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Watch out, a new episode is here and let me tell you, it's stuffed with very interesting information. Make sure to follow us on Facebook.
What's this? More parts to a PC?
PC Components: Storage

PC Components: Storage


HDD? SSD? Gigabytes? So many terms that need explanation. 
PC components: CPU

PC components: CPU


CPUs are the captain of the computer ship, it directs everything where to go.
PC components: RAM

PC components: RAM


This series on the individual components while hopefully help you understand what each one does and how to make the best choice when buying a new PC.
Trying to sum up what I spoke about in the past episodes, I hope this series wasn't too cumbersome.
We've come to the final steps of setting up a Zero Trust Network. 
The next steps on the journey to a Zero Trust network. 
The continuation of our Zero Trust Network series. How to implement a Zero Trust network.
What is Zero Trust Philosophy? Is my business safe without it?
Local domains are great if you need more control and transparency on your network.
Does your business have critical systems that use electricity? Then you need a UPS battery backup system.
Email filtering is an important way to keep yourself safe from accidentally clicking on an email that shouldn't be there in the first place. If you liked the episode or have topics you would like to hear about, please leave a comment.
Virtual Private Networks, what are they for and some simple explanations of what they look like.
Changes are necessary and healthy but in a business setting they need to be managed to decrease the impact and stress.
Ransomeware is no joke and can destroy a business. Keep yourself safe and keep up those backups.
On this episode I discuss why it is important to understand mental health in the workplace and what it means for your cybersecurity.
On this episode I discuss how to keep your critical business files secure while working remote.
On this episodes I discuss what to look for in an anti-virus application for your business.
In this episode I discuss what to expect from a I.T. Managed Service Provider.
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