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Covering so much you will want a notepad handy, this is our mega recap featuring ordered clips of the entire season two, with brief commentary. It's been a busy year with tons of guests.#themorninglandpapers#twelvetribes#lldm#exfundie#ifb#survivingbobjones#onetaste#carbonnation#longbeachcult#occupycults Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
It's fifth Tuesday and that means it's interview time. Adding to the Morningland Papers, we'll sum it up for the year with a long awaited interview. In Ep. 67 I read a statement from him. Check that out. In Ep. 67 Steve Ryan let me read his story summing up his time in Morningland. From coerced marriage, to the false AIDS healing claims, we also talk in this one about the real nature of the leader Sri Donato (deceased 2003). New age religion can do a lot of damage, cause PTSD and other things. Steve Ryan and I agree it's worth taking time to inform the public on this group particularly. Join a well-versed speaker on his own timeline and realizations about Morningland in his own voice and words, years after his departure.Episode 67 - is worth a listen if you want to start with his story - this is the Q&A of that. out Hot Takes of a Cult Kid also by Frankie Tease - new each Sunday. license codes: TEWKKCO4BMCNUQ3L, 6XTUUOLFI0BKO8WZ, 7TNBYK9653EKTUWZ, VS73DEVCFHYUBVJE Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
On this 3rd Tuesday, I'll explore how cults and religions use food deprivation against us for a means of control. It's very effective. I can see doing much more on this at some point, but this'll get you started on this massive topic, talking cults in the news to exemplify the tactic of food deprivation they so frequently go to.More at frankiefilespodcast.comTik Tok @frankieteaseX @frankieteaseemail: frankietease@substack.comThanks for listening and giving us stars and ratings or subscribing and donating. Any of those sustain us. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
It's 2nd Tues. and that means sexuality is our go-to topic. What is a sex cult? You may have heard the term, but sex goes on everywhere? What joins the two elements creating a new more powerful game? Because let's be truthful, sex is powerful and everyone knows this. But add #becausejesus and well, that's too powerful. David Kouresh had all the wives. No man could have sex with his own wife at their compound. He too, had a sex cult.Check for more.FFIS7PV8MAGWYVKV, T6SNTZ4O3KXMD6JJ, HY94OKICYUXIZFHI, 6SZHCEV2WSG63Z8K, ITJSBKS9VF3QE0SX Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Keeping with our 1st Tues. theme, its all about coercion. Is there a more coercive bunch than new age religion groups and leaders? Even the followers become auto manipulators. Picking up from Ep. 29 (Intro to New Age Religion), we explore Madame Blavatsky and the roots of Theology and her society in the 1800s which shows up in our society today.Sources: Dr. Lalich, Bounded Choice - Devega, Gaurkee - All You Want To Know But Didn't Think You Could AskCheck out for more information.O0FDWKWRWX8RHPS8, 1UUXAWRSKEBQOSM5, 4FL6SG0JGTPM654T, 8LNGWZU5TZG25KZY Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
On this 4th Tuesday, we get into a back to school topic like last year with Andrew Pledger. Examining the home school to Christian College pipeline, host Andrew Pledger tells us of his new limited series podcast Surviving Bob Jones University. Streaming now, this interview gives us insight into the preparation and depth of his research and how he'll bring us more in the future deeply diving into the unacceptable atmosphere created for young minds who believe they are going to get an education.Linktree: BJU Podcast: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Pre-empting the usual 2nd Tuesday theme, we will complete part one of Mom's interview about Morningland. In Ep. 71 we brought you audio from 1987 showing how the clergy treated my Mom at the curb while she tried to visit her daughters on their birthday for the third year. Today, we complete a task we started in episode 12 of this show - Mom's full Interview - it's been only 35+ years coming in some ways. Mom reveals the story of how she and her family were recruited from North Long Beach into the Temple at East Long Beach (#longbeachcult). Mom experiences a level of control from the leadership that she was not prepared for which gets progressively worse from 1974 to 1984. As the trainwreck continues, she is challenged, separated, and finally ex-communicated while her daughters are promoted. Listen.Check out more of my work at in Cult Madness News and Hot Takes of a Cult Kid. Youtube Music License Codes: USAUXDR1NRGV0SEK, TTSPZQSQX5WQDPN7, EOXAYU93DH1FHPMP, 1SONIZB4BWMHILQZ, XDVOYWZQUEXPYAEO, WQIL26FAVN5ERSR8, RKNFWWZKDZKSVLAU, NBKTJC8BOMAE8BNA, TCANLNA2S48L0272 Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
