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Cosimo Tangorra Jr., Ed.D. shares his journey as a superintendent and explains how he has worked to change the learning culture within his organizations. Cos offers steps for other school leaders to facilitate powerful conversations and honor the needs of the learners they serve.  Nice White Parents PodcastDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)Restorative Practices Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)Morgan Jackson Cos's  Publications & Recommendations:Tangorra, Cosimo, Jr. (2022).  Encouraging multiple pathways to graduation. In Stem Century: It takes a village to raise a 21st-century graduate (pp 187-195). Soul Excellence Publishing.Tangorra, Cosimo, Jr. (2021, February). Partnering with Community to Fight Teen Vaping. School Administrator, 20.Troublemakers: Lessons in Freedom from Young Children at School by Carla ShalabyDiversity, Equity & Inclusion for Dummies by Shirley DavisWhite Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by Robin DiAngeloBlindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People by Mahzarin R BanajiCultivating Genius: An Equity Framework for Culturally and Historically Responsive Literacy by Gholdy MuhammedConnect with Cos on Twitter & LinkedIn
Marriage and Family Therapists, Heather Turgeon and Julie Wright address the tween and teen sleep deprivation crisis in their book, Generation Sleepless.  Heather and Julie offer listeners steps to foster teens’ self-motivation for sleeping well and advice for parents, as well as your call to action for teachers, principals, colleges, coaches, and policymakers.The Happy Sleeper, Now Say This, Generation SleeplessThe Wright Mommy and MeDr. Dan Siegel Parenting from the Inside OutThe Whole-Brain ChildMary Carskadon - perfect storm analogySleep ClocksCamping Studies Discrimination Sleep: Fordham University by Tiffany Yipp: A 4-year StudySocial Jet LagREM SleepDisplacement Theory & State of FlowBlue Light TheoryWind-Down Dos & Don’tsHooga Red Sleep-Friendly LightsSleep-Friendly SchoolsStart School LaterAcademic OverloadThe Parent Fade The Self-Driven Child by William Stixrud and Ned Johnson FOND FamilyPaleo SleepSleep Bubble5 Habits of Healthy SleepersWhy We Sleep by Mathew Walker PhDFamily Meeting AgendaALP MethodConnect with Heather and Julie:at their website ( & blogon Instagram @thehappysleeper
Helen Corveleyn shares her STEM facilitator journey and stories about international fieldwork with listeners.  Helen offers ideas for applying fieldwork as well as creating social-emotional, literacy, and STEM connections for children throughout the school day. STEMPresidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST)STEM job stats & 100Kin10 Path to 100KNGSS (Next Generation Science Standards)Hopewell Valley Education Foundation & Nature Harmony ProjectColby Cedar Smith - Call Me Athena: Girl From DetroitYoung Audiences of New JerseyHawaii-Aleutian Standard TimeNational Science FoundationThe White House Office of Science and Technology PolicyGilder Lerhman InstituteProject Dragonfly through Miami University of OhioHelen's Awards & Honors:New Jersey County Teacher of the Year (2020)I Can STEM NJ Role Model (2021)Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST) (2022)Helen's Publications:The Promise of Pickles: Hydroponics in the ClassroomGrowing Environmental Hope Amid a PandemicHelen's Book Recommendations: Last Child in the Woods Richard LouvNature Journaling: John Muir Laws Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants by Robin Wall KimmererConnect with Helen on:FacebookInstagramTwitter
