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On this week’s Friday news round up, the team laments over some of our small city’s big problems. Lead producer Sonja Cho Swanson wonders how the demographics of our city could change, after reading a UNLV study that says Las Vegas’ population will grow by over 1 million people by 2060. Host Dayvid Figler expresses concern over the lack of mental health professionals in our schools. Meanwhile, Producer Layla Muhammad shares her philosophy about parking in Las Vegas as a local after the city generously tosses us a few crumbs with new free lunchtime parking in the Arts District. Plus, our picks for who should be on Las Vegas’ Mt. Rushmore! Who would you put on your Las Vegas Mt. Rushmore? Leave us a voicemail at 702-514-0719 with your ridiculous, sleeper, and/or must-have picks! You can also complain about paid parking with us on Twitter @CityCastVegas. Make sure to also sign up for our morning newsletter at!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Food writer Johnathan Wright has had his eye on Las Vegas for a long time — so when longtime Review-Journal food writer Heidi Knapp Rinella retired earlier this year, he jumped at the opportunity. Host Vogue Robinson sits down with Johnathan to chat about his first impressions of the Vegas food scene, his favorite martini in town (so far), and why he can’t find a good slice of pizza here (yet). We dig into meatier topics, too: Why do so many Americans assume that Chinese, Thai and Mexican food has to be cheap? And can you really separate the art from the artist when it comes to restaurants and troubling chefs at their helm? If you know where Johnathan can find a good New York slice in town, give us the deets! Leave us a voicemail or send us a text at 702-514-0719. We’re on Twitter, too! @CityCastVegas Want more Vegas news, events, and spicy-hot takes? Make sure to sign up for our morning newsletter at! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
On Monday evening, human remains were found at Lake Mead’s Swim Beach. This is the fifth body found by visitors since May and the second at Swim Beach. These discoveries come in the wake of water levels reaching their lowest point since the reservoir was being filled in 1937. Officials have yet to identify the victims, but that isn’t stopping Las Vegas from buzzing with speculation, curiosity… and tactless billboards. Given our infamous history with organized crime, it’s no surprise that people have been bursting with theories about their connection to the mob. Today, host Vogue Robinson chats with Geoff Schumacher, Vice President of Exhibits and Programs for The Mob Museum. They discuss why most of these theories relate to the mob, why they may or may not be true, and what Las Vegans aren’t thinking about as we romanticize the mob’s involvement. Do you have a wild Lake Mead story? Call or text us at 702-514-0719 or find us on Twitter @CityCastVegas Make sure to sign up for our morning newsletter for updates on all things Vegas at! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
You’ve probably driven past this swirly, swooped steel structure on Bonneville across from the outlet mall. It’s also all over social media every summer: “Hey, Vegas is so hot, this building melted!” You might even know that it’s officially titled the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health — but as it turns out, none of the theories we’ve heard about its origins (modeled after a brain, fashioned after sand dunes, and certainly not actually melted) are true. Here to share the true story behind the building is Director Dr. Dylan Wint, who’s been with the Center since it opened in 2010. As it turns out, famed architect Frank Gehry didn’t want to build anything in Las Vegas — but something changed his mind. Host Vogue Robinson and Dr. Wint talk about the origins of the building, the research and care that happens inside, and why Las Vegas so desperately needed the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. Have you been to the Lou Ruvo Center? Do you have a “what’s that building” episode idea? Leave us a voicemail or send us a text at 702-514-0719, or email us as You can always shoot us a note on Twitter, too: @CityCastVegas For even more Vegas news, events and fun times, sign up for our brilliant morning newsletter at! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The pews were filled with the who’s who of the Las Vegas legal world last Thursday, from politicians to police officers, criminal defense attorneys, and more — all for a “tiny, fierce” woman named Bonnie Polley, who was Clark County Detention Center’s first chaplain. In this remembrance from host Dayvid Figler (himself a criminal defense attorney who knew Pastor Bonnie for many years), he describes her impact in the community and how her unique role enabled her to humanize people on all sides of the aisle in an all-too-often dehumanizing system. Did you know Pastor Bonnie Polley, or have stories from those impacted by her advocacy work? Leave us a voicemail or a text message at 702-514-0719, or send us a tweet @CityCastVegas. For even more Vegas news, events, and commentary, make sure to sign up for our morning newsletter at! