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Come join us for this super fun session:  we have some fun making Bitchard admit things publically that silently mortify and also excite him.  You'll get a peek at what playful humiliation looks like.  It is super fun and engaging and is a legitimate way to "play with" sexual shame and transmute it into eroticism.  It is a very misunderstood element so here is your chance to see what loving cuckold humiliation sounds like!  We have a spate of evil plans for him in the future as join us!  And if you like this content, please like and subscribe!Contact Venus here:  Twitter: Crystal here:Twitter:
An incredible episode with Drew Marston:  lifestyle connoisseur, curator, and an experienced bull.  Drew is also the creator/editor of SPADE Lifestyle Magazine.   If you have ever wondered what a SUPER intelligent, evolved, sophisticated bull sounds like do NOT miss this episode!We covered how he came to be a lifestyle bull after a very conservative evangelical upbringing, and the state of race play in the lifestyle now.  He covered how smart bulls approach and interact with couples,  mistakes that are made and the elements that cause it all to work for a connected, exciting, healthy relationship.  I never wanted the convo to end!Do go check out his stuff, and subscribe to Spade Magazine!
Join Venus and I to take on this big topic:  How do we manage a cuckold relationship if the wife falls in love with a bull?  Is this workable?  It it dangerous?  The answer:  YES.  Join this important episode to unpack this.Please subscribe and rate this episode:  it helps other people find the content they need.Find Venus here:  www.venuscuckoldress.comMatchmaking Service:  VenusConnections.comOn Twitter: #CuckoldressVFind Crystal here:  www.crystalwelch.comOn Medium: link:
Fun episode where Izzy interviewed both my cuck husband and myself, (seperately).  All the questions I get sacked about how my husband feels about various aspects of this lifestyle he eloquently expresses.  Then it is my turn:  Izzy started by asking me what it was like to be a Playboy Bunny.....turned cuckoldress.  Fun,  enlightening, intelligent interview!Twitter: Crystal WelchWebsite: link: book by David J. Ley PhD: Insatiable Wives: Women Who Stray and the Men Who Love
I get this question often.   Not all of us look for a "relationship" per se with a bull but some of us thrive on connection.  Where there is genuine connection, anyone can catch feelings.   Is that a bad thing?  Depends on what you want.Join Cuckoldress Venus and I to take on this topic  I'll share my unique perspective as well as Venus who points out some of the pitfalls.  We will discuss this topic live on the MON app which you can download for Iphone or Android wherever you get your apps.  Please  join us, we'd like to answer your questions!If you like this episode please like and subscribe:  it will help others to find it.Contact Venus here: out her loving cuckold relationship matchmaking service here: Crystal Here: or make an appointment for a consult here:
Every single living system in the Universe operates by two core, conflicting objectives.  Every man and woman, every relationship, every business, every system.  How do we balance the need for stability in our relationships along with our need for change/growth and adventure?Venus and I take on this issue and take you on a journey where we have found the answers, for us.  Maybe you too?If all couples could recognize the importance of answering this question for yourselves and with each other, there would be peace in your relationship.  Please like, subscribe and comment.  Doing so will help this information reach more people.Find Venus here:  www.venuscuckoldress.comFind Crystal here:
There is never-ending content these days written or spoken by women wondering where all the good men are and how to find them.  Look no further.  The amazing Venus and I take a deep dive to discuss why we both think the cuckold male is a "higher life form" male.  The man that supports you without restriction, and celebrates the free woman:  sexually, spiritually, physically and emotionally.  Come hear how Venus thinks I "hit the lottery" Thanks to Venus for her exemplary editing skills, and fun factor.  If you like this episode, please like, and subscribe and rate!  It helps our content find a larger audience and we never know who it may help!Find Venus here:  You will also find her program "Venus Connections" there, an innovative matchmaking service for mindful men and women to find each other.
Join us for this fun and interactive session with Cam, the "king of all bulls" to discover how he became the king!  What does it take to be a "good' bull?  
Join us for a lively and fun discussion on the many benefits to women in a cuckold dynamic.  Venus brings her wit and wisdom as we explore why we, and many other women thrive in this dynamic.  This episode includes some great questions and comments from listeners!
This is a fascinating and helpful interview with Miss Nookie, who created "Dating Kinky".  Nookie is a saavy, intelligent woman who actually grew up with "swinky" parents and as such, knows a GREAT DEAL about living a vital, happy, kinky and healthy lifestyle.   Don't miss this episode!
Please join us for this fun discussion between Venus and Crystal who champion the cause of loving cuckold relationships and why more women might consider the cuckold dynamic.  We will share how we've discovered the most loving, devoted, and brilliantly exciting life available for women.  Is it for you?  Have a listen, we will tell you what we know, then you decide!For Venus'  Loving Cuckold Matchmaking Service:
This is one of the funniest and most enjoyable podcasts you will find this year.  Doc Chocolate and Crystal Welch interview each other and secrets are revealed!  In the serious part, the questions asked of each other are substantive lifestyle questions, with much laughter in between!
Join us for this fantastic discussion with Dr. Ley, one of the foremost authorities on female sexuality, and consensual non-monogamy.  I contacted him after reading his book and was thrilled he agreed to chat with me!
Porn is the way most people discover the cuckold dynamic, but the way that it is portrayed, misses the boat on what it is really like from people who are experienced.  This episode will walk you through it, what it is, how to prepare yourself and your partner, the steps to take for success and how to navigate issues if they arise.  
Super fun co-interview by a lifestyle "bull" and a lifestyle "cuckoldress".   Fun, informative, and yes, secrets revealed!  How did they get into the lifestyle?  How did they navigate the conversation with their partners?    How did they navigate challenges?  What unexpected gifts did they discover?  Come learn, and laugh with us!
This fun episode is chock full of playful fun, tantalizing stories and secrete revealed.  It will make you laugh, and make you blush!
This episode covers a lot of ground:  what is consensual non monogamy?  How do couples begin talking about it?  The importance of consent.  Best practices for a good result!
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