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Author: Suzi Hixon, esq.

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Legally Blissed® is a conversational podcast that reclaims and rewrites the stories female attorneys have been told about how we should practice law, grow our business, treat our clients, treat ourselves, dress at the office, balance our families with work, and craft our identities both personally and professionally.
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Imposter Syndrome is a prevalent issue among lawyers, often causing self-doubt and a lack of confidence despite their accomplishments. This psychological phenomenon can impact both new and experienced lawyers, as they navigate the competitive and demanding legal profession. The high expectations and constant pressure to excel can exacerbate these feelings of inadequacy.Attorneys experiencing Imposter Syndrome may hesitate to voice their opinions, fearing exposure as a "fraud." This can hinder their growth, creativity, and ability to advocate effectively for their clients. It is crucial for attorneys to recognize and address Imposter Syndrome to reach their full potential.To combat Imposter Syndrome, attorneys can seek mentorship, engage in open conversations, and practice self-compassion. Celebrating achievements and embracing a growth mindset can also help build self-confidence. By overcoming Imposter Syndrome, attorneys can experience personal and professional fulfillment and empower themselves to thrive in their careers.Join experienced women lawyers as we talk about our own personal struggles with Imposter Syndrome and tips for navigating it.Mentioned in this episode:e53e53
Be Who You Are, Now, with Michelle Thompson, PhDMentioned in this episode:e53e53
How Integrating Creativity Makes Us Better Lawyers and Human Beings with guests Christine Vartanian, Claire Parsons, Megan Smiley and Erin Gerner.Mentioned in this episode:e53e53
I got to hang out with Sheila Murphy, CEO of Focus Forward Consulting and former senior vice president and associate general counsel at MetLife, about her journey as a woman lawyer. We discuss various topics, including what inspired Sheila to go to law school, her experience in law school, and her love for the character Beth Dutton from the hit TV show Yellowstone. 🤠 Sheila shares her journey as a lawyer and how she initially wanted to avoid public speaking and court appearances. However, after realizing the importance of self-advocacy and making herself known in the office, she began to change her approach and focus on becoming a leader in her company. The conversation also touches on the importance of self-care and taking up space, as well as the need for more female leaders in the legal industry. Sheila also talks about her transition from being an attorney to starting her own consulting firm, Focus Forward Consulting, and how she primarily works with lawyers who want to uplevel their careers. The episode ends with Sheila sharing her thoughts on networking and encouraging listeners to take breaks and give themselves space to rejuvenate. About Sheila Murphy Sheila is the CEO of Focus Forward Consulting where she coaches her clients to make power moves that create forward momentum in their careers, compensation, and courage. As a certified coach, Sheila works with lawyers who want to be an unstoppable force in their careers. Prior to launching Focus Forward Consulting, Sheila was Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel at MetLife and also spent many years in private practice. Sheila has received numerous accolades including the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award from Corporate Counsel’s Women, Influence, Power in the Law Award program, the Highest Leaf Award in 2010 from the Women’s Venture Fund, and in 2017 was named a Leading Women Lawyer in NYC by Crain's New York Business. Connect with Sheila here: 💼 🌎 ⚖️💕Join the Legally Blissed Community for women lawyers here: https://www.LegallyBlissed.comMentioned in this episode:e53e53
In this episode of Legally Bliss Conversations, I sat down with Laurie Gilbertson, a former New York City sex crimes and organized crime prosecutor, television legal analyst, and arts entrepreneur. As the owner of Tribeca Blue Consulting, Laurie helps professionals communicate with clarity and competence in their public speaking, presentations, trial work, and media appearances. She shares her journey from pursuing law school to becoming a prosecutor and the challenges she faced along the way.Laurie discusses her passion for advocacy, her experiences in the criminal justice system, and how her background in law and acting contribute to her work as a public speaking coach. Tune in for an engaging conversation with Lori Gilbert, a woman who has made a significant impact in the legal world and beyond.Connect with Laurie Here:http://www.tribecablueconsulting.com our the Legally Blissed Community: https://www.LegallyBlissed.comThis episode of Legally Blissed Conversations has been sponsored by Advogence™️ / Advocacy Empowered by Artificial Intelligence ⚖️🤖. https://www.Advogence.comMentioned in this episode:e53e53
Welcome to another exciting episode where we explore the power of creativity in the legal profession! Join us as we delve into the science behind creativity, discuss the benefits of balancing logic with artistry, and share practical tips for integrating creativity into your daily routine. This episode is perfect for seasoned attorneys and newcomers alike, offering valuable insights and inspiration to help you unleash your creative potential and thrive in both your professional and personal life. 🌟🌍 In this episode, we'll cover: The importance of creativity in personal and professional growth 🌱🚀 The science behind creativity, including the role of the brain's right hemisphere and the benefits of creative thinking on problem-solving and decision-making 🧠✨ The art of creative lawyering, exploring unconventional case strategies and the secret weapon of creativity in legal practice 🔥🎭 Embrace your inner artist and transform your legal career by tapping into the power of creative thinking. Let's reach new heights together! 💪🎨 Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more content to help you excel in your legal journey! Integrating creativity is just one pillar of the BLISS Method that we discuss in the Legally Blissed Community: B = Boundary setting L = Leveraging legal tech + AI I = Integrating creativity (We are here!) S = Self-confidence S = Seeking support and community. And this is where Legally Blissed comes in to play! So Join Us at ⚖️💕 This episode of Legally Blissed Conversations has been sponsored by Advogence™️ / Advocacy Empowered by Artificial Intelligence ⚖️🤖.
