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What's it really like BEING trans? Beyond the headlines and into diverse, everyday lives -- the daily struggles, heartbreaks and triumphs. Lemonada Media brings you reality TV for your ears: an opportunity to BE someone else. Out April 28, from Lemonada Media’s BEING Studios: This is BEING Trans. BEING Trans is brought to you with generous support from Marguerite Casey Foundation and Well Being Trust. Source: BEING Studios Audio Reality™See for privacy information.
Four transgender individuals living in Los Angeles. Hundreds of hours of tape over three months. Our crew of seasoned reality TV producers recorded live conversations, situations and intimate moments as Chloe, Jeffrey, Mariana and Sy lived them. Now you get to experience what it’s like to BE them. Relationships, dating, parenting, emotional and physical changes, career quandaries, parties -- you'll hear it all just as it happened. Out April 28, from Lemonada Media’s BEING Studios: This is BEING Trans. Source: BEING Studios Audio Reality™See for privacy information.
This week, we meet Sy, a nonbinary transgender legal assistant in Los Angeles. They transitioned after marrying their husband, Robert, and having a baby. While things seem great on the surface, Sy confesses they've been putting off having a tough conversation with Robert about their transition and how it might affect their romantic relationship. And speaking of putting things off ... this week, we also meet Jeff, a trans man and comedian who has been procrastinating about taking his hormone shots. He's been avoiding talking to a doctor about it, but he soon learns he may have put his body at great risk.See for privacy information.
Chloe is a trans woman who recently transitioned and is very inexperienced with dating, so much so that she's not even sure about her sexuality but is hoping to change all of that in LA. Jeff has spent years working as a stand-up comic on the road doing various college circuit gigs and is ready to walk away from the intense grind his work demands of him, however this career move is an emotional hurdle that Jeff can't easily overcome. See for privacy information.
This week, our cast tries to reconcile some old ghosts of the past with the future they are working hard to build. Mariana moved to the United States from Guatemala to seek asylum after dealing with hate crimes and anti-trans sentiment there, but a visit back home dredges up old wounds and fears that she attempts to overcome. And back in Los Angeles... Chloe played football through most of her life prior to transitioning and almost went on to coach at the collegiate level. She's looking for a way to reconnect with the sport but is struggling with the masculine image of football and how it might set back her quest to be fully accepted as a woman. See for privacy information.
This week's episode is all about the joys and heartbreak of parenting. Sy struggles to navigate life as a transgender parent and worries how some of their parenting decisions may affect their child. They also realize that in order to move forward, they need to have a tough conversation with their own father. Chloe has always wanted to have a family and thought that she had permanently closed the door on having biological children after she transitioned, but learns this may not be the case, causing her to face a difficult dilemma.See for privacy information.
This week, both Chloe and Jeff confront one of the trickiest parts of transitioning: how to feel most comfortable in their own skin, and how to change their bodies -- if at all. Chloe is on the eve of facial feminization surgery, but a family health crisis at home in New York has her questioning whether she can stay in LA long term -- and whether she will have to face her recovery alone. Jeff heads to a pool party with Sy and some friends, where the discomfort he faces being in a swimsuit prompts him to revisit the idea of top surgery. See for privacy information.
BEING Trans: Here We Are

BEING Trans: Here We Are


This week, our cast focuses on self-reflection, and also learns that recovering might be only the beginning of a long journey. Chloe recovers from her facial feminization surgery, which is physically grueling, at a time when she is also faced with a tough emotional decision over whether or not to move back to New York. Meanwhile, Jeff lands a new job on his way to achieving his dream of being a TV writer, but it sparks some concern about what it might mean for his relationship with his partner Emma, as the couple is already dealing with long-distance dating and the aftermath of Jeff's recovery from alcohol addiction. Finally, Mariana celebrates her birthday, but also confronts the feeling that she's losing herself to her job. See for privacy information.
If you can't get enough of our fantastic four stars of BEING Trans, we are here for more time with the cast -- after all, you can't have a reality show without a reunion show! Jeffrey, Sy, Mariana, and Chloe sit down with one of our show's producers to discuss their feelings about making the podcast, how it turned out, and update us on their lives since it was recordedSee for privacy information.
BEING Trans co-executive producer Sele Leota sits down with Marli Washington, the founder, CEO, and designer of chest binder company gc2b, a proud sponsor of the series, to look back at the show and discuss the impact of seeing trans stories told in mainstream media.See for privacy information.
The producers of this series wanted to recommend another Lemonada Media podcast that they know you’ll love. New episodes of Raised by Ricki premiere every Thursday wherever you get your podcasts.  Grab a friend and some snacks – we’ll provide the tea. We’re traveling back to the 90s, when The Ricki Lake Show was the place for drama and fun unlike anywhere else on TV.  Ricki and Kalen are joined by Stuart Krasnow, former supervising producer of The Ricki Lake Show, to talk about the show’s beginnings and its lasting impact on a new generation. To hear the second episode right now, head to If you were a past guest or audience member of The Ricki Lake Show, email us at for privacy information.
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I very much enjoy the podcast, and as a trans person I understand the struggles. AND the music is a bit over the top dramatic at times, which I find takes away from the sincerity.

