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In this channel we will discuss several topics on current scenatio,various topic of law which may be known, little known or unknown. I will share my poetry by reciting it. I will share various ideas with you. শুরু করা যাক।
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Season 2 is coming

Season 2 is coming


Hello friends, Happy New Year. Thanks for supporting me. Season 2 is coming. Stay tuned and if you have not listen season 1 please go. 153 minutes of podcast is waiting just for you
Poetry episode no 13

Poetry episode no 13


নিজের স্বরচিত কবিতা 'একদিন সবাই সফল হবো' পাঠ করে শোনালাম। আরো লেখা ও কবিতার জন্য লয়েট চ্যানেল ও এ নজর রাখুন।
Newtown older than kolkata??
Do you know there was Bengali regiment consists of bengali soldiers in the British Indian Army. But after 1920 it was disbanded and till now Indian army does not have Bengali Regiment. This is the story of the second episode
Reciting german poetry 'Summer' written by great poet of Germany Johan wolfgang von goethe
Reciting famous Russian poem "Wait for me" which was written by Konstantin Simonov in the year 1941 at that time when he left his love Valentina Serova behind to join world war 2.
One liner(Episode one)

One liner(Episode one)


Do you know this fact about Bengal??:)



I am announcing another series-'One liner'. It will very short like instagram reel. Keep listening, keep supporting
Today's episode is all about honouring Queen Bhabashankari of Bhurshut kingdom, which is todays hooghly and howrah district of the state of West Bengal, India
Today's story is about Chandra Sekhar Ghosh, founder of Bandhan Bank
New announcement

New announcement


Introduction of two new series-Veerpurus and Bengali Birangana. Stay tuned, Coming soon.
This is the story of the stalwart Indian banker and the founder of Comilla Banking Corporation Shri Narendra Chandra Dutta
Self written poetry Recitation. Poem name 'Defining India'
Todays episode tells us about Sir Birendra nath Mukherjee, founder of IISCO.
Motivations for founding LAWET
Self written poetry recitation. Poem-মা আসছে। Published in Udvabon patrika in the auspicious eve of durgapuja 2021
Self written poetry recitation.
Do you want to know why this podcasts are different than others?? Listen and know it.:)
It is all about LAWET
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