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Loving and receiving love from an animal can be a healing act. When we choose to have respect for all living things and work to protect them, that can be revolutionary. In the final episode of this season, Alicia sits down with the president and founder of PETA, Ingrid Newkirk, and Peter Singer, a professor of bioethics and the author of Animal Liberation. They share their personal journeys towards animal activism and reflect on the inspiring progress they've seen throughout their lives. Together, they consider the relationship between humans and other animals, the power of your purse to enact change, and the importance of empathy to face today's challenges. As you continue on your healing journey, carry love for yourself, your community, your planet, and all species.   To dig deeper into this episode’s topic and resources, visit See for privacy information.
An important step in healing ourselves is taking care of our planet. When we protect our home, we nurture our communities, our loved ones, and our fellow living beings. But where do we start? In this episode, Alicia is joined by Dr. Zach Bush, a triple board-certified physician and founder of the nonprofit Farmer’s Footprint, and Ed Begley Jr., a 7-time Emmy nominated actor and lifelong environmental activist. Zach explains why it is urgent and vital that we restore our soil while Ed and Alicia share some simple steps you can take to live a more eco-conscious life. They emphasize that if we work together, we can begin to heal our planet.   To dig deeper into this episode’s topic and resources, visit See for privacy information.
Our oceans cover more than 70 percent of the Earth's surface and are home to the vast majority of its living species. We rely on these vital bodies of water for our air, our climate, and even some medicines. Despite all that the oceans do for us, human industries are disrupting its essential ecosystems. What can we do to help restore and protect them? In this episode, Alicia sits down with Ali Tabrizi, director of the popular Netflix documentary Seaspiracy. They discuss the harmful consequences of the modern fishing industry and how to avoid myths around sustainability. Ali shares the positive impact he hopes his film can achieve and explains why healing our oceans is a critical step in healing ourselves. To dig deeper into this episode’s topic and resources, visit See for privacy information.
Healing the physical self is not only about taking care of our bodies, but also about loving or, at the very least, respecting them. In this episode, Alicia is joined by Taylor Wolfram, a health writer and dietician who specializes in intuitive eating. There are a multitude of ways to feel good in your body. You can nourish it with the food you eat. You can listen to it and provide what it needs at that moment. You can feel beautiful while inhabiting it. Join Alicia and Taylor as they delve into this healing conversation about nurturing the bodies we live in.   To dig deeper into this episode’s topic and resources, visit See for privacy information.
We’ve all heard the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” and there is some truth to that common proverb. Dr. Angie Sadeghi is a Board Certified Gastroenterologist who advocates for treating and preventing disease through plant-based nutrition. In this episode, she joins Alicia to discuss how simple changes to our diets and lifestyles can prevent diseases as we get older. They also explore how to avoid myths around fad diets and how maintaining your gut health can boost your mood. Join them as they examine the profound impact that nutrition can have on the health of you and your future self.   To dig deeper into this episode’s topic and resources, visit See for privacy information.
Do you know where your food comes from? In today’s world, it’s easy to be disconnected from the meals on your plate. But when you take the time to look around, there are so many opportunities to source your food locally. Sometimes you can even find it in your own backyard. In this episode, Alicia sits down with forager and self-identified mushroom auntie Gabrielle Cerberville, who shares tips and resources for getting into foraging as well as the benefits of shopping locally. She and Alicia explore how tapping into your local ecosystem can deepen your relationship with yourself, your community, and your food.   To dig deeper into this episode’s topic and resources, visit thekindlife.comSee for privacy information.
Communities can be forged, enriched, and healed through food. No one proves that quite like Pinky Cole, the owner and visionary of Slutty Vegan, an Atlanta based restaurant. In this episode, Alicia and Pinky delve into Slutty Vegan’s inspiring origins and share accessible ways to engage with a plant based diet. Join them as they discuss all of the incredible work that Pinky is doing to heal her community and how she discovered that mixing commerce with community and compassion is a recipe for success. To dig deeper into this episode’s topic and resources, visit See for privacy information.
Food has the power to heal us. It gives us energy. It allows our bodies to function. But many of us struggle with how to eat mindfully in a way that properly nourishes our bodies. In this episode, Alicia tackles nutrition with filmmaker, actor, and comedian Kevin Smith, and Mackie Shilstone, a fitness, wellness, and sports performance expert. Together they dig into their personal food journeys and break down the importance of maintaining a healthy diet.  To dig deeper into this episode’s topic and resources, visit  See for privacy information.
A huge part of healing is how we’re raising our kids. Who would have thought we could find healing in a relationship with these tiny humans? But that's one of the powerful messages from Alicia's conversation with Dr. Laura Markham in this episode of The Real Heal. Our kids aren’t our therapists, but how we learn to manage our emotions and create empathy for ourselves allows our children to bloom into the best version of themselves. If you’re a parent, have little ones on the way, or have children you help care for, this episode is a must listen.  To dig deeper into this episode’s topic and resources, visit   Learn more about Dr. Laura Markham and gain some valuable parenting tips at her website ahaparenting.comSee for privacy information.
Welcome to The Real Heal, a podcast that explores what it means to heal. But before we can begin to talk about healing, we must first learn how to open ourselves up to love. In this premiere episode, Alicia Silverstone and her dear friend and licensed social worker Mary Waldon discuss the power of love - self love, familial love, loving the animals that share our planet, and more. They share pivotal moments of self-acceptance in their lives and ways we can all be kinder to ourselves. Take the first step of your healing journey with The Real Heal, and consider how to foster compassion and empathy in your life.  To dig deeper into this episode’s topic and resources, visit See for privacy information.
The Real Heal With Alicia Silverstone cuts through the noise and brings fascinating people together to have kind conversations about what it truly takes to heal ourselves, our communities, and the planet.See for privacy information.
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