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The Dark Scene volume 4; by Makarova; various dark alternative artists; 2021. Darkelectro, Darkwave, Futurepop, Gothic, Industrial, Synthpop.Tracklist:01. Suicide Commando – Hellraiser (post mortem)02. BlakLight – Bittersweet03. Blutengel – Winter of My Life04. Weird Wolves – Overdrive05. Wolfchild – Torture’s Advocate (ft. Tanaros)06. Llumen – My Heart Inside Your Hands07. Mono Inc. – Run For Your Life08. Cold Connection – Burning Love09. Eisfabrik – Eins Mit Dem Wind10. Kant Kino – Owner of this house lives here (Club mix)11. BlakLight – I Remember Nothing12. Llumen – Polygon Heart13. The Guests – Highlands14. Panic Priest – Angelsteal15. Mechatronic – Beyond the Silence16. Leaether Strip – I Sit on Acid17. Gasoline Invertebrate – Headschatten18. Erdling – Götterdämmerung19. Combichrist – Compliance20. Camlann – 198321. Bionic Bitch – Vengeance22. Corporate Soldiers – Give It To You (ft. Ayria)23. Digital Factor – Come With Me24. In My Despair – Fears25. Retro Electro – Tanz Kretin Tanz (ft. Leaether Strip)26. S Y Z Y G Y X – Light You On Fire27. Super Dragon Punch – Wire28. The Frixion – Deceive A Believer (Nude Sound System remix)29. Norderney – Rejection30. Wolfchild – Only Grave (ft.13th Angel)31. T-Error Machinez – The Cosmic Otder (ft. Naive Dreams)32. Blutengel – The Victory Of Light33. Male Tears – Hit Me34. Uncarnate – Zion35. Llumen – The Dark in her Eyes36. Dernière Volonté – Mon Beau Miroir37. BlakLight – Reset
Darkness Awaits Us

Darkness Awaits Us


The Dark Scene volume 3; 2021; various dark alternative artists; by Makarova. Darkwave, Gothic, Industrial; Dark Electro.Tracklist:01. Blutengel – Darkness Awaits Us02. BlakLight – This Lonely Night03. Zero A.D. – Can You Hear Me04. West End Girls – I’m Not Scared05. Alpha Point – Things I Do (Pride and Glory mix by Personal Space)06. Chaos All Stars – Forget Them (ft. Kari Berg)07. Felix Marc – Drift (ft. Zura)08. Giant Monsters on the Horizon – Self Control (ft. Arden and the Wolves)09. L’ame Immortelle – Fear10. Llumen – Desert Land11. Mono Inc. – Welcome To Hell (Live At Wasserschloss Klaffenbach)12. The Brides of the Black Room – Mother Mother13. Wolfchild – Massacre Of Innocents (ft. Tanaros)14. Stillife – Always Apart (ft. Chiron)15. Seven Trees – Phased Out (Scatha Floorkiller remix)16. Blutengel – Wir Sind Das Licht17. Camlann – Dancing With My Pain18. Die Robo Sapiens – Kaltes Klares Wasser (ft. Leaether Strip)19. Implant – Phantom Pain (ft. Noemi Aurora)20. Jesus on Extasy – Nuclear Bitch21. N-Frequency – Here We Stand22. Reizstrom – Vienna23. The Frixion – What Is Love24. Vanguard – Inside ( [SITD] Remix)25. Tobias Bernstrup – I Am Become26. Vyrtual Zociety – Scifi Citizen (Data remix)27. Corlyx – The Echo28. Electro Spectre – You Wear The Jesus (Sapphire mix)29. Infravision – Illegal Future30. Escape With Romeo – Tears Of Kali31. Ant People – Runaway (original mix)32. Mental Exile – Streets on Fire33. BlakLight – The Sound34. Llumen – The Path That Leads Me Home35. Brixx – Shock of the New36. DNTR – I Wanna Go Home37. Camlann – Metropolitan Boy38. Dark Side Eons – Using Me, Using You
Disco Discord

Disco Discord


The Dark Scene Volume 2; 2021; by Makarova. Darkwave, Coldwave. Gothic, Postpunk.Tracklist:01. The Marquis – Poison02. Fractions – Violent Eyes03. Rouge – Potential Danger04. Triumvirs – Bedlam in Judas Manor05. La Bande-Son Imaginaire – Charmante06. Twin Tribes – Perdidos (Cult Of Alia Remix)07. Dead Astronauts – Strangers in a Room08. Monochrome Lover – Savior09. Grave Diggers Union – Let Go of Your Beliefs10. Dear Deer – Disco Discord11. DucTape – Rain12. Future Faces – Shallow13. Bleakness – A World To Rebuild14. Altar de Fey – And May Love Conquer All15. Nerve Quakes – Void16. Mekong – Industria17. Clock of Time – Swallow The Feed18. Love Language – Cataleptic Solitude19. Allein in der Badewanne – Freude22. Supernova 1006 – No More Sorry21. Eozdis – Frozen and Reckless22. Thymian – Ponavlja Se23. Kuzina – Странник24. Dizzy Graves – Devils Dance, Angels Prance25. Henyox – Devote Your Body (Unconscious Remix)26. Mala Herba – Dawaj27. Tenderlash – Misery Loves Fantasy28. True Faith – A Perfect Place29. Mandivula – False Gods30. Metal Reels – Into The Crypt31. Shame – Alphabet32. досвидошь – Тарантино33. Health x The Soft Moon – Colors
Last Train To Svetlograd

Last Train To Svetlograd


The Dark Scene Volume 1; various dark alternative artists by Makarova; Darkwave, Coldwave, Gothic .....Tracklist:01. Vlure – Shattered Faith02. Beige Banquet – Hotel Room03. Affet Robot – Celiski04. Geneva Jacuzzi – Do I Sad05. Synthicide – Sensual Inactivity06. Degloved Hand – Color’s No One Sees07. Feeding Fingers – I Won’t Eat The Horror08. Kanga – Home09. Pink Turns Blue – There Must Be So Much More10. Don’t Get Lemon – Working Man’s Ballet11. Boy Harsher – Electric12. Lauer – Altalenanti (ft. Fabrizio Mammarella)13. Nueve Desconocidos- Todos Mis Cristales14. Double Echo – In The Gallery15. Body Maintenanace – Death’s Hall16. Permafrost – Femme Fatale17. PVA – Sleek Form18. We Own The Night – Lines19. Tragic Figures – IV20. Art D’ecco – I Am The Dance Floor21. Amiture – Touch22. Thymian – Ponavlja Se23. Dlina Volny – Bipolar24. Paranormales – Tigre (Velvet Condom remix)25. Ash Code – Fear26. Electro Spectre – A Different Kind of Love (Radio edit)27. New Canyons – No Shame28. Veil of Light – The Prayer Wheel29. Arnaud Rebotini – Last Train To Krasnodar30. Simon Mino – Diana31. Carlo Onda – Hold On My Heart
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