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Author: Tara Ladd

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The Word V is a straight-shooter podcast that generates real conversations about the systemic issues surrounding working women, business ownership, and motherhood.
27 Episodes
The biggest assumption made by people is that 'we all have the same amount of time in a day' and to that, I call BS. In this episode, I talk about why I think that line comes from privilege and why we need to see things beyond the 'time' factor.Connect with me on:Instagram @iamtaraladdLinkedin tarajoyladdWebsite
IWD 2023

IWD 2023


It's international Women's Day 2023, and I'm throwing down my thoughts on the day and what it means to me.Connect with me on:Instagram @iamtaraladdLinkedin tarajoyladdWebsite
It's so important to get vulnerable with people to gain real insight and emotional connection. In this episode, I'm talking about the impact of expressing my vulnerabilities and why you should too.Connect with me on:Instagram @iamtaraladdLinkedin tarajoyladdWebsite
It’s so interesting to see people unhappy in their lives but doing nothing to change it. This episode talks about the plan and when it isn’t working, change it. Connect with me on:Instagram @iamtaraladdLinkedin tarajoyladdWebsite
I feel there are so many loved up resources around the positives on becoming a mother, that it can sometimes make us feel like a failure when it isn't as peachy as it seems. This episode talks about the things I wish I'd known before motherhood.Connect with me on:Instagram @iamtaraladdLinkedin tarajoyladdWebsite
It’s important to speak our truths so that people can understand that we’re not OK. Last year, I wasn’t OK, and in this episode I explain why and how I got to where I am now.Connect with me on:Instagram @iamtaraladdLinkedin tarajoyladdWebsite
This week I chat with Anna Ferguson, also known as Anna the Anxiety Coach. She is a qualified counsellor specialising in anxiety, supporting women to come home to themselves and befriend their nervous system through somatic therapy, breath work, polyvagal and holistic practices. She shares some cracking tips and insights that you won’t want to miss.  Follow Anna at:Instagram @annatheanxietycoachFacebook @annatheanxietycoach Website annatheanxietycoach.comConnect with me on:Instagram @iamtaraladdLinkedin tarajoyladdWebsite
Tune into the first episode of this year as I discuss my word for 2023 and WTF that actually means. Join the conversation with me over on:Instagram @iamtaraladdLinkedin tarajoyladdWebsite
** Trigger warning** This podcast discusses infertility. Where are our dads at? This episode brings in my legendary poddy producer Dave Easton. We chat about his perspective on parenthood's real, raw, and unique things. We also chat about how it has impacted and changed his life. Follow Dave over on Instagram @davidjeastyJoin the conversation with me over on:Instagram @iamtaraladdLinkedin tarajoyladdWebsite
How easy is it for you to take ownership of your own behaviour and take responsibility for your actions? To most, not easy at all. In this episode, I chat with Megan Luscombe, certified Australian life and relationship coach on emotional accountability and being able to call yourself out on your own BS.Megan is known for her straight-shooter advice on all things mindset, boundaries, and relationships.Be sure to follow her:Instagram @meganluscombe_Website the conversation with me over on:Instagram @iamtaraladdLinkedin tarajoyladdWebsite
Life as a single mum is so much more than it seems, and for other reasons than you may think. Amee Triscari is a power house single mother, gun business owner, and standout human being. In this episode, we talk about the judgment, stereotypes, and societal pressures that are constantly stacked against her, including when she was homeless for 3 months. A conversation that we all need to listen to. Check out Amee over at:Instagram @_afuckyeslifeWebsite ameetriscari.comJoin the conversation with me over on:Instagram @iamtaraladdLinkedin tarajoyladdWebsite
It's Donate Life Week!

It's Donate Life Week!


