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Take a few minutes to travel the world with The GoNOMAD Travel Podcast. Brought to you by the long-running GoNOMAD travel website, The GoNOMAD Travel Podcast brings you audio stories from destinations around the globe. It's short-form... 3-7 minute long episodes. No jarring AM radio-style theme songs, no ads, just an interesting short travel story and some food for thought, from editor Max Hartshorne. Fun!

While you're planning your next trip or travel adventure, download and listen to The GoNOMAD Travel Podcast.
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North Macedonia

North Macedonia


North Macedonia might be the 'dim sum of tourist destinations' says Max Johnson, a frequent traveler and former tour company man. He visited the country to see Lake Ohrid, one of Europe's deepest, Tetovo, and learned that Mother Teresa and Alexander the Great are the two touchstones. --- Send in a voice message:
Orange is a small town in Western Massachusetts that once produced millions of sewing machines and even automobiles. But the town has seen hard times with most of its industry gone. But today there are many reasons to visit this hamlet, from the Orange Innovation Center to Lake Mattawa and the Bear's Den hike. Find out more about Nearby Orange today on the podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
Visiting Cambria, San Simeon and Ragged Point, California, where the emptiness and open space next to the Pacific are a tonic to the soul. Touring Hearst Castle, meeting the elephant seals, and walking the Moonstone Beach boardwalk. Read more about this destination on travel. --- Send in a voice message:
Federica Petrilli spent four months living in Riyadh and found it to be one of easiest places in the world to live as a woman. Despite some of the restrictive laws that are being relaxed, she found the men chivalrous and the woman kind. Read her story on --- Send in a voice message:
Today we take a visit to one of Europe's truly unappreciated and cheapest places, the city of Varna on the Black Sea in Bulgaria. Mary Charlebois and Kevin Scanlon spent 8 weeks exploring Varna and share many details in their story, read more on GoNOMAD Travel. --- Send in a voice message:
Skiing in Georgia

Skiing in Georgia


The Republic of Georgia is a unique country with its own alphabet and language, located just below Russia near the Black Sea. Take a ski trip to Gadauri, the country's largest ski resort in the mountains up north. The skiing is about as cheap as you can imagine and there are no trees on the slopes but plenty of snow. --- Send in a voice message:
There are many airlines who 'fly below the radar' of the American traveler. In this episode we explore some of the tiny and medium sized relatively unknown airlines who are taking Americans all around North America and beyond. Read the story by Kaelie Piscatello here --- Send in a voice message:
Charlie and Kate are two English Park Rangers who have worked worldwide in the wilderness. How to become a park ranger and live around the world working in national parks. Read their story on GoNOMAD: --- Send in a voice message:
Every year, we publish more than 300 full-length travel stories, with more than 200 different writers submitting their travel articles worldwide. We picked the top ten stories for 2023 based on the length of time reading and other factors. Read more and see the stories here --- Send in a voice message:
There's something about this remote island located off the coast of New Brunswick Canada that makes locals fall in love with it. A real fishing island full of lobstermen and old cod and herring fishing shacks, and it was the summer home of author Willa Cather. Read more about wonderful Grand Manan on GoNOMAD. --- Send in a voice message:
Most travelers are looking for the same thing in a hotel room...yet many hotels still use landline phones, sewing kits, overcharged Wi-Fi, and too few plugs. Christopher Elliott wrote a feature on what we want and don't want in hotel rooms. Read more here --- Send in a voice message:
I am taking a small ferry boat the length of Lake Malawi, Africa's third largest lake. Ed Placidi stays the night on Likoma Island before heading north with a packed ferry. Read the story on GoNOMAD: --- Send in a voice message:
The Caves of Passetto

The Caves of Passetto


Near the city of Ancona in the Marche region of Eastern Italy, the village of Passetto has had famous beachside caves since the 1800s. GoNOMAD Travel Writer Cindy-Lou Dale met some of the lucky few who own these cave/beach houses of Passetto. See photos and read the story on --- Send in a voice message:
Boquete, Panama

Boquete, Panama


Boquete Panama has 5000 expats and a thriving tourism and outdoor adventure scene. Discover this unheralded Central American country where things are cheap and people are friendly. Read more on GoNOMAD Travel --- Send in a voice message:
Coastal Mississippi

Coastal Mississippi


Coastal Mississippi has 42 miles of white sand beaches along the Gulf of Mexico at the bottom of the state. We visited the area between Bay St. Louis and Pascagoula and went shrimping, rode an airport, slurped oysters, and found one of the world's largest model train sets. Read more about it on GoNOMAD Travel --- Send in a voice message:
On the island of Penang, Malaysia, GoNOMAD Senior Writer Chin Teh Liang attends the wild Thaipusam Festival, where devotees of Lord Murugan follow his golden chariot to the temple, and coconuts are broken in celebration. Read more about it here --- Send in a voice message:
Switching seats on an airplane might be getting some viral videos and catching on, but Christopher Elliott provides solid reasons to NOT switch seats but to plan ahead to get the best seats. --- Send in a voice message:
Naked Sailing Cruise

Naked Sailing Cruise


Join us as we shed our clothes and join GoNOMAD writer Chris Moore as he joins 200 others on a naked sailing cruise on the Royal Clipper, a 440-foot steel sailing vessel. The trip sailed to ports in Croatia, and everyone enjoyed the freedom of being nude with others on board, except in the dining room and in port. Read the full article on GoNOMAD Travel --- Send in a voice message:
Medford Oregon is located in the southern part of the state, about 30 miles north of California. Highlights of a recent visit to Medford were Crater Lake, Table Rock, two large mesas near town, and the 70 wineries that line the Rogue Valley. Read the story on --- Send in a voice message:
New Brunswick, Canada

New Brunswick, Canada


New Brunswick, in the Maritimes of Canada, has so much to see and do and eat! Lobster is top of mind up here, and there are interesting history living museums, Acadian festivals and music, and spectacular scenery to explore. --- Send in a voice message: