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Every Wednesday Osmosis AMM host a live updates chat on Twitter. We include special guest that are building with Osmosis or in the Cosmos ecosystem. Stay on top of all things in this active and fast paced community. Download Keplr wallet to interact with
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Eddie @DynamicManic & Kevin @BerreySunny @sunnya97Guests: Derek Hsue @derek_hsue, @fededaffina [Reverie]( Frey @confio_tech, [CosmWasm]( [tech difficulties, couldn’t make it][Preview article for today]( on the integration and;dr-mystery project ISOTONIC app being developed by Confio on Osmosis!!-Gravity Bridge launch imminent, ETH and USDC coming to Osmosis, GRAV token coming (and donation to Osmosis Community Pool)-Superfluid Staking core logic merged, now testing and simulations begin, on track for release at end of Feb.-Chain instability from arbitrage bots, fixed with bot detector and bot-only fees-Reverie (worked with other DeFi blue-chips Compound and dYdX) proposed Osmosis Ecosystem Fund to get tooling, analytics, apps, public goods, education, etc. quickly funded and built — will on-board new contributors and developers: see [temp. check proposal]( CosmWasm 1.0 mostly deployed on Osmosis already, just finalizing SDK 0.45 tweaks. Permissioning module and custom integrations beginning: integration into swaps, oracles, sending cw20 tokens over IBC (with an append-only whitelist) by Feb. 1st for NETA dropNotes by Steviewoofwoof
Hosts: Eddie @DynamicManic & Kevin @BerreySunny @sunnya97Guests: Ethan Frey @confio_tech, [CosmWasm](;dr-ISOTONIC revealed: a bespoke lending protocol built into the Osmosis trading engine — enabling *constant leverage* on **Osmosis: *LP shares as collateral*-chain upgrade w/ F1 fee distribution, MetaMask integrations coming mid-Feb-Gravity Bridge should be beta usable (deposits) today, withdrawals in the next few days, front-end integration when that happens-front-end refactor coming along: will include routing fixes (until then: on big trades, make sure router isn’t pushing you through a low liq/high slippage pool)-CosmWasm level one integration should be merged into Osmosis by next Monday-Wasmd 0.22 released (one cool feature: on-chain governance can be the admin of a smart contract)Notes by Steviewoofwoof:
Guest: Justin Kilpatrick, @[ttk314]( co-founder & CTO of [Althea]( (Gravity Bridge builders)tl;dr—NETA transfers to Osmosis (and pools) available in the next couple days—Sunny is working on a Volatility AMM w. some BaB students (in the research phase, but sounds cool!) —Bridges as Service Providers: read the team’s [position paper](—multiple representations of assets is bad UX & it fragments liquidity—therefore in the short-term Osmosis governance should choose a canonical bridge—by taking pitches from bridges, discussing their pros and cons, and voting for one-e.g. decentralization, neutrality, inexpensive transactions, network effect, and features like Interchain Accounts, and NFT transfers, as well as connecting to other chains, esp. EVMs—Justin Kilpatrick of Althea discussed Gravity Bridge’s benefits: batched (i.e. cheap) transactions, credible neutrality, potential network effects with the Hub—timeline on withdrawals from GB: sounds like it may be end-of-month—token distribution: to the validators and comm. members who helped launch: specifics yet to be revealed—airdrop will be decided by governance: look for future proposals on-chain—Support Lab asking for next quarter of funding: [Commonwealth discussion]( is up: please provide support/questions, etc.—dedicated support chat coming online towards the end of February—discussion of Axelar bridge: very smooth UX enabled by a cool design feature (creating new “deposit accounts” that are associated with the account to which you are sending funds**New Format for Updates**: potentially a rotating crew of admins, maybe even give Sunny a break next week & bring on some other Osmosis devsNotes by Steviewoofwoof:
Hosts:Eddie @DynamicManic | Kevin @Berrey | WorkerBee @WorkerBee_3 (Support Lab)Sunny @sunnya97Guests:Jacob @gadikian - Notional @notionaldao - Validating, Relaying, Software EngineeringDaniel Farina (@Daniel_Farinax) - Osmosis Developer (Docs and Developer Relations)tl;dr—Blazing Fast Epoch Times with IAVL upgrades—JUNO explodes —> CW20 assets like NETA now on Osmosis-with this success, we can ask Terra to make their CW20s available via IBC-with so many new assets coming to Osmosis, time to be discerning with liquidity mining incentives & asset list management—let’s pre-approve EVMOS for incentives, so we don’t have to wait 7-10 days—Osmosis Docs flourishing, looking for more contributors—Notional crushing it. Jacob is a great validator-educator