This year, donate life week is Sunday 24 July - Sunday 31 July 2022. An awareness week that will always hold a special place in my heart. This episode I'm talking about the transplant journey itself, and all of the details involved in receiving a transplant (as a mother for Ari).Join the conversation with me over on:Instagram @iamtaraladdLinkedin tarajoyladdWebsite
After the US Supreme Court overturned  Roe vs. Wade and put it back to the states, women and AFAB have been sent back to the dark ages in regards to their rights. This episode? I’m simply raging on that decision and talking about how it impacts the rest of the world.Join the conversation with me over on:Instagram @iamtaraladdLinkedin tarajoyladdWebsite
A business, a baby, covid, and an international relocation are just a few things I chat about with all-round legend Brooke Vulinovich.Brooke is an Instagram specialist, international keynote speaker, creator of the global Social Club Membership and Academy, and a regular guest on Channel 9 News Perth. Brooke specialises in educating businesses on exactly how to leverage the power of Social Media to increase their brand awareness and boost their bottom line.Follow Brooke personally and via The Social Club Community at:Instagram @brookevulinovichWebsite brookevulinovich.comInstagram @socialclubcommunityFacebook socialclubcommunityWebsite socialclubcommunity.comJoin the conversation with me over on:Instagram @iamtaraladdLinkedin tarajoyladdWebsite
Being a young woman and starting a business is a challenging feat. In this episode, I speak with Jarrah Brailey, founder and head woman over at Digital Marketing agency SBJ Studios.Jarrah started her company at age 19, and has spent the last 4 years building a social media marketing agency, a team of 5, and a portfolio of incredible clients from all over the world. Social media is her jam, and she has worked with hundreds of brands, helping them achieve amazing things through the power of strategic social media marketing and paid advertising.Ironically, the growth her company has experienced would absolutely not have been possible without social media itself (both paid and organic). She has demonstrated first hand what can happen when you *humanise* your social media marketing and communicate the story, values and vision that make your brand different. Jarrah has made it her mission to spread that impact to brands of all backgrounds.Every brand has a story worth telling, a journey worth sharing, and a loyal community waiting to listen. And at SBJ, it’s Jarrah’s job to bring these to life.And, guess what?She's offering an amazing 20% off for The Word V listeners, which is valid until 31 July 2022. For more, click the links below.Corporate Training1:1 TrainingYou can find Jarrah at:Instagram @sbj.studiosLinkedin sbjstudiosFacebook sbjstudiosWebsite the conversation with me over on:Instagram @iamtaraladdLinkedin tarajoyladdWebsite
After a spontaneous (much-needed) short break, I'm back. In this episode, I'm talking about my ADHD and how that has impacted and benefited me growing up, and shaping who I am today. From the pressures of others, societal boxes, and the constant derogatory comments; I'm shining a light on how the correct diagnosis can completely change the game for a person. Connect with me  on:Instagram @iamtaraladdLinkedin tarajoyladdWebsite taraladd.comBiz Website
In the final episode of the season, I talk about the things I've learnt in my business over the past 5 years since I started my business, Your One and Only .  Join the conversation with me over on:Instagram @iamtaraladdLinkedin tarajoyladdWebsite
Ari's Transplant Story

Ari's Transplant Story


There is something quite surreal about hearing the news that your 3 month old's liver is failing and he will require a transplant to survive. We received the call that would change our lives when he was 9 months old, on 2 May 2020,  peak pandemic in the first wave lockdown. This is our story.Please consider registering to be a donor (Australia) at donate life. It can completely change someone's life, it changed ours and we're eternally grateful.Join the conversation with me over on:Instagram @iamtaraladdLinkedin tarajoyladdWebsite
What if Australia was more progressive around our policies around parental leave and early childcare? How would that affect families, and the whole country, on a wider scale? In this episode, I speak with  Georgie Dent, founder of The Parenthood. She dives into all of the benefits and statistical evidence around the earlier years and how detrimental it is to change our current system.Georgie Dent is a prominent and passionate advocate for women’s empowerment, families and children. She is the executive director of The Parenthood, a not-for-profit parent advocacy group representing over 77,000 parents, carers and supporters. When she’s not parenting or sleeping she is campaigning for free quality early childhood education and care and adequate paid parental leave.The former lawyer is a regular guest on ABC's The Drum, The Today Show and The Project and has made appearances on Q&A, Lateline, Weekend Sunrise, Studio 10, and Sky News. Her work has appeared in The Guardian, The Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald, Sunday Life, Marie Claire, The New Daily and Harpers Bazaar. She has researched and published work on subjects from parental leave equality, violence against women, childcare, sexism, pay equity and women in leadership.Georgie is the best-selling author of Breaking Badly, a memoir that was published by Affirm Press in May 2019. Annabel Crabb described it as ‘funny, shocking, beautifully written … a fascinating account of one woman’s hand-to-hand combat with her own mind’.She lives in Sydney with her husband and their three daughters.You can find her at:Instagram @theparenthoodFacebook The Parenthood ProjectTwitter the_parenthoodTwitter georgiedentBuy Georgie's book 'Breaking Badly' here. Read the Smart Company article I referenced Sexual discrimination at work needs to end, and small businesses can lead the way here. Join the conversation with me over on:Instagram @iamtaraladdLinkedin tarajoyladdWebsite
There are various things that you can encounter as a parent, a diagnosis to an illness or disability is one of them. In this episode I'm chatting with Shanny Fitzgerald on the Autism diagnosis of her son Reef, I also share my relatability, on the diagnosis of Biliary Atresia with my son Ari.More about Shanny: Wild Spark is a dynamic, balls-to-the-wall copywriting studio working with whip-smart upstarts around the world from a lil’ slice of radness called Brisbane, Australia.Founded by Shan Fitzgerald, a bold, plucky, profesh-ish writer and former English teacher who knows her shit from her shiz, Wild Spark specialises in personality-fuelled copy for charismatic, human-AF brands that fly off the shelf. (Screen. Box. Whatever.)Shan's trademark #NoBS words have been used to sell scratch-made chicken nuggets in Los Angeles, featured on kid-friendly dinnerware sold in Japan, plastered (no pun intended) across witty wine bottles in New Zealand, and given life to sass-mouthed candles gracing the shelves of MYER stores Australia-wide.When she's not helping rad products get noticed for all the right reasons, you can find her talking about books 'n' booze on her podcast F*ck Your Book Club, posting snarky memes on her Insta (#ShamelessSelfPromo), or loving hard on her scuba instructor hubby, Dan, and adorable, amazingly Autistic son, Reef. Find her at:IG: WildsparkcopyIG: FckyourbookclubWebsite: the conversation over on:Instagram @iamtaraladdLinkedin tarajoyladdWebsite
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