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What does it mean to be truly compassionate? It’s anything but a new concept, yet we continue to be baffled when we hear the term used in the workplace. Scott Shute, author of “The Full Body Yes”, believes the most powerful way to build a business is to root it in compassion. By finding a meaningful connection to his work, Scott was able to operationalize compassion and create a culture of inclusivity. In this episode, Scott discusses the need for giving and receiving love and how changing your perspective can revolutionize your emotional health. Additional Resources: *Atomic Habits* by James Clear Get your copy of Scott’s book, The Full Body Yes
No matter what you think about sales, the fact of the matter is they affect absolutely everyone. Jason Marc Campbell, author, speaker, and popular podcast host, says transactions can be defined as energy exchanges. And we all, along with transactions, need a little more love. By infusing our work with love and helping others achieve desired results, we create a ripple effect. In this episode, Jason discusses how changing our own behavior and relationship with work gives the promise of a better world. As you listen, you’ll hear his five steps for adding a little more beauty to sales and learn how following his system adds value for everyone involved. Additional Resources: Selling with Love by Jason Marc Campbell Selling with Love podcast The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy The Works of Brian Tracy Check out zevaOnline:
What unconscious beliefs, habits, or thoughts are blocking you from being your best self? Kevin Bailey is the CEO and Founder of Dreamfuel, which helps companies and teams reach new heights using neuroscience-based mindfulness techniques. He himself is no stranger to rough patches at work due to a flawed mindset. However, he repurposes his time to transform and grow. In this episode, Kevin explains the science behind meditation and the causes and cures for burnout. As you listen, you’ll hear about the tools you need to live up to your potential, both personally and professionally. Additional Resources: My Stroke of Genius by Jill Bolte Taylor  Stress Less, Accomplish More by Emily Fletcher  No Self, No Problem by Chris Niebauer  The Works of Dr. Joe Dispenza Check out zevaOnline:
“We can live our lives through our hearts, we can live in harmony with ourselves.” Arnaud Saint-Paul is an author, philanthropist, and harmony expert who is on a mission to bring a more heartful approach to leadership. In this episode, Arnaud reflects on his ongoing spiritual journey and shares the steps you can take to find balance and harmony both at work and at home. Listen in to learn what it means to truly live through your heart and recognize when your ego is trying to take the wheel. Additional Resources: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle Get in touch with Arnaud: Learn more about Amy’s upcoming High Vibe Tribe Retreat: Check out zevaOnline:
Charlie Saffro, Founder and Owner of CS Recruiting, believes that if you genuinely care about your team, they will genuinely care about the work. In this episode, she shares how she went from accidentally founding her company to really finding her leadership approach. Much of it is based on open, honest communication and taking the time to get to know people beyond their job titles. As you listen, you’ll understand why soft skills like empathy are vital superpowers and be inspired to prioritize self-care and mindfulness. Additional Resources: Check out zevaOnline:
Nathan Bobay, a customer service and culture expert, started his career in accounting. A self-proclaimed introvert, he thought working with numbers meant he wouldn’t work with people. Well, that wasn’t the case. Thankfully Nathan excelled at building relationships, which led him to discover the conscious capitalism movement. In this episode, Nathan discusses what conscious capitalism is and how he incorporates it into the way he leads. As you listen, you’ll learn why love belongs in the workplace and how having each other’s backs in an organization can promote both accountability and credibility. Additional Resources: Check out zevaOnline:
Conscious Habit, a new show from the People Forward Network, teaches you how to get out of your head and into living the life of your dreams. When it comes to accomplishing big things, the only way over is through. Host, Meditation Expert, and Author, Amy Woodall will take you on a guided discovery of self through the lens of those who’ve come before - entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and innovators - pulling out the secret ingredients to success.
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