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Author: Howard Fields, Gina Clifford

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For future-focused executives and thought leaders, The OmniFuture explores the infinite set of potential futures we each face and how our actions and decisions in the present can expand or limit what the future might become.
3 Episodes
Learn more about the innovative approach to education at Minerva University Connect with Jonathan Powers on LinkedIn Explore the Future of Education Reading List - curated by Jonathan Powers, Howard Fields, Lorena Chaichian, and Gina Clifford Discover the Futures Wheel: Exploring the Future of Higher Ed with Jonathan Powers Subscribe and Find more episodes via your favorite podcasting app/directory and learn more about the show at Visit, comment, and share The OmniFuture Podcast on LinkedIn and Twitter Visit and get involved with The Grey Swan Guild a community of sense makers that acts as an action-based think tank rising to the world's biggest challenges and next Grey Swans. We are made up of established experts, rising stars, and impassioned agents for positive change across 30+ countries. References Discussed in This Episode:1. The Big 10 - The Big 10 is an academic and athletic conference in the United States which includes: University of Illinois Indiana University University of Iowa University of Maryland University of Michigan Michigan State University University of Minnesota University of Nebraska-Lincoln Northwestern University Ohio State University Pennsylvania State University Purdue University Rutgers University-New Brunswick University of Wisconsin-Madison 2. 1000 Day Radar EventGrey Swan Guild multi-day events that bring together some of the most talented people in the world to spot the early signals of the future and bring them forward for the benefit of our personal literacy, business value, and societal benefit. You can review the agenda for our last event at
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Executive Producer, Howard Fields, introduces The OmniFuture and defines the context for the podcast. 
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