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Author: Bethany Lockhart Johnson and Dan Meyer

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Math Teacher Lounge is a biweekly podcast created specifically for K–12 math educators. In each episode co-hosts Bethany Lockhart Johnson (@lockhartedu) and Dan Meyer (@ddmeyer)dive deep, with guests, into the math and educational topics you care about. Interact with us on Twitter (@mtlshow) or join our Facebook group ( for more content. 

23 Episodes
Defining math fluency

Defining math fluency


Welcome to Season 6 of Math Teacher Lounge! This season, we’ll be digging deep into math fluency—exploring what it is, looking into the research around it, and sharing practical tips for building it in math classrooms. Join us as we kick things off with Jason Zimba, Amplify’s chief academic officer of STEM! We sat down with Jason to get a clear understanding of what math fluency is and what we really mean when we talk about it. As a prominent math advocate with many years of experience, he can also help us learn just how important fluency is and how it fits into the standards.Unlock additional insights with these bonus resources:Read Jason’s article, “How I See Addition Facts.”Join us in the Math Teacher Lounge Facebook Community.Dive into, “Adding It Up: Helping Children Learn Mathematics” and “Mathematics Learning in Early Childhood: Paths Toward Excellence and Equity” at National Academics.Check out Appetites: A Cookbook by Anthony Bourdain and Laurie Woolever to cook with Jason.
Join us as we continue our summer mini-series where we discuss how to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) as a teaching tool. In this episode of Math Teacher Lounge, we sit down with educator Kristen Moore to discuss how she is using Chat GPT as a tool to revolutionize student learning and streamline lesson planning.Listen today and don’t forget to grab your MTL study guide to track your learning and make the most of this episode!
Join us for our summer mini-series where we’ll be talking about artificial intelligence (AI): what it is, how it is already being used in education, and how it will continue to transform education in the future. In this kickoff episode, we sat down with Jennifer Carolan, general partner at Reach Capital, to chat about the current state of AI in education technology.As a former teacher and current leading-edge education technology entrepreneur, Jennifer has so much to share on how, if done correctly, AI will become a partner with educators and a tool for fostering social learning opportunities.For more from Jennifer, check out the following resources:Read Jennifer’s article, “What AI will disrupt but never replace.”Hear more from Jennifer and follow her on Twitter.Keep up to date with the Reach Capital team.Join us in the Math Teacher Lounge Facebook Community.
As we wrap up this season of Math Teacher Lounge, we’re sharing our biggest takeaways from our incredible discussions around tackling math anxiety.We’ve been able to speak to five great thinkers on math and the anxieties that can affect students, teachers, and even caregivers. From acknowledging math anxiety and finding ways to immediately start relieving the pressure, to redefining math and establishing positive math routines in and out of the classroom, we’ve learned so much with every single episode. Listen now to hear our season highlights, as well as some of our favorite responses from listeners! 
So far in this season of Math Teacher Lounge, we’ve been very lucky to have had so many prolific and brilliant researchers on our show, and our next guest is no exception. In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Marjorie Schaeffer to discuss how the attitudes of adults affect children and their anxiety levels, the need for meaningful, positive interactions around math, and how the right math technology can make an incredible impact on lowering math anxiety in children and caregivers. Listen now and don’t forget to grab your MTL study guide to track your learning and make the most of this episode! 
So far this season, we’ve investigated math anxiety in students and its causes with passionate researchers and curriculum experts, including Sesame Workshop! Now we hear from Dr. Heidi Sabnani, consultant, coach, and co-host of Math 4 All, as she gives us research-based tips for teachers who are facing math anxiety themselves! Listen as we discuss Heidi’s own math anxiety and journey through math, the effects teacher math anxiety can have on instruction, and practices educators can implement right away for overcoming math anxiety. Listen today and don’t forget to grab your MTL study guide to track your learning and make the most of this episode! 
Listen as we chat with Dr. Rosemarie Truglio, senior vice president of curriculum and content for Sesame Workshop! Continuing our theme of math anxiety this season, we sat down with Dr. Truglio to chat about Sesame Street and her thoughts on how to spread a growth mindset to young children and put them on course to academic achievement and long-term success.Listen today and don’t forget to grab your Math Teacher Lounge study guide to track your learning and make the most of this episode! 
We’re continuing our season's theme of tackling math anxiety, going beyond the basics, diving deeper into what causes it, and how we can help students move forward. In this episode, we talk to Dr. Erin Maloney from the University of Ottawa to better understand what’s actually happening in the brain when a person experiences math anxiety, and steps we can take to shift student mindsets toward a positive direction. Listen now and don’t forget to grab your MTL study guide to track your learning and make the most of this episode! 
Season 5 of Math Teacher Lounge is here! This season, we’ll be talking all about math anxiety: what it is, what causes it, and what we can do to prevent or ease this anxiety in the math classroom. To launch this very important theme, we sat down with Dr. Gerardo Ramirez, associate professor of educational psychology at Ball State University. As someone who’s been studying math anxiety for more than a decade, he had some interesting research and advice to share on why math anxiety affects so many students (and adults!), and tips for how to start reducing it. 
Join us for the third episode in our Winter Wrap-Up! In this re-run from season 3 of Math Teacher Lounge: The Podcast, we sit down with Valerie Henry, Ed.D, to talk about math fluency and what that means for students. Listen as we dig into the research, hear Dr. Val’s three-part definition of math fluency, and explore her five principles for developing it.
While we’re hard at work producing the exciting fifth season of Math Teacher Lounge: The Podcast, we’re continuing to share some of our favorite conversations from our first four seasons. This time around, we’re revisiting our popular episode that connected literacy and math!In this episode from season 3, we sit down with Allison Hintz and Antony Smith, authors of Mathematizing Children’s Literature, to talk about what would happen if we were to approach children’s literature, and life, through a math lens–and how we can apply those same techniques to classroom teaching!
As we prep for an exciting new season of Math Teacher Lounge: The Podcast, hosts Bethany Lockhart Johnson and Dan Meyer are looking back at the amazing speakers and conversations from past episodes and sharing some of their favorites!First up: A season 2 double feature of The Power of Problem-Solving with Fawn Nguyen and Facilitating Classroom Discussions with authors Christy Hermann Thompson and Kassia Omohundro Wedekind. Fawn is a specialist on Amplify’s advanced math team, and is a former math teacher and math coach—so she knows her stuff! You'll hear about her five criteria for good problem-solving problems, and the power and importance of exposing all students to problem-solving.Then, we'll move into Bethany and Dan's conversation with Christy and Kassia to learn how hands-down conversations allow students to become better listeners and the steps you can take to implement hands-down conversations in your classroom.
In this episode, Bethany and Dan explore mathematical joy by visiting a math teacher conference in Southern California and Dan shares recent experiences on how he tried to cultivate mathematical joy in his own school-aged kids.
S4 - 04. Dear Math

