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What Would it Cost?

Author: Nick Regina

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Discover the secrets behind the price tag! Ever wondered the cost of your dream home or the investment needed to start a thriving business? "What Would it Cost?" is here to answer all your questions! Join our charismatic host, Nick Regina, as he delves deep into Toronto's vibrant real estate and entrepreneurial landscape. Every Monday, he sits down with the city's leading realtors and trailblazing entrepreneurs to share laughs, valuable insights, and the keys to unlocking success. Tune in to "What Would it Cost?" every Monday, you never know what you may learn!
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Welcome to a special edition of "What Would It Cost?", where we escape our usual Toronto backdrop for the sunny shores of Fort Lauderdale, Florida! In this lively compilation episode, we sit down with some of Fort Lauderdale’s most passionate realtors—Becky Banks, Karrie Thrasher, the dynamic duo Paul & Isreal, Rachael Barach, and Rene Thrasher. Dive into the stories of these seasoned professionals as they share what drew them to their careers in real estate, the paths they've travelled to achieve success, and why they’re smitten with Fort Lauderdale. From heartfelt to hilarious, our guests don't hold back, offering personal anecdotes and insights that reveal the real emotions behind buying and selling homes in one of America's most coveted locales. Whether it's Becky’s tales from the waterfront or Karrie’s unexpected encounters during open houses, each story adds a layer to the vibrant tapestry of life as a realtor in Fort Lauderdale. Paul & Israel offer a peek into their collaborative successes and mishaps, while Rachael and Rene bring their unique perspectives to the mix, ensuring there's never a dull moment. Connect With Us:
In this episode of "What Would It Cost?", host Nick sits down with Nick Hill, a seasoned real estate investor and co-host of the popular podcast, "The Canadian Real Estate Investor." Nick Hill, along with his co-host Daniel Foch, brings a wealth of experience, fresh perspectives, and well-researched insights to the world of Canadian real estate investing. Join us as we dive deep into the intricacies of real estate investment in Canada. Nick Hill shares his expertise on structuring deals, growing your real estate portfolio, and staying updated with the latest news in the Canadian real estate market. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, this episode is packed with valuable information and entertaining discussions that you won't want to miss.
In this exciting episode of What Would It Cost?, Nick sits down with Tara Sadatt, a dynamic Toronto realtor known for her impressive social media presence. Tara shares her journey of expanding her real estate portfolio internationally, with a strong focus on the booming market in Dubai. Tune in to hear about her thrilling upcoming projects and gain insights into the global real estate landscape. Whether you're an aspiring realtor or a seasoned investor, this episode is packed with valuable tips and inspiration for anyone looking to make their mark in the real estate world.
In this compelling episode of the "What Would it Cost?" podcast, we're thrilled to host Raymond Hau, one of the pioneering founders of HAUS Real Estate. Dive deep into the core values that shape the unique culture at HAUS and discover how these principles aren't just ideals, but everyday practices that have a tangible impact on the real estate industry.
Join host Nick Regina in this electrifying episode of "Life at the Edge" as we sit down with Christopher Soffee, a high-roller whose gambling exploits involve millions of dollars and colossal wins. Christopher opens up about his thrilling journey in the world of high stakes gambling, sharing insider secrets and the adrenaline rush of betting big. But there's more to his life than just cards and casinos. Christopher also reveals his thoughts on potentially settling down and finding a wife, balancing his love for excitement with the desire for a more stable personal life. Don't miss this deep dive into the life of a man who lives on the edge yet is contemplating what lies beyond the game.
In this captivating episode of "What Would It Cost?", join us as we explore the remarkable journey of Tom and Nick Karadza, the visionary founders of Rock Star Real Estate Brokerage. Founded in 2008, Rock Star Real Estate isn't just any real estate company. It's a place where dreams are built, and real estate investing becomes a pathway to living your "Rock Star Life." Discover how Tom and Nick transitioned from their personal real estate ventures in the Golden Horseshoe area into forming a unique brokerage that truly stands out. Nick, who began his real estate journey at just 21, and Tom, who left a lucrative job to bet on real estate with a young family, have reshaped the landscape for investors. Their mission? To empower individuals to live life on their terms, a mantra that has attracted a community of over 500 enthusiastic investors to their regular events. Dive deep into the strategies that made Rock Star Real Estate a beacon for both seasoned and novice investors. Learn about their absolute team environment where specialists in various fields – from custom home building to first-time home buying and multi-unit investment – collaborate to deliver unparalleled results.
In the latest episode"What Would It Cost?", we were thrilled to host a couple of radio legends: DJ Matt The Hammer, and DJ Danny D from Z103.5. This episode wasn't just a showcase of on-air personalities; it was a deep dive into the undying spirit of radio, the current existence of euro music, and the remarkable role these pioneers played in catapulting artists like Justin Bieber and The Weeknd to stardom, as well as orchestrating mammoth events like Summer Rush.
