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Feeling good Louis!Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd star in this hilarious 1983 comedy about a rags to riches and riches to rags story.  Objectively, no one likes stock brokers.  And when two meddling old rich dudes mess with two people's lives, the payoff is ohhh so sweet.  Even if you don't understand stocks, this movie is incredible and the chemistry between Dan and Eddie off the charts.  We go over our favorite scenes and break them down.  Especially the ending. Plus much more!YouTube versions HERE ( the Break:  Song spoof of Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll"Support the show
No ordinary thermos will do.Steve Martin is one of the best comedians of all time and that shines through in the 1979 comedy "The Jerk".  A movie that paved the way for the Dumb and Dumber's of the world, Steve Martin's comedic timing was on point.  Along with his co-star Bernadette Peters, they share a certain charm that makes this film not only funny, but endearing as well.  We relive the film in all its funny glory, plus much more!Check out the YouTube version HERE ()During the Break:  Spoof of REO Speedwagon's "Take on the Run".One Way Streets Beat the heat and get them treats with One Way Streets Transportation ServicesSupport the show
I'm your Dad's brother all right.We have covered John Candy on this show before but no other performance stands out on its own like Uncle Buck.  Uncle Buck gets summoned to watch after his brother's kids when Bob's Father-in-Law has a heart attack.  Uncle Buck is a true "fish out of water" as he tries to balance his own turmoil in his life with being a caretaker to three children (one being a teenager).  We go over our favorite scenes and give our impressions of this John Hughes classic.  Plus much more!YouTube version HERE ( the Break:  Song spoof of Madonna's - "Like a Prayer"One Way Streets Beat the heat and get them treats with One Way Streets Transportation ServicesSupport the show
Two Yutes...Oh I'm sorry, two youths.Joe Pesci is known as a little hothead in a lot of movies but no movie harnesses that volatility for a good cause like My Cousin Vinny.  Pesci was a god in this film and we look extensively at all the great scenes in this film (there's a lot).  We also discuss Marissa Tomei's performance (equally as good!).  Plus much more!YouTube version HERE ( the Break:--Song spoof of Stevie Wonder's - "I Just Called to Say That I Love You"One Way Streets Beat the heat and get them treats with One Way Streets Transportation ServicesSupport the show
OO-DE-LALLY!!!Before the Lion King and Little Mermaid, Disney came out with this gem of an animated feature called Robin Hood!  Using a unique way to tell the story of Robin Hood.  Disney used animals instead of "people".  It pays off, as the comedy and action go hand in hand!  One of our all time favorites for sure!  Check out the YouTube version HERE ( )During the Break:-- TIM IS BACK!  He shares a story about watching his favorite show, Spongebob Squarepants.One Way Streets Beat the heat and get them treats with One Way Streets Transportation ServicesSupport the show
She's coming in to your town!!That's right that freckle faced red head girl you want to know is a gem and we love this film.  Maybe not as well known as other 80s films, this film is still tons of fun with loads of heart and character.  Tami Erin gives an endearing and heartfelt performance as Pippi Longstocking.  We talk at length about this killer soundtrack that accompanies this film...seriously its a banger!  Plus much more!!Check out the YouTube version HERE ( week's "During the Break":  --Song parody of No Doubt's "Don't Speak" entitled "Don't Squeak".Support the show
We haven't done a horror movie yet so we said "what the hell".Of all the 80s horror franchises, this is one that freaked us out the most.  To think, a child's toy, coming to life, and fucking murdering everyone you love.  No thanks!  No seriously, we love this film and we talk extensively on our favorite scenes and moments.  We also take a look at the new series on Sci-Fi and all the squeals.  Last, but not least, Jay fondly reminisces on his "affinity" for stuffed animals.....During the Break:--Song parody of Ben E. King's "Stand by Me" called "Pee on Me"....Hey hey now...we don't kink shame on this show.One Way Streets Beat the heat and get them treats with One Way Streets Transportation ServicesSupport the show
We had to run this back.We talked in an earlier episode about Pee Wee's Playhouse and kinda glossed over this film.  But we decided we had to give this film its props.  Tim Burton's first feature film was a homerun for sure!  Accompanied by Danny Elfman's iconic score, we had a blast reminiscing on one of our favorite childhood films.  Of course, Paul Reubens portrayal of Pee Wee Herman needs no introduction.This week's "During the Break":--Song spoof of Sweet - "Fox on the Run" entitled "Socks Are More Fun"....think Risky Business.One Way Streets Beat the heat and get them treats with One Way Streets Transportation ServicesSupport the show
YOU LOSE!  YOU GET NOTHING, GOOD DAY SIR!Meme's aside, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was a whimsical tale of a young boy wanting much better for himself.  A chance to enter a mysterious chocolate factory gives him that opportunity....or something like that.  Gene Wilder gives a legendary performance as Willy Wonka as we go over our favorite scenes.  We discuss how much of a piece of shit Grandpa Joe is.  We also touch on the Tim Burton remake a tad and much more!!During the Break:--Oompa Loompa parody called "Face Full of Goo"....this is S Tier shit guys!!!Check out our sponsors- One Way Streets Transportation Service servicing the greater Tiffin, Ohio area.   Check out their Facebook page for more details on rates!  One Way Streets Beat the heat and get them treats with One Way Streets Transportation ServicesSupport the show
