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In the latest episode of “The Fueling Station” podcast, OPW’s “Pod-troleum Guys,” Ed Kammerer and Jonathan Stong, welcomed Scott Boorse, Director of Technical Programs & Industry Affairs for the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) to the show. Their discussion revolved around the importance of ensuring safety in all aspects of retail fueling, with an emphasis on PEI’s current efforts to create a series of Recommended Practices dedicated strictly to safety measures, the first of which highlights ways to optimize fall protection at fueling facilities. In the end, maximizing safety means leaving the facility as safe when you leave as it was when you arrived, with OPW’s industry-leading fuel-storage and -dispensing equipment lending a hand in that endeavor.
In the latest episode of The Fueling Station, hosts Ed Kammerer and Jonathan Stong – the “Pod-troleum” Guys – visited with David Hardy, OPW Retail Fueling’s District Manager for the state of Texas, who spoke enthusiastically about the state of the industry in one of its most important regions. Specifically, there has been a lot of momentum in the installation of next-generation flexible-piping systems and spill-containment equipment, which dovetails with OPW’s recent release of the DSE and TSE models in the new E-Series family of Dispenser and Tank Sumps.
OPW's renowned "Pod-troleum Guys" – Ed Kammerer and Jonathan Stong – kicked off their trade-show (and podcast) season at WPMA 2023 in Las Vegas by recognizing their one-year anniversary and highlighting the robust show attendance and new products OPW has to offer as the retail-fueling industry continues to rebound. Special guest Dave Duncan, National Account Manager of IRPCO, also stopped by to offer his unique perspective on the state of new regulations that will be affecting the hanging hardware market niche.
Join host Ed Kammerer live from the 2022 PEI/NACS Show in Las Vegas as he is joined by Dan Boyle and extra special guest Scott Mehman. Together, Ed and his guests give an inside look at API tagging and some of the exciting new technology that is helping to revolutionize the industry!
OPW Director of Training Lewis Bell joined The Fueling Station podcast host Ed Kammerer from the floor of the recent PEI/NACS Show to discuss the importance of training and how OPW Retail Fueling has developed a wide range of materials that have been designed to make the training process for its equipment and systems as easy, comprehensive and helpful as possible.
Twenty-five years after OPW introduced its revolutionary PISCES fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) piping, also known as fiberglass "flex" pipe, the company remains a top producer of extruded piping that is used in retail-fueling systems. In the latest edition of The Fueling Station Podcast, OPW's "Pod-troleum Guys" Ed Kammerer and Jonathan Stong take to the manufacturing floor in Smithfield, NC, to discuss the latest extruded-pipe innovations that are coming off the assembly line at OPW Retail Fueling's manufacturing facility.
One of the most significant additions to the product menus at retail fueling sites in the past 15 years has been Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), the use of which became mandated when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was looking for new and better ways to reduce the amount of sulfur-heavy emissions from diesel-powered trucks and automobiles and their harmful effects. In the latest edition of The Fueling Station Podcast, Ed Kammerer and Jonathan Stong of OPW Retail Fueling — the "Pod-troleum Guys" — welcome Dan Boyle, OPW-RF Product Manager - Underground, for a discussion on DEF's use and its challenging handling characteristics, which make selecting and deploying DEF-compatible dispensing equipment paramount in helping to ensure a safe, reliable, cost-effective and efficient DEF program.
In the latest episode of The Fueling Station podcast, Ed Kammerer and Jonathan Stong — the "Pod-troleum" Guys — take their show on the road to OPW Retail Fueling's headquarters in Smithfield, NC. There, they speak with Greg Kennedy, Director of Operations for OPW-RF, who discusses how advances in fiberglass-composite manufacturing processes are improving performance for OPW's fuel-containment products and systems.
Episode 1: WPMA Live

Episode 1: WPMA Live


Live from the WPMA Expo floor in Las Vegas, Ed Kammerer and Jonathan Stong welcome listeners to the inaugural episode of The Fueling Station podcast. With a combined 50 years of experience in the petroleum industry, the two hosts discuss their journeys through the field, the state of fueling equipment trade shows today, and the podcast episodes to come.
In this episode of The Fueling Station, petroleum industry experts Ed Kammerer and Jonathan Stong welcome guest Dan Boyle to the podcast. Boyle, a Product Manager at OPW Retail Fueling, joins our hosts in sharing field stories and discussing the ins and outs of below ground installations.
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