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Author: Amy Kay Guenther

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Let's talk about practical stuff for women who love Yeshua! I'll talk about home businesses, family, Feasts, Sabbath, eating Biblically clean and all kinds of things about our faith walk with a focus on practical application. I'll also have loads of other lovely ladies on as guests! Get on my email list at and be sure to go to the store to get free stuff and Torah Sisters Magazine!
22 Episodes
It's important not to forget this heart-level command for Passover. I'll show Scriptures that show that if we don't forgive, there is no forgiveness for us.Get the free Passover Kit download at the current Passover issue of Torah Sisters Magazine at last year's Passover issue at the...
I'm working on being less on my phone, so I watched a documentary about the dangers of social media. I realized I needed to get rid of my feeds. 119 Ministries video about leaven is at
My Best Parenting Tips

My Best Parenting Tips


I re-recorded this video from a few days ago. I hope what I've learned about parenting will help someone!See Anne Elliott's YouTube at and her website at Heidi's website at Torah Sisters Magazine at for Rachel Henderson's and Anne's parenting articles in Issues 13 and 15 at https://sto...
Get Torah Sisters Magazine and lots of free stuff at this episode, I'll encourage you to take heart during disruptive times because the Father might be using the disruption to allow your husband or someone else to come to Torah.
In this podcast episode, I'll encourage you and give you tips for planning a Sukkot event. It's not too late!Get the Fall Feast issue of Torah Sisters Magazine at ACA has a database of camps that rent out their facilities.
It's so easy to make assumptions about me and each other. In other words, it's easy to put each other into buckets and give labels that might not quite fit. We must be discerning and get to know one another. Let's chat about it.Click here to get Torah Sisters Magazine.
For the past two weeks, I've been making a major effort to declutter my home. The Sisters on Facebook said they want to hear about it, so here you go! I'll share my why, my method, and more.Go to to subscribe to the magazine.Learn more about Lea DiNonno, who wrote the article about healthy eating on a budget.Click here to see The Minimal Mom on YouTube.
A Torah Sister asked me, "How do you deal with friends who think you've gone apostate?" Let's chat about it.Click here to see the sale on back issues of Torah Sisters Magazine.Click here for The Truth book to help you answer their questions concisely.
Kayte Abaffy joined me again! She's talking about ways to help busy women achieve new goals and projects and decide if they should be pursued. She shares several very practical and actionable questions to ask yourself.See Kayte's new coaching offer at Kayte and Luke's documentaries and book at that you can listen to this as a regular podcast on your favorite platform or at
See the Passover Kit and Spring Feast Collection, Counting the Omer charts & Free stuff at the Hebrew calendars that tell you which days the feasts and the omer count is on at Anne's Feast workbook at other resources at more at
The Enemy hates that we do Passover and remember the Exodus and Yeshua. If you're discouraged, listen! Do Passover!See my blog post about Passover at Get the free Passover Kit at the Goody Bag with Hebrew calendars and Feast dates at
This podcast/video is part of a collaboration with other Torah women channels. Watch these channels for when they post their Proverbs 31 video on February 20!Raquel at at at the free printable sign at Help care for the poor in Africa by donatin...
My friend Anne Elliott joins me on this episode to discuss her book, "Too Tired." Get the book at and sign up for her emails at will talk about recognizing adrenal fatigue, similar conditions, and their effects on our behavior and ability to love those around us. There is hope and help! Get the Finding Shalom checklist at
Hear Sarah tell her story of coming to Torah. See Sarah's website and blog at She is on YouTube at Her Instagram is and shop her Etsy store at
In this podcast, I'll keep going in my series about things we can do to get more shalom in our lives. This time, let's talk about forgiveness, grudges and conflict. Get a free printable checklist of things you can do to get more shalom at
Download the free Finding Shalom Checklist at Watch Jason Towe's presentation about foster care and adoption at Jason and his wife, Amanda, minister at this congregation:
It's about time I give you an update on my life since I quit my hospital nursing job a year ago! In this episode, I'll share awesome news updates on my life and also how and why I started Torah Sisters. Get Torah Sisters Magazine at Thank you, Sisters!
Download the free Finding Shalom checklist at This episode is part of a series of talks about finding shalom in our lives. Join me on a journey to be a woman who is set apart in that you are not stressed out all the time, but filled with the Spirit and shalom of the Father. In this episode, we will talk about how our own sin may be the thing that is stressing us out.
You'll love hearing from special guest Kayte Abaffy. She's on a journey to live simply but intentionally and she'll tell you some of the most impactful and practical things she's changed in her heart, "mental space" and life to achieve that goal. Links to items discussedGet the Abaffy's upcoming book at and use coupon TORAHSISTERS until September 23, 2022 for free shipping to US customers.Click here to get the organizing course from "Learn. Do. Become." that Kayte took,...
Get the free Finding Shalom checklist and journal page at I'm starting a new series on finding shalom and contentment. This is Part 1, and it's important.
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