Innovative and progressive educator Pernille Ripp offers listeners a vision and steps for reimagining their literacy instruction through global collaboration.  Pernille shares stories about her educational journey and the evolution of the Global Read Aloud - a globally-collaborative project she began in 2010.Empowered Schools, Empowered Students, Passionate Learners, Reimagining Literacy Through Global Collaboration, & Passionate ReadersThirst by Varsha BajajGlobal Read Aloud & BlogNeil GaimanKatherine ApplegateDavid A. RobertsonAmy Krouse RosenthalOn ChangeDemoralized by Doris A. Santoro Join the GRA and other pre-existing projects: & non-fiction picture book Connect  with Pernille at & Pernille's Blog and on:Twitter Instagram: (@pernillesripp) & (@theglobalreadaloud)Facebook: (Patreon) (GRA Main Page) (GRA Main Group) & (Passionate Readers)LinkedIn
Are you thinking about quitting?  Make sure you practice wise seeing, being, and effort before you do.  Geeta Anand, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist, Author, & Dean at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, shares her own stories about times when she chose to give up things dear to her, allowing space for new opportunities.Episode Mentions & Publications:Mary KelleyDartmouth Commencement 2020 on the Green (in July 2022)State funds Berkeley Journalism $25 million to strengthen California’s local news coverage By Ivan Natividad| SEPTEMBER 7, 2022School of Journalism Graduation and Commencement 2022 UC BerkeleyKatherine Bomer - The Journey is Everything: Teaching Essays That Students Want to Write for People Who Want to Read Them Book:The Cure: How a Father Raised $100 Million--and Bucked the Medical Establishment--in a Quest to Save His Children (2009) Awards & Honors:Pulitzer Prize, wrote two of 10 stories on corporate corruption that won the Wall Street Journal the explanatory journalism award, 2003Pulitzer Prize, finalist, wrote lead story in series on how U.S. hospitals are rationing healthcare to cut costs, 2004Society of Publishers of Asia, best breaking news reporting award for coverage of terror attack on restaurant in Bangladesh, 2017International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, winner Danny Pearl Award for the Best Cross-Border Investigative Journalism, 2013, for stories exposing the causes and consequences of the rise of totally drug resistant tuberculosis.Society of Publishers in Asia, winner for Excellence in Business reporting, 2012, wrote several stories in the series Flawed Miracle about India’s healthcare, employment and education challenges.Society of Publishers of Asia, co-wrote stories that won best breaking news reporting award for coverage of Mumbai terrorist attacks, 2008Gerald Loeb Award, finalist, wrote article showing how high hospital costs are bankrupting the Amish, 2008Gerald Loeb Award, winner for series exposing the causes and consequences of high drug prices, 2006Victor Cohn award for career excellence in medical science writing, 2007Connect with Geeta:at via UC Berkeley -  Geeta Anand - Dean and Professor at Berkeley at UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalismon Twitter @GOAnandon Facebook @GeetaAnand
Want to rethink grading and stop the points for compliance exchange?  Dr. Sarah M. Zerwin provides a step-by-step guide to shift away from traditional grading systems in her book, Point-Less: An English Teacher’s Guide to More Meaningful Grading.  Sarah offers listeners invaluable resources, courage, and the vision to begin their journey to more meaningful grading.   Episode Mentions & Publications:Sarah’s *AMAZING* Website Resource Page: Point-less Grading in General, Language Arts, Science, and Math; Teaching Writing; Teaching Reading; WorkshopAlfie Kohn - The Case Against GradesPhantom Policy Learning Goals (AP Lit / 9th-12th Grades)Grading Explanations (LA 12 / AP Lit)  For Students and Caregivers: Regarding GradesKey to What You’ll See in the GradebookInfinite Campus GradebookThomas Guskey & Jane Bailey - Developing Grading and Reporting Systems for Student LearningRecent Writings by Sarah:Books:Point-Less: An English Teacher’s Guide to More Meaningful Grading (2020)Articles:“Why Now is the Perfect Time to Grade Pointlessly.”  (2020)“Planning for Uncertainty.”  (2020)“Pass/Fail or No Grades During Online Pandemic Teaching? A gift.” (2020)“My Students are Rambling.” (2019)Blog:The Paper GradersThis websiteConnect with Sarah:at her website Sarah M. Zerwin: Teacher, Writer, Consultanton Twitter @SarahMZerwinon Instagram @sarahmzerwinon LinkedIn @SarahZerwin