Jul 28th

Lenora Thorium

Trans people are people. They have the same rights as everyone else, including the right to play sports. It's not a difficult concept. What should be difficult is trying to decide on what grounds you would ban a trans person from participating in organized sports, since discrimination on the basis of gender is illegal.

Jul 18th

Kenneth V. Johnson

nice music

Jul 13th

Ryan Bulmer

why the hell did this channel end up being automatically subscribed to me. what kind of agenda is that.

Jun 26th

Kimica Z

If you believe in free speech, then you believe that all individuals have the right to express themselves freely. One of the ways people express themselves is with their bodies. If you believe in free speech, then you believe that all people have the right to express themselves with their bodies, and to alter their own bodies in order to express their true selves more genuinely. You don't have to agree with it. A true patriot respects the right to free speech and freedom of self expression, even if they don't agree.

Jun 19th
Reply (1)

Kimica Z

So many people are outing themselves as transphobic haters, it's astonishing. How can you consider yourself a good person when you're full of hate for somebody just for being themselves? And honestly, any person claiming their true gender does not affect you at all. So where does the hate come from? Self loathing, fear, and profound ignorance.

Jun 18th
Reply (1)

Kimica Z

If you want someone to love you unconditionally, get a dog. Kids will bankrupt you and take over your life, and that decision is not reversible. Plus there are so many kids already in existence that need a parent and a home; why create more?

Jun 2nd
Reply (322)

Kimica Z

I'm so sad for Chloe that she's thinking of giving up something that she loves because of what others might think. It is WRONG to persecute or discriminate against a person simply because of their gender identity. It is a privilege to be born cis gendered, and more cis people should realize this and be sensitive to the struggle of those less fortunate. Being trans is not a choice; it's the way some people were born and it's just cruel to set others apart and treat them differently because of an innate characteristic that they did not choose. Just like being gay, nobody chooses to be trans. Each one of us are just trying to realize our true selves. I just want to give Chloe a hug ❤️

Jun 1st
Reply (5)

Kimica Z

To somebody who feels confused about their sexuality because they're very "open" - maybe that is your answer. Some people are neither gay nor straight, not even really bisexual either since that doesn't include everyone you're attracted to... Maybe you're just pansexual; maybe that's the answer you're looking for.

May 30th
Reply (12)

Kimica Z

Thank you for doing this podcast. There is so much hate out there for this community, rooted primarily in ignorance, so it's really beneficial to have a show like this to show that trans people are just PEOPLE. I am hopeful that within a few short years we will take real steps to protect the rights of trans people, just like we did for gay people. It takes a while for society to come around, but things like this show really help to advance our progress.

May 29th

Jenn Bakes

Damn, comment sections are where optimism goes to die 😂 very excited to start listening to this podcast though!

May 20th

Wendy Madsen

No thank you.

May 14th
Reply (1)

Sara Rose

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May 12th

Kelly Petruzzi-Hiller

so sad! God wants so much more for you.

May 10th
Reply (10)

Allison Elder

Castbox, your radical liberal leaning is showing by subscribing me to several channels I would never follow on purpose. They can't get an audience any other way maybe. You can't pay me to follow this channel. I'm for freedom, not forced channel subscriptions.

May 9th
Reply (23)



May 8th
Reply (5)

Karluigi Marie

Thank you for this program. i am learning so much. ❤❤

May 7th

Randall Marsh


May 2nd
Reply (2)
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