When Mom drives to Morningland Church (Community, Corp.Monastery), she is greeted with bright lights, a camera and the abusers who sex trafficked her daughters.She just wanted to see them on their birthday, you see - it became a tradition after she was kicked out. This is the digitized audio she recorded from 1987. Mom kept this tape safe for 37 years. Listen to us comment on the tape in this episode.Stay tuned for the full story from Mom concerning her twins, the Daughters of Isis (airs next Tues.).Aerial photo: Signal TribuneYoutube music license codes F8ZVLG4BIFDSFFEB, CYOGQVMALAVVAB9D, QMJ24DMEMQV9TJZL, JBERNRW74TMQI3W3, RQABP7QTMIRAUHDM, JKPEA5JMMXUJUEGD Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
On this 5th Tuesday, we check two boxes for this episode featuring a new addition to The Morningland Papers and the author interview. Our Author guest has multiple titles under his belt but not all read like a science fiction novel which happens to be a true story.Here to tell the tale using details from his 2020 publication When the Light Came: Conducting Spiritual Warfare - A True Account [ISBN ‏ : ‎ B08C94RMQV] available in digital or paperback is Stephen Mercer (CFP / CISA / CSA) year is 1997 and the town is Long Beach. There is an out-of-state recruitment happening in Colorado where Stephen lives, in a rare event. This is what ensued once Stephen Mercer made contact with the California Cult. #longbeachcult#themorninglandpapers#frankiefilespodcast#whenthelightcame#occupycults Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
It's 4th Tuesday, and our focus is on cult kids, aka adult children of cults.This time, extending the chat from Ep. 68, we'll keep going with how music is used in cults, and how it goes directly to the brain and how it does that. Today I'll also sample a song from the cult in Japan called AUM. It's pretty creepy. Kids throughout the country and world sang it right up until he was sentenced to prison for subway killings. Alrighty. Incidentally the leader of the AUM cult and several of its members have been put to death for deadly gas subway attacks killing many innocent people. See the song on Youtube Soshi Soshi Soshi Asahara Soshi... This is Your Brain on Music by Daniel Levitin Shiverman by Fat Freddy's Drop live on Youtube Listen to Frankie Files Podcast on all the apps, or download from the RSS at Want more about cults? Check out Hot Takes of a Cult Kid now at Music license code for Youtube EEBFKKSCASEC22TM, JVEP9FWE9YWDFR6Q, ZZUQGE6EL5QMM2EO Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
It's 3rd Tuesday and time to talk cults and their ways. This time, let's talk music in cults. This is a huge topic and I've been working on this awhile, and am happy to share it with you guys. It might just blow some of your neurons out - enjoy. Read the article I refer to by Syran Warner about a cult music radio program to Frankie Files Podcast on all apps and Youtube. Share, like, subscribe, donate to help us grow the show. More at frankiefilespodcast.comThis is Your Brain on Music is the book I refer to here - Link music license code LN1M51KN00EH9XLP, BMAGMZWPWBXHXWFU, HUKF0QULQALFUSXM, LTSMP2ZNTUUDUDKW, ECCHA27OXKEGKTTL, BTB8QWQ8WMGYKWAY Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
On this 2nd Tues. we get back to the topic of sexuality lining up with another telling for the Morningland Papers ongoing story. This time with Steve Ryan who has actively been involved with writing his story publicly to help inform others about a dangerous Long Beach cult. Today I read his story and change the voice a bit so you know when it's his words. They are dramatic, as he was inner circle adjacent and that come with demands and sacrifice to please the female spiritual master who reigned.Listen to this ongoing series on Spotify Playlist - The Morningland Papers or Youtube Playlist - The Morningland PapersSubscribe on Acast Spotify iHeart Radio Apple PodcastsYoutube Audible GooglePodcasts Podlink Stitcher Pocket Cast Pandora or RSS  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
It's 1st Tues. and we usually talk about coercion. Today a story with three perspectives about Morningland Community, Morningland Monastery, Morningland Corp in Long Beach, CA. Guests Lee O. and my mom help read and comment on the Signal Tribune April 2023 article. Link to article if you want to read along is Published in the Long Beach area (Signal Hill) in the Middle of the Grand Prix, April, 2023, we thank Kristen Naeem for her research and time. This is the first investigative piece on the Temple in 20 years after a year and a half of podcast media substack Reddit, Twitter, Youtube social media, press releases which I (Frankie) have been putting out. The reporter found me on a r/longbeach post on Reddit about Morningland. Listen to the Morningland Papers playlists on Spotify, Youtube, and on any app in Frankie Files Podcast, it is a featured ongoing story. I survived. Feedback? send via Youtube license codes: CN8ISWG6VUISEZXR, ZSZPOFRZWCAWGPMI, JDROV0AWKZTIF5EB, EZAYQ85PXDNX1P5P, H33HMZCM8FETK9U3, RLP5RHLBUEKAVJ9H, DGEGF0Q4WQRVWGNJ, FP3XSGJA65OATH1T, NMIWCKR45WHYIAWU, 6XL4HFTJJ13Z68CZ Thanks for listening, rating, donating, subscribing and sharing our podcast! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