Readsters® co-founder Linda Farrell shares about her Reading Rockets Special Video Series: Looking at Reading Interventions. Linda offers tips for caregivers and educators to support their readers and emphasizes the importance of Early Intervention. She explains changes she would make to education and intervention systems to help striving readers. Listeners will leave inspired by the success stories Linda shares of her former students.Episode Mentions:Louisa C. Moats, Ed.D.Decoding DyslexiaLooking at Reading Interventions Video Series on Reading RocketsThe Simple View of ReadingReadsters® Complimentary Assessment Resources Materials Co-authored by Linda Farrell and Michael Hunter:Phonics Plug-In - curriculum for teaching beginning phonicsDecoding Detector - diagnostic tool for determining phonics instructionPre-Reading Probes - diagnostic tool for determining pre-reading instructionFixing Common  Confusions Notebook - pinpointed instruction to help with: b/d confusion: other letter confusions (e.g., j/g, w/v, m/n, p/q, etc.); commonly confused high frequency words (e.g., was/saw, her/here); CVC, silent e confusions (e.g., hop/hope, not/note)Teaching Vowel Sounds Notebook - phonemic awareness lessons for learning how to: segment and blend sounds in spoken words, identify the vowel sounds, and state what the vowel sound is called. Articles by Linda Farrell:The Simple View of ReadingFirst Rule of Reading: Keep Your Eyes on the WordsHelping Students Keep Their Eyes on the WordsA New Model for Teaching High-Frequency WordsWebinars by Linda Farrell:The Simple View of ReadingUsing Decodable Books and Early Leveled Readers AppropriatelyUsing Decodables and Leveled ReadersLinda Farrel Balanced literacy vs systematic reading on VimeoCCSS Reading Foundational Skills: What’s There and What’s Missing? - Linda Farrell on Vimeo
Deputy Superintendent of the San Diego Unified School District and writer, Dr. Fabiola Bagula, shares her expertise in facilitating ground-breaking professional learning around unpacking implicit biases.  Listeners will gain a better understanding of their own unconscious biases as well as a variety of resources.  Fabi inspires listeners to embark upon the work of changing society with open hearts, minds, and wills, ensuring that everyone belongs and sees each other’s future potential.Research & Researchers Mentioned Throughout the Episode:San Diego Unified School DistrictStory Corps & One Small StepMalcolm Knowles’ Six Assumptions & Four PrinciplesConstructivist ListeningOtto Scharmer’s: Theory U: Leading from the Future As It EmergesFour Levels of ListeningCognitive Bias CodexStudent Panel Identity InterviewsRecent Publications by Dr. Fabiola Bagula:Belonging and Being Enough within Latinas Leading Schools Leadership and Latina topics: Connect with Fabi:on Twitter @FabiBagulaPhDon Instagram @bagulachickon Facebook @FabiolaRobleson LinkedIn @FabiolaBagulaPhD
Speech pathologist, Susie Betancourt, describes speech interventions for various ages and disabilities.  She offers inspiration and a fresh perspective on possibilities for speech pathology outcomes ranging from younger students to adults.  Susie's speech tips and resources for listeners are not to be missed!Episode (American Speech & Hearing Association)Characteristics of Typical Disfluency & Stuttering Typical Speech and Language DevelopmentStuttering ResourcesStimulability and Treatment OutcomesResponse to InterventionFast ForWord (Auditory Processing & Phonics)Autism & Autism SpeaksWake County Public School SystemConnect with Susie:on Instagram @susiespl on Facebook @susiesplon LinkedIn @susanbetancourt 
