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Author: Kay Allen-Carr

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A podcast about marketing, mindset, and manifestation for spiritual CEOs hosted by Kay Allen-Carr.

Kay is the founder of the KAC Marketing agency for purpose-driven brands, the Crystal Concierge personal shopping service, and the soon to be Kay & Adam Carr Animal Rescue Fund. 

39 Episodes
Time is our most precious resource, and I think making 12-month plans is a total waste of time... in this podcast episode, I share why and what I do instead!    Join The Balanced CEO Book Club:  Website:  Insta:  
In this episode, I share how I have evolved my CEO Schedule over the last year to feel expansive and abundant. It's still a work in progress but the method I used to create this schedule is one I'll continue to use over time as my business grows and my personal goals change!  Jen's JAVA Membership (where I find the best guided meditations):  Enroll in the Copy Evolution masterclass here:  Website:  Insta:
In this episode, I share one overlooked aspect of branding that most of us need to give more attention to (myself included)!  Enroll in the Copy Evolution masterclass here:  Website:  Insta:
In this episode, I share my early observations on what type of offers at which price points sold crazy good so you can use this for planning your End of Year sales!   I also share Behind the Scenes of what it was like to launch and sell a last-minute Black Friday offer of my own!   Thankful for you and that you're listening to this podcast episode!   Enroll in the Copy Evolution masterclass here:  If you want more tips like the ones in this episode, join my Agency Insider list:  Website:   Insta:
In this episode, I share three things I'm grateful for this year and tie them into lessons I really want to share with you about selling services.  A big focus in this episode is how to sell services in a downward-shifting economy, what conversations to be having with clients, and what to say to prospective clients.  Thankful for you and that you're listening to this podcast episode!  If you want more tips like the ones in this episode, join my Agency Insider list:   Website: Insta:
I have less than 1,000 followers on Instagram but I consistently generate more high-quality sales inquiries from my ideal clients than any other Done for You service provider I know.  In this episode, I'm spilling all the tea and giving you a step-by-step breakdown of how I do it. I also explain the strategy behind why it works!  If you want more tips like this, join my Agency Insider list:  Website: https://kayallencarr.comInsta:
Today I'm sharing the exact FORMULA I use to ensure my pricing is a great fit for my ideal client! Use this formula to determine if your pricing is a great fit for your ideal client, too. This formula is perfect for anyone who wants to have win-win pricing where both the client and you are happy and successful!Website: http://www.kayallencarr.comInsta:
Do you stress over your discovery calls? Have you ever felt unsure of what you should say during one? Do you hate the pressure of selling? What if I told you that I don't even try to sell on my discovery calls...Instead, I focus on demonstrating my expertise by asking three very specific questions that just naturally leads into the other person saying, "ohhh I'd love to work with you!"Website: https://kayallencarr.comInsta:
Season 2 Trailer!

Season 2 Trailer!


Welcome to season 2 of my marketing and mindset podcast, now know as The Kay Allen-Carr Show!I've been VERY BUSY since the end of season 1 as my business has grown by leaps and bounds. That's why I'm so excited to start season 2 and share everything I've learned along the way!Website: https://kayallencarr.comInsta:
I talk a lot about different methods for getting into alignment with your manifestations on this podcast but today I want to talk about signs that you're out of alignment and what to do.Based on my own experiences recently.Marketing: https://kacmarketing.coShop: https://shop.kacmarketing.coInsta:
In this episode I'm breaking down what makes some tiktoks so freaking magnet and good at generating sales and why others get stuck at 200 to 300 views. Marketing: https://kacmarketing.coShop: https://shop.kacmarketing.coInsta:
Learn how to use a framework based on the monthly moon cycle to call in your manifestations!Marketing: https://kacmarketing.coShop: https://shop.kacmarketing.coInsta:
It's time to stop blaming the algorithm and take control!Here's how to tell if our content is becoming too repetitive and boring and what can we do right away to make our content better.Mentioned in the episode:
Yes, the dude who created the Pythagorean Theory was the first to stay that numbers are mystical and that the universe is created  on numerical harmony.Let's talk about angel numbers through the years and what they mean.Mentioned in this episode:Angel Numbers Blog Post -
Do you feel like vision boards are fun to make but they aren't helping you manifest or they haven't helped you manifest all that you really desire? Then this mini episode is for you!
Here's my best advice on what to do if your engagement and sales are down this year. This advice is for coaches, service providers, and educators!Mentioned in this episode:The BRAND NEW KAC Marketing Shop!!!!
Sharing a conversation I had with a friend about getting out of a slump and what to do when it's an energetic slump and not just a business slump. Mentioned in episode:The Crystal Concierge Service:
If you find it hard to meditate because you always have racing thoughts or lose focus, this episode is for you! I'm a highly anxious person and it took me years but I've found two great ways to achieve a meditative state and I'm sharing them with you today.Mentioned in the episode:
I recently did a deep dive into what psychologists say are the benefits of keeping a dream journal and there are so many parallels with manifesting that I just had to dedicate a mini episode to this! 
I'm about 20 years late to the party, but I recently watched The Secret and it made me realize some things about my own manifestation practice that I just had to share, including exactly how I've learned to call in my manifestations faster and with more ease!
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