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Decisions that impact your success are often made without you. Having a personal brand means owning the narrative of what others say about you when you're not around.This week's Learning Nugget comes from a conversation about owning and honing personal brands with Andrea Wojnicki.Andrea is a communication coach, Consumer Psychology expert, and self-proclaimed obsessive over understanding "why you said what you just said."This obsession has driven her career. She worked in marketing at Kraft Foods before earning a Doctorate of Business Administration in Marketing at Harvard Business School (her dissertation was on word-of-mouth!).Fueled by deliberate practice and her insatiable desire to understand, Andrea created Talk about Talk, a learning platform to help executives boost their confidence and improve their communication skills.Whether you run your own business or play a vital role on a team, it's important to be in control of your narrative.Please sit back, relax, and enjoy my episode with Andrea Wojnicki.Andrea Wojnicki LinkedInAndrew Barry LinkedIn
Welcome back to the Learning Culture Podcast!This week’s Learning Nugget comes from a conversation with Karthik Puvvada. KP is a no-code builder, community leader, writer, podcast host, angel investor, and growth advisor for startups.He has become the famed “Build In Public” expert across the internet, publishing resource after incredible resource on the topic to help founders and creators leverage this framework and build an audience on the internet.The Build In Public Podcast features ambitious founders and creators chatting with KP about all things build-in-public.The Build In Public Hub is his media site to inspire and teach founders and creators to join the movement.Our conversation gets to the heart of KP's inspiration and expertise.There isn’t anybody out there that I’ve met who understands and can talk about these ideas so eloquently. KP packages his years of experience into digestible lessons for those exploring the world of building in public.Please sit back, relax, and enjoy my episode with KP.KP LinkedInAndrew LinkedIn
Welcome back to the Learning Culture Podcast!This week’s Learning Nugget comes from a conversation with Jeff Gothelf. This is a memorable snippet that captures the importance of storytelling as an essential leadership trait.Jeff is the co-creator of the methodology for Lean UX, and he’s the author of the award-winning book of the same name (among many others). His work has informed the way thousands of companies approach software and product design.Our conversation revolved around his book, Forever Employable, which chronicles Jeff’s transition from employee → agency owner → independent operator. Jeff applied his storytelling skills at every step of his journey toward thought leadership and the lessons from our conversation show how we can do the same. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this Learning Nugget with Jeff Gothelf.Jeff LinkedInAndrew LinkedIn
Welcome back to the Learning Culture Podcast! This week's Learning Nugget comes from a conversation with Scott Jeffrey Miller.Scott is an entrepreneur and a Senior Advisor of Thought Leadership for Franklin Covey, a world leader in consulting and training.His recent years have been dedicated to defining what it means to be recognized as a Thought Leader (hint: it takes more than just declaring yourself one).He's also a best-selling author and the host of the Franklin Covey-sponsored podcast called On Leadership with Scott Miller - a place from which Scott has been able to mine the wisdom of renowned business titans, authors, and thought leaders.Master Mentors is Scott's book detailing 30 of those conversations, a key insight for each of them, and prompts to apply them in your own pursuit of mastery.This conversation is an exploration of how Scott refined all the different transformational insights he has heard in his years interviewing these incredible personalities.Tune in to learn about:How to earn the title of Thought LeaderWhy you should focus on your Smallest Viable MarketThe importance of tough questionsDistilling transformational insights and sharing themI guarantee there is something in this episode for you. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this Learning Nugget episode with Scott Jeffrey Miller.Scott's LinkedIn Scott’s WebsiteAndrew Barry LinkedIn
