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Jenn and Myron talk about Hurricane Fiona and Puerto Rico; whether a former American president can be arrested and perp-walked; a sick cat - Heathcliff; and television shows The Patient on Apple+, horror movie based on a true story, Wolf Creek 1 and 2 as talked about on the podcast Case Files, and finally getting rain!
Jenn and Myron talk it up about religious questions on tests in public schools; calling your boyfriend or girlfriend "Partner;" restaurant Shena with Uncle Vern; television shows Selling OC, What We Do in Shadows, Ozark, Handmaid Tales, Five Days at Memorial; and the Emmys!
Jenn and Myron talk about Jenn’s new rescue puppy Cabo and the struggles of getting him settled in; they cover Myron’s recent blog about the lack of imagination in fantasy and science-fiction, and the ugliness of their fans towards Black and POC characters. They also discuss global warming and flooding in Pakistan, poison water in Jackson, Mississippi, and what they are watching - including Selling OC, Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Foundation, and Game of Thrones, House of Dragons. And don’t miss out on an update about Myron’s uncles!
Jenn and Myron share 20 things they hate, in honor of their 20th episode.
Jenn and Myron discuss A League of their Own series, protocols for house- and dog-sitting, summer heat, two-years of outstanding results by President Biden and VP Harris, celebrating how wonderful California is, and traveling to Vegas and saying no to timeshares.
Jenn and Myron talk about fostering dogs, the Killing Eve final season, The Sandman, Michelle Oh in Everything All At Once, domestic terrorism, and why Democrats can be proud of President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris.
Myron welcomes Jenn back from her San Diego vacation and they chat about working out while on vacation, how expensive Coronado Island is, how the Interstate Highway system segregated Americans, why cities across America shut down public swimming pools, and what we are watching - including Loot, Evil, The Old Man, and Trainwreck: Woodstock 1999.
With Jenn out Myron brings on a very special guest! They chat about drinking in San Diego, lack of teacher credentials in Arizona & Florida, meat eaters, school funding, Snapped, and the Murder industry.
Jenn & Myron discuss buffalos, food deserts, mass food production, veganism & elitism; they also chat about Puerto Rico 🇵🇷, "Loot," and "Snapped - Women Who Kill."
Jenn & Myron chat about turbulence, covid-cough, and Myron’s guest appearances on the @arevamartin radio show & her Facebook Live show that talk politics & race; they also dive into The Boys, Ms Marvel, & The Umbrella Academy; vegan treats and vegan talk with Jenn.
Jenn & Myron are back from vacation! Join us as we chat about Jenn's love of chickpeas, fostering pets, sitting on a NYC stoop with covid , and what we're watching: Bear, Father of the Bride, and Dark Desires.
Jenn and Myron are on vacation this week, so enjoy one of our favorite episodes: your hosts, Jenn & Myron, talk technology, Uncle Bill in Canada, Jenn's sneaky nephew, Lea Michelle's body generosity, sound quality, and Mojito!
This week Jenn & Myron go a bit deep on January 6 congressional hearings, setting the thermostat at 69, discuss vacation in San Diego with Jenn, and television shows Obi-Wan, Dark Desires.. and celebrate Myron’s birthday!
On this week's episode Jenn and Myron talk Hacks, Vegan snacks, January 6th Congressional Hearings, and First Kill series for Pride Month.
Jenn & Myron discuss Pride Month, Jenn's COVID, Kim K's law degree and voting choices, to mask or not to mask, and honor Jenn's dog Mojito in the cutest way.
Jenn & Myron discuss how to properly dispose of a condom, the importance of returningshopping carts, why other countries have better technology than the U.S., what Jenn is watching!
Jenn & Myron say goodbye to Mojito, and talk about guns & grief in Texas.
This week Jenn & Myron talk gastrointestinal fun times, vaccinations in Amsterdam, sadness and anger in Buffalo, Neil Degrasse Tyson job burnout, and The Wilds. Plus Jenn updates us on her big old dog Mojito!
WE'RE BI-COASTAL THIS WEEK! Myron's in NY while Jenn is in CA.Jenn & Myron are back for another week of shallow dives on deep topics and as always an update on Mojito!
This week your hosts, Jenn and Myron talk about Ozark, Selling Sunset, Childhood toys, Medical and student debt relief, meal sharing, and Jenn’s dog Mojito.If you're enjoying this show be sure to leave 5 stars and a review!
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