Globally-renowned expert in bullying and school violence, Professor Ron Avi Astor, shares strategies to stop bullying and school violence before they begin.  Ron illuminates years of research conducted with his colleague Rami Benbenishty from their books, Bullying, School Violence, and Climate in Evolving Contexts: Culture, Organization and Time; Mapping and Monitoring Bullying and Violence: Building a Safe School Climate;  and Welcoming Practices: Creating Schools That Support Students and Families in Transition.   Episode Mentions & Interviews:Dr. Dan Olweus JAMA Network Pew Polls7 Ways to Prevent School ShootingsMaking Schools Safer: Does Arming Teachers Make Sense?In the 10 years since Sandy Hook, gun laws in the U.S. haven't changed muchHow We Could Reduce School Shootings: Even without gun controlIt's not hopeless: An expert on what we can do to reduce school shootingsConnect with Ron on Twitter @AstorAvi
Dynamic changemaker and author Cornelius Minor unpacks timely big ideas for listeners from his book; We Got This. Equity, Access, and the Quest to Be Who Our Students Need Us to Be.  Cornelius offers strategies to authentically listen and hear what children are communicating, then think and adjust instruction to meet their needs. He encourages us to disrupt the status quo to guarantee access for those who benefit less from the way things are. Cornelius shares how to make our curricula work for all students and illuminates why we must shift from being compliant employees to proficient educators.Inspirational Leaders and Resources Mentioned by Cornelius:Fannie Lou Hamer  Carter G. Woodson The Mis-Education of the NegroTheory U: Presencing, Crossing the Threshold into the Field of the FutureYetta GoodmanKidwatchingCarla ShalabyCarla Shalaby on Radically Inclusive Discipline Connect with Cornelius:at his website (Kass & Corn)on Twitter @MisterMinoron Instagram @corneliusminor on Facebook @MisterMinoron LinkedIn @CorneliusMinor
I am thrilled to share that Season 2 of Schoolutions Podcast will kick off this September with the new school year. For new listeners, my name is Olivia Wahl, and as your host, I will continue connecting you with others that have creative solutions to issues we face in public education. Over Season 1's 20 episodes, guests shared their stories and ideas around an incredible variety of topics. Give them a listen if you haven't already. This season's guests will offer their expertise, teaching us about:using tools and strategies to change how we listen to each other the courage it takes to teach and to know when to quit nurturing equity-centered, reflective learningwhat universities are seeking in candidates graduating from public high schoolscombating school violence and bullyingunderstanding speech pathology and reading interventionsengaging in rich tasks that nurture thinking about mathstudent activismand so much morePlease follow, share, give a review and look for new episodes every Monday. As a veteran teacher, educational consultant, and mom of two boys in public schools, we're in this together! Parker J. Palmer's words from his book, The Courage to Teach, capture the essence of this podcast - he says - "This is for those who have good days and bad, and whose bad days bring the suffering that comes only from something one loves. It is for us who refuse to harden our hearts because we love learners, learning, and the teaching life. When you love your work that much—and many teachers do—the only way to get out of trouble is to go deeper in. We must enter, not evade, the tangles of teaching so we can understand them better and negotiate them with more grace, not only to guard our own spirits but also to serve our students well."And with that said - here's to finding inspiration together throughout Schoolutions Podcast, Season 2!
