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Explore the world of physics and the lives of physicists. Produced by Physics Magazine, an online publication of the American Physical Society. Read more at
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The Sounds of Data

The Sounds of Data


Physics Magazine speaks with scientists who are relying on senses other than their sight, such as hearing and touch, to interpret data, communicate their research, and make art. For example, they use sonification—the transformation of data into sound—to “listen” to hydrogen bonds and interpret gravitational-wave signals and other astrophysical data. Sonification also offers tools for visually impaired researchers and scientific outreach.Podcast host Julie Gould speaks with the following guest...
In this episode of This is Physics, Physics Magazine speaks with two researchers and a chef who have spent the entire polar night at the Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station. The two researchers work with telescopes observing the cosmic microwave background.Podcast host Julie Gould speaks with the following guests: Thomas Leps, BICEP/NSF/University of Minnesota; Allen Foster, SPT/NSF/Case Western Reserve University; Kelly Murphy, breakfast/pastry sous chef, NSF.Music credit: Symphony Antarctica ...
Researchers with the two collaborations that discovered the Higgs boson—ATLAS and CMS—relive the 2012 announcement of the discovery. They also talk about what it’s like to work on Higgs experiments and what they would still like to learn about the mass-giving particle.Podcast host Julie Gould speaks with the following guests: Joseph Incandela (University of California Santa Barbara/CERN), Jon Butterworth (University College London/CERN), Flavia de Almeida Dias (University of Amsterdam/CERN), ...
In the inaugural episode of This Is Physics, the Physics Magazine podcast, LGBTQ+ physicists talk about how their sexual or gender identities affect their careers and suggest actions that could improve the current climate. Podcast host Julie Gould speaks with the following guests: Tim Atherton (he/him), a soft matter physicist at Tufts University, USA; Chanda Prescod-Weinstein (she/they), a cosmologist at the University of New Hampshire, USA; Yasmeen Musthafa (they/them), a Junior Scient...