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This children's podcast about kindess and friendship takes place on the Oregon Coast. Bear King and Bobo Chico are flying kites when their young friends, brothers Loar and Roen, come by and save the day. Later, while having lunch in a driftwood fort, they befriend a lost dog and meet its owners Sir Paddy and Lady Poppy Pumpernickel of Peacock Lane in Portland. Bear King grants a special reward to Loar and Roen for their good deeds.
This children's podcast takes place on the Southern Oregon Coast. While vacationing there, Bear King and Bobo Chico meet Pete the Pirate, Squawk the Parrot, and Sailor Dani. Disaster is averted when they rescue the ‘pirate treasure’ ― a birthday present for Ivy (a young member of the Koquille people). Ivy is delighted and wants to pet the mischievous Squawk.
In this children's podcast, Bear King and Bobo Chico are invited to fly in Pilot Patty’s small plane. Bobo Chico’s blue cap flies out the window and lands on a big rock in the Sandy River. They meet Loar and Roen by the river and Ranger Agua guides the cap’s retrieval. Thanks to the brave Loar, the cap is saved, and they all celebrate with ice cream at the Sugar Pine Drive In.
In this children's podcast, Bobo Chico has an idea for a real crown for Bear King. This special crown is made by Wander the Wizard in his shop under Mt. Tabor. Back in the Sky Cave with his friends, Bobo Chico accidently breaks it.  Bear King becomes fazzled but is calmed by Sacejis the Wise. After bear-hugging Bobo Chico (while wearing his new crown) he gives him one of Bear Queen’s homemade muffins…with jam! 
This children's story about overcoming uncertainty takes place in Portland, Oregon. Bobo Chico meets Bear King on the Tilikum Crossing Bridge when Loar tells them of his brother Roen’s crisis of confidence. Roen’s fears are justified, and Bear Kings shares his story of how he over came a similar fear.  After Bobo Chico, Loar, and Roen all practice how to overcome the fear of heights, Bear King rewards them with prize of ice cream in Ladd’s Addition. 
This children's podcast is about kidness and helping others. Bear King and Bobo Chico’s gardening is interrupted when Loar and Roen rush over and explain that their neighbor Margie Ellen MacWaggles has sprained her ankle. When they learn that moles and voles are hurting her garden ― and her grocery budget ― they find a garden gnome. Phineas Phuspott strikes a deal with the moles and voles, who help the garden. Margie Ellen hosts a garden party and shares her fabulous zucchini bread. 
In this children's podcast about kindess and friendship, Bear King meets Gabarret the Squirrel while bringing a picnic basket with balloons to Lair Bear’s new home. Bobo Chico ties his balloons to the basket, which begins to float away during a housewarming celebration. Both Gabarret and Bobo Chico drift over Portland, but are rescued by Loar and Roen flying their kites on Mt. Tabor.
This children's podcast takes place on the Central Oregon Coast. Loar and Roen, while doing amazing kite tricks, meet up with Bear King and Bobo Chico on the beach near Waldport. There the meet the talented sisters, Princesses Roarua and Leyneda, visiting from LaLaLand. They all go to the celebration where the young people showcase their talents to great delight and applause. Disaster is avoided when Pete the Pirate is summoned by Carl the Crow, and thanks to Squawk the Parrot, agrees to sail the Princesses back home to LaLaLand.
This children's podcast takes place in Central Oregon. Loar and Roen, while vacationing near Black Butte, meet Rika, a Wildlife Guide and learn about habitat restoration in Deschutes County. Meanwhile, Bear King and Bobo Chico get lost while on a fly fishing trip on nearby Lake Creek. Thanks to Rika’s tracking device, Loar and Roen rescue the lost fly fishermen, Bear King, and Bobo Chico.
In this children's podcast, Loar observes the loud crows as he and Roen ride their bikes.  They meet Bobo Chico at the boat dock and then sail south to his home on Ross Island. Enjoying a mug of cocoa after dinner, Bear King answers many questions about crows and other birds. That night, while asleep in his bunkbed in Bobo Chico’s cabin, Loar has a vivid dream. He meets Carl the Crow, and is rescued by Thorondor, Lord of the Eagles. In the morning while sailing after breakfast, Loar sees the eyrie just where Thorondor said it would be!
This children's podcast is about being helpful to others. Bobo Chico is excited for the first snow day. Bear King gives him a lift in his snow cart up to Mt. Tabor. Meeting Loar and Roen they enjoy a morning of sledding. After lunch they decide to build a snow palace. The structure is admired by Polly Wanacracker and her dog Trouble. After chasing a squirrel, the dog loses a bootie. Roen, Loar, and Bobo Chico trace the lady’s and dog’s tracks to her house, where after bring firewood into her house she thanks them with hot cocoa. Bear King rewards the boys' good deeds by (temporarily) making snow bikes for Loar and Roen.
This children's podcast is about miscommunication that turns out OK in the end. Bobo Chico receives a note and image from Leadranssa, the Wood Elf who lives in an elf watchtower in Sherwood Forest. He and Bear King drive through a snowstorm and search for her home at the bottom of the hill and under the bridge. Loar and Roen, wearing their Cheetah coats, also receive a message to meet in Sherwood Forest. As Leadranssa watches, and calls from the top of the hill, Bear King and Bobo Chico circle the hill ― as Loar and Roen do the same. When Bear King confronts the "wild cheetahs," he learns they are actually Loar and Roen. While celebrating with Leadranssa in her watchtower, she corrects Bobo Chico’s misinterpterion of her message.
This children's podcast brings together all the characters in the series. Bear King and Bear Queen are hosting a picnic by the Willamette River for all the friends. Everyone is excited and delighted when Gabarret and Bobo Chico arrive in a hot air balloon. But their happiness turns to great concern when the balloon lifts off with Bear King and Bobo Chico inside! Unable to direct the balloon, the two friends are carried eastward towards the mountains. As they pass Mt. Hood, Bobo Chico marvels at the beautiful landscape and Bear King realizes another adventure is about to begin with his best friend.
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