Eddie @DynamicManic | WorkerBee @WorkerBee_3 (Support Lab) | Waterspinner @xoxo_td (Social admin)Sunny @sunnya97[]( Marketing TeamRV @rgvn08 - Communications@Atari_buzzk1ll — Community Manager**tl;dr**—Superfluid on track to launch Feb. 28!!—[]( — $FET, just joined IBC last week. Developing “digital twins” autonomous AI agents that do things for you (DeFi, finding parking places, etc.), and learn how to do them better as they go. Working in CosmWasm and looking to attract developers to build cool AI apps on their chain.—Bridges: we have an RFP out to the major Ethereum/EVM bridge service providers. They have till the end of the week to respond. We will collate/curate responses and plan a Town Hall / AMA for next week. Then we will vote!—Incentives: Osmosis plans to be more strategic with incentives: prioritizing 1) matching external incentives and 2) strategically important pools like UST/OSMO, ATOM/OSMO —post-superfluid roadmap: front-end refactor, fix lots of little UI bugs/inconveniences, stable-swaps, threshold encryption for making transactions in the mempool private (not viewable by validators) to mitigate MEV: threshold is a 6-month lift, but ABCI++ is coming out soon, and work with the Anoma team is progressing. — if you are a cryptographer, esp. with Rust exp., we are hiring!Notes by StevieWoofWoof:
Eddie @DynamicManic | Jacob @gadikian | Jason @jasbanza Josh!! @dogemos Sunny @sunnya97Chalabi from Chandra Station - @ChandraStationNomad: Pranay @pranaymohan James Prestwich: @_prestwichWormhole: @spacemandevtl;dr—Superfluid is still on track for the 28th, barring any last minute delays! Front-end UI is frictionless. Team is sprinting to the finish. Lots of articles and information coming in the next week, stay tuned!—ChandraStation: very active in the community, CRAFT airdrop happening soon, official info to follow, but for now, CosmosHOSS published some GitHub findings—Bridge Provider Town Hall postponed to next Wednesday, March 2, 3 PM EST, 8 PM UCT—Nomad and Wormhole teams stopped by. Much technical discussion, largely about distinguishing Nomad’s optimistic system with customizable (but fungibility-breaking) Watcher sets from Wormhole’s 19 Guardians (PoA)
**tl;dr**-bridge voting coming as soon as this week-Sunny: core devs prefer Axelar, but community should pick what it wants-Celer: combines a (traditional) multi-sig bridge model with an “optimistic” delay-buffer system like Nomad’s-they recommend generalizing that model to build a multi-bridge, where multiple bridges mint from the same contract and serve as guardians for each other with the same delay-buffer system-Sunny: that fungifying model might work, but it has very high latency, and the engineering lift on the Osmosis end would be heavy — and as an appchain, we can switch to a multi-bridge in the future if it makes sense-next big priority is stableswap-other updates coming along, CosmWasm improvements, TokenFactory, interchain accounts: these will enable Isotonic (lending), Quasar Yearn-style vaults on Osmosis, and DTF (a 3rd-party Osmosis ETF project)Notes by Steviewoofwoof:
Eddie @DynamicManicJosh @dogemos | Dev @valardragonRegen Network - Gregory Landua | Will SzalReverie - Derek Hsuetl;dr—Josh and Dev here today, excited about Regen and Reverie proposals!—superfluid staking available in pools 560/561, OSMO/UST, OSMO/LUNA—work continues on front-end refactor, AMM refactor, stableswap—Regen proposals coming on-chain soon: bring NCT carbon-credits to Osmosis, have OCP bootstrap the pool by purchasing some protocol-owned liquidity, offset our emissions, and incentivize OSMO/NCT—Reverie’s Osmosis Grants Program also going on-chain as well. Massive deal for getting more talent and projects flowing into Osmosis to build our utility and value and compete against the CEXs—bridge service provider proposals are in the works, & a proposal to lengthen voting window from 3-day to 5-day