This week's Learning Nugget comes from an episode with Stephanie Dua.It's all about developing a bias toward action, nurturing latent passions for learning, and creating professional environments for humans to thrive.Stephanie is the Co-Founder and President of Begin, an early-learning company with products like HOMER, the only learning program proven to increase reading scores with just 15 minutes a day.Beyond her expertise in learning, education, and entrepreneurship, she has an extensive background in public service:Former CEO of NYC Dept. of Education's fund for public schoolsWorked in various non-profit roles with the Carnegie Corporation, Robin Hood FoundationSenior advisor to the Bill and Melinda Gates FoundationShe’s also a wife and a mother. So much of our conversation (and her inspiration for HOMER) draws on Stephanie’s career experiences, her upbringing, and her everyday life.Tune in to learn about:Stephanie's decision-making confidence and how to hone your own.How to use headwinds and obstacles as inspiration.Effective time management and the unsustainability of sprinting.The qualities of a successful public servantIntegrating "work" and "life," not "balancing."Sit back, relax, and enjoy this Learning Nugget episode with Stephanie Dua!Stephanie's LinkedInAndrew's LinkedIn
Drumroll please 🥁🥁🥁 Welcome to the final episode of Season 1!I’m joined by none other than Amy Volas to put the cherry on top — in a very special way.Amy is the founder of Avenue Talent Partners, a business that helps early-stage SaaS startups hire executive sales and CS leaders. She’s an incredible follow on LinkedIn and a dear friend of mine.Amy also tells it like it is. Unprompted, this episode evolved into a hot-seat… for me.It’s a vulnerable and constructive conversation about positioning, clarity, and the idea that what you know doesn’t earn trust; how you show up does.Together, Amy and I Windex-ed the window through which I’ve been looking at my company. You’ll have to tune in to learn more about that reference!Without further ado, sit back, relax, and enjoy this last episode of Season 1 with Amy Volas![P.S. The long-time listeners among us will have realized this podcast season has been 74 episodes long! We’ll move into an exciting and more singularly focused season two after a short break.]Amy’s LinkedInAndrew's LinkedIn
This episode from the vault is with Nat Eliason -- a writer, founder of Growth Machine, and an all-around, self-described internet thinkboi.He’s also a massive proponent of self-directed, or non-traditional learning.His career, while starting from a traditional perspective, took a non-traditional and self-directed turn. He and I explore some of the key components of that journey, such as:the far transfer of skills,constructing your own curriculum,learning out loud, andproof of work.Nat is a popular guy; lots of people that are familiar with his work bring up writing, running an online business, or growing his SEO agency. But not many people have picked his brain on the topic of education. And boy, is he a wellspring of knowledge when it comes to education.Tune in for an in-depth, unfiltered episode on self-directed learning and the future of education. Topics covered:The challenges of change and non-attachmentThe innate human desire for certainty and securityEmbracing uncertainty and self-directed learningThe importance of creating guardrailsThe value of practical experience versus certificationsMuch, much more.Without further ado, please sit back, relax, and enjoy my episode with Nat Eliason.Guest LinksNat’s TwitterNat’s WebsiteNat’s YoutubeGrowth MachineNat's LinkedInAndrew Barry LinkedIn
Today’s episode is about the mental friction that holds back a sale, why sellers struggle with it, and Sean Adams’ approach to overcoming it.Sean is the Head of Sales and Partnerships at Iorad, a platform that helps you create tutorials quickly and easily. He’s also a big part of the enablement and sales community on LinkedIn.Selling through Sean’s eyes is about understanding circumstances, not features. For sellers who have never truly been in their customers’ shoes, that’s a tall order.He and his team at Iorad approach that challenge with the Jobs To Be Done framework. This conversation became a practical discussion of how to apply the framework to the sales process.This is a Learning Culture Podcast bread-and-butter kind of episode.It’s filled with stories and tactical insights that you can bring into the fold of your work today.With that, sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode with Sean Adams.Sean’s Adams LinkedInAndrew Barry LinkedIn
Last week, Paul Slack of Vende Digital walked us through a masterclass on marketing in 2023. Here’s the link to that episode if you missed it.Today we’re back for part 2, breaking down the barriers between sales and marketing — a challenge that I know hits home for lots of our listeners.Paul is a former sales guy that now runs a digital marketing and demand generation company, so he is well-informed from both perspectives.We agree that enablement plays a valuable role in bringing these two functions together for the greater good of the company, and Paul gets incredibly tactical in this episode about how to set up sales and marketing for success.Please sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s episode with Paul Slack.