S4 - 04. Dear Math


In this episode, Bethany and Dan chat with Sarah Strong and Gigi Butterfield, authors of Dear Math: Why Kids Hate Math and What Teachers Can Do About It. Listen in as they chat about their experience with finding joy in math, and how their passion helped tell the story of other students' journeys to find, or not find, joy in math.
In this episode, co-hosts Bethany Lockhart Johnson and Dan Meyer are LIVE with more than one hundred Math Teacher Lounge listeners at the recent National Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference. Listen in as they answer the pressing question: Who is the best teacher in film or television?
In this episode, co-hosts Bethany Lockhart Johnson and Dan Meyer get personal and share their “math bios”—their early experiences with math and how those experiences turned them into the educators they are today. 
This season on the Math Teacher Lounge podcast, we follow the theme “joyful math” and uncover its meaning.In this episode, Kanchan Kant joins Bethany Lockhart Johnson and Dan Meyer to discuss the key, early investment she makes at the start of the school year to ensure her math teaching will be joyful for herself and for her students for the rest of the year.
In this episode, Bethany and Dan take a look at several tweets that caught the most fire on Twitter during the 2021-2022 school year. The pair answer questions about viral teaching methods, the best teaching advice you can give in three words, and if students should use pencils or pens in class. Join them as they take on those questions and several others in a fast-paced episode.
Math education professor Lani Horn shares with us what it means to have an asset orientation towards students, contrasting it with a deficit orientation, and helping Bethany and Dan understand the many ways students experience one or the other. Their conversation hit both high notes and low notes and included a challenge that Bethany and Dan both found extremely valuable for helping a teacher develop an asset orientation towards their students.
Fluency in math can oftentimes be associated with negative experiences with its development— timed worksheets, for example. Bethany and Dan are joined by three guests to better understand fluency and how to make its approach fun. Dr. Val Henry shares her three-part definition of fluency and her five principles for developing it. Additionally, Tracy Zager and Graham Fletcher join Bethany and Dan to better understand fluency through a lens of equity and using multimedia as a tool.
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