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Spectrum: A 7NEWS Podcast

Spectrum: A 7NEWS Podcast

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7NEWS Spectrum is a podcast about peoples’ life-changing stories. 

Host: Malin Hagglund
8 Episodes
When an unstable tree strikes a NSW RFS fire truck with five volunteers, only three escape.     See for privacy information.
When Irish backpacker Laura left her farmwork after a month of sexual harassment in 2018, she believed it was the end of her nightmare. However, years later she would discover that she was not the only one.This podcast tells the story of how three backpackers experienced inappropriate behaviour at the hands of the same farmer while working towards extending their stay in Australia.See for privacy information.
In 1990, when Elizabeth Coleman was 16 years old she discovered that the nameless sect she had been born into did not go all the way back to Jesus as they claimed. As a result her life was turned upside down and she struggled with doubt and shame up until and a bit after she left in 1993.This is a story about Coleman's experience within the nameless sect and a deep dive into the sect's origins.Buy Elizabeth Coleman and Cherie Kropp-Ehrig's books:Preserving the Truth: The Church without a Name and it's Founder, William Irvine. Cult to Christ The Church with No Name and the Legacy of the Living Witness Doctrine. Subscribe to 7NEWS SpectrumMore 7NEWS podcastsDo you have a story to share? Email: for privacy information.
In 1990, when 16 year old Elizabeth Coleman found out that the religious sect she had been born into did not go all the way back to Jesus, everything she had ever believed was turned upside down. Not sure what to do, she kept it a secret for the next three years.See for privacy information.
Taken For Ransom in Somalia trailer.See for privacy information.
In 2008, Australian photojournalist Nigel Brennan and Canadian journalist Amanda Lindhout were kidnapped in Somalia by an Islamist insurgent group while reporting on the country's refugee crisis. The pair were held hostage for 460 days and released in November 2009.This episode follows a passionate photojournalist's experience taken hostage in Somalia and a brave sister's defiant journey toward having him released.Host: Malin Hägglund Producer: Malin Hägglund On archival supplies: Joseph HighfieldGuests:Nicole BonneyTom HartJohn ChaseBob Brown Subscribe to 7NEWS SpectrumMore 7NEWS podcastsSee for privacy information.
Content warning: this episode discuss material related to sexual assault. What if it's not the past haunting us, but the present?For decades, hair-raising rumours of a tormented soul haunting Wilfred Barrett Drive in New South Wales have put the Central Coast on the map. In this episode, we take a deep dive into the Jenny Dixon ghost story, and the cultural impact of urban legend and analyse the role folklore plays in societies.Host: Malin Hägglund Producer: Malin Hägglund  Guests:Medium Elizabeth and Sarah RawlingsHaunted Down Under Paranormal Investigator Nadine GrayConveyancer Sharmaine GormleySenior Professor in History at Federation University Dr David WaldronSubscribe to 7NEWS SpectrumMore 7NEWS podcastsSee for privacy information.
Since the early days of European arrival, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people have claimed to have seen a two-metre tall, hairy, ape-like figure stalking the Australian bush, right across the country. So what is this mythical creature we know as the yowie? Join us as we look at the legend and meet a man who has devoted decades tracking it down.Host: Chris HookProducer: Malin Hägglund  Special thanks to Dean Harrison for yowie recordingGuests:Australian Yowie Research founder Dean HarrisonFormer ranger, wildlife expert and radio host Gary OpitGraham Seal, Professor of Folklore at Curtin UniversitySubscribe to 7NEWS SpectrumMore 7NEWS podcastsSee for privacy information.
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