineering teams in order to drive effective product delivery.
In this moment Chris Barker, a principal engineer at Jagular Landrover reflects on the production stability of Swift UI.
In this episode I chat to Dario Incalza, CTO for Accounton and Lawren where he manages the software and security teams that build and secure scalable platforms that digitise the ways that accountants and lawyers work.Dario is a highly technical hands-on strategist, with expertise in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. He enjoys coaching and steering technical teams to build highly scalable, intelligent and secure systems.In this episode we explore DevSecOps and how to ensure cyber security is embraced as part of a holistic engineering strategy.
Meet Dario Incalza, CTO for Accounton and Lawren. In this moment he reflects on the importance of DevSecOps being a core foundation of your engineering approach.
In this episode Jaime Lopez joins me to discuss how to build great engineering teams. During the conversation we explore influencing senior leadership and helping teams to understand the bigger picture in terms of what the organisation is trying to achieve and why.Jaime is a developer relations manager working at Jack Henry and Associates where his focusses on developing open banking API’s. He is also the co-host of the more than just code podcast. An accomplished software engineer and widely recognised within the community as DevWithTheHair.
Jaime Lopez is a developer relations manager working at Jack Henry and Associates where his focusses on developing open banking API’s. He is also the co-host of the more than just code podcast.Jaime will be joining me on the Engineering Leader this week to discuss how to build great engineering teams. In this moment Jaime reflect on the importance of truly understanding "why" a solution to a problem is needed in order to make sure that you build the right thing!
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