It's 4th Tuesday and time to examine life as a cult kid. This time I explore the concept of faith healing through time, how it soured a cult kid on medical treatment and how we pay the price. But this is weird and complicated a bit more than I thought. Hear the Morningland Papers to date at: Spotify Playlist - The Morningland Papers ( Youtube Playlist - The Morningland Papers ( you are an adult child of a cult and want to tell your recovery story, contact us at via Spotify 📶 ❤ 🔊 Podcasts 👂 Podcasts 🍏, Pocket Cast, Radio Public & more.New each Tuesday.$upport via: Buy me a Coffee ☕, Cash App 💸$FrankieTease PayPal 💳 FrankieTease See 📂 &🗞 Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
On this 3rd Tuesday I get into the grab bag of comments sent to the show about Morningland, Profundity Yours, Adult Children of Cults and more. Thank you for listening and supporting Frankie Files Podcast where you listen.Click to Subscribe on Acast Spotify iHeart Radio Apple Podcasts Youtube Audible GooglePodcasts Podlink Stitcher Pocket Cast Pandora or RSS.Hear the Morningland Papers to date at: Spotify Playlist - The Morningland Papers ( Youtube Playlist - The Morningland Papers ( you are an adult child of a cult and want to tell your recovery story, contact us at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
On this 2nd Tues. we're heading into a new series: Sexploitation. In this series we'll see in real time with cults in the news what sexploitation is going on in cults. Today two compared: Carbon Nation Cult - and - One Taste Cult. What do they use to lure in members? What are long term issues and recovery techniques for sexploited people? Listen in. But a caution for adult content and language here. Subscribe on Acast Spotify iHeart Radio Apple PodcastsYoutube Audible GooglePodcasts Podlink Stitcher Pocket Cast Pandora or RSS Listen to my Sunday podcast "Hot Takes of a Cult Kid" on Apple, Spotify & frankietease.substack.comThanks for listening Sundays and Tuesdays Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
It's time to talk coercion on this 1st Tuesday of the month. Today it's about One Taste the Orgasmic Meditation cult based in Northern California, but which has multiple locations, or it had. End of June saw the founder Nicole Daedone surrender herself to jail for charges of forced labor in the business known as One Taste. It's a sex cult. Here is the latest using multiple articles.Listen to our previous interview with an employee of One Taste, Ruwan Meepagala, who was also in the Netflix documentary this year and has a lot to say about the experience of a female run cult. Subscribe on Acast Spotify iHeart Radio Apple PodcastsYoutube Audible GooglePodcasts Podlink Stitcher Pocket Cast Pandora or RSS More at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
It's 4th Tuesday and I'm here to help you understand adult children of cults. We are like ex cult members but different. Way different. Using multiple articles today I'll get into the types of things kids who grew up in new age alternative religious groups, high demand groups that meditate or chant into a trance and more. #cults #tm #meditation #floating #disassociation Sources: to Subscribe on Acast Spotify iHeart Radio Apple PodcastsYoutube Audible GooglePodcasts Podlink Stitcher Pocket Cast Pandora or RSS Donate   Email Show  Call Show Email List Sign UpShow Merch & ArtYoutube music attribution XYTKRN7LMJK4GEKN, 9WEBQFNWDZJS0UHG, O9OXODJFK0BDFPED Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
This is 3rd Tuesday and a cult update on Morningland. I will read an article I wrote last year summing up interesting connections to Lynne Sperato and Dr. Lalich a California sociologist who studies cults.Putting unknown pieces of this puzzle together keeps getting more interesting.Source: License attributionSWHFWKVPHJYBLDZG, THRDHCRVUNK2HF6N Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
It's 2nd Tuesday time to talk sex. Our repeat expert on child marriage rejoins us for this update on child marriage in the United States. Her site is Her mission to inform. And her story is astounding too. We use a 2021 article on the legal aspects which may shock you. She also works with Girls Not Brides Global Hope 365 Naila Amin Foundation Resiliency Foundation Reality of A Desi GirlSVON FoundationTahirih Justice Center Unchained At Last **Map of legislation**The AHA FoundationVOW For GirlsSource article to our previous interview in Sept. 2022 Sara's Story to our previous interview of Sara in Live Reddit Talk & Q&A - Dec. 2022 Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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