Welcome to Legally Bliss Conversations, where we bring together a panel of successful women lawyers to discuss important topics and help you thrive in your legal career!In today's episode, we dive into the world of failure and explore how it can become a source of growth, resilience, and self-confidence. Join host Suzi Hixon, and guest panelists Amanda Stark, Sarah Ovando, and Claire Parsons as they share their personal experiences, lessons learned, and practical tips on embracing failure and coming out stronger on the other side. In this inspiring conversation, we'll discuss: The importance of resilience and vulnerability when facing failure The role of mindset in overcoming setbacks and challenges Strategies for moving forward and learning from past mistakes The power of self-compassion and support within the legal community Don't miss this empowering and insightful discussion that aims to inspire and support women lawyers in their journey toward becoming fierce advocates for themselves and others. Hosted by Suzi Hixon, IP Attorney, Founder of Legally Blissed and Advogence™️ To learn more self-confidence skills to be a better advocate for others and yourself, subscribe to #BlissNotes at Sara Ovando is a Partner at Ovando Bowen LLP and co-founder of cruelty-free beauty boutique Indy and Ari. She emphasizes that accidents and failures are a part of life, and it's important to accept them. She suggests asking "What's the worst that can happen?" to help navigate failure. Find Sara: Claire E. Parsons is an mployment, municipal, and litigation attorney, mindfulness and compassion teacher, and author. She acknowledges that failure is a reality and can have negative consequences. She points out that failure is perceived differently for women and men, and women need to give themselves permission to fail. Find Claire: Author of How to be a Badass Lawyer: and Mommy Needs a Minute: a...
Erin is a Dallas Top 15 Coach and former lawyer. She wants to help you build a life you can’t wait to wake up for! Erin is a former attorney who transitioned to become a life coach for women in the legal field. After years of feeling burnt out, unfulfilled, and anxious from juggling her career and family, she realized she needed a change. She faced challenging questions and ultimately walked away from law practice, but doing so left her feeling guilty and ashamed. Over the past decade, Erin has embarked on a journey of self-discovery, learning that true success goes beyond billable hours and burnout. As the CEO of Erin Gerner Coaching, she is here to share a better way to practice law that prioritizes your well-being, empowers you to take control, and leads to a fulfilling life and career. To work with Erin, visit: To Join the 3-day Retreat for Women in the Law Recharge. Realign. Refocus.:
Join Suzi Hixon as she dives into the mindset required for lawyers to properly uptake, utilize, and integrate #ai into their daily practice. She explores the benefits of embracing AI and address common fears and misconceptions.Suzi explains key mindset shifts to ensure a successful AI integration into your practice or business in general.Let’s revolutionize our law practice sand enhance our careers with AI-driven technologies.🚀The AI-Powered Lawyer: A periodic power-up for your practice with top legal tech tools + AI tips. I triage law firm tech tools to transform your law practice so you don't have to. ⚡️Power Up Here 👇🏽🤖Free Webinar: The AI-Empowered Advocate: Transform Your Law Practice with AI Integration. Register here 👇🏽📆Schedule a 25 Minute AI-Driven Legal Tech Needs Assessment Here 👇🏽’s podcast has been brought to you by Advogence™️ / Advocacy Empowered by Artificial Intelligence ⚖️🤖.