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oh hello, Friday friends — if you’re here for hot takes and cool dad jokes, you’re in the right place. In this Friday roundup of the news, Layla, Scott and Sonja discuss the pros (smell of desert rain, Lake Mead gains 3 inches) and cons(uh, majorly destructive flood damage) of monsoon season and the wreckage in Death Valley. (Do we hate to love it? Love to hate it? Who can say.) Next up, the first week of school is coming to a close, and the students in our families fill us in on the general vibe. Word on the street is that some classrooms are so crowded, some students are sitting on the floors. Whoa.  We also discuss an investigation from the R-J about an affordable housing program that’s coming to a sudden end… just as rents are peaking in the Valley. (Didn’t Nevada just get $500 million to create and preserve affordable housing? AHEM.) Last but not least, we name our Vegas residency dream tickets. Stay tuned to hear about the heavy metal band we’re forming, called Petrichor, after the smell of desert rain. *insert melodic screaming here* Do you have a hot take on our hot takes? A dad joke to usurp our dad jokes? Send ‘em our way on Twitter @CityCastVegas or leave us a voicemail or a text at 702-514-0719. (We might even play the best ones on the pod!) If you like what you hear, you can get even more Vegas news (and even more Scott!) in our morning newsletter: Sign up at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Avi Kwa Ame is the Mojave name for Spirit Mountain and the surrounding landscape, which is sacred to over 12 Indigenous tribes. In February, Representative Dina Titus introduced a bill to designate Avi Kwa Ame as a national monument that would protect the area for cultural and recreational purposes. There hasn't been any legislative action on the bill since it was filed, so advocates are looking to President Biden to sign a presidential decree to protect the lands. The Conservation Lands Foundation works with advocates to hold the Bureau of Land Management accountable and works to secure the safety of Avi Kwa Ame. Associate Program Director Bertha Gutierrez sits down with Host Vogue Robinson to explain its importance to Indigenous tribes, why they are working towards a national monument designation, and how this would benefit all of us. Have you been to Avi Kwa Ame? What do you think about the monument proposal? Leave us a message or send us a text at 702-514-0719, or tweet at us @CityCastVegas. Want more Vegas news? Make sure to sign up for our morning newsletter at! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
When it comes to local mottos, we've got a few: #VegasStrong, "What happens here, stays here," and "it's a dry heat." Over the last couple decades, some locals have added "Save Red Rock" to their list. That's because the legal fights over where, how, and whether to develop near Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area have become long-term, entrenched battles. The Nevada Independent's environment reporter Daniel Rothberg recently wrote an in-depth investigative piece detailing the latest twists and turns in developer Jim Rhodes' lawsuit against the county, which he claims has stalled his plans to construct a high-density residential development abutting the park. Daniel joins us today to help us put this lawsuit (and development around Red Rock, broadly) into context: What makes a project like Rhodes' different from, say, the construction at Bonnie Springs? Why should we care about the impact of a road through the desert? And who gets to make decisions about the lands bordering our national conservation areas? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Contributor Michael Lyle, a reporter at the Nevada Current, joins us today to talk about the results of the Valley’s latest homeless census — we’re seeing the largest uptick in homelessness since 2019. That’s not surprising, Michael explains, since we’re also in the midst of soaring rents (which, despite some reports of cooling, is still nearly 25% more expensive than it was in 2019). In fact, Michael points to research showing that a $100 increase in median rent is associated with a 9% increase in homelessness. So what’s a Valley to do about it, and is relief on the way any time soon? Read Michael Lyle's full report on Want more Vegas news? Make sure to sign up for our amazingly witty morning newsletter at!  Find us on Twitter @CityCastVegas Have you been negatively impacted by an increase in rent? Leave us a voicemail at 702-514-0719.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The pandemic floodgates have opened, and gambling is hot hot HOT once again. Southern Nevada is raking in months upon months of record-breaking gambling revenue. Reid International Airport saw its busiest month ever in June. And gambling influencers are apparently a thing now — the Plaza debuted an influencer-themed slot machine last month, making a play for the screen-addicted millennial generation. But with the highs come the lows, and host Dayvid Figler knows a thing or two about the low-lows that come with problem gambling: He helped create a diversion court to keep those suffering from gambling addiction out of prison and get them into treatment. So how do you figure out if you, or your friend, or your Uncle Benny, has a gambling problem? And what can families, casinos, and our government do about it? For more resources on problem gambling, visit the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling, or call their confidential 24-hour hotline at 1-800-522-4700. You can also start the conversation with yourself: Take the 20-question problem gambling questionnaire here. Do you have thoughts, questions, or ideas for us? Leave us a voicemail or send us a text at 702-514-0719. You can go find us on the ol’ bird app too — tweet at us: @CityCastVegas And last but never least, get more Vegas news, events, mutterings and musings in our daily morning newsletter. Sign up at! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Today, hosts Vogue Robinson and Dayvid Figler, along with lead producer Sonja Cho Swanson, indulge in the cleansing fires of RAAAAGE: Cuz there’s so much rage-inducing news this week! First up, we talk about the new 50-foot showgirl signs planned for the entrance to the Arts District (spoiler: Dayvid compares them to “clip art”). Then it’s on to the Clark County Commission’s recent unanimous vote to expand an “order out” ordinance on the Strip: Now anyone with convicted of any crime can be ordered out of the area, and could face a misdemeanor arrest for violating the rule. Oh, and don’t forget RAGE item three: The results of a recent House committee investigation were released last week, and Siegel Suites (the subject of our episode on Pinkbox Doughnuts) were found to use egregiously underhanded tactics to evict tenants before, during, and after the moratorium on evictions — even those whose rental relief applications were underway. Don’t worry, we end on a sweet note: Bacon milkshakes, puppies, and art gallery openings. Come along for the emotional rollercoaster! What’s got your goat in this week of news? Do you actually love the showgirls and are we off the mark? Let us know! Leave us a voicemail or send us a text at 702-514-0719. Or send us a tweet @CityCastVegas. For even more Vegas news, events, and less rage + more snark (we promise), make sure to sign up for our morning newsletter at! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
As rising rents push artists out of the Arts District, could the newly-revitalized New Orleans square be the answer? New Orleans Square is a two-story complex in the historic Commercial Center — once a hub for business, dining, and nightlife in the 60s and 70s. It has since gained a reputation (whether fair or not) as a dangerous hotspot for illicit activities. But business owners are working to rebrand the Commercial Center: Ron and Judy McMenemy bought New Orlean Square in the 2000s and curated it to create a center of arts and culture. Since their passing in the last few years, their children took over the building and have recently listed it for sale.  Host Vogue Robinson visits gallerist Nancy Good at Core Contemporary Art Gallery inside New Orleans Square. They talk about how Nancy is continuing Ron’s work to make New Orleans Square a desirable place for artists, and why Las Vegas shouldn’t be afraid of the area. Have you been to New Orleans Square? Let us know what you think of the area by leaving us a voicemail or a text at 702-514-0719. Or tweet at us! Follow us on Twitter @CityCastVegas. For even more Vegas news, get our brilliant morning newsletter at! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Tony Hsieh has long been painted as a tortured visionary — most recently in the posthumous biography by two Wall Street Journal reporters dramatically titled “Happy at Any Cost: The Revolutionary Vision and Fatal Quest of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh.” But longtime Las Vegas locals have observed the last decade of transformations along Fremont East (funded by Tony’s company Downtown Project) with mixed emotions. Lifelong resident and writer Nicholas Russell recently penned an essay in the Baffler about the problem with mythologizing Tony Hsieh — he and host Dayvid Figler bust some Downtown Project myths, examine Tony’s legacy downtown, and break down just why it was so easy for Tony Hsieh to set up shop in Las Vegas. How do you feel about downtown Las Vegas? Leave us a message or shoot us a text at 702-514-0719. We’re also on Twitter! Follow us at @CityCastVegas Want more Vegas news? Get our morning newsletter at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Even before the pandemic, Nevada had the second-largest nursing deficit in the country, and the pandemic has only worsened nurse burnout and retention. According to a 2022 report, nurses are leaving their jobs at “a dramatically higher rate” — Nevada needs to hire 4,000 nurses just to meet the national average. Nursing schools are responding: In 2019, the UNLV School of Nursing launched a summer Nurse Camp to help high school students “develop realistic expectations about nursing school and working as a registered nurse” through hands-on activities, simulations, and lectures. Producer Layla Muhammad takes us through the camp as she talks to UNLV alumni and organizer Jennifer Pfannes about the camp, their goals, and how they hope the program can mitigate Nevada’s nursing shortage. Plus, hear from two high school students about their experiences at Nurse Camp. Want more Vegas news? Make sure to sign up for our morning newsletter at!  