This week host Michael Succurro is joined by Team Lead of The Fine Estates Team Andrew Perrie. Andrew brings the industry an entourage of innovative marketing ideas and video marketing strategies. A visible social media presence, who is tirelessly promoting his real estate ventures online, Andrew offers Revel and his clients an avant-garde perspective on the future of real estate promotion in the Niagara Region, where he makes his family homestead on an orchard in Niagara-on-the-Lake.
After spending the first half of his 21 year real estate career in sales, Jon recognized a passion for leadership and evolved from agent to branch manager, and finally an executive position as general manager of a tri-state consortium. During his years of leadership he recognized the single-most critical responsibility of any leader is to attract, develop, inspire, and retain quality leadership talent - transferring skill-sets that stimulate the growth of an organization. Jon joins WWIC for another episode hosted at this year's Buzz Conference "Game Changer" Learn More about Jon: Learn More About us: Contact Spark Financial Group: 647-730-5556 180 Bass Pro Mills Drive, Suite 101
Host Michael Succurro sits down with CEO and Founder at Broker Pocket, Eric Skicki. BrokerPocket is a digital platform designed specifically for the progressive real estate agent, real estate brokerage and real estate board looking to have access to off-market listings. If you are interested in learning more about broker pocket, make sure to visit
Join us on this week's episode of WWIC, recorded live at the Buzz Conference's "Game Changer" event, featuring Nathan Dart, the Owner of Dart Homes & SVP of Final Offer. Nathan's commitment to service, knowledge and professionalism has led him to the very top of his field, earning him numerous prestigious awards and special recognition both Internationally and regionally. These awards and achievements are your guarantee for proven results. Final Offer is a real estate platform that aims to revolutionize the way homes are bought and sold by emphasizing transparency, trust, and technology to benefit buyers, sellers, and agents alike. This platform facilitates a more open and straightforward negotiation and offer process, where sellers can publicly state their price and terms, and buyers can propose their own or accept the seller's terms confidently, knowing exactly where they stand in real time.
Join us on this week's episode of WWIC, recorded live at the Buzz Conference's "Game Changer" event, featuring Brett Starke, the visionary president of The Starke Group. Join Brett Starke as he recounts the remarkable story of how he founded Referral Land, revolutionizing the way realtors exchange value and grow their professional networks. Brett has dedicated himself to empowering smaller boutique brokerages with the tools they need to thrive in a competitive market dominated by large-scale agencies. His innovative platform, Referral Land, offers a transformative approach to referrals, enabling realtors to cultivate their reputations and expertise on a broader scale.
This episode of WWIC was filmed at this year Buzz Conference "Game Changer". Raz Zohar sits down with host Nick Regina to discuss the future of Ai in the Real estate industry. Raz created the Ai platform called Mave that is set to take the Real Estate Industry by storm using data such as permit data, city specific data, data from MLS, and much more. Connect with us:
In this inspiring episode, Nadia takes us on her incredible journey from her early days of selling homes to her current role as a coach and mentor to realtors nationwide. As a leading figure in a traditionally male-dominated industry, Nadia shares her unique perspective and challenges she faced as a female leader breaking barriers in real estate. Connect with Nadia: Connect with EXP Realty: Connect with us: Nadia Habib is the VP of Growth for EXP Canada, which is part of a global real estate company, EXP Realty, which has more than 89,000 agents all around the world. Get Nadia's expert analysis on the hottest Canadian real estate markets! Whether you're an investor or looking to buy your first home, Nadia shares invaluable tips on where to focus your attention in today's market. Hear Nadia's thoughts on the future trends of the real estate industry, especially in the context of remote and digital innovations in this forward-thinking brokerage.
Join us for an exclusive podcast episode featuring Mass Grisafi, the innovative mind behind Insert Marketing Agency. Explore Mass's remarkable journey from nightclub promotions to the helm of a thriving marketing agency. Gain valuable insights, strategies, and success stories that have defined his path to achievement
In this episode learn how Angelo Ferlisi was able to scale his real estate career by partnering up with an international real estate firm Nest seekers and the importance of having a real estate team to grow as a realtor.
In today’s episode, learn more about Dr. Sanjeev’s anti-aging methods and how you can start reverse your aging process. Dr. Sanjeev will share not only the principles behind his cutting-edge techniques but also practical steps you can incorporate into your daily routine.
From Broke to a 7-figure Real Estate agent! Join us in this episode as we uncover the incredible journey of David Robbio, who transformed his life from flat broke to a top 1% real estate agent. Discover the strategies and secrets that lead him to success, and find out how he built his own thriving realty team.
Join us in this inspiring episode of WWIC as we explore Anthony Ricciardi's remarkable journey from the finance industry to a successful career as an artist. Discover how he turned his passion into a thriving business, and gain valuable insights into pursuing your dreams. Don't miss this insightful conversation that's sure to motivate and empower you
In this WWIC episode, we take a look at Julian Parentela’s journey to success. He was able to turn his family’s hospitality & events business into a huge success by having A-list celebrities perform at their venue. Julian has worked as a project coordinator and leveraged his experience from the hospitality industry to venture off to real estate development. Connect with Julian Connect with us: / wwic.podcast