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If you've ever wanted to know about champagne, satanism, the Stonewall Uprising, chaos theory, LSD, El Nino, true crime and Rosa Parks, then look no further. Josh and Chuck have you covered.
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The trial of Sacco and Vanzetti, two anarchists accused of murder, was one of the first "crimes of the century." But did they do it? To this day there is speculation that they did not. Learn all about this famous case in this classic episode. See for privacy information.
You know all of those cords and cables and wires that we use to connect our stuff to the electrical grid so they’ll, you know, work? Imagine a day when energy flies through the air like wifi, utterly cord-free. Well, imagine no more! That day is coming!See for privacy information.
Smudging is the process of wafting around the smoke of burning white sage. What is it good for? Listen in and find out.See for privacy information.
If you grew up outside of Africa, you might know Haile Selassie’s name from reggae music - the man who ruled Ethiopia is considered a god in Jamaica. In Ethiopia opinions are more varied. See for privacy information.
In 1968, Paul Erlich published The Population Bomb, predicting coming famine and mass death. Erlich's predictions didn't pan out but his ideas launched a debate still raging today. Learn all about it in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
David Hahn was a kid who was really into science. So much that he built a nuclear reactor in his mother's potting shed. And it worked. See for privacy information.
One of the world’s cultural treasure troves were created in West Africa. But for over a century they’ve been held in museums outside of Africa. In fact, an estimated 95 percent of Africa’s cultural heritage is kept in museums overseas.See for privacy information.
Charles and Ray Eames were superstar designers who dreamed up some of the most iconic pieces of furniture ever made. And they did much more than that.See for privacy information.
Sometimes a good idea doesn’t pan out in real life. Take Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome: It requires less energy to heat and cool, it’s cheap, and it’s durable enough to withstand a hurricane – but it’s also godawful ugly and that was its undoing. Learn more with Josh and Chuck in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
Like is a very divisive word. Purists think it's like, a filler word born in the 80s that's like, destroying the English language. Turns out none of these are like, true. See for privacy information.
There’s a great origin story behind snake oil salesmen, and it has to do with just one guy who singlehandedly gave it a bad name.See for privacy information.
There was a brief period in America’s history – after people left the farm to work in the city and before the government started regulating it – when there was a total, lawless free-for-all in the food industry. Things were bad. Really, really bad.See for privacy information.
The Unabomber was one of the most notorious and longest lasting cases in the history of the FBI. Just because the manifesto reads like he was a fortune teller doesn't make his actions any less deplorable. Learn all about this fascinating case in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
Do teachers and managers give special treatment to those who they're told have great academic or professional promise? Does this create a self-fulfilling prophecy, regardless of the truth? That's just part of the fascinating Pygmalion Effect.See for privacy information.
Why are all school buses the same color? Because one man made it so. This is that story. See for privacy information.
Whether you know it as Clue or Cluedo, the whodunnit mystery board game is one of the best of all time. Learn all about the history behind the game’s development, and strategies on how to crush your fellow players as soundly as Chuck’s wife crushes him.See for privacy information.
Selects: How Disgust Works

Selects: How Disgust Works


Disgust is an odd thing. It makes sense that we would feel a sense of revulsion at the thought of putting rotten meat in our mouths – that’s pure evolution. But why would we feel the same emotion at the thought of weird sex or from hearing a racist rant? Find out more in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
The History of Las Vegas

The History of Las Vegas


How did the sleepy Nevada town of Las Vegas become LAS VEGAS? Well, we'll let you know over the course of about 45 minutes. See for privacy information.
Wainscoting is a beloved and time-tested decorative way to spruce up your walls. But what is it anyway? Listen in to find out.See for privacy information.
Tune in today to listen to the story of when North Hollywood became a war zone after a brazen bank robbery. See for privacy information.
Comments (2873)

Arash Sh


Feb 28th


why don't you guys spearhead a petition for a formal redress of grievances before Congress to demand that each state enforce a voter ID and ubiquitous voting procedures.. I think this was the first attempt at interference with our elections.. keep the electoral collage, it balances the higher density cities to rural American populace

Feb 26th


Needs fact check. Fission VS fusion. Submarine VS aircraft carrier... Etc Good episode though about a brilliant kid. Sad he never was able to find his place in this world.

Feb 25th

Jane McCurdy

a sad Sheldon Cooper story :(

Feb 23rd

Victoria Bleggi

I LOVED this story.

Feb 23rd

Donna Bouwknecht

"Pregnant people"? Really? :/ Only biological women can become pregnant...

Feb 18th

Aaron TG

this assumes that if government doesn't do a thing, that thong can't be done. The FDA is wholly owned by big pharma, and the major food processors. People very wrongly assume that because the FDA approved it, it must be safe. Remember that every product the FDA has recalled is a product they previously claimed was safe. There 10,000s of them.

Feb 13th
Reply (2)

Regular To

You've said enough. Free Ted now!!!

Feb 11th

Big Zero

Guys. Dead bodies STINK! Dead bodies also attract predators. It only makes sense to get a dead body far away from you and bury it so animals and you can't smell it. Absolutely no germ theory necessary to come to this conclusion. Dead bodies smell very bad. Tuk tuk wouldn't just leave Muk Muk's dead body laying around the fire.

Feb 8th
Reply (1)

Robert Egged

Philips CD-i had a CD-ROM version of Clue in the 1990s.

Feb 6th
Reply (1)

Kirk Fontaine

Learning about the many facets of this emotion is truly fascinating! There is so much to explore and discover.

Feb 3rd


in this episode, Josh proves he had no understanding of what it takes to be a police officer, and the two of them get insulted by Mrs. Grua from a previous podcast. opinion: Mrs. Grua should just be thankful instead of being rude.

Jan 31st
Reply (1)

Samanta tanzeem

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Jan 29th

Ecere Seluk


Jan 18th

Kirk Fontaine

this is a very informative podcast although the current podcast is informative but quite boring because I don't want to but the dry cleaning process is very interesting

Jan 16th
Reply (2)

Priya Dharshini

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Jan 12th

mrs rime

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Jan 12th

Mia Michael

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Jan 11th
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