Paul Slack joins the Learning Culture Podcast this week for an episode on how to succeed in B2B marketing in 2023.Paul is the CEO of Vende Digital, a digital marketing and demand generation company that works with B2B companies.For the last several months Paul and I have gone back and forth on LinkedIn. I finally got him on the podcast to share his clear and fresh view on marketing.Here’s a quick glimpse. There is a correct mindset to adopt when creating content for and interacting with buyers:The buyer has access to perfect informationThey are able to learn what they need on their ownThey can make rational decisionsPart 1 of this conversation is about deeply exploring this somewhat counterintuitive approach, as well as exploring the spaces where marketing and sales overlap.Part 2 (tune in next week) will be all about breaking down the barriers between marketing and sales.Make sure your pen is full of ink — I furiously took notes during this chat, so I’m sure you’ll find lots of practical takeaways, too.With that, enjoy this Learning Culture Podcast episode with Paul Slack!Paul Slack  LinkedInAndrew Barry LinkedIn
Jon Selig is a sales trainer who uses the comedy writing process to help clients deliver memorable messages in sales conversations.He teaches not a sales methodology … but a way for sellers to more deeply understand prospects and the problems they solve for them, then come up with pattern-interrupting, creative (and funny) ways to get their attention.This is an invaluable skill for anyone in skills to have.This episode is about demystifying what Jon does and learning tons from him in an unorthodox way.It goes without saying that this was a fun one. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode with Jon Selig.Jon Selig LinkedInJon Selig WebsiteAndrew Barry LinkedIn
This week’s guest is Sheryl Buscheck, the new Director of Global Revenue Enablement at Juniper Networks.We reflect on Sheryl’s career and the lessons she has learned leading up to this new role – she’s responsible for onboarding and Juniper’s Ramp to Productivity Programs.Today’s topic is the human challenges of changing your go-to-market strategy. A relevant problem for you listeners, I’m sure.These are all things that come to mind when I talk about learning culture, so it was thrilling to unpack all of this alongside Sheryl and to hear her perspective as a change management professional.For new and returning listeners alike, if you’re enthusiastic about helping people navigate change, you’re going to get plenty of actionable insights from this episode.Please sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode with Sheryl Buscheck.And if we’re not connected already, head down the page to find links to Sheryl’s and my LinkedIn so we can keep the conversation going.Sheryl Buscheck LinkedInAndrew Barry LinkedIn
This week’s guest is Sheryl Buscheck, the new Director of Global Revenue Enablement at Juniper Networks. She’s responsible for onboarding and Juniper’s Ramp to Productivity Programs.The topic of our full upcoming episode is the human challenges of changing your go-to-market strategy. A relevant problem for you listening, I’m sure.These are all things that come to mind when I talk about learning culture, so it was thrilling to unpack all of this alongside Sheryl and to hear her perspective as a change management professional.But in this "Rapid Fire 5" segment, I gather her first thoughts on five key questions related to learning and enablement.Sheryl Buscheck LinkedIn
This week's episode features Katie Pariseau, the Head of Enablement at TrustRadius. She landed in that role a year and a half ago and brings to it lessons from a career that began in social marketing.If you've ever heard Don't Mess with Texas, that's social marketing.Katie worked at an agency whose job is to come up with those kinds of campaigns - advertising that changes behavior for social causes.She and I spent our conversation exploring the lessons she extracted from her fascinating career. As an intern, she interviewed smokers and litterers, uncovered and addressed unconscious behaviors, and fed her insights to the copywriting and creative teams to devise powerful ad campaigns.Tune in for a template- and example-filled episode. Katie and I used our time together to apply her career insights to coaching and enabling people.This was a really fun one for me and I know you'll enjoy it, too. So please sit back, relax, and enjoy my episode with Katie Pariseau.Katie Pariseau LinkedIn
Joining me this week is Katie Pariseau.Katie is the Head of Enablement at TrustRadius. She's been in that role for a year and a half and brings to it lessons from a career that started in social marketing, which  is advertising that changes behavior for social causes. Things like anti-litter campaigns, stopping smoking, and water conservation.Our full upcoming episode is packed with examples, practical things that you can use, and almost templates, with some specific questions that Katie uses as go-to questions. But in this "Rapid Fire 5" segment, I gather her first thoughts on five key questions related to learning and enablement.Katie Pariseau LinkedIn