In Episode 50 of Legally Blissed Conversations, I got to hang out with Julie Bosi.Julie is an energy management coach specializing in helping high-achieving lawyers and other professionals shift from doing to being, resulting in a more intentional, balanced, and fulfilled life.Julie's background includes social work, attorney development at a leading global law firm, and co-founding Level Up Legal, a coaching venture aimed at providing stress and energy management tools to lawyers.Julie's coaching approach combines her passion for well-being, pragmatism, and a strong belief that your feelings impact your performance.We discuss the relationship between feedback and energy and provide action-oriented tips and tools for making empowered use of the feedback received.Energy, as Julie defines it, is the culmination of our thoughts, feelings, and actions, which impacts how we engage with our circumstances. As a core energy coach, she uses an energy management framework that breaks energy down into seven levels and its core components.Understanding these components allows individuals to shift their energy levels and better navigate their professional and personal lives.In this session, we dive into the relationship between feedback and energy, exploring why this topic is crucial for the legal community and providing actionable tips to help lawyers make the most of the feedback they receive. Join us to learn more about energy management and how it can transform your legal career.To work with Julie, please visit https://www.JulieBosi.comTo join the next Level Up Legal cohort, please visit:
Prepared to be amazed by these brilliant female lawyers, Dina Cataldo, Amanda Stark, Marisa Simmons, and Christine Vartanian, as they offer advice and wisdom, and tell stories about their accomplishments all while simultaneously growing their own companies and raising their families! You'll learn practical tips, find inspiration, and surely have a few laughs in this light hearted discussion with Dina, Amanda, Marisa, and Christine ....all lady lawyers who know how to get sh!t done!Join brilliant women like Dina, Amanda, Marisa, and Christine in the Legally Blissed Professional Network + Community: a behind the scenes tour of Legally Blissed: Cataldo: Simmons: Stark: Vartanian:
On this episode of Legally Blissed Conversations, Suzi Hixon, founder and CEO of Legally Blissed, lawyer, life coach, and executive consultant recaps the season's key themes and insights, sharing personal lessons learned and exciting plans for Season 3.From exploring the BLISS Method to hosting roundtables and building community through Legally Blissed Professional Networking and Community, Season 3 promises to be full of dynamic conversations with incredible guests. Don't miss this chance to celebrate the power of reclaiming and rewriting the stories female attorneys have been told.Follow Suzi: @suzihixon
On this episode of Legally Blissed Conversations, we are joined by Kyla Denanyoh, a podcast producer, connector, and lawyer. She promotes lawyers and their non-traditional careers and cool interests on the You Are A Lawyer podcast.Kyla took the bar exam but did not pass. After dealing with frustration and self-doubt, she began to appreciate the power of her legal education and acknowledge that she could find career success in a non-traditional way.Kyla was not the first person to not pass a bar exam, but the experience felt isolating. Her licensed friends ignored the subject altogether. The lawyers that she knew who had not passed the bar exam, dealt with their pain in whispers.The “You Are A Lawyer” podcast was created to take these whispered stories and shout them out. Kyla began to seek out other lawyers who were using their legal educations to create their own career paths and were willing to share their stories.Kyla is currently the Operations Manager of an intellectual property legal department in a mid-sized law firm; a role that was created for her unique abilities as a lawyer.Follow Kyla: @youarealawyer
On this episode of Legally Blissed Conversations, we are joined by Robert Hanna, an expert in legal careers and content creation, who helps lawyers worldwide transform their careers by securing dream jobs. Robert is an active CEO & Founder across various business ventures, a mentor, investor, board advisor, and regular speaker for notable organizations within the global legal industry.Robert uses his voice on his "Legally Speaking Podcast" to bring attention to important issues like mental health, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace, as well as legal tech, career advice, and more.Follow Robert: a great lawyer for others starts with being a great advocate for yourself. Don't settle for less than you deserve. Subscribe to #BlissedNotes and learn the tools to become an empowered self-advocate:
In this episode of Legally Blissed Conversations, we are joined by Heather Moulder, a former BigLaw partner turned lawyer leadership and business coach; Lauren Fair, an attorney, Certified Family Law Specialist, and divorce coach; and Amanda Stark, former compliance attorney turned Human Design Expert and certified life coach.Listen in as this experienced group of coaches share their thoughts on various coaching processes and practices and how these show up in our female attorney communities. Whether you have a big or small problem to solve, we all agree that coaching is an efficient way to uplevel whatever it is that you need to move through. Having a trusted coach to hold space for you as you move through your life and career can be the key to finding your way with ease.Join the Legally Blissed Community: https://LegallyBlissed.comHeather Moulder: Fair: Stark:
In this episode of Legally Blissed Conversations, we are joined by Lucy Bassli, an attorney, author of CLM Simplified and The Simple Guide to Legal Innovation, and Founder and Principal of InnoLaw Group. Lucy is a former Assistant General Counsel of Legal Operations and Contracting at Microsoft. While at Microsoft, she redefined how legal work is done and created one of the first managed service engagements with a law firm. She was tapped to teach the Legal Operations course for Suffolk University Law School’s Legal Innovation & Technology Certificate Program. Lucy has a partnership with Dentons, the world’s largest law firm, to deliver operations consulting to corporate legal departments.A highly sought-after legal industry expert, Lucy works with corporate legal departments and law firms on legal service delivery, automation, smart risk-taking and alternative resourcing models. She educates and consults with lawyers to take best practices in the legal industry to a new level. Lucy is also a strategy advisor for LawGeex, an AI legal start-up that automates contract review services.Follow Lucy:
Aliza Shatzman is the President and Founder of The Legal Accountability Project, a nonprofit that ensures that law clerks have positive clerkship experiences, while extending support and resources to those who do not. Aliza earned her BA from Williams College and her JD from Washington University School of Law. After law school, Aliza clerked in D.C. Superior Court during the 2019-2020 term. In March 2022, Aliza submitted written testimony for a House Judiciary Subcommittee hearing about the lack of workplace protections in the federal judiciary, detailing her personal experience with harassment and retaliation by a former D.C. judge. The intent of her written testimony was to advocate for the Judiciary Accountability Act, legislation that would extend Title VII protections to judiciary employees, including law clerks.Aliza now writes and speaks regularly about judicial accountability. She has been published in numerous forums, including the Harvard Journal on Legislation, UCLA Journal of Gender & Law, Yale Law & Policy Review, NYU Journal of Legislation & Public Policy, Administrative Law Review, Above the Law, Law360, Slate, Ms. Magazine, and Balls & Strikes.You can follow Aliza on Twitter @AlizaShatzman or email her at to learn more and get involved. 
In this episode of Legally Blissed Conversations, we are joined by Danielle Bass, attorney and law school professor; Renata Musial, attorney, life coach, and podcast host; Heather Moulder, former big law partner turned lawyer leadership and business coach.Listen in as we share our thoughts on taking a leave of absence while practicing law after reading an article that advises that our law career will not survive taking time off. Instead of considering the rest and wellness that can be achieved from time away, it's regarded as a detriment to your reputation.Inspired by: Why You Can Never Stop Practicing Law for More Than a Few Weeks Once You Start by Harison BarnesJoin the Legally Blissed Community: https://LegallyBlissed.comDanielle Bass: Moulder: Musial:
In this episode of Legally Blissed Conversations, we are joined by Gilion Dumas, a litigation attorney at her own firm, Dumas & Vaughn in Portland, Oregon. She and her law partner represent survivors of child sex abuse and adult sexual assault. In her 30 years of practice, Gilion has worked as a defense attorney at a larger firm, a freelance attorney doing commercial and real estate litigation, a partner at a small firm, and now the owner of her own firm. She is also active in her community and the author of a popular book blog, Rose City Reader.Follow Gilion: @gilioncdumas
In this episode of Legally Blissed Conversations, we are joined by Sarah Ouis, former counsel turned Legalpreneur and Legal Design Manager in the Legal Tech Space. After seven years of working as an in-house lawyer and with a strong interest in legal design and content creation, Sarah made a career shift. She took an employed role in the legal tech (CLM) space as a Legal Design Manager at ContractPodAi where she collaborates with different functions to make legal stuff better. And then, she took a leap into entrepreneurship, where she transforms legal content into user-friendly and Innovative materials.Follow Sarah:
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