Principal David Friedrich shares about the Vertical Farming Initiative he and his colleague, Helen Corveleyn have grown together at their school, Hopewell Elementary in Hopewell, New Jersey.  David received the Top Tomato Award in 2016 for this work and Helen was recently a recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST) - the highest award kindergarten through 12th grade mathematics and science teachers can receive from the U.S. government.  Hopewell Elementary School is one of four elementary schools within Hopewell Valley Regional School District. Hopewell Elementary School’s Website , Facebook and Twitter pagesDavid Friedrich on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TwitterHelen Corveleyn on Facebook, Instagram, and TwitterVertical farming project partners with school (2016)Hopewell Elementary School Awarded $10,000 STEM/Sustainability Grant for Vertical Gardening Initiative (2018)David Friedrich - Top Tomato Winter (2016)President Biden Honors 117 Individuals and Organizations with Highest U.S. Award for Science and Mathematics Teachers and Mentors (2022)GFP Graduate, Helen Corveleyn, Awarded the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (2022)
Public school systems are still attempting to recover from pandemic learning loss where students with special needs were left behind.  As a Project Coordinator for the Parent Information Center of Delaware, Tina Andrews shares her expertise with caregivers and educators of children with disabilities. Tina defines what a safe inclusive model looks and feels like while clarifying the differences between compensatory services and extended school year.  Tina offers stories and countless resources to support listeners in navigating learning loss resulting from the pandemic.Parent Information Center (PIC) of Delaware & Tina’s Team ProfileParent’s Information & Resource CenterIDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act)What is the Difference Between an IEP and a 504 Plan?Center for Family InvolvementFamily VoicesCenter for Parent Information and ResourcesFind Your Parent Training and Information CenterdisAbility Law Center of VirginiadcistCADRE (The Center for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education)COPAA (Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates)Endrew F. Supreme Court Case
Tricia Coon astounds as a guest, describing the balancing act between her roles as Madison Central School District’s PreK-12th Grade Office Administrator and the Girls’ Modified Basketball Coach.  Tricia shares how she establishes and maintains relationships with caregivers, their children as well as with students that are sent to the office for various reasons by classroom educators.  Three of Tricia’s basketball players, Taylor, Adrionna and Hunter, share lessons learned from her coaching on the court that they carry with them beyond the game into life.  Find Madison Central School District and Tricia Coon on Social Media:Madison Central School District’s Website & Facebook Page Tricia Coon’s Facebook and Instagram Pages
Part two of an interview with 2022 School Library Journal Librarian of the Year and Certified School Library Media Specialist, K.C. Boyd.  K.C. offers ideas around Digital Literacy and describes her various Makerspace projects (e.g. Read Poster Project & Divine Justice) that both offer refuge and attract students into her library.  K.C. also shares how critical the role of a Certified Librarian is to mitigating the book banning process alongside institutions like the American Library Association Office of Intellectual Freedom and Every Library).  Some of Many Awards, Honors & Published Writing Highlighting K.C.’s Work:Ace Advocate: K.C. Boyd Is 2022 School Librarian of the Year (School Library Journal, 2022)Recipient of the 2022 School Librarian of the Year Award and Scholastic's ‘15 Librarians to Follow on Instagram’Librarian K.C. Boyd an advocate for students, community, profession (News Literacy Project, 2021)School Libraries 2021: Advocacy is a Necessary Part of the Job for School Librarians (School Library Journal, 2021)2020 Distinguished Service Award, District of Columbia Library AssociationK.C. Boyd, School Librarian, Answers Our Questions! (Every Library - The Medium  2018) K.C. Boyd: A Leader for Readers (School Library Journal, 2016)The Bookend: Librarian Introduces Popular  Street Lit Genre' (American Libraries Magazine, 2015)K.C.’s Social Media Presence:K.C.’s Website FacebookTwitterInstagram LinkedInClubhouse chat group “Boss Librarian and Friends” LinktreePinterestThe Boss_Librarian BlogYouTubeVimeo #EveryLibrary #TheNewsLiteracyProject #JAReaders #KCSaidIt #TrojanLMCMakerspace #workWOKE #DivineJustice #READProgram