Welcome to another first-of-its-kind episode! This is a remixed and edited version of a live virtual event I co-hosted with Nikki Schanzer in April. Nikki is a Senior Leadership Development Sales Performance Consultant at LinkedIn, and a dear friend of mine and the show.As enablers, we need to know what it’s like to be in the shoes of managers and sales leaders. We need to actually walk a mile in their shoes before we throw just another framework at them.This wasn’t just another webinar to chop your vegetables to or scroll along on Twitter while you’re listening. This was a nitty-gritty, hands-on experience in which the people who joined left experiencing true transformation.If you weren’t there with us, this podcast episode is a perfect way to:Experience the power of the GROW ModelLearn how to structure and implement coaching and mentoringLearn how to provide managers with the tools they need to create an environment of accountability.Get your headphones and your notepad ready — we’re going to learn how to scale a culture of coaching at your company together.I highly recommend you share this episode with a friend or a colleague and work through the recording together, making it as interactive as possible.It doesn’t have to be a colleague; it can be your partner, your child, your best friend … anybody that wants to learn and grow, and help you do the same.The last thing to do is to check the Selected Links from the Episode below. You’ll find:A link to the presentation slide deckA public Google Doc complete with a cheat sheet and our live session attendees’ takeaways (feel free to add to it!)Please sit back, relax, and enjoy this special GROW Workshop in Sales Coaching with Nikki Schanzer.Nikki Schanzer’s LinkedInPresentation slide deckCollaborative Google Doc
Joining me this week for the first-ever combined panel episode are Kunal Pandya and John Williamson.Kunal is a Senior Director of Global Revenue Enablement at UserZoom and the Founder + CEO of Sales Velocity Labs.John is a Sales and Revenue Enablement Change Agent with an extensive background in sales, most recently working as a Sales Enablement Leader at Analog Devices.Treat this episode as a mastermind - these two gentlemen expertly weave their way through this spiky topic from different angles. Ultimately, we all converge on the same vision and strive to work toward the same goal.This episode went over so well that we're planning to host a live-discussion version of this topic. If that's enticing to you, hop on to my newsletter at soon as you get the first email from me, reply and say I'm interested in a workshop with John and Kunal!I had the privilege of sitting back a bit and letting John and Kunal do their thing, and it made for a stellar episode with an interesting and open-ended conclusion.After you listen, head to our newsletter, get that first email from me, and let me know if you're interested in a workshop with these guys.With that, sit back, relax, and enjoy my episode with Kunal and John.Kunal’s LinkedInJohn’s LinkedIn
Welcome to part two of Elite Human Performance with Brittany Loney. I urge you to go back and watch if you missed part one.In it, I spoke with Brittany, Director of Elite Cognition and Human Optimization for Core One (a company that works with the US Military Special Forces) about her remarkable journey into the world of performance psychology and cognitive neuroscience.We chatted about her origin story and how she ended up working with soldiers that operate in high-consequence arenas to help them develop their potential and work towards elite performance.In this episode, we explore more deeply the psychology and neuroscience that Brittany brings to her work, namely in her framework, ECHO – Elite Cognition and Human Optimization.ECHO is an outstanding training model that progressively builds a soldier (or athlete, or any human) to a level of enduring excellence.It balances high performance with sustainable practices that manage burnout.It considers the underlying physical things (nutrition, habits, productivity, cognitive dominance, integrating with the mission, etc.) we have set as our goal.It is designed to help forge elite teams to keep raising the bar of performance.It's thrilling for me to bring this to you and play a small part in Brittany's expanding influence.Once again, go check out the first episode before you dive in!It's time to sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode with Brittany Loney.
Brittany Loney joins me this week for part one of a special two-part episode! We were on such a roll, we recorded for almost two hours! Brittany is the Director of Elite Cognition and Human Optimization at Core One.She works with the US Military, specifically, soldiers in very high-risk combat situations. She works with them as groups and individuals to develop their:brain capacity,physical capacity,and emotional capacityto operate at peak performance within those high-risk arenas.In part one we explore Brittany’s traumatic college basketball background and how it led her along a learning journey about performance psychology and brain science.She applied her knowledge to other athletes and other sports and eventually found herself working in the US military (where she has been for the past 13 years) and designing an incredible program of packaged expertise called ECHO – Elite Cognition and Human Optimization.In part two (tune in next week!), we’ll explore the finer details of the ECHO program and how its foundations align with lots of things we talk about on this show.I recommend getting out a pen and paper or taking notes on your phone, because you’ll come across some practical stuff in here to apply at work for the teams that you’re responsible for developing and for your own work.This whole episode is about high performance — elite human performance.Sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode with Brittany Loney.Brittaney Loney LinkedIn -
On this episode of The Learning Culture Podcast, Meganne Brezina, Senior Director of Field Enablement at Seismic, shares her insights on change management.Seismic prioritizes one big initiative every year, focusing on cutting through the noise and being proactive in rolling out new initiatives, achieving messaging alignment, cascading information, and all that good stuff.As a former seller and now an enablement leader, Meganne shares her journey to uncovering the framework for a proper change management approach in enablement and the importance of investing in quality content.Join us as we dive into the importance of coaching as a frontline management aspect, flexibility and adaptability in fast-paced environments, and the need for a common language to scale businesses.Please sit back and relax and enjoy my episode with Meganne Brezina.Meganne Brezina LinkedIn -
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