Eddie @DynamicManic | Kevin @BerreySunny @sunnya97 | Josh @dogemosJake Kim, Alphaworks (you can find him in the Ion Telegram) new Twitter (@jake_on_me)**tl;dr**-secondary degen front-end coming: all bridged assets and CosmWasm tokens will be available-first of 3 Regen props passed: Osmosis is first blockchain ever to vote itself carbon neutral/negative — proposal to buy more NCT to start carbon market on Osmosis coming as soon as today-ION DAO code is ready to deploy: this will allow ION to be staked into a voting contract, and then stakers will start to be able to make proposals and vote on them. Initial props to include paying Alphaworks for building, allowing ION LP to be staked for voting rights, and the [IONize proposal]( for Alphaworks to build the synthetic asset protocol — ETA: 3 months-spam attack on Osmosis: Keplr making zero-fee transactions non-default, and Osmosis moving to fully implement the already developed multi-denom fee payments-stableswap, Isotonic, and front-end refactor moving aheadNotes by Steviewoofwoof:
Eddie @DynamicManic | Kevin @BerreySunny @sunnya97  Game of Nodes: Joe Abbey @JoeAbbey, Jacob @Gadikian, Lavender.Five Nodes @lavender_fiveSifchain: [Jazear Brooks](**tl;dr**—chain upgrade in two weeks: stableswap and discounts for multi-hop trading (pending gov.)— secondary front-end coming in a few days, Wild-West trading of all bridged representations and CosmWasm assets—Osmosis Grants Program vote going live today—[]( incorporates Trading View charts—Game of Nodes: extended discussion on Cosmos Governance with Sifchain and validatorsNotes by Steviewoofwoof:
Eddie @DynamicManic | Kevin @Berrey Sunny @sunnya97 | Josh Lee @dogemos Unity Chaos @unitylchaos — Osmosis Core Dev and Incentivizoor-in-chiefRéda Berrehili - @berrehili — Ki FoundationJacob @Gadikian | Will Szal @willszal (Regen) | Omniflix @omniflixnetwork | @Seb3Point0 (Epicenter, Interop pod)tl;dr-Ethereum assets will be available on Osmosis Frontier Thursday or Friday!-chain upgrade on track for mid-April: AMM refactor, stableswap, multi-hop discount custom CosmWasm-ION DAO contracts being rewritten to fit DAODAO v2 logic (faster, more secure)-lengthy incentives discussion. everyone agrees that we don’t like wash-trading. some suggestions for improving incentives: increase staking percentage vs. LP incentives so that superfluid APR goes up, continue to focus on OSMO pools [multi-hop helps], focus on external matching for non-OSMO poolsNotes by Steviewoofwoof:
Kevin @Berrey | Sunny @sunnya97Guy Zyskind - @GuyZys - Founder and CEO SCRT Labstl;dr-Osmosis Frontier is live with Ethereum bridged assets 🤠-canonical bridge vote coming soon-Guy Zyskind on to talk Legendao: airdrop to Osmosis holders!-discussion of interchain NFTs and cool Legendao Kevin Smith movie project-Osmosis chain upgrade with stableswap likely delayed a week to late-mid April-Osmosis Grants is live—come build with us!Notes by StevieWoofWoof:
Kevin @Berrey | Sunny @sunnya97Jack Zampolin @JackZampolin, @sommfinance @strangelovefund @core1_officialJacob Gadikian @gadikian @notionaldaotl;dr—Bridge Vote Part 1: Procedures and Definitions proposal going live today—Bridge Vote Part 2: the Bridge Props go live Friday—Stableswap (etc.) Upgrade targeting late April—Jacob planning a Prop 191 re-do (decentralizing the validator set)—Prop 199 passed: all non-routine props must go on Commonwealth for 3 days, else VETO—building out the Osmosis DEX Suite & Osmosis as interchain utility: lengthy explanation of Isotonic mechanics, apps building on their own chains and Osmosis (Quasar yield aggregator, Defund DeTF [a Cosmos ETF], etc.) Osmosis as Cosmos price oracle and interchain DeFi legoNotes By StevieWoofWoof:
Kevin @Berrey | Josh @dogemosOsmosis Grants Program (Reverie) @hi_ReverieDerek Hsue @derek_hsue, Federico @fedeaffina, Myles O’Neil @mylesoneiltl;dr—Bridge Vote: Axelar is the new canonical Ethereum bridge, having won the competition outright (no run-off)—Front-end: Isotonic lending UX will optimize for borrowing—Osmosis Grants Program: first round of grants has been funded—see report here: new rounds every 2 weeks or so, and grantees as guests on Updates once they have progress to report—general message of the day: Osmosis wants as many builders and community contributors as we can get, and we’re optimizing the tooling, libraries, data, analytics, grants, smart contracts, and everything we can to make it easy to onboard new peopleNotes by Steviewoofwoof:
Kevin @Berrey | Sunny @sunnya97No guest, just updates and Q & Atl;dr-Osmosis v8 upgrade proposal slated to go on-chain May 18, now also includes TokenReactor, allowing CosmWasm contracts to mint native coins (necessary to be used in the DEX)-Bridge integration with Axelar on-going, pools being migrated to Dashboards available on the info site with LP & staking histories, etc.-Ion DAO site live on testnet at of how best to develop liquidity for stableswap and Isotonic at the same time: capital efficiency options include re-using idle liquidity from Isotonic, using stableswap LP’s as stablecoins in Isotonic, creating an Osmosis stablecoin— wild idea: fractional reserve? take the UST locked on Terra in order to mint Osmosis UST and deposit it into Anchor-Kado fiat on-ramp in developmentNotes by Steviewoofwoof:
As recently stated in a tweet by Chris Dixon, General Partner at a16z, “We are now at the beginning of the web3 era, which combines the decentralized, community-governed ethos of web1 with the advanced, modern functionality of web2.”Join Chjango Unchained, Host of Interchain.FM, Osmosis Labs Advisor, Cosmos Head of Ecosystem and Alani Kuye, Technical Program Manager at Overclock Labs as they discuss the deeper meaning behind web3. Why does the world need a new technological system for financial security, cloud technologies and maybe most importantly, privacy? What are the teams behind Osmosis and Akash Network doing to help bridge the old world and the new? How does web3 solve the issues of legacy technologies?We’ll cover all this and much more in a very special fireside chat!--------------------Official Osmosis LinkEnter the Lab and Earn:  Frontier site:  Docs: Read about the OSMO token distribution:  Learn more about what it means to be a Liquidity Provider:  Join the CommunityFacebook Page: Facebook Group:  Twitter:  Reddit: Discord:  Telegram:  Instagram: Medium:  Youtube Podcast:  GitHub:  Community updates:    Interchain Wallet Keplr: Keplr Support:  ⚠️Keplr does not have a Telegram channel, existing ones are scams⚠️
Osmosis Grants Program: Derek and FedeGrantees:Dexmos: @DexmosAppCosmos Tax Program**:** @kmose88 & @DefiantDanb from @DefiantLabstl;dr— OSMOCON June 9th in Austin, TX - leading into Coinbase Consensus— Osmosis Ecosystem Strong: Osmosis Grants Program Grantees-Dexmos & Cosmos Tax App-lots of interest from CosmWasm teams, nothing official— Osmosis v9 vote coming by end of week, on-chain next week-features Token Factory, CosmWasm upgrades, interchain accounts, and more—Osmosis front-end refactor going live today-front-end UX survey:**LAST MINUTE: OSMOCON — June 9th in Austin-this will lead into Coindesk’s Consensus-there was originally a Terra convention then, which had to be canceled-but they were stuck in contracts with venue and caterers, and the team knows them, so Osmosis is taking over the contracts-a lot of the Terra community was already planning to come, so they can come learn more about Osmosis-splash page coming -- of speakers already-low-key, hackerspace vibe — hang with devs instead of suits at Consensus-like a day-long Updates from the LabNotes by Steviewoofwoof:
Kevin @Berrey | Sunny @sunnya97Ministry of Marketing: William @wdgray93, Aaron @chillokjiiGrants Program: Derek @Derek_Hsue, Fed @fededaffinatl;dr-Happy Birthday, Osmosis!-exploit Rektdrop coming in the next week or so-Osmocon videos should be out within 2 weeks: see also these uncut, unlabelled 3-hour segments Part 1 and Part 2-Beaker dev tooling v1 is live!-v2 of the Osmosis Ministry of Marketing is newly focused and leaner / more digital-Osmosis Grants Program continues to onboard exciting apps, teams, and tooling projects, see Batch #4-Pixels!Notes by Steviewoofwoof:
Kevin @Berrey | Sunny @sunnya97Apollo DAO @ApolloDAO & Bruce, @Cosmic_ape1tl;dr-Osmosis continuing to build out safety protocols: re-writing the Cosmos simulator, developing mutation tests, working on bug bounty program-work continues on bridge integrations, Kado fiat on-off ramps (hopefully in a few weeks), WosmoNFTs-ApolloDAO is building on Osmosis. You can see their pre-proposal on Commonwealth to bring the ApolloSafe to Osmosis.-the ApolloSafe is an advanced multi-sig wallet built with CosmWasm (CW3) that improves on the CosmosSDK multi-sig, and which has a new interface so non-devs can avoid the command line.-further functionality will soon be built into ApolloSafe: streaming payments, fiat on-off ramps, etc.-in addition to the ApolloSafe, ApolloDAO will be bringing automated trading strategies, leveraged yield farming, vaults, and on other on-chain hedge fund strategies to Osmosis-they are planning to start on Osmosis, branch out to other appchains, and possibly start their own Cosmos chain, depending on what makes the most sense for connecting Cosmos chains with the ApolloSafe and with the ApolloDAO yield strategiesNotes by Steviewoofwoof:
Kevin @Berrey | Sunny @sunnya97;TWAPCustomized Token FactoryRektdropVOID=Privacy ZK SnarksNotes by Steviewoofwoof:
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