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Prolific gaming news expert Jeff Grubb is here to dish out all of the hottest headlines from the around the world of video games!
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Jeff Grubb is joined by Emma Fyffe to discuss Todd Howard's comments on the future of Fallout, Sea of Thieves doing very well on PS5, and THE INCOMING NINTENDO DIRECT, GET UNREASONABLY HYPE, Y'ALL!!!
Jeff Grubb and TurboShawn are here to bring a little joy to your Dregs Day, talking about what the future for Bloodborne could be, what games viewers are most excited about after SGF, and more!
Jeff Grubb is joined by Jason Fanelli to talk about new info on Monster Hunter Wilds, more bits of Summer Game Fest news, and a surprising twist in the story of a beloved leaker.
Jeff Grubb has returned from Summer Game Fest to chat with Jesse Norris about some Epic Games Store Leaks, a Nintendo Direct popping up, Dragon Age: The Veilguard impressions, and so much more!
Jeff Grubb is joined by Imran Khan to chat about the previews for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, rumors about a shadow drop coming from Xbox, questionable handhelds, and much more!
Jeff Grubb and Emma Fyffe chat about Take-Two's decision to not announce Grand Theft Auto 6 for the PC, Astro Bot reportedly a much bigger game than its predecessor, PS VR2's PC adapter coming soon, and much more!
Game Mess Mornings 05/30/24

Game Mess Mornings 05/30/24


Jeff Grubb and Jan Ochoa break down a solid block of PlayStation news such as their mobile game initiative, PS4 players becing a core part of the audience, and tentpole games heading to PC. We also chat about the Just Cause movie in development, a Minecraft show, and more!
Jeff Grubb and Lucy James chat about todays top stories in video games! Grubb was right and there is indeed a State of Play slated for May 30th, we recap the Circana reports, Xbox's investments, Sony Pulling the Neil Druckman interview, and much more!
Jeff Grubb and is joined by Jesse Vitelli to chat about the news on this Friday morning! They chat about Alone in the Dark selling below expectations, XDefiant having a good launch, what's happening with Square Enix, and much more!
Jeff Grubb and Jan Ochoa chat about the possibilities of Steam popping up on the next Xbox, Sony's speculated creative future, Atari acquiring a studio, and more!
Jeff Grubb is joined by our own TurboShawn to chat about a multiplayer mode hitting Suika, a new NBA Jam arcade machine, the CEO of Arrowhead stepping down, PlayStation working on free-to-play games, and more!
Jeff Grubb is joined by Emma Fyffe today to chat about rumors of Xbox's new console coming out in 2026, another rumor of PlayStation working on a new PSP, updates on the Zelda movie, and much more on this Monday morning!
Jeff Grubb and Tamoor Hussain are here today to chat about their love for niche little handheld gaming devices, GTA VI launching Fall 2025, Microsoft planning to put this year's Call of Duty on Game Pass, Valve entering the hero shooter genre, a Lego Horizon game coming, and more!
Jeff Grubb and Jan Ochoa detail their impressions on Assassin's Creed Shadow, Ubisoft cancelling The Division Heartland, rumors about the upcoming Switch, Sony chaning their measurements for success, updates on Microsoft's "Latitude" project, and much more!
Jeff Grubb is joined by Jason Fanelli to chat about Ghost of Tsushima's playability on the Steam Deck, Sony performing very well and some slight updates on Concord, Resident Evil 1 potentially being next for remake treatment, and impressions on the new Assassin's Creed game!
Jeff Grubb and Emma Fyffe chat about Square Enix's plans for future games and their current development strategies, some rumors regarding an upcoming Nintendo project, Ghost of Tsushima's PC port getting delisted because of PSN access, Doom playing a big part in Xbox's Game Showcase later this year, and much more!
Jeff Grubb and Tamoor hussain breakdown today's top stories in games! Today they chat about the ongoing situation at Microsoft, some Nintendo Switch 2 tech specs, and a couple leaks suggesting that Persona may become an annual franchise!
Jeff Grubb and Jan Ochoa break down the current situation amid studio closures over at Xbox, Call of Duty's future on Game Pass, the Nintendo Switch will stop being able to connect to Twitter soon, and more stories!
Jeff Grubb is joined by Lucy James today to chat about the studio closures over at Microsoft, Perfect Dark having more developmental woes, a surprise release from Nintendo as well as some record breaking profits, and much more!
Jeff Grubb and Emma Fyffe are here to chat about Nintendo finally revealing details on ther "next game console" will look like at an investor meeting, Sony revoking the PSN account linking for Helldivers 2, Activision rejecting a proposed Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3+4, and much more!
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