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On this episode, Carey Anne Nadeau interviews the insurtech startups participating in the Spring 2019 Hartford Insurtech Hub accelerator, powered by Startup Bootcamp. Contact information for the startups are listed below & each will participate in a demo day on April 26, 2019. To attend, RSVP here ( 0:47 | Panya Chheng, Co-Founder & CO, Medyear. Visit: or email: & follow on social media: LinkedIn or Twitter. 9:40 | Jay Pugliese, Co-Founder, CareValidate. Visit: or email: & follow on social media: LinkedIn or Twitter. 18:40 | Matt Kay, COO & Co-Founder, Talem Health Analytics.  Visit: or email: & follow on social media: LinkedIn or Twitter. 26:22 | Frederico Capello, COO & CFO, Co-Founder, See Your Box. Visit: or email: & follow on social media: LinkedIn or Twitter. 36:29 | Gilberto Spencer, CEO, Co-Founder, Claimspace. Visit: or email: & follow on social media: LinkedIn or Twitter. 46:20 | Matthew Elan Smith, Co-Founder, Pineapple. Visit: or email: & follow on social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram. 55:42 | Abraham Ventura, CEO, Pitch Gauge. Visit: or email: & follow on social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram. 1:01:28 | Charlie Robinson, CCO, handdii. Visit: or email: & follow on LinkedIn. 1:15:43 | Ori Blumenthal, Co-Founder & CTO, Skywatch. Visit: or email: & follow on social media: LinkedIn or Twitter. 1:22:31 | Anant Tailor, Chief Commercial Officer, Dream Payments. Visit: or email: and follow on Social media: LinkedIn
I’ve invited Paul Tetrault to join me on the golf Course, Paul is the Executive Director of the Insurance Library, a hidden gem of information, resources and knowledge about the evolution of insurance products and new innovations, spanning back 132 years. You can find more information about the Insurance Library at
Video Version: chat swith Eyhab Aejaz, Co-Founder and CEO at Breach. They created the first regulated insurance product for retail crypto investors. Fascinating conversation on why and how they created this product and how it is underwriten.Eyhab Aejaz:
Video Version: chats with Carlos Miguel Vidan and Patrick Kelahan about The Insurance Elephant, their new effort to help insurtechs in developing markets scale, raise funds and improve their operations.Carlos Miguel:
Video Version: chats with Isaac Hicks, CEO at Slipbot, which helps reinsurers automatically documents Treaty and Facultative Reinsurance Slips.Isaac Hicks:
Video Version: chats with Tomer Kashi, Co-Founder and CEO at VOOM. They are a full-stack digital insurance company for mobility including commercial drones and by the mile motorcycle #insurance.Tomer Kashi:
Video Version: important legal information related to FOXO’s SPAC announcement, please see the following SEC disclosure at chats with Jon Sabes, CEO at FOXO Technologies about the Life Insurance industry, and how FOXO is transforming the global longevity insurance industry with a next-generation underwriting protocol and consumer engagement platform based on epigenetic technology and insights. A fascinating conversation!Jon Sabes: Technologies:
Video Version: chats with Layla Atya, Founder at Quantumerge about the exotic world of Transactional Liability Insurance. Did you know there was such a thing as insurance for M&A?Layla Atya:
Video Version: chats with Dustin Walsey, Co-Founder at Buckle about how they built insurance for the sharing economy and especially ride-share and delivery drivers.Dustin Walsey:
Tony chats with Jamie Peers, VP of Business Development at Synatic. Synatic is a data automation and integration that makes data and integration easy. They can help you build your data warehouse and make sure data is flowing properly.Jamie Peers:
Video Version: chats with Jeremy Gottschalk, and insurance attorney and founder of Marketplace Risk.
Video Version: chats with Daniel Demetri, Founder and CEO at Trellis. They help insurance consumers find the right insurance for them, not just based on price, but also based on coverages and much more.Daniel Demetri:
Video Version: chats with Steve Lekas and Joe Emison, Co-Founders at Branch about their full-stack home and auto insurtech carrier and much more wonderful nerding out about insurance. I was very impressed by them!Steve Lekas: Emison:
Video Version: chats with Beau Bratton, Founder and CEO at Ricochet360. We go a bit deep on different types of dialers work and how their software gives even small agents superpowers for their outbound sales efforts. Very interesting stuff, I had no idea that this level of sophistication was available outside of very large call centers.Beau Bratton:
Video Version: chats with Ryne Ring, Head of Insurance at Bunker, an insurtech turned agency who has "resurrected".Ryne Ring:
Video Version: chats with Steve Anderson, Co-Founder & CEO at Catalyit about how he was tapped on the shoulder by a group of state Big I associations and ended up creaitng Catalyit, which is dedicated to helping insurance agencies and brokerages to discover, evaluate, select and finally implement the technologies needed to thrive going forward. One of the biggest challenges brokerages face is figuring out which of the literally thousands of technology options to implement. Catalyit can help and at a mind-blowing price point.Steve Anderson: Chats with John Warren, a life-long Life Insurance experience who has been playing in the intersection between life insurance and insurtech. We talk about Life, Annuities, etc distribution in the modern environment, what he has learned rolling out 3 platforms at different carriers and why insurance is a wonderful industries.John Warren:
Video Version: chats with Matthew Sutika, Chief Insurance Officer at Obie about how and why Obie decided to improve the insurance options for landlords who own multiple dwellings.Matthew Sutika:
Video Version: chats with Laura Gregory about insurance litigation. Originally recorded for the Yellow Book Podcast but now released under the Profiles in Risk umbrella.Laura Gregory:
Video Version: chats with Adam Keifer, CEO & Co-Founder at Talage, a complete digital distribution platform for small commercial insurance.Adam Keifer:
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