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Author: DJuana Lewis

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Interested in what life has been like for DFitz the Designer? Catch her every other week with a new story that will help you gain insight into this entrepreneur's adventures. Some roads may be shady, some dark, and others sunny—but one thing they all have in common (besides being exciting!) is they all are entertaining! Support this podcast:
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I Found 2 Bodies

I Found 2 Bodies


In a time in my life when I had to look over my shoulder ALL THE TIME, the last thing I wanted was for my lifestyle to affect those closet to me. Listen as I take you through this crazy tale of me finding two bodies in my boyfriend's house. --- Support this podcast:
I thought she was trippin'. It was just water. Join me as I share a quick story on how I destroyed a great relationship with my nail tech. --- Support this podcast:
I absolutely loved Girl Scouts, and like everything else in my life, I was obsessed with being the best. During an attempt to achieve another scout badge, I ran into an obstacle... my troop leader. A leader who wasn't too helpful with me trying to achieve my goals. --- Support this podcast:
It was supposed to be just a normal morning jog. I'm not sure how it turned into this woman ready to risk her whole like just to get away from... --- Support this podcast:
Most of us hit those teenage years and thought we should be treated like we were grown. Maybe it wasn't most of us, but I can speak for myself and say I thought I was to be treated like an adult. I hit the age of 16 and lost my mind. Leave it to my mother to snap me back into reality with a little....well...a lot of force.  --- Support this podcast:
She told me a secret but really it was a setup. In front of everyone, she called me a snitch. Her rouse led to us having the biggest fallout ever and 'till this day we are no longer friends. I'm a lot of things but a snitch is not one of them! --- Support this podcast:
In the final story of my adventures with Mr. BMW I take you through our final days together. Listen how things go from super light to really dark. You never know who is for you and who is against you until it's too late. --- Support this podcast:
If you haven't listened to episode 1 then you won't get what's going on in this episode. I heard your feedback and here is the episode you guys asked me for. The date was cool but it's what happened afterward that really set the trajectory of my life. Make sure you subscribe wherever you are listening to this podcast. --- Support this podcast:
Being bullied is a traumatic experience. It's nothing you want to deal with day in and day out. Here is my story of how I overcame being a bully by becoming one. Find out how my experience turned eventually shaped my grind in business. --- Support this podcast:
Are you the type of person who will hide who you really are so that people don't feel a way about you because of what you have? I am not that person but I had to learn a really important lesson about that. Find out what happens when you show off in front of the wrong people. --- Support this podcast:
What was supposed to be a simple night out with one guy turned into a chance meeting with another. And this guy would lead me right into a crack house.  --- Support this podcast:
In this episode of Blue Shrimp Moscato, I tell the story of how I tried sneaking to a guy's house while pledging for my sorority. I was totally forbidden but I thought I could outsmart my dean of pledges. Boy, was I wrong.  Subscribe to the Blue Shrimp Moscato Podcast wherever you listen to your podcast.  Visit My website - --- Support this podcast:
2006 was a rough year for me. My life was flipped upside down and the one guy I thought had my back... didn't. One of the main things I had to face was the fact I had become a very toxic person and I needed to change. I just thought he'd tough it out with me. --- Support this podcast:
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