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The Strange Creator

Author: Em Leonard

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An in depth look at the creative forces behind the world's most amazingly strange attractions.
7 Episodes
In South Dakota exists a history lesson that you need to see to believe. A Westworld before Westworld and a horror movie in the making created by a genuine American history teacher Dean Songstad and his pal Bill.Support the Show.
In the honeymoon capital of the world a disturbingly gruesome attraction exists thanks to a savvy businessman and a local creative legend.Support the Show.
What happens when a burned out lawyer and jack of all trades craftsman accidentally cross paths? The result is the legendary and wonderfully strange roadside attraction The Thing. Support the Show.
The experimental filmmaker David Wilson along his wife Diane relentlessly followed their passions eventually launching one of the most amazingly strange museums ever conceived. Support the Show.
Dubbed the most dangerous amusement park ever built, Action Park pushed the limits of summertime fun with sometimes deadly consequences.Support the Show.
Dismaland - Banksy

Dismaland - Banksy


In September of 2015 the curious Dismaland opened to a confused public forever changing the way we experience political and social satire.Support the Show.
A family trip through the Arizona desert that started it all. This short introductory episode highlights how a random bathroom break at someplace called "The Thing" began my obsession with strange attractions and their creators.Support the Show.
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