2022 School Library Journal Librarian of the Year and Certified School Library Media Specialist, K.C. Boyd, shares about her advocacy and activism work for school libraries and librarians.  K.C. explains how she has found tremendous success in ensuring her students in Chicago and now Washington, D.C., have the right to read and access books that reflect themselves and encourage inquiry, despite their economic circumstances.Some of Many Awards, Honors & Published Writing Highlighting K.C.’s Work:Ace Advocate: K.C. Boyd Is 2022 School Librarian of the Year (School Library Journal, 2022)Recipient of the 2022 School Librarian of the Year Award and Scholastic's ‘15 Librarians to Follow on Instagram’Librarian K.C. Boyd an advocate for students, community, profession (News Literacy Project, 2021)School Libraries 2021: Advocacy is a Necessary Part of the Job for School Librarians (School Library Journal, 2021)2020 Distinguished Service Award, District of Columbia Library AssociationK.C. Boyd, School Librarian, Answers Our Questions! (Every Library - The Medium  2018) K.C. Boyd: A Leader for Readers (School Library Journal, 2016)The Bookend: Librarian Introduces Popular  Street Lit Genre' (American Libraries Magazine, 2015)A Library Journal 2015 ‘Mover and Shaker’Chicago Hope: High School  Librarian K.C. Boyd (School Library Journal, 2014)For Challenged Readers, Custom-Tailored Texts (Education Weekly, 2014)K.C.’s Social Media Presence:K.C.’s Website FacebookTwitterInstagram LinkedInClubhouse chat group “Boss Librarian and Friends” LinktreePinterestThe Boss_Librarian BlogYouTubeVimeo #JAReaders #KCSaidIt #TrojanLMCMakerspace #workWOKE
Tom Curry shares how he has worked to build trust with his staff, students, and their caregivers as a new principal in a time of significant transition and change.  Tom describes how restorative practices are critical to establishing a culture where everyone’s voices are heard within a safe and trusting school environment. Research to Support This Work:Restorative Practices for Educators (International Institute for Restorative Practices <IIRP>, 2022)Restorative Practices to Implement in 2022 (Panorama Education, 2022)Building a Positive School Climate Through Restorative Practices (Learning Policy Institute, 2021)Bringing Restorative Practices to Your School: Six lessons learned from replacing punitive discipline with a community-oriented, restorative approach. (Edutopia, 2016)
Children’s Reading Connection Founder, Brigid Hubberman, along with the dynamic performing duo of Cal Walker and John Simon share their mission to inspire, create, and promote efforts that build a culture of family and community literacy.  They believe that together we can grow successful readers, engaged citizens, and thriving communities.  Listeners have the gift of hearing John and Cal perform two samples from their Sing Me a Story! Read Me a Song! Collection.  Tune in to learn from this magical trio and be inspired to create an accessible culture of early literacy within your own community!Find Brigid’s Published Writing within:Game Changer! Book Access for All Kids by Donalyn Miller and Colby Sharp (2018)Jim Trelease's Read-Aloud Handbook: Eighth Edition (2019)Click Links to Learn More About:Children’s Reading Connection → MAKE A DONATIONSing Me a Story! Read Me a Song & Play the Entire Collection → MAKE A DONATIONStories in the StreetsMayor Reads for AllWord Collector ExtravaganzaMulti-Community ReadA Book on Every Bed with Amy Dickinson - “Ask Amy” Advice ColumnMore Research to Support This Work:Children and Music: Benefits of Music in Child Development by Bright Horizons Education Team (February 2022)How Music Can Improve Reading Skills In Children by Natalie Wilson (June 2017)
Part two of an interview with Ithaca High School students Adam Saar, Grace Lim, Aitan Avgar, and Kadek Nawiana that began with episode 12. These incredible students continue to share about their activism and advocacy as student representatives to their board of education.  Adam, Grace, Aitan and Kadek do not disappoint with their stories, detailing how they work to create a sustainable model where they are mentoring new recruits as well as what their future plans hold, leaving listeners brimming with hope.Please (seriously, you must...) take the time to see these incredible students in action, speaking to issues from our interview via the two ICSD Board Meeting Video Clips Below:ICSD Board of Education Voting Meeting - Tuesday, March 22, 2022 (via Zoom)​​​​ICSD Board of Education Voting Meeting - Tuesday, April 26, 2022 (via Zoom)
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