We’re also on Twitter! Follow us @CityCastVegas  Are you a local nurse working during this shortage? Share your story with us at 702-514-0719. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nevada’s ballot initiative process can be confusing. The deadline for gathering signatures for measures proposing to amend the state Constitution passed in June, with another deadline approaching in the fall for measures to amend the law. After the signatures are verified by election officials, they make it on to our ballots. Some measure get caught up in court while others breeze through the process. Producer Layla Muhammad talks with Host Dayvid Figler about what we’ll see on our ballots this November, where the process goes right, and where it goes terribly wrong. We’ve got the wittiest newsletter in Vegas. Make sure to sign up for all the musings at!  We also tweet! Follow us at @CityCastVegas  Do you have questions about what’s going to be on the ballot this November? Give us a call at 702-514-0719.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Producer Layla Muhammad hosts newsletter editor Scott Dickensheets and host Dayvid Figler in a spirited conversation for this week’s Friday news roundup! The team discusses why residents may or may not care about the demolition of three casinos that cater to locals, and Dayvid’s idea on how the city could repurpose these properties. Also, the hits and (many) misses in The Vice Guide to Travel Las Vegas and what we would do with the billion dollar Mega Millions jackpot money ... even though we have to drive to the state line to buy lottery tickets. Want more Vegas news? Make sure to sign up for our morning newsletter at!  We’re also on Twitter! Follow us @CityCastVegas  You can also call or text us at 702-514-0719. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We call Vegas “Sin City,” and we have the strippers, cocktail waitresses, escorts, Little Darlings billboards, and The Love Store to prove it. Sex is a part of everyday life in Las Vegas. But there’s more to this conversation… and most of us aren’t comfortable talking about it. Is Sin City… Sex Positive? Today on City Cast Las Vegas, host Vogue Robinson talks with Rebecca Bosetti, assistant professor at the UNLV School of Social Work, about her new course, “Sexual Behavior & Society: The Good, the Bad, and the Controversial,” and why Las Vegas needs more sex-positive social workers. Every morning, Scott Dickensheets serves up a fantastic newsletter filled with news items, events, and other things you should know about our city. Sign up here:!  Stay up-to-the minute with us on Twitter! Follow us @CityCastVegas  You can also call or text us at 702-514-0719 with your Vegas hot take! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Las Vegas Valley has a speeding problem: 2021 was the worst year for traffic fatalities in over a decade (2022 is on track to beat that), and speeding is the cause of a third of fatal crashes. The Review-Journal recently published an investigative piece that looked at 95,000 speeding tickets from one of our biggest municipal courts, and found that 80% of them were reduced to parking violations. That means no traffic school and — crucially — no record of repeat dangerous drivers. But is ratcheting up the consequences in a criminalized system the answer? What solutions are on the table? Host Vogue Robinson talks with Michael Scott Davidson, the investigative reporter behind this piece, about his findings and what the experts are saying. Stay even more connected to your city with news roundups, whip-smart commentary, and fun events in our morning newsletter! Sign up at Thoughts, feelings? Did we miss the mark, or hit the bullseye? Tweet us! We’re @CityCastVegas  You can also call or text us at 702-514-0719. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
As rents rise all over the valley, some business owners in the Arts District got hit with 200-400 percent rent increases, making life more difficult for everyone — but especially cultural businesses. Priscilla Fowler has owned her eponymous fine art gallery in the area since 2016, moving three times within the Arts District, most recently this year after her rent was doubled. Downside: In her current location, away from Main Street, foot traffic has declined. Host Vogue Robinson talks to Fowler about her experience, how things have changed, and what we can do to keep the arts in the Arts District. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
KSNV News 3 sports anchor Bryan Salmond calls Las Vegas the sports and entertainment capital of the world. With another successful NBA Summer League in the books and the WNBA’s success with the Aces here in the valley, could it finally be time for an NBA team in Las Vegas? Lead producer Sonja Cho Swanson and Bryan discuss what the prospects are for our basketball city and why LeBron James just might be the one to bring a team here. Want to stay updated on the latest Vegas news and events? Make sure to sign up for our morning newsletter at!  We also tweet! Follow us at @CityCastVegas  Are you a Las Vegas baller? Let us know your thoughts by calling or texting us at 702-514-0719. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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