The SNL skit turned feature film, you wouldn't think would have any longevity.  As it turns out, its one of the funniest films in the 90s.  Mike Myers and Dana Carvey are a great duo with tons of great comedic timing.  We love all the 4th wall breaking and we break down some of our favorite scenes.  Plus muuuuuuch mooooore!!!This week's "During the Break":--Song parody of "Jack and Diane" by John Mellencamp called "Jack in Her Hand" get the picture.Check out our sponsor!One Way Streets Transportation Services. the show
"Weird" Al Yankovic is a big inspiration to us when it comes to the world of song spoofs.  We chronical his career and go over some of our favorite songs in depth.  Plus much more!This week's "During the Break":Song spoof of Earl Dibbles Jr "Country Boy Song" entitled "Cuntry Girl Song".  This dude is playing our county fair this year.  Had to do it.... Support the show
Did he say skinny wieners?Summer rolls on as we explore this classic 90s flick about a boy heading to fat camp.  But things take a turn when Tony Perkins takes over and makes the campers lives a living hell.  Ben Stiller gave a classic performance that rivals his 'Dodgeball' performance.  Also flanking Stiller is a young Kenan Thompson and Paul Feig pre Bridesmaids.  Lots of great one liners that not only was great for family's but 90s movies such as these did have some balls to throw in some "PG" esque humor in there.This week's "During the Break":--Song parody of Huey Lewis and the News - "If This is It" entitied "This is Shit".  A husbands disdain for his partner's poor cooking.... Support the show
Nothing but the best!With Summer in full swing, people are heading out on vacation.  Whether that's to a destination like Hawaii or a cruise or driving across the country to Wallyworld!!With John Hughes writing and Harold Ramis directing.  This already has homerun written across it.  We discuss all the hilariousness that Chevy Chase, Beverly DeAngelo and Randy Quaid dish out.  Plus so so so so much more!!This week's "During the Break":--Parody of the Fraggle Rock theme called "Fuckle Rock".  This is a song deep in our archives we've been sitting on.  Now unleashed to the world!Support the show
We decided that one week dedicated the late great Chris Farley wasn't enough.  So we're coming at ya with a double dose.  Black Sheep could be considered a Tommy Boy part 2 but overall the same amazing comedic timing is felt between Chris Farley  and David Spade.  We go over our favorite scenes and just bask in the glory of the one and only Chris Farley.  Plus Much More!!During the Break:--Song parody of Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'" called "Free Callin".  Those of us who had to wait til 9pm to call know the struggle.Support the show
You eat a lot of paint chips as a kid?Chris Farley was a treasure.  In this episode we honor him by taking a look at one of his most funniest movies, Tommy Boy.  Flanked with David Spade, this duo worked so well together and we explore how and why.  Taking place in Sandusky, Ohio, we are confident that the film makers have never stepped foot in Sandusky.  Plus much more!!During the Break:  Song parody of John Mayer's "Waiting on the World to Change titled "Watching all these Girls Change".....Think Porky's...Support the show
Need Input!Robots and techy things were all the rage in the 80s.  But what happens if you give child like wonderment to an object of war?  Well you get Short Circuit!  Watch robots act like the 3 Stooges, make weird sexual computer metaphors and dance like John Travolta!  Its all there!  We get a little goofy with this episode but trust me...its great.  Plus much more!!During the Break:--Song parody of Pearl Jam - "Black" titled "Brown"....use your imagination.... Support the show
IT'S SHOWTIME!We did Batman 89 a little while ago so we said screw it, lets do another Tim Burton/Michael Keaton banger.  None other than Ghost with the Most, its Beetlejuice!  Along with Danny Elfman's score this film is dripping with bad ass stop motion effects, eerie landscapes and great fucking one liners that makes this film an 80s classic.!During the Break:  -- Song parody of John Legend's - "All of Me" entitled "Bring the Ball to Me".  A story of man's best friend.Support the show
Before the 2022 Chip and Dale Rescue Ranger movie that combined real life with animation.  There was the 1988 Robert Zemeckis classic "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"!  Fuck the Avengers and Justice League, this film gave us the coming together of all our beloved childhood cartoons.  Although this film is a decent enough family movie for the 80s, it wouldn't be a borderline family movie without some nightmare inducing drama (i.e shoe getting dipped).  We discuss those scenes at length plus so much more!This week's "During the Break":-Song parody of the Beatles - "I Want to Hold Your Hand" entitled "I Don't Want That Spam"....too much sodium.Support the show
Hey!  We're all gonna get laid!As summer approaches, everyone enjoys the outdoors.  We, in particular, enjoy playing golf and we couldn't think of a better movie than Caddyshack to help us bring in the hot summer season.  In this Harold Ramis classic, we go through the star studded performances of Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield and others.  Plus much more!This week's "During the Break":TIM IS BACK!!  Tim takes a job a local movie theater and makes a patron's experience.....well...interesting .Support the show
I'M BATMAAAAN!Ok, We're not Batman, but you know who was for the Tim Burton directed Batman from 1989?  Mr. 80s himself, Michael Keaton!  We go over our favorite scenes and whatnot and how much this movie scared the shit out of us as kids.   But we also riff on Batman as a franchise in general.  We give our opinions on our favorite incarnation of the Joker and Batman respectfully.  Plus much more!!This week's "During the Break":- Song parody of The Presidents of the United States song "Peaches" we entitle "Bitches".  Not about fruit.....Support the show
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