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Full Stack Europe 2022 Photo of Aaron doing the splits on stage Aaron's article on The ReadME Project The Rails SaaS Conference Brittany Martin's Rails SaaS recap on The Ruby on Rails Podcast Photo of the disastrous chair rental
Kent's Website Kent on Twitter Remix Epic React
As mentioned in the last episode, we're sharing in our feed the RailsConf Podcast Panel where Andrew represented Framework Friends. If you're interested in some insider discussion from the Rails community, enjoy! Otherwise, stay tuned for a new episode of Framework Friends later this week!
The Rails SaaS Conference Andrew's announcement Jason Cohen's famous MicroConf talk (from around the era we were talking about)
Phoenix Framework and LiveView The Elixir Programming Language Chris McCord on Twitter
Laravel Nova 4.0

Laravel Nova 4.0


Aaron's Announcement Stripe Capital Laravel Nova Hammerstone Refine Sidekiq Pro
We debrief about Sin City Ruby and Aaron asks Andrew questions about the technical, product, and business details of the announcement that Bullet Train is now available as an open-source Rails-based framework with a paid "Pro" tier, while also sharing insights from earlier, similar developments in the Laravel product line.
Origin Stories

Origin Stories


Sharing what originally drew Aaron to Laravel and Andrew to Ruby on Rails, and how it